How I got My Start

by Ann Onominos

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© Copyright 2018 - Ann Onominos - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f+; F+/f; D/s; bond; rope; gag; bfold; tease; bdsm; crop; foot; nipple; strapon; toys; insert; collar; club; X-frame; stocks; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

Chapter One: My dream

For as long as I could remember, I wanted to be a movie star. I would go to the movies and fantasize about what life was like for Marilyn Monroe and Rita Hayworth. I knew I was not as pretty as those actresses, but that didn’t stop me from dreaming about being in the movies. I thought there must be a place in Hollywood for an average looking small town girl like me. I suppose it would have been wiser to spend more time studying math and English, but they did not interest me at all. So the day after graduating high school, I headed to Hollywood to pursue a career on the silver screen.

I tried to find a job in the movie industry, but had no luck. I got a job waiting tables, washing dishes and doing odd jobs, just so I could get by. I kept trying to get work as an actress though. I went to acting classes when I had the time and money. I managed to get a few very small parts as a stand in and I was in two commercials for toothpaste, but I wanted to be in real movie. I would go to the movies and watch the actresses instead of the movie, just hoping to be like one of them someday.

Months went by before I befriended a nice man in the movie industry who often came into the restaurant where I worked. He told me about a film he was making. His name was Marco and said he had studied film making in Rome. He was a few years my elder and very handsome. He said I was perfect for the part he had in mind, a female kidnap victim. I had the “girl next door” look he wanted, or so he said. He said he was making a low budget film and he did not have much money to pay me but if I agreed to take a percentage of the movie profits in place of a wage I could try out for the part. I jumped at the chance to get my first real break in the movies!

The next day he brought in the script for me to look at. I took it back to my studio apartment to read. Once I started reading, I couldn’t stop. The movie was about a young woman that was kidnapped by two other young women and held in captivity for a long time. It was a revenge kidnapping, no ransom involved. It was not clear to me why the young woman was kidnapped. I got soooo hot reading it! I had never seen or read anything so erotic, although the movie did not seem to have ending. It just sort of stopped in the middle, but I didn’t care. I finally had a chance to try out for a part in a real movie!

The next day when Marco came by the restaurant where I worked we discussed my role and of course I agreed to his terms. I was so eager to get a start in the movies I would have agreed to just about anything. He said all the actors in the film had other jobs, just like I did, so we would be doing the movie tryouts on the weekends at his studio. I was to come to his studio on Saturday morning and could try out for the part.

I showed up at his studio at 7:00 AM as ordered. By 7:30 all the other actors had arrived and we got started. There were three girls trying out for the lead role, myself, Lisa and Maria. Lisa had long blonde hair, a very pretty face, and a killer body. Maria had medium length very dark hair, almost black; she looked to be Italian or maybe Spanish. She had a dark complexion and had an accent so I thought maybe she had not been in this area for a long time. I remember thinking she might be a favorite of Marco because of her heritage, with Marco’s Italian background. She was just as pretty as Lisa. I thought they were both better looking than me which made me a little nervous about getting the part. There were a few other potential actors auditioning for other parts. They were all men and I did not concern myself with them. I concentrated on being a good actress so I might get the part.

Marco explained that movie role involved extensive bondage because the damsel in distress in the movie was being held captive. I knew this from reading the script but thought maybe he was explaining this for Lisa’s and Maria’s benefit. “I’m going to tie each of you up with rope and see how you do in a bondage type scenario. Some people get freaked out when they are tied up or in forced captivity.” Marco explained.

Each of us was then tied with our hands behind our backs. Marco used soft white rope and although I could not get loose, I was not at all uncomfortable. We were allowed to walk around and chat amongst ourselves and get very comfortable being bound. After an hour Marco told us we had all passed the first little test and it was time to move to next test. Marco pulled my elbows very close together and tied them that way, pulling my elbows closer together with each winding of the rope. It was a bit uncomfortable but I was willing to endure it for a chance to get in a movie. He than repeated the process with Lisa and Maria. I got very aroused watching Lisa and Maria getting their arms bound, knowing full well mine were bound the same way. The three of us were left with our arms tightly bound behind our backs for two more hours before the next little test began. Marco went over to work with the male actors. This movie tryout seemed more like an endurance test! I had not been tied up since I was a little girl playing cowboys and Indians. For some reason I was enjoying being tied up and seeing Lisa and Maria tied as well.

Marco eventually returned and told us we were all doing fine so far, but now it was time to test out being gagged. He showed us several different ball gags ranging in size from about 1 inch to 2 1/2 inches. I really wanted this part so I told him I would take which ever gag he thought was best for me. After we were all fitted with our ball gags, Marco left us again and we were free to walk around the room, although our speech was severely limited now. We were left bound and gagged for another hour. By now I was getting hungry and I had to assume Lisa and Maria were as well. I was happy to see one of Marco’s assistant enter the room with a tray of sandwiches and some soda. Just then Marco came in and announced “lunch time ladies”. Our gags were removed but Marco said the ropes would have to stay on. It was too much trouble to retie all of us after lunch, so we were fed our sandwiches. It was somewhat humiliating for a grown woman to be fed a sandwich, but I was very hungry and I really wanted this acting job. It seemed to me at the time that Marco and his assistants were enjoying feeding us our lunch and holding our soda while we drank.

After our little lunch break the three of us were fitted with our gags again and told about the next segment of the screen test. Marco said “There has been a slight change to the movie details. The producer wants some nudity. Is that a problem for you three acting wanna-bees? I don’t hear any complaints so I think we can proceed. What? No complaints? Not with ball gags stuffed in our mouths! I suppose we all could have made some unintelligible noise through our gags but to be honest, I expected that if I was ever going to be a big hit on the silver screen I would have to show some skin at some point. We all moaned a bit showing some mild objection, but we all gave in to the partial nudity.

Marco then proceeded to unbutton my blouse and remove my shoes and jeans. I remember that I was glad I put nice panties on that morning. After the three of us were stripped of our pants and had our blouses unbuttoned exposing our bras Marco’s assistant tied my legs together at the ankles and knees. After setting me in a chair, he took a long look at me, then, satisfied with the why I looked, he moved on to Lisa and tied her the same way. Maria got the same treatment next. I started to get a bit aroused seeing Maria getting her beautiful legs tied together. I was beginning to wonder why all this bondage was required just for a screen test but I really wanted this job, so I didn’t object. (Like I could, gagged as I was).

Marco commented on how nice we all looked and that he would have a tough time choosing the lead actress. He then left the room for about an hour, presumably to work with the male actors. When Marco returned he pulled out his copy of the movie script which I noticed immediately was much thicker that the script he had given me to read. Gagged as I was, I was unable to question him about that. He then said we were ready to move on to the spanking and punishment part of the movie. Spanking? There was no spanking in the script he had given me! I did not want to be spanked or punished in any way. I tried to scream through my gag. Marco said “That’s great. Pretend to fight just like a kidnapped damsel would do”.

Pretend Hell! I wanted out of this whole movie thing right now. Marco paid no attention to my gagged protests and pulled me across his lap and gave me about a dozen swats on my butt with his bare had. Marco then did the same with Lisa and Maria. Well, the spanking didn’t hurt that much through my panties and it only lasted a few seconds so it was not all that bad. Actually, I felt myself becoming very aroused. I thought it must be due to all the bondage and spanking.

Marco then apologized for the script mix up saying he had mistakenly only given me Act one of the script. He said he would give us each the entire script before we left for the day and that we should read it all that night. If any of us wanted to back out of further screen testing he would understand. He then said that there was one more thing he wanted to see from us that day before we quit for the day and that was some kissing. Well, I certainly didn’t have any problem with kissing. I had kissed a few guys before and I liked it. My legs were untied as were Lisa’s and Maria’s.

Marco took off my gag and gave me a few seconds to stretch my jaw a bit. I had been gagged for quite a while. He then kissed me, very passionately. Extremely passionately, unlike any kiss I had ever had. My arms were still bound behind my back and with Marco kissing me, the way he did, was very exciting for me. He next removed Lisa’s gag and kissed her the same way. I could see Lisa becoming flushed and wondered if I had looked the same way when I was being kissed by Marco. He then kissed Maria just as passionately. She also seemed to get a bit red in the face. I could understand why, that was quite a kiss I gotten from Marco. Marco then instructed Lisa to kiss me. “I want you to kiss Anna the way I kissed you”.

Lisa did kiss me and what a kiss it was. I had never kissed a girl before. Still bound as I was, I could do nothing but enjoy it. Well, I did kiss her back. Then Maria was told to kiss me. The kiss from her was equally exciting. Lisa then kissed Maria. It was also very exciting for me to watch the two of them kissing with their arms bound. I knew I was getting moist between my legs and hoped it didn’t show through my panties.

I was then untied and given the new script to read. Marco told us we all did great and if we wanted to return in the morning after reviewing the entire script to be there at 7:00 AM. He then gave each of us some money and told us to go shopping or have dinner, whatever we wanted. We deserved a treat for our performance that day.

I did not go shopping. I did not read the script. I did not eat dinner. My pussy was wet and I was very horny, more horny that I had ever been before. I went straight home and get naked and played with myself until I had given myself an orgasm. I could not stop thinking about what went on that day. The bondage, the spanking, the kissing, the kissing another girl!

After I calmed down a bit I read the script from front to back. It was very erotic and exciting. Basically, it was about a young woman name Sara who was kidnapped by two other women. The two other women were very upset with Sara of a previous love triangle. The two women held Sara in captivity and tortured her. They also used Sara as their sex slave. I had never read such a story. And now, to think that I might actually be acting in a movie where I was tied up, spanked, and used sexual by women, was very exciting to me. It was so exciting reading the script I found myself playing with my pussy again.

It was getting late and I still wanted to do a little shopping, so I finished up (finishing me hehe) and rushed out to the mall. After I got home I laid out my new outfit for tomorrow ant thought about what tomorrow would be like. I had never had a day like that day. I knew one thing for certain; I would be going back to Marco’s in the morning.

I arrived at Marco’s place at 6:30AM, a full 30 minutes early. Nobody else was there yet, just Marco. He asked me to have coffee with him and of course I did. We made small talk and he complimented me on my looks and acting ability, totally embarrassing me. After we finished our coffee he asked if I wanted to see the rest of his studio before the other arrived. I had only seen the very front of the studio the day before. I was shown a room in the back of the studio that contained several devises I had never seen before, a bondage “sawhorse” like thing with cushions and straps, a heavy bondage chair complete with restraints, a small steel cage that looked like a person could barely fit inside, and the most frightening devise was a very large “X” made of wooden timbers. Marco called it a Saint Andrews cross. He said the lead actress would be tied to the devise. He led me over to it and lifted my arms high in the air and gently moved me next to the cross with my back touching it. “See, like this, nothing to it. You just have to stand there and look pretty” he explained. “If you get the part of the kidnapped victim you will be experiencing all these devises.” About then somebody else came in and Macro said we could all get started now.

Marco asked Maria and Lisa and me to sit down so he could explain the situation to us. “There are roles for three females in the film. At this time, I am happy with each of you. You may have thought you were all competing for the role of the damsel in distress, the kidnapped girl. That was true to some extent. The other roles available are for the female kidnappers. I would like to test each of you for all those roles as well and then I will decide which, if any of you, are suitable. Is that something you are interested in?” We looked at each other and all said sure; any part available was fine with us. “Great! Let’s get started then. First I want Anna and Lisa to be the kidnappers and Maria to be the victim”. We went to the back room where Marco and I had been earlier.

“Okay, Maria, I want you to walk from this point (he pointed to the floor) to that wall (he pointed again). Anna and Lisa, when I say action, I want you to rush in, grab Maria, knock her to the floor and Anna, you hold her down while Lisa ties her up. Maria, I want you to scream and fight like you mean it. Remember, you are being attacked by those two kidnappers”.

We all got in position as Marco pointed and told us where to stand. “Okay, ready to start? Action!” Maria started walking and Lisa and I grabbed her, forced her to the floor, and Lisa tied her up while I held her down. Maria fought and screamed the whole time. “That was weak! Weak! More like pitiful.” Marco declared. Untie Maria and try again, this time do it with some enthusiasm!” We repeated our performance and Marco was not impressed. “Okay, that is not going to work. Maria, are you pissed that those two attacked you? I hope you show it! Lisa and Maria are the kidnappers this time. Anna, you try being the victim”. “Get in positions. Now do it with some feeling! Ready? Action”! I started walking and those girls jumped on me, knocked me down, Lisa held me down and Maria tied me up. It was really quit exciting to be attacked be those two and tied up. “That was better, but you girls need much practice tying somebody up. At that point I spoke up. “Marco, can we try that again? I mean, I think we can do it better.” I think I really just wanted to be pushed down and tied up again. Marco agreed and we acted out the skit again. Then we switched roles again and Maria and I attacked Lisa. We spent the rest of the day practicing that skit.

Marco called us together and said he was afraid things didn’t look real enough. He said none of us looked like we knew what we were doing while tying each other up. He suggested we get better at our rope work if we wanted a job and then walked away. He got a few steps away and turned around and said “You girls practice with the rope this week and come back next Saturday better prepared”. He stood there a few seconds and then said “Wait, maybe it’s my fault. I need to show you what I have in mind. Anna, come over here.” I started walking to him and he just jumped at me, knocking me down. He sat on me, flipped me over on my stomach, roughly pulled my arms behind me, and tied me wrists together. Without hesitation he tied my ankles together just as quickly. He then grabbed my feet and pushed them to my butt and tied them to my wrists. In seconds, he had me hogtied! He then stuffed a ball gag in my mouth and quickly buckled it. He stood up and shouted “That’s what I’m talking about!” “You do it that way, just like they do in the rodeo.” As I lie on the floor, bound and gagged, Lisa and Maria looked at each other in amazement. “We can do that!” Lisa stated. Maria agreed. I mmmmppphhhed and squirmed until I got their attention. Lisa teased and said she should leave me like that but eventually she untied me. We all agreed to meet at my place every night next week and practice tying each other up. Marco handed me a large bundle of rope and said we could borrow it. I could hardly wait.

Chapter 2: Practice makes perfect

Lisa arrived and my place at 7:30 and Maria was just a few minutes behind her. We had a glass of wine and discussed what had happened at Marco’s place and what we were going to do. Lisa had brought several magazines depicting bondage situations. That is when I got to see Bettie Page for the first time. I studied the way her hands and feet were bound. Poor Bettie and the other models were tied in several awkward positions. They looked very uncomfortable being tied so tightly. It looked down right painful! I suggested we try it just as Marco had showed us. I agreed to tie up Lisa while Maria helped to hold her down.

Well, Maria and I tackled Lisa and had her bound from head to foot in no time. I was starting to get the hang of tying somebody up and I liked it for some reason. Then Lisa and I tied up Maria. “Okay Maria, see if you can get loose” I said. Maria struggled for a few minutes before she got loose. Then it was my turn to get tied. Those two ladies tied me up so well I could not get free. They even helped themselves to some more wine, leaving me to struggle on the floor. It was clear that we were getting better at the rope work! They untied me after a few minutes but not before I got that familiar moist feeling in my panties again. We spent the next 3 hours playing our little bondage games before agreeing to come back the next day for more practice.

After the girls left for the evening I lay down on my bed and could not help but to masturbate. I kept thinking about how much fun it was to tie each other up. I then took some rope and tied my legs together at my ankles and knees. I slept like that all night.

The next evening the girls arrived together and Maria had brought a cloth sack. She said she wanted to try putting the sack over my head while restraining me. It actually sounded like something that might really happen that way, so we gave it a try. We spent the evening tying each other up again and using the sack to help blindfold and restrain the damsel while she was being abducted. When Maria threw that sack over my head and they tied me up I was in heaven. It was a fun evening and we were improving our tying skills with every skit we played out. I was sure Marco would be impressed with our progress. We then said goodnight and settled on a time to get together the next night.

The next night was Wednesday but Maria didn’t show up. She called and said she had to work. Lisa and I had some wine and in our conversation I mentioned something about the damsel, whoever it turn out to be, would be forced to be a love slave and be mildly tortured. She suggested that she try to dominate me but I was a little hesitant. “How about I play the dominant one and you can be my slave. Don’t worry; I won’t hurt you, not too much.” “Okay” she replied, “but it’s quite warm in here tonight. I want to take these long jeans off, maybe even my shirt” she said as she winked at me. “Good idea, I’ll get the rope and you hop on the bed. It will be more comfortable for you” I replied.

“Hands behind your back, slave” I laughed. I had gotten quite good at tying by then so when I wound the rope around her wrists a dozen times and then cinched the binding with another 8-10 wraps, I was confident she was not getting loose. I next moved to her elbows and pulled them very close together and tied them that way with about a dozen wraps of the rope and the cinched them tight with a few more wraps. I rolled her over on her back and planted a powerful kiss right on her lips, just the way Marco had kissed me. A week ago I had never kissed a girl and here I am practically sexually assaulting one now!

Without lifting my lips from hers my right hand found her left tit. No way that she could object with the lip lock I had on her. When I finally lifted my head away from hers I quickly stuffed a ball gag in her mouth. I next took a long rope and after bending her leg at the knee and forcing her left leg tight against her thigh I tied it tight by wrapping the rope around her thigh and ankle about 10 times. I then pulled her panties off her free leg. I then tied the right leg just as I had her left. I reached down to touch her pussy and expected to see it a little moist, it was soppy wet!

I smiled and thought to myself that she must not mind my actions too much. I fingered Lisa’s slit with my right hand and massaged her tits with my other hand. I kept working my finger towards her clit and she moaned feverishly. After about 5 minutes of pleasuring her I crawled between her legs and let my tongue do some work. I was a neophyte at cunnilingus at the time, but having been on the receiving end before, I had a good idea of what to do. After she had two orgasms I got off her and went to the bathroom and got some clothes pins. “I don’t have any nipple clamps, so these will have to do” I said.

After putting a clothes pin on each nipple I took 6 short strands of rope in my hand and used it as a whip. I whipped her tummy and tits until she was quite red before rolling her over and whipping her butt. I then went to the kitchen and brought back a hot dog. I licked it to lubricate it some and then slid it her butt hole. I worked it in and out a few minutes and she had another orgasm.

All of a sudden I realized what I had done and got very embarrassed. I rolled her over and removed the gag. “I’m sorry; I don’t know what got into me. I’ve never done anything like that before. I’m so sorry. I hope you will forgive me. I was just trying to act like the dominant kidnapper and I got carried away” I begged. “You’re sorry? You’re sorry!!?? What are you sorry for? That was fantastic. Now untie me. Your turn to get tied up, slave”

As soon as the ropes were off her she threw me down on the bed, pulled my panties off, pulled my shirt over my head, and took my bra off. I was completely naked now! She then grabbed some rope and tied my arms to the headboard of the bed, one arm on each side so they were spread very wide. Next she tied my legs. She tied a rope around my leg, just above the knee. She tied the other end of the rope to the top of the headboard above my hand, pulling it tight so my leg was mostly in the air. She then repeated the process with my other leg. “Now, where are those clothes pins?” she asked to herself. On my tits they went.

Lisa crawled on the bed and proceeded to bury her face in my soaking wet pussy. There was not a thing I could do but lie there and let her, not that I minded. I had never had a woman lick my pussy before and the thought of her doing it was almost as exciting as the actual act. My nipples had turned numb by then but I knew they would hurt when those damn clothes pins came off. As Lisa was licking me to an orgasm I kept thinking about the spanking Marco had given me. I was hoping to get the same from my new friend.

Lisa kept licking my pussy until I had cum twice before she untied my legs. She took the clothes pins off and, yes it hurt like hell, but like the song says, pain hurts, but only for a minute. As I lie there with my arms tied to the headboard, looking at beautiful Lisa, her hair a mess, sweat dripping off her pretty face, I thought she never looked better. Then with a sly little smile on her face she said “My turn now”. With that, she climbed on top of me and planted her pussy squarely on my face. I knew what I had to do. It was difficult breathing, but I divided my efforts between breathing and licking Lisa to another orgasm.

I must have done a good job because Lisa had an orgasm within a few minutes. She untied me and we both burst out laughing, thinking about what we had just done. We were supposed to be practicing our acting skills and we ended up playing lesbian sex games. I told Lisa that I had never done anything like that before, not with a woman. She said she had played with another girl a couple of times and she really enjoyed being with a woman, much more than a man. As this was new to I knew I had a lot to learn and was eager to talk to her about it.

“Lisa” I asked, “Do you mind if we discuss this? I want to explore this side of love making. I have lived a very sheltered life it seems. I had no idea just how sheltered until now”.

“I’m not all that experienced either but, sure, we can talk about it” she replied.

“Thanks, here’s the thing. All this bondage and punishment stuff is new to me. I never dreamed it could feel so good to be tied up and objectified. The other day when Marco spanked me I nearly had an orgasm right on his lap. Did it have the same affect on you?”

“Well, somewhat, maybe not as much as you, but yes, I liked it too” she replied.

“Let’s call it a night for now, but I want to pursue this more tomorrow. You are coming over tomorrow, right?” I asked.

“Oh yeah, I’ll be here. Maybe I’ll bring a toy or two”.

Chapter 3 : My slave training begins

The next day at work all I could think about was the Lisa would be coming to my place again. I half hoped the Maria would have to work again so I could be alone with Lisa. I was in luck because Lisa came alone, and she looked HOT. She was wearing black leather hot pants, a pink tight tank top that showed her tummy, and black leather knee high tight fitting boots. She was carrying two large bags filled with something. I asked her if she brought some chips or something and she just smiled and said “You’ll see later.”

We sat at the table and had a glass of wine. I told Lisa I had given it a lot of thought and decided I want to pursue the submissive side of myself. I said that I had become attracted to her hoped she liked me too and that I was hoping she would take a dominant role tonight. We chatted for a few minutes before I asked her what she brought. She dumped a bag on the table and laughed. “I was hoping that’s what you had in mind from our talk yesterday”. There were handcuffs, a riding crop, nipple clamps, a collar and a chain leash.

“What’s in the other bag” I asked.

“Rope, lots of rope, and another toy you might like. That will come later if you are a good slave. Are you sure you want to be my slave tonight?” she asked.

“Oh yes, please dominate me” I begged. “I’ve been thinking about this all day, hoping you would have me as your slave”.

I asked what the collar and leash were for and she just said “You are gonna find out right now, slave”.

“Strip! NOW!” She ordered.

I was so excited I was out of my clothes in seconds. She then put the collar on my neck and buckled it, fairly tight. She then locked it on with a small padlock and attached the leash. When I heard that lock snapped closed, I was in heaven. She then grabbed my nipples and pinched and twisted them. It hurt like hell and really caught me off guard. “Down on you knees, slave. You belong to me now!” she ordered. I did as Lisa ordered. “Now slave, I’m going lead you around your apartment just like you are my pet puppy dog, because that’s what you are, my dog slave. You just keep your head down and don’t take your eyes off my boots.” I followed on my hands and knees as Lisa paraded me all around my apartment, using the riding crop on my bare bottom from time to time. I started to whine about the treatment I was getting. She ordered me to shut up and quickly gagged me. “Now, you will be a quiet slave or you will REALLY feel the whip.

After about 10 minutes of being treated like her pet dog, she sat back in my lounge chair. “Do you like my boots slave?” she asked.

“Yes I do. They look very nice on you” I answered.

“They are soiled though, a slave should clean them, I think. Yes, definitely, a slave should clean my boots……… What are you waiting for slave, an engraved invitation? Clean my boots!” she ordered. I got to my feet to get a damp cloth and felt the pull on the leash. “Freeze slave, hands behind your back!” she shouted. She quickly locked my arms behind my back with handcuffs. She then removed the ball gag. “I said I want my boots cleaned. Now do it! Use you tongue, slave. Get on your knees and lick them clean, slave! NOW!” She ordered.

I looked at her in disbelief. “You can’t be serious!” I protested.

She yanked at my leash and demanded “Lick them clean slave. NOW! I want them to sparkle!” I could see I had no choice but to clean her boots with my tongue. I dropped to my knees and started to lick her boots clean. I could see she was enjoying the power she had over me. She would hold one up for a while and then switch feet. “Don’t forget the bottoms, they need to be cleaned too” she taunted as she gently steered my face to her boot heels with the riding crop. It was totally degrading but for some weird reason I was getting aroused by this. “Don’t just clean them slave, worship my boots” She ordered. “Tell me how much you like my boots slave” she said.

“Yes, I do like your boots. You look very sexy wearing them” I said.

Lisa then said “You need to learn how to worship my boots in the correct manner. I will teach you. Start kissing them at the toe and slowly work your way up to my knee, then work your way back to the toe, and don’t forget the heel” she explained.

I started kissing and worshipping her boots the way she had told me. While it was degrading at first, the more I worshipped those boots, the more submissive I felt. Every time I didn’t perform properly I felt the whip strike me on my butt or my back. Occasionally she would use the riding crop on my face to guide my head to wear I should be worshipping her boots. While I was busy tongue cleaning and kissing her boots she was getting undressed. After what seemed like an hour I felt her pull on my leash as she spread her legs. “Not bad slave, now let’s see how well your tongue works on my pussy.” She spread her legs wide and using the leash, guided my head to her sopping wet pussy.

I lapped up her juices and licked her to an orgasm. It was very erotic being forced to lick her pussy with my arms locked behind my back while on my knees. Lisa was in complete control of me and although it was a bit scary I really liked it….. a lot. She wrapped her legs around my head forcing me to keep my head positioned between her legs. The feeling of her boot heels on back was a constant reminder of the situation. I was her slave and she was in charge. I knew it and she knew it, and I loved it. “Don’t stop slave.” She urged me on with her commands as well as the riding crop.

She would spread her legs while whipping me. Positioned as I was, half the blows landed on my back and arms instead of my butt! After a few blows, she would clamp her legs around my head again. The whip hurt at first, but after a while, I liked the feeling. She was not hitting me hard, just enough to keep me in line. It was a constant reminder of my position now, as her slave. Eventually she relaxed her legs and I could breathe freely. “That was very nice slave” Lisa said. “You did a good job. Now I will give you a reward. On your feet” she ordered.

After she removed the cuffs she said “Get on the bed. I’m going to tie you up in a new position”.

“Sit up and spread your legs, slave. Put your wrists tight against your ankles and keep then there” she commanded.

She then positioned my wrists on the outside of my ankles. She then tied my left wrist to me left ankle using several wraps of rope before cinching it. She next tied my left elbow to my left leg at the knee with more rope using the same wrapping and cinching technique. She repeated this process on my right arm and leg. I was now completely helpless and open to her. My own arms were forcing my legs open.

“Oh Lisa, this is so tight I can’t move a bit. How long are you going to leave me like this?” I asked.

Suddenly her whip struck my leg quite hard. “Tonight, I am not Lisa. Tonight I am your Mistress as you will address me as Mistress” she answered. “I might untie you eventually, if I feel like it. Or I might keep you tied like that all night, now shut up or I’ll gag you too.” She then put the nipple clamps she had brought on my exposed breasts. “What do you say now?” she asked.

I looked at her and said “ouch?” Down came the riding whip on my leg. “You say ‘Thank you Mistress’ when your Mistress does something nice for you. Now; what do you say?”

“Thank you Mistress” I replied.

“Good answer slave. Now I’m going to blindfold you for a while” Lisa said. She put the cloth sack that Maria had brought over my head. “You are to keep squirming, trying to escape so I know you are okay. If you stop squirming, I will start whipping. Got it?”

“Yes Mistress, I understand” I replied.

She then took a small vibrating dildo and slipped into me wet pussy. “Oh, one more thing slave. I gave you that vibrator to keep you aroused, but you are not to cum without permission”.

“Yes Mistress, I will request permission before I cum” I answered.

I squirmed around on the bed with that damn sack on my head. I couldn’t see much, just a hint of light showing from around the sack. If I stopped moving for even a few seconds I felt the crack of the whip on my legs. Lisa turned the television on sat back and relaxed while I struggled in my bondage. She helped herself to more wine and made sure she told me all about it. How good it tasted and how nice it felt to sit back and relax after a hard day of work. I never thought I would get tormented in this way. She was in complete control of me. I hated it and loved it at the same time.

I thought I heard her leave the room so I stopped struggling to see if I was right. When I did not feel the whip strike me, that confirmed my suspicions. I wondered what she is doing in my kitchen. When I heard her return I started to struggle again. “You can relax for a minute. I want to ask you something. Anna, do you like sucking cock?” she asked.

“Well, I’ve only tried it a few times, but it is not my favorite. Why do you ask?”

She pulled the sack off my head and I could see she was now wearing a strap-on dildo about 10 inches long. So this is the toy she mentioned earlier, I thought. “Slave, I now have a cock for you to suck. Do it now!” she ordered. I clearly had no choice, bound as I was. She pulled me closer to the edge of the bed and stood in front of me. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and she inserted her fake ‘cock’ in my mouth. “Just pretend I’m Marco you slutty little cock sucker”.

Well, that is exactly what I did. I closed my eyes and pretended I was being forced to suck Marco’s cock. “Tell me what you are slave, a dirty little cock sucker” she ordered. It was difficult to talk with that dildo in my mouth, but I tried. “I..a iaal ah ah er ” I answered. She pulled the dildo out and said “Try again slave”.

I tried to answer “I’m a little cock sucker”.

“Thought so” she said as she grabbed my head and forced it over her strap-on.

The vibrator was doing its job and within a few minutes I had an orgasm. I kept sucking Lisa’s dildo though. The vibrator kept me going and I came again. Just then I heard someone at the door. Lisa threw the sack back over my head and answered the door.

“Hey slave, look who finally showed up. Oh, sorry, you can’t look, can you, slave. It’s Maria”

“Hey girls, what’s going on here?” Maria asked. “Why is Anna tied up like that and in that sack?”

Lisa jumped in “You see Maria, Anna wanted to be my slave tonight. Soooo, I’ve been tying to be good dominant Mistress for her. I warned her not to cum without permission and she came not once, but twice. She will be punished for that infraction later”.

“Maybe Anna would like two Mistresses tonight” said Maria.

“I’m sure she would. I won’t even bother to ask her. I think I’ll just help myself to this country bumpkin”. With that, Maria pulled the sack off my head and pushed me on my back. Maria had removed her shorts and panties. She then climbed on the bed and plopped her pussy right on my face. I did my best to please her. As I was licking her to an orgasm I thought to myself ‘who is she to call me a country bumpkin anyway’.

After Maria had cum I was untied and the vibrator was removed from my pussy. We all sat at the table and I serve up some wine. I thanked both my new friends and we all agreed a good time was had by all. Lisa then said “How would you like to make this a more or less permanent thing? What I mean is do you want to be my slave every day, and every night”.

I thought for only a couple of seconds before I agreed. I had never had such an exciting experience as I had that night. “Does that include you too Maria?” I asked.

Maria answered “Absolutely, provided you are willing to give yourself to us completely, without hesitation, agreed?”

“Yes Mistress, agreed” I answered.

“Good” responded Maria. “Your first command is to remove all you pubic hair. You can shave or wax, I don’t care, I just want you smooth”.

“Yes Mistress, I will shave my pussy for you. Anything else?” I asked.

“Yes, tomorrow is Friday and the three of us are going clubbing. You are to wear black heels, not too high though, stockings, a black mini skirt, black panties, no bra, and a pretty pink tank top that fits so tight your nipples show. You are also to wear the slave collar Lisa gave you, locked on with the padlock.”

The next day at work was terrible. I kept thinking about what it would be like clubbing with Lisa and Maria. I am not much of a drinker and not experienced going to clubs. I didn’t want to embarrass myself too badly, especially after that country bumpkin comment the night before. After work I grabbed a quick bite and went home to get myself ready. I showered and shaved myself as ordered. I got dressed in the clothes Maria had ordered including the slave collar and waited for the girls to come over to my place.

I waited…and waited….and waited. I thought I had been stood up and laid down on the couch to take a nap. At 11:15PM I heard someone at the door, it was Lisa and Maria. “You ready, slave?” Lisa asked.

“I had given up on you two. I expected you hours ago” I said.

They both laughed and said they don’t like arrive at the clubs until 11:30 or later. Lisa handed me a plastic egg and said “This goes in your pussy. It is a little gift from your Mistress” she laughed. “It is a vibrator, operated by remote control, and I have the remote”. Lisa then attached the chain leash to my collar. “That is to let people know that you are owned” She stated.

“I can’t go outside with a chain around my neck!” I protested.

Lisa looked at me sternly and said “Yes you can, and you will, now quit complaining and let’s go” as she pulled on the chain, leading me out the door.

The club we went to was quite interesting, to say the least. It was some type of BDSM club and I clearly was not the only slave there. I didn’t even feel out of place with the leash and collar around my neck. Lisa ordered me to sit down and keep my mouth shut and my eyes down. I was not to look around and not to look at anybody. When the waitress came to take our drink order, Lisa ordered for the three of us. Every once in while I would feel the vibrator actuate in my pussy and Lisa would snicker. I sat there sipping my drink and trying to sneak a look at the people without Lisa noticing.

After a while some lady, quite a bit older than I, sat down at our table and started to finger my leash and ‘inspect’ me. Lisa said “Take a hike bitch, she belongs to me”. I felt very special that Lisa more or less protected me. We had another drink, this time Maria ordered. We finished our drink and Maria said “This place is dead, let’s move on”. We went to two more clubs before I said I was tired and wanted to go home.

We went back to my place and when we got inside Lisa said “I am going to tie my slave up now, any objections?”

“I was thinking it was bedtime, it’s late and we have to go to Marco’s in the morning.” I said. I may as well have been talking to myself. Lisa grabbed me and pulled my arms behind my back and tied my wrists together. My elbows were next; Lisa pulled them tight together and tied them with several wraps of rope.

“Sit down on the floor, slave” She ordered. Once I was sitting she tied my ankles together and then my knees. She then tied a long rope under my knees, under my arms, and around my back, pulling my knees almost up to my chest. She wrapped this rope around me several more times, sometimes over my arms, pulling it a bit tighter with each wrap. “Maria, our slave tongue cleaned my boots yesterday. Don’t your feet need to be tongue cleaned tonight?” Lisa asked.

Maria pulled a chair from the kitchen from the kitchen and placed it in front of me. She removed her sneakers and placed one over my nose. It stunk like crazy from her sweating all day and night. Yuk! I turned my head to try to get some fresh air but Maria would have none of that. She grabbed my hair and forced my head further into her sneaker. “Smell it slave, smell my stinky sneaker. Tell me you like it slave” she demanded.

“Thank you, Mistress. I like smelling your sneaker, thank you for letting me smell your shoe” I lied.

She then removed her sock and put her foot in front of my mouth. “Lick my toes slave. I know you want to worship my feet the way you worshipped Lisa’s boots.” Lisa grabbed me by hair and held my head still. I licked Maria’s smelly feet the best I could. I tried to do the best job I could to please my Mistress. Each time my tongue licked her toes I felt myself sinking further into the submissive role I was craving. At times she put all her toes in my mouth at one time, almost choking me.

After about 30 minutes of this humiliation Maria pulled her foot away from my face. I thought this ordeal was over, but no. Lisa had other plans for me. Lisa took Maria’s sneaker and forced it over my nose with one hand while Maria tied the sneaker in place with some wide tape, wrapping the tape several times around my head so there was no way that sneaker was falling off. “Now you will be able to smell your Mistress all night” Lisa stated with absolute authority. She then took remote for the vibrator and put it in my hand. “That’s to keep you company. Maria and I are going to sleep here tonight, in your bed. Now I don’t want you eavesdropping on us while we are borrowing your bed. That is what you want, isn’t it slave”. I nodded yes and she asked “You want a blindfold? Sure you do” she said as I shook my head from side to side. My protests meant nothing to her. She then put the sack over my head.

That is how I spent the next 4 hours. I could hear the two of them making lesbian love all night while I was forced to sit there smelling Maria’s stinky sneaker. At least Lisa had given me the remote for the vibrator that was still in my wet pussy, doing its job. It was actually fun turning the vibrator on and off when I wanted to deprive myself of an orgasm.

Lisa and Maria untied me at 6:00AM and so we could go to Macro’s. I was thinking that the life of a slave was not always pleasant but this is what I agreed to and wanted. I wondered if this would be my station in life forever.

Chapter 4: Showing our stuff

We all arrived at Marco’s a little before 7:00, exhausted. I was struggling with my feelings a lot. I was mad as hell for being left tied up all night, alone, while those two girls were making love in my own bed. But on the other hand, I was their slave now and this is what I wanted.

Marco took us to the back room and we practiced our little skit where I was attacked and Lisa and Maria tied me up. Marco actually applauded our performance. We then switched rolls and Lisa and I tied up Maria. Again, Marco was impressed. We then switched again and Maria and I tied up Lisa. I made sure I tied Lisa extra tight because I was still mad at her and this was my chance to get even a little, at least that was my thought at the time. Marco said we had vastly improved in our rope skills and He wanted us to try something else.

Lisa, I’m going to have Anna and Maria force you into that cage. (He pointed to the small cage on the floor). Now Lisa, remember, you are a captive hostage so you are to fight them off as much as you can. And you other girls, you are going have to get tough with Lisa. “Okay, ready girls? ACTION!” Maria and I grabbed Lisa and tried to force her into the cage but it was no use. Lisa fought like crazy, kicking and screaming. We just could not get her through the cage door. “Okay, that’s not going to work” Marco said. “Lisa either has to be tied up or knocked out first” he said.

Lisa turned to Marco and said “You aren’t really going to knock me out, are you”?

“Let’s try tying you first” Marco said. I tied Lisa’s hands behind her while Maria tied her feet. When we were finished tying her I told Marco we were ready. “Okay, ACTION!” he shouted. This time we managed to get Lisa into the cage but it was still difficult the way she fought.

My turn was next. Lisa tied my legs together at my ankles and just above and just below my knees. Maria tied my arms behind my back first pulling my arms tight together and tying my elbows together. She then tied my wrists together wrapping about a dozen wraps of rope around them before cinching them tightly. She then gagged me for good measure I suppose. The entire time I was being tied up I was fantasizing about being back in my apartment, wondering what my two Mistresses were going to do to me after I was bound so tightly. If only Marco knew what I was thinking!!

After I was completely tied up Lisa and Maria tried to put me in the cage. I fought tooth and nail but they got me inside the cage, although I suffer a couple of small scratches and bruises. Once in the cage, Lisa closed the door and locked it. Marco cried out “You don’t have to lock it right now”.

Lisa replied “Oh yes we do! Anna has been a bad damsel and needs to have some cage time”. They all laughed at Lisa’s little joke, but I just reveled in the situation. Who would have thought being locked in a cage would be so exciting!

Maria was next. Lisa and I tied her up and forced her in the cage, just like Lisa and I had been. Marco had been watching us the entire time. I was wondering if he was enjoying watching three pretty girls getting tied up and forced into that cage.

After we all had our turn in the cage, Marco suggested we should familiarize ourselves with the other bondage equipment that was available while he worked with some other actors. What a blast that was! Lisa strapped me onto the St. Andrews cross and pretended to use a flogger on me. She let me down after about 15 minutes. I really wanted to stay on that cross longer but kept my thoughts to myself. Then I strapped Maria to a bondage “horse”. I pretended to torture her with a riding crop while Lisa was strapped into a bondage chair. I did manage to tickle her some while I had her helpless. I remember thinking that may have been a mistake. It was. Then there was the pillory. Maria adjusted it to fit me and locked me in it. She then got her revenge for me using the riding crop on her and tickling her by spanking my butt while I was in such a vulnerable position. She really spanked me hard, but all in good fun. We all had a good time playing on the equipment, knowing in the movie, that equipment would be used more seriously and the whip would be used for real.

At about noon Marco called everybody together for a lunch meeting. We all sat around eating the sandwiches and soda provided, wondering what this meeting was all about. We speculated several things but finally decided we should just wait to see what would happen.

After everybody had finished eating Marco announced that he had made his decision on which actors would be in the movie and which ones would being going home. I tried to pay attention but there was only one person’s name I wanted to hear….mine. After several minutes of announcing names he finally came to mine. I was very happy to hear Lisa, Maria, and I all got parts. I got the part I wanted, the part of the kidnapped maiden. Lisa and Maria got the parts of the kidnappers. Now I knew they would be tying me up during the movie. And the rehearsals too!

Macro said we would start filming in one week so we could take the rest of the weekend off or we could stay and rehearse. I wanted to stay, and get tied up of course. Lisa and Maria wanted to leave and celebrate, so I just hung around and went to the back room where all the bondage equipment was. I was looking at the equipment and fantasizing about being held captive by Lisa and Maria when Marco saw me. “You like being tied up, don’t you Anna” he said. I’m sure my face turned 12 shades of red I was so embarrassed.

“It’s okay I guess. I’ve never been tied before this casting stuff came up so it’s all very new to me, but to tell the truth, it’s exciting being helpless, not able to control what happens next.”

Marco smiled and said “I could tell. I could see it in your eyes the first time I tied your arms together. Don’t be embarrassed about it. It is quite common. Would you like me to tie you up now? All the others are gone”.

“I don’t think so” I replied. “I mean yes I do, I want to be tied up but I don’t think it would be a good idea to allow myself to be tied up by you. I don’t know what I want” I stumbled with my reply.

“It’s up to you. If you don’t trust me, I understand” he said.

“No, no it’s not that. I trust you, but... I don’t know what I want…… Okay, do it, tie me up” I finally said.

Marco smiled and said “Okay, but take your blouse off. I don’t it to get ruined”. I took my blouse off and he led me to the Saint Andrews cross. How did he know I wondered?

Thirty seconds later I was strapped the cross, hand and foot. He then kissed me, on my lips, very passionately. He kept kissing me and started to fondle my stomach and side. Within a minute or so I was so turned on he could do what ever he wanted to me. He started to fondle my breast and then asked “Is it okay for me to do this? I’ll stop if you want” I thought ‘you better not stop now!!’.

“Keep going” I answered with a barely audible voice.

“Shall I get a gag for you” he asked. I just nodded yes. There was no going back now I thought. He gagged me with a ball gag and immediately reached between my legs. H unzipped my pants and started to rub my pussy. Now I knew I wanted him to fuck me and I wondered how he was going to do it with my feet strapped to the cross and my pants still on. He kept playing with my pussy over my panties until I was soaking wet. He finally unstrapped my feet and pulled my pants and panties off me. With my hands still bound to the cross, he continued to play with my pussy, inserting a finger after a short time. Then two fingers. I thought ‘I hope he has a condom’. Eventually he dropped to his knees and started to lick my shaved pussy. His tongue was working wonders on me and his hands kept fondling my ass. It didn’t take long before I had an orgasm.

He stood up and said “Now you will take of me, yes?” I nodded yes and he untrapped my arms and removed my gag. How can I tell him I wanted him to tie me up again I thought. I reached down and grabbed his penis for just a second and let go. I turned around and put my arms behind my back. Oh, I was hoping he would take my hint and tie my wrists together with rope. When he didn’t I said “make me do it”. He finally took my hint and tied my wrists together. He then went one step better and tied my elbow together. He then reached out and put his hands on my shoulders and pushed them down. I got to my knees and my mouth found his cock. I was still learning how to suck cock but I did my best. It didn’t take long before he exploded in my mouth. I swallowed all I could.

I thought we were finished playing but he apparently did not. He put the ball gag back in my mouth and buckled it tightly on my head. “Something else you want to try, as long as were here, all alone, and all this equipment is available?” He asked. Of course I couldn’t answer with a ball gag in my mouth, I but walked over to a wooden pillory and stock devise and pointed to it with my foot. Marco understood and locked my feet in the stocks and untied my arms. He then locked my neck and wrists in the wooden pillory. I was sitting on the floor with my legs spread wide. My arms were totally immobile locked in the wooden devise.

I suppose seeing me almost nude locked in the pillory was too much for Marco to stand. He removed the ball gag and forced his now hard cock in my mouth. I was hoping he would fuck me, not fuck my mouth, but what’s a girl to do? After he came He asked if we were done or was there something else I wanted to do. “I don’t see a bed, but if I were tied face up to that bench (I pointed with my finger), with my arms and legs tied to the bench legs, I think you would be able to finish what you started with me. Marco smiled and released me from the stocks and helped me to my feet. He led me to the bench and proceeded to tie me as I described. He excused himself, saying he needed a vitamin break or something. When he returned in few minutes I could see his erection had returned. He climbed on top of me and gave me the best fucking I had ever had.

After the both of us had our orgasms Marco untied me and thanked me for a fun afternoon. I in turn, thanked him, I mean; I had a good time too. I went home a happy girl. I got an acting job. I got fucked by a very handsome man. I should have been on top of the world. Something was wrong, I mean missing. It was then that I realized just how much I cared for Lisa and Maria. I was afraid I had turned into a lesbian. I was very confused. I never felt and discrimination towards gays, I just never thought I was one. What would my parents think? I had to go home and think about things. When I got home I called both Lisa and Maria and invited the over to my place the next day.

After experiencing real hardcore bondage equipment for the first time, I suddenly realized this is something I wanted, more like needed, more of. I was so aroused I couldn’t wait to get home and play with myself, or even better, have Lisa and Maria dominate and torture with me.

I was having trouble coming to grips with the relationship I was having with Lisa and Maria so I decided to write a letter and give it both of them. I still have a copy of the letter after all these years. This is it:

Dearest Lisa and Maria,

The last few days have been remarkable. I have learned so much about you both as well as myself. I have learned more about love making and alternative life styles in the last few days than I ever thought possible. I have grown more recently than I ever thought possible. I love both of you so much I can not put it into words. You two have made me very happy in more ways than I can say.

But here is my concern. You two have given me so much I feel greedy asking for this, but I must. I want more. More of everything. More and tighter bondage. More and stricter discipline. More objectivity. More and stricter slave training. I want more pain. I want more orgasms and orgasm denial. I want it all!!! Is it possible a lowly slave can ask for more of what you have freely given me? I know I am being greedy but I can’t help myself.

Please Lisa and Maria, please make my life complete by granting me this wish. I love you both and if you can not be harsher with me, I will still love you, but I would be cheating myself if I do not ask this of you both.

There, I think I have made myself clear. You know what I want. No punishment is too severe. No length of time in strict bondage is too long. No bondage scenario is too tight or restrictive. My happiness is in your hands.

With ever lasting love,
You slave forever Anna.