How Sandra became Indentured

by Jon Deets

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© Copyright 2012 - Jon Deets - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; M+f; bond; gag; neckties; hotel; sold; tease; enslave; sex; reluct; X

"Of all the luck" she said, "stuck another night out of town due to American Airlines."

As luck would have it, the airline was having difficulty getting its planes to the right places due to weather, and now Sandra was stuck in her hotel for another night.

Her boss immediately said, in a typically English manner, "Stiff upper lip, my dear, we will make the best of it. Go dress up a little, and we will go to dinner."

Sandra thought to herself, "this is going to be horribly boring, I might as well look good" as she put on her makeup and a very tight, revealing dress and high heels.

A short while later, Sandra found herself drinking wine at a fairly nice restaurant, albeit with her grumpy boss. As the liquor took effect on them both, she actually enjoyed the meal and found herself glancing around the place looking at the other patrons. Sandra noticed a group of 5 visiting American businessmen who, although middle aged, were actually fit and attractive. They weren't quite as boisterous as many Americans, but did seem to be having a good time. One of them raised his glass and saluted Sandra when he caught her eye, and she immediately blushed and looked away.

After a nice after-dinner drink, it was time to go back to the hotel. Sandra was somewhat startled as she stood up to walk back to the hotel with her boss that she was somewhat drunk and slightly giddy. Perhaps that is why when they arrived back at the hotel she told her boss, "How about a nightcap?" He said "fine" and they walked into the hotel bar and ordered a cocktail. As they sat there discussing soccer, weather and weekend plans the 5 Americans wandered into the bar, sat down, waved and said, "Fancy seeing you two again!"

Sandra could not help but notice that each member of the group was repeatedly glancing her way and checking her out. "Well", she thought, "I do look pretty good in this form-fitting dress."

Her boss finally said, "I think those guys appreciate you, my dear."

Sandra laughed and said, "Well, they are drunk and lonely and horny."

"That's true" her boss replied, "you could probably make your monthly salary in one night with those guys."

Now had Sandra been sober she might have slapped her boss, but since she was feeling quite intoxicated she said, "Well act like you are my pimp and go see how much they are willing to pay".

Her boss looked startled and then laughed and said, "Okay, give me your room key and I will see how much I can get for it, while you go to the bathroom."

When Sandra returned from the bathroom her boss was sitting with the Americans and acting like he had known them forever. "Come on over" he said to Sandra, "and join the group."

They all ordered another round and talked and joked and laughed. The Americans' glances were now quite overt as their eyes lingered on her buttocks and breasts, and the two men on either side of her moved closer. Finally, her boss said, "I've had enough. Sandra I will see you in the morning" as he took his leave. After another 10 minutes or so, the Americans all said, "Well, we have an early morning flight, we better go to bed." It was then that Sandra remembered that she did not have her key, and so she went to the bathroom and then the front desk to get another key.

When she got upstairs to her room, Sandra was surprised to find that she had difficulty inserting the key into the door and thought to herself, "I haven't been this drunk in a long time."

As she opened the door and stumbled inside, only one lamp was on and thus the room as quite dark. However, she saw several shapes and shadows and immediately tensed up in a "fight of flight" instinct. It was then that she heard, in a distinctly American accent, "Relax darling, you are bought and paid for."

As she turned to rush from the room, 3 or 4 sets of strong hands reached out and grabbed her arms and legs and her dress was immediately lifted over her head and removed.

"What are you doing?" Sandra wailed.

"As if you don't know!" one of the men replied.

"No, there has been a mistake!" Sandra whined, "we were having a joke".

"Look Lady, we have been around the world. We know a common whore when we see one. Now shut up and cooperate."

Sandra began to yell and one man immediately removed her panties and inserted them in her mouth. Somewhere the men had found tape and taped her mouth shut with the panties inside her mouth. Meanwhile, another set of hands had removed her bra which exposed her luscious breasts, and Sandra found herself completely nude, in a hotel room, with 5 strangers.

Sandra felt herself be physically lifted onto the bed, with 4 of the men each holding one appendage such that she was stretched out spread-eagle as the 5th man inserted his cock into her love hole and began furiously pounding away. The men each removed their neckties and tied each wrist and ankle to the bedposts. The next hour was a bit of a blur due to the darkness, the alcohol, and the constant movement as the men each took turns fucking her in various positions: one from behind doggy-style, one with her bent backwards over a desk, one with her arms tied to a chair, and one with Sandra on top bouncing up and down while she was tied up tight with the men's ties All the while, Sandra noticed flashes of light from time to time, but her mind could not really process this information in real time.

When each of he men had taken two turns, and 2 of the guys had taken a third turn, they tied Sandra up on the bed spead-eagle again, and then turned to the bathroom door and said to the man standing there. "Okay, buddy, she is all yours."

It was then that Sandra noticed her boss standing there, with a smirk on his face. "Nope," her boss replied, "she it too valuable an employee to me for me to ruin our relationship."

The Americans laughed and one of them said, "Yep, I bet a good prostitute is hard to come by!"

With that, each of the 5 men paid the boss $300 in US currency and left the room.

Sandra's boss slowly walked over to the bed, dropped half of the currency onto Sandra's sopping pussy, and said, "I have about 50 pictures of tonight's activities. You are now my little slave or I post them online and send them anonymously around the company and to all of your friends. Each time we travel from now on you are going to make both of us a little extra cash!"

With that, Sandra's boss untied one of her arms, walked to the door, and said, "Oh, and be at breakfast at 7:00am. We have a flight to catch."



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