How I got my Chastity Cage

by Leotardguy

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© Copyright 2017 - Leotardguy - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; femdom; collar; denial; mast; caught; punished; leash; store; public; armbinder; chast; expose; hum; cons/reluct; X

I was used to the collar which my wife had put on me soon after we were married.

No problem, it was just a game and I had to wear it only under specific circumstances.

I didn't know it when we got married but my libido was much higher than hers. She was satisfied with sex once a month, or less. I was up for it - - no pun intended - - three times a week.

What to do? I had dropped a suggestion on my having a mistress, but only for sex. [OK, call her a hooker.]

That did not meet with a good response so I let it go - - for now.

But what I did not let go was pleasuring myself while we watched TV at night; my chair was slightly behind hers so if I kept quiet when I climaxed, she should not be the wiser. (I washed my own laundry.)

One day she told me we were going shopping, and being a warm day, told me to wear shorts and t-shirt. And the collar; she snapped a leash onto the front ring and into the car.

She stopped at a large fetish emporium - - that was their word - - and she led me inside.

Apparently she had scouted this out already because she knew what to ask the clerk for. It was leather arm binder.

She ordered me to cross my arms with elbows next to wrists.

She put the binder next to me and tightened the four cuffs, and then the two cuffs which went around my arms above the elbows.

"How is that, dear? Do you think you can play with yourself while wearing this?"

I had to answer in the negative.

She removed the arm binder and then wondered aloud how restrictive it would be in back.

I rearranged my arms and she again tightened all of the cuffs.

Wow, that was really secure.

She went over to the counter again and the clerk took a shiny thing out of the case and demonstrated it for her.

She led me into the dressing room and pulled down my shorts. Then I saw what it was - - a chastity cage!

I tried to struggle but she had me pinned against a wall and then brought the hinged ring around behind my balls and put the cage over my penis, which was semi-erect by this time, and then locked it.

Noticing my excited status, she stroked me under the balls - - always a good way to arouse me! - - and my penis grew larger.

And then suddenly it stopped as it reached the end of the cage. No orgasm for me. Damn!

She pulled up my shorts and we went out into the store. The clerk remarked that she had sold many of the cages but had never seen it worn by anyone.

"Easy to remedy," and she pulled down my shorts.

By that time I was all the way down, and when the clerk came over to closer inspection and noticed how small my penis is, she laughed.

And that brought over two more female customers, and their reaction was the same.

Talk about humiliation!

The shorts went back in place and she paid for the purchases.

And then the final humiliation - - she reached up my pants leg and attached my leash to the chastity cage. More laughter from the others. And home we went.

So now I am doubly insured against bringing myself to orgasm.

Either I wear the arm binder or the chastity cage. And since the cage is only removed when the arms are bound, there is no resisting.

Her libido won!

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