How Long?

by Mikel

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Storycodes: M/f; D/s; long-term; leather; steel; bond; armbinders; gag; ballet-boots; head-harness; blindfold; cuffs; chain; nipple; denial; cons; X

Lisa grunts as she feels the first strap being tightened on her new gag. She had assisted in designing it but was not allowed to see the end result of their hard work. She knows like the arm sleeve she has been wearing for the last three weeks that whatever length of time that is on the little piece of paper she had drawn out of the bowl is how long she will have to endure the new gag. Lisa’s arms twist inside the tight arm binder as the second strap is tightened, the feelings she experiences as her head is clamped tighter are mixed. She loves being gagged the feeling of being unable to communicate excites her immensely but her minds is screaming “Stop this now!” It’s the same internal debate she has with herself every time she agrees, begs, for long term bondage. Lisa knows she will have a certain amount of pain as the days wear on but she also knows she will have more of the frustratingly blissful days of helplessness to compensate her.

 Just like the armbinder that holds her arms crushed together from her hands to her elbows, she chose the small slip of paper that held her fate before she let him lace her into the custom sleeve they had made just for her. They had bought several arm sleeves, testing each and making notes before they designed and constructed the one she now has to wear for another five weeks. The first week was pure torture, her whining and complaining forced him to keep her gagged for eight days before she conceded she was ready to behave. The second adjustment of the sleeve went much better and even though it made her arms and hands go slightly numb now Lisa is completely comfortable with the thick leather restraining her arms.

Lisa also enjoys the restrictions Jeff adds when she is unable to stop him, not that she would but his imagination is only rivaled by her own and he keeps her on guessing. During the second week with the arm binder he added a pair of ballet boots he had been working on for her. Unlike all her other boots these were made with steel covered in leather, formed to her perfectly to her small feet. The steel guaranteeing her feet would be held in the perfect en point position until he removed them and since there was no way for her to remove them she had guessed she would be wearing them for the remainder of the time with the arm sleeve.

The boots had been made by shaping the steel around a mold of her feet held in the en point position they both loved so much. Once the lowers had been covered and fitted Jeff carefully attached the long tubes of leather reinforcing the leather with shaped steel plates that he had made for her upper and lower legs. The boots were not just laced on they were sewn on, the seam on the inside of each leg giving her perfectly smooth leather coated legs from her crotch to her toes. Jeff had also made it possible to run steel rods along the inner and outer leather skin of the boots forcing Lisa’s legs rigidly straight making walking on the thin steel heels of the boots almost impossible, just to add to her frustration when he wanted to.

Now that the gag was completed Lisa sat with her bound arms behind her, attached to the bottom of the chair he used when fitting her with new torture devices. Lisa had begged to wear it now, with the arm sleeve and felt him wrestle the head harness over her head then fight with her long red hair to get it out from under the multitude of straps before he began tightening each. Lisa had been blindfolded before they started, Jeff did not want her to see the final product so Lisa could now only sit and wait until he was finished before she got to see what he had made and for how long the little piece of paper condemned her to wear it. She had been the one to put the time limits in the bowl, she had chosen each length of time getting more aroused with each number until she had a lot more weeks and months than hours or days.  

Jeff was an excellent caretaker and only demanded that she pleasure him whenever he wanted while he cared for her. Lisa had been spending more time bound in some way than not during the last year and had grown to love every minute she was bound and craved more. Jeff enjoyed their arrangement as well, he got to keep his girlfriend bound and gagged, one of his favorite things, and got to have sex with her whenever he wanted and he did love her talented mouth.

The gag she would be wearing had multiple inserts that would fit through the large o-ring that would be kept tightly behind her teeth. The o-ring made sure she could be fed and watered when needed but his main concern was it kept her from biting him when she wasn’t in the mood to be used and he was. The only insert Lisa had to practice with happened to be her least favorite because it could be inflated, not only in its diameter. Since deflated it started at the back of her throat when air was forced into it the growing phallus pushed down her throat as well. Lisa had always been able to accept almost anything being forced down her throat, enjoying the experience greatly but had been having problems with it being strapped into her throat for hours at a time. It seemed that no matter how long she wore it at some point she would begin to choke and have to have it removed, frustrating her as well as Jeff.

Lisa had been lost in thought when she felt the collar of the head harness tighten firmly around her throat, “This is new?” she thought to herself. She could feel the collar was very wide but not like a posture collar and heard Jeff grunting as he closed the clasp. He was finished, for now, with one final adjustment she could hear the click of the lock being closed making her twist in the armsleeve as her arousal grew. After the collar was locked Jeff retightened the straps that went over her shoulders for the armsleeve, these straps pulled the leather up tightly and had been made to cross over and under her full breasts supporting them slightly before crossing her back. Each strap had its own lock built in right above the top of the sleeve making it impossible for her to tamper with them even if she wanted two.

After an hour of fussing with her hair and making sure the straps were all straight Jeff worked the blindfold out from under the head harness and began tightening the remaining straps around her head. Lisa grunted each time he pulled the straps tighter, the leather and the steel under it pressing into her scalp and face. Lisa felt it had the straps she had wanted, two connected to the gag itself wrapping around her head pulling the gag in extremely tight. A wide “Y” went from each side of her mouth to right between her eyes partially blocking her vision. Another strap crossed her forehead and a third connected half way up the “Y” wrapping around her head above her ears. All these straps were connected to the main harness that ran from the top of the “Y” down to the collar. All were essentially steel straps with the thick leather sewn over them to make it more comfortable for extended wear.

Lisa was surprised when Jeff reached under her chin and started pulling the final two straps across the bottom of her jaw forcing her to bite harder of the o-ring. “Another new idea!” Lisa thought as she felt him tighten each then heard the locks click closed. Lisa’s head was now covered in leather and steel, the tight straps crushing her skull in their grip. Lisa tried to turn her head and found that with the tight collar attached to the head harness she could only turn it with great effort and very slowly but not very far. Lisa could feel that her jaw was stretched further than ever before and moaned as she felt her pussy tingle and wished she could touch herself. Jeff had learned long ago that leaving her pussy open was more of a torture to Lisa than wearing her tight chastity belt, the thought of it being available but not being able to touch herself really increased her frustrations.

Jeff fussed with her hair fluffing it around the straps for several minutes before unlatching her arms from the chair saying “There now you can go see yourself”. Lisa jumped to her pointed toes and moved quickly to the large mirror and squealed with delight as she stared at the new head harness. Lisa watched as a long string of saliva ran from her gapping mouth to her breasts and noticed how much wider her mouth was held open. Lisa twisted and turned in front of the mirror for several minutes before noticing Jeff standing next to the door. Lisa was giggling as she walked seductively towards Jeff hoping he would fuck her right then but whined slightly as he held up the small inflatable ball with the breathing tube. She knew the breathing tube meant he was going to leave her soon and turned her body and looked at the clock seeing it was time for him to go to work.

Lisa stood still as Jeff stuffed the rubber ball into her mouth and pumped the ball up until Lisa could take no more and whined loudly through her nose. Jeff removed the pumps hose, feeling around her face checking that the gag was filled as far as it could be then removed the plug in the breathing tube. Jeff quickly got dressed for work as Lisa followed behind him desperately rubbing her body on his trying to coerce him into staying home a little longer. Jeff warned her twice about her behavior then forced her to the bed cuffing her ankles together with the wide ankle cuffs with attached chains that would keep her feet within inches of each other. Lisa whined as he applied the cuffs knowing that with her ankles held so close together she wouldn’t be able to stimulate herself at all as she had began planning to do as soon as he left for work.

Lisa was whining as she lay on her leather encased arms and heard him say “This is your punishment for ignoring my warnings”. Jeff sat on her hips holding her as she tried to wiggle out from under him giggling. Lisa stopped laughing when she saw the nipple clamps Jeff held up and squealed loudly as she tried harder to get away from him. The clamps he held were made to stay clamped tightly on her pert nipples until the small latches were released and Lisa knew she would be incapable of pressing the latches therefore would be forced to wear them until he returned home. Clamping her sensitive nipples was one of his favorite tortures, Jeff knew she would struggle with the clamps all day frustrating herself greatly. Her frustrations would make her incredibly horny and willing to do almost anything to be allowed to come by the time he returned home.

After clamping her tightly Jeff stepped off her and finished getting dressed while she struggled to her feet and stood whining in front of him. Jeff watched her shaking her clamped breasts watching the chain connecting the clamps swing freely as she whined into the gag. Jeff patted her on the head as he turned to leave snapping his fingers and pulling out the small piece of paper and holding it in front of her gagged face. “I almost forgot” he said as he unfolded it. Jeff’s face made a surprised look at the number then he quickly turned and left the bound woman whining desperately wanting to know how long she had forced herself into wearing the gag.

As Jeff walked off he reminded her of the rule she had added to her game about how each piece of gear she was wearing when a new number was chosen would remain on her as long as the new time demanded. Lisa shuffled behind Jeff whining falling further behind him until she watched him walk out the front door and heard the lock clicked closed. Lisa was left alone standing on her toes with her mouth stuffed with the inflated rubber ball while her nipples screamed with pain as the chain swung between them. Lisa struggled with her bonds twisting her arms and yanking on the chains between her ankles for several minutes until she calmed herself and sat her naked ass on the hard steel chair panting.

Lisa sat shifting and twisting in her bonds for an hour wondering how long she would be kept trapped in the arm sleeve, toe boots and head harness and feeling her jaw muscles already starting to cramp and knew it would get much worse before her body became acclimated to the gag. As she twisted her body she noticed the folded piece of paper lying on the table, Lisa squealed again and quickly stood up and tried to get her compressed arms to reach the piece of paper. For hours Lisa struggled to get to the paper never being able to quite reach it, her frustration building as she twisted and whined making her pussy drip and realizing even if she had been able to reach it she wasn’t sure how she was going to open it anyway. Lisa plopped back down in the chair feeling her arousal seeping down her legs and sat staring at the slip of paper wondering how long?

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