How to mix Football & Bondage

by TS

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© Copyright 2009 - TS - Used by permission

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The day of the match arrived and Mike & Lisa were at our house for lunch.  My husband, Tom is an avid Manchester United fan and his friend Mike supports Manchester City.  For today’s big city derby we had all decided to mix bondage and football.  Although Lisa and I aren’t big football fans we were both up for the idea !
Mike and Tom had got tickets for the match and would leave us girls at home to watch the game on TV - but there were a number of conditions !  The idea would be that Lisa and I would support our husband’s teams with the losing couple ending up in bondage and at the mercy of the other couple.  A draw would mean that one of each couple would be in bondage.  A 0-0 draw would see Mike & Tom trussed up, but a score draw would mean that Lisa and I would be tied.

As Lisa and I were watching the game at home we would play a little bondage whilst the game was underway.  This would consist of the girl on the losing team being tied up whilst their team was behind and both of us would be tied whilst the teams were level.  This could mean there would be some swapping of positions.

With the boys at the match this would cut down their options for bondage play during the game, so we decided that at the end of the game the losing boy would have to travel home gagged and handcuffed once out of the city.  We lived 40 minutes away and so the return car journey would be interesting and hopefully (for the loser) out of sight from other travellers!

After lunch the boys set of for the match and that meant that Lisa and I got ready for the game.  We had decided to dress sexily and so chose bra, knickers, stockings & suspenders based on colours of the team we to cheer for.  That meant that Lisa changed into a light blue set of underwear with white opaque stockings.  As a follower of United I was in a bright red set with black opaque stockings.  Until one team went behind we would also wear one of our husbands’ team shirts.

Just before kickoff we posed for photos taken with our mobile phones and with the short shirts it meant that our stocking tops were easily exposed.  The self timer on the phones meant that we could be captured hugging each other in our sexy, but sporting  outfits.  Judging by the text replies that were soon returned the boys minds might not be entirely on the game to come!

Back at the house we had moved two of the kitchen chairs into the lounge ready for the first goal either team may score.  The game was a little cagey to begin with but on the 10 minute mark United scored prompting me to jump up and celebrate a goal like I hadn’t done before !  Previously watching a game with Tom I would have been a little indifferent when United scored, but this afternoon the goal would mean I would get to tie Lisa up - hence the greater excitement.

Lisa took her football shirt off and sat down on one of the kitchen chairs.  I positioned her arms over the back of the chair and then handcuffed her hands together making sure that the chain connecting the cuffs was passed through a couple of the vertical slats of the chair thus securing her hands to the chair.  Next I moved to the front of the chair and used a couple of pieces of rope to secure her ankles to the front of the chair with her legs parted.  Lisa was a little surprised when after I had moved back to the rear of the chair she saw me leaning over her shoulder with a ball gag in my hand.  There was little resistance as the ball was pushed between her lips and the straps were soon secured behind her head after making sure her hair was moved out of the way.

I sat back down on the sofa taking in the rather pleasant view of Lisa, tied up and wearing stockings and suspenders on one of our kitchen chairs whilst watching the match.  Conversation was now a little one way with discussions about the appropriateness of a 4-4-2 formation and the recent changes to the off side rule !  I took out my mobile phone to take a picture of Lisa all tied up and sent it off to Tom as Lisa was to be his plaything when he returned.  The text got a positive response from Tom !

Fifteen minutes later City scored an equaliser which prompted a happy grunt from Lisa’s gagged mouth as this meant I was to put myself in bondage !  I took off my football shirt and positioned myself on the other kitchen chair we had earlier taken into the lounge.  As Lisa was already tied up I had to apply a little self bondage but with a release that either of us could access should one of the teams score a second goal.

This was achieved by me gagging  myself with a similar ball gag and tying my ankles to the side of the chair as I had previously done to Lisa.  Next I moved my hands behind the back of the chair and clicked the one bracelet of the handcuff to my left wrist.  I then passed the chain behind the vertical slats of the chair but before attaching the other bracelet to my right wrist I fed a string connecting the key through the loop that would be formed by my secured arms.  Earlier I had fed a loop of the same string between Lisa’s arms.

The result was that as Lisa and I were bound to a chair each facing the TV with a looped piece of string between our bounds wrists.  Connected to the string was a key to our handcuffs with the idea that should one of the teams score another goal the ‘winning girl’ could pull the string through to her hands and use the key to release herself thus leaving the ‘losing girl’ in bondage.

Well with 25 minutes gone we were both in bondage tied to the chair and watching the game.  I glanced over to Lisa a few times and found the sight quite a turn on.  The half time whistle blew and it was still 1-1, this meant we both had to suffer the interminable half time talk as the experts on the TV justified their existence at the game.

By the time the second half got underway we had been tied up for 40 minutes and there was still 45 to go !  There was not much goal line activity during the second half until 2 minutes before the end.  By this time we were both getting horny and getting resigned to the fact that we would both still be in bondage until the boys returned.  However,  United moved quickly  into City’s box and scored a goal.  This generated a gagged cheer from me and I turned to look at Lisa and saw a rather disappointed look on her face - her eyes are particularly expressive.  But then I saw a smile start to break out over her face and when I looked back at the TV I saw the reason.  The camera was focused on the linesman’s flag and I realised the goal had been disallowed as a result of offside.  I was devastated, even in that short time I was looking forward to welcoming Mike back to the house in his bondage.

My feelings of devastation soon got worse as City took a quick free kick, sprinted up into United’s half and scored a goal.  This one stood and there was barely time for the game to be restarted before the referee blew the final whistle.  By the time the game finished Lisa hadn’t had time to pull the string bringing the handcuff key into her reach, still she continued and soon released herself as the studio experts were replaying the last goal.  As she removed her gag she started to suggest that I was a little premature in my celebrations some moments before and that she was now going to have some fun before the boys returned.

Her first move was to tighten the gag in my mouth complaining that as I had applied it to myself I had been a little too easy on myself.  Next she announced that as the boys would be another 40 minutes I would get a chance to be in a different bondage position.  She then released me from the chair tie and moved me over to the archway separating our lounge from the dining room.  This was about 3m wide and had some strategically placed eye bolts.  It didn’t take long before I was in a standing spread-eagle looking back towards the TV.  I wished she’d switch the football off - dam United !

This time it was her turn to take a photo of me in my vulnerable position and text it to Mike.  He then texted back with a photo of my Tom sat in the car with his hands tied behind his back and a gag in his mouth.  I felt for him as I knew Mike would have the local City biased radio on during the drive home.  This would mean that the annoying (but unfortunately victorious) City fans would be boasting about the win on the phone in show.

Back at the house Lisa has retrieved a toy from her bag.  I couldn’t turn to see what she had in her hands until she came up behind me and reached around my head dangling a bright, shiny bullet vibrator.  Just before she turned it on she moved around in front of me and pulled down the cups of my bra leaving it in place but exposing my nipples.  She then took each one in turn and gave it some attention from her mouth and tongue getting them erect in no time.  Next my knickers were nudged to one side and I felt the tip of the vibrator start to play it’s magic on my clit.  There were occasional moves deeper into my vagina but the treatment was restrained thus getting me more and more frustrated rather than satisfied.  As I looked down to see Lisa operating I could see my chest and tits moving considerably as I was having to take deeper and deeper breadths.  Just before I was nearing a climax Lisa withdrew and moved away.  What a bitch !

She moved onto the sofa, in full sight of me and started to apply the vibrator to herself.  Moments later she said it was time for the blindfold and put the vibrator on one side as she retrieved a blindfold from her bag and tied it around my head.  I now couldn’t see or speak but I was aware that she returned to the sofa and started to pleasure herself with the vibrator.  Her gasps and moans of delight were getting me more frustrated, but there was little I could do about it.

Not long after Lisa has climaxed I heard to door open as Mike and Tom returned.  Lisa told Mike that she had already ‘warmed me up’ and I heard her lead Tom of into the guest bedroom.  As Mike entered the lounge he said what a wonderful sight I was.  With City having won it was a wonderful sight to see a United lass in her red underwear and black stockings ready for the sort of treatment that City had dished out in the afternoon - stating that I was in for a fucking.  I always though Mike was coarser than my husband !

It didn’t take long before by hands were released from their spread-eagle position and moved into a strapido position, which I have to admit is my least favourite position.  But as a result of United’s performance I was in no position to argue.  Mike teased me a little more as he got in the mood, although he was already tuned on he wanted to play a little first.  Soon afterwards I was relieved to feel his thick, hot cock slide easily into to my well lubricated vagina and I’m sure as he was pumping away he was running through the City team sheet until he reached the name of the goal scorer and as he shouted out his name we both came.  Mike then took pity on me and realised me from some of my binds (leaving me with my hands cuffed behind my back and my gag still in place) and we sat on the sofa waiting for Lisa to bring Mike back downstairs.

After they returned Tom and I were teased a little (both verbally and sexually) before we were fully released.  The 4 of us then went out for a meal at the local restaurant with talk of football banned, but I can’t remember the rule that the losers pick up the bill !

I can’t wait for the return fixture with my new found interest in football.