How Techie Bought Her New Sybian

by Techster & Techie

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© Copyright 2020 - Techster & Techie - Used by permission

Storycodes: FM/m; collar; chastity; cuffs; gag; maid; display; hobble; reluct; X


Ever since I saw a demonstration of a ”ride-on” sex toy called a Sybian I have wanted one, but since Techster and I are retired and living on a “no frills” income, the $1250 for the basic unit plus $350 for the storage case and about another $300 for the different stimulation heads cost more than we could afford. But when a local Dominatrix offered to trade a new Sybian with all the accessories in exchange for the use of Techster for a day as an unlimited slave I could not refuse.

Of course, since Techster was a paid submissive and was collared, cuffed, gagged and his cock locked in a cock lock he was not in a position to disagree.


As you may know a new Sybian with all the accessories costs a little over $1500 and that is out of our budget but Techie found a different way to finance a new Sybian.

For I day I was sold as a slave to a local couple.

We were at a Dominatrix meeting were new Doms were taught how to use endorphin pain to help one deal with pain and also how to use anal intercourse to a man, also known as pegging, to stimulate a man’s prostate thus helping drain the prostate.

Since I was being paid to be the volunteer male submissive I was handcuffed, gagged collared with leg irons with chains that were locked to my balls.

We had gotten to the event where I was to be pegged by one of the Dominatrixes, with a strap-on dildo, and I was bent over with my neck tied to the rail on the host’s third floor apartment balcony.

Techie was acting as my manager.

It was her “job” to exercise complete control over the submissive (me) when a middle-aged lady offered to trade a new Sybian with all the different accessories in the original packaging to have me be her slave for a day.

Techie thought for a minute and said, “We don’t have any plans for the next day or so; sounds like a fair trade.

“You may have him for what ever you want or course he will remain in the locking collar with a chain leash his penis is locked in a chastity lock and his ankles are locked in a pair of pre-civil war leg irons with the chains locked to his balls.

“You may remove the gag, cuffs and bondage mitts so he can do whatever you want him to do.”

The lady handed Techie $500 in cash and said, “Here’s a bonus, my husband and I always dreamed of owning a male slave.

Is it okay if he is spanked or whipped if he won’t serve us?

Techie agreed I could not say anything because I was gagged, with my hands cuffed behind my back and bound with my neck tied to the balcony rail as I awaited a pegging and or prostate milking.

Techie locked the chain from my leg irons to the ring type ball stretcher that was around my balls showed the lady the keys to all my locks and said, “The only keys you get are to the gag, bondage mitts and the handcuffs. Have fun with your slave.

“He is yours until midnight tomorrow then you have to return him; as a slave he cannot refuse any order.”

The lady said “the Sybian is out in my car. When I lead him out, you come along and load it into your car, so you have something to do while your subby-hubby is my slave.”

It was 1 o’clock in the morning when I was led naked out in the parking lot of the apartment to her car. She seated me in the passenger’s seat of her car and she and Techie moved the Sybian and all its parts to Techie’s car.

When we got to her home, she clipped the leash to my penis lock and led me down the street to their home. When she opened the door, she called to her husband and told him, “Guess what? I traded the Sybian for a slave for a day!”

Her husband looked at me, pinched my nipples, squeezed my balls, laughed and said, “This is going to be fun. I always wanted to have a man for a slave who cannot refuse anything I tell him to! This is going to be fun, but first let me make certain he cannot escape.”

With that he removed the shock collar from their small dog and locked it around my cock between my balls and my body. “This is an electronic shock collar. I have a manual control and there is a barrier field near every door. Let me give you a sample of its power.”

He pressed the red button on the control box and I was kneeling and moaning in pain. I looked up at him and nodded.

“I am going to enjoy showing a man how to be humble and be my toy! Hey, man have you ever sucked a cock?”

I shook my head, “NO!”

He laughed, removed my gag and said, ”On your knees, now is your first time; I want to come in your mouth.”

He put his foot on the chain around my balls so I could not stand, forcing me to kneel.

He dropped his slacks and underwear, as his wife unlocked my gag and said, “There; he is ready for you.”

I had no choice but to take his cock in my mouth. Since I was a slave and this was my first time sucking any man’s cock I decided that since I had no choice we should both enjoy it.

I circled the tip of his cock with my tongue and sucked and blew. Suddenly his cock got large and hard and in a few minutes my mouth was filled with his cum.

I went to spit it out and he ordered, “Swallow it all, or be whipped!”

I swallowed his salty semen then he ordered, “That was my orgasm, now it is my wife’s turn. Use that tongue of yours and make her cum!”

His wife bared herself, and I gave her clit a soft licking that had her dripping in a few minutes and she shook and moaned.

Her husband said, “Okay slave, your ‘being a sex toy’ is not over yet; my wife has always wanted to fuck a male slave, and since there are no holds barred we intend to get full use out of our slave. Bend over the sofa!”

His wife appeared with a strap-on dildo, lubed it and spent about five minutes working me over. I hate to say it, I have never experienced anal sex but this actually felt good on my prostate and pretty soon I was dribbling cum.

His wife removed my bondage mitts, unlocked my right cuff, locked both of my wrists in front of me and ordered, “The playtime is over. It is your time to be a good slave. We’re going to sleep now but you are now going to clean the house, do all the dishes and laundry.”

She pointed to the laundry room, “the vacuum cleaner is in the closet, there is the washing machine and dryer. If this house isn’t spotless you will get a whipping!”

She locked the gag back in my mouth. It was 2am when I started so I was able to sweep and vacuum the floors do the dishes and all of the laundry in about four hours.

When she awoke she was pleased by my work. “Good job, slave, I will put you out in the guest room to get a nap.”

She led me down the hall with my leash clipped to my chastity lock. In the guest room she had me lay on the bed face down. She unlocked my handcuffs then locked them behind my back and around the chain from the leg irons that were locked to my balls, leaving me in a hogtie.

I got about six hours of sleep then she woke me up and said, “Slave, I’m having some guests over lunch, and you will serve us.”

She unlocked me and led me into the living room by the leash attached to my chastity lock on my cock. I was introduced to her friends, “This is my rental slave, he will serve us.”

The group of five ladies all handled me and tweaked my nipples and handled my balls.

She unlocked the bondage mitts and handcuffs then showed me the plates with salads, cheese and crackers and I passed them out placing them on tables.

Next she asked me to pour glasses of white wine, which I poured very carefully. 

The lady was obviously pleased with my service and told her friends, “he is worth his rental please notice the house is spotless, the floors are polished and the laundry is done for the first time since we quit the cleaning service to save money. So I’m going to let him relax.” Then she ordered me to turn around, she put my hands back in the bondage mitts and locked my handcuffs behind my back.

She and her friends took turns leading me around by pulling on the leash that was locked to my cock. After an hour or so she ordered me to sit down. I sat in a soft chair and relaxed eventually I fell asleep.

It was about 11pm when she woke me and said, “Well it's been a fun day but it is time to take you home.”

That's a problem. She led me, naked chained and cuffed out of the door of their home, one block from our home. She walked me down the middle of the street to our home, knocked on the door, and handed my leash to Techie.

Techie asked, “Well, did you have a good time?” and unlocked my gag.

I replied, “Well I was treated like a slave and I worked for them and they were happy with me so no spanking or whipping. Did you enjoy your new Sybian?”

Techie removed my gag and led me into the living so I could admire the new toy.

“I think I’ll leave you like this so I can play with you. In the meantime you can watch me ride on the Sybian!” 

True, it was humiliating, and in a way frightening, being a naked, bound slave to a stranger. But if you look at the cost of what Techie received, I figure it paid about $50 per hour!


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