The Housekeeper

by Max Roper

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© Copyright 2017 - Max Roper - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/?; caught; hotel; bond; rope; gag; tease; mirror; voy; denial; cons; X

“Come in!”

“Hello! I am here to take care of the room. I could come back later, or...”

“Thanks, but I don’t really need anything. The room’s fine, the trash isn’t even half full. I’m a neat person.”

“I see that. May I ask, why are you dressed like that?”

“It’s comfortable. I’m relaxing here, reading, looking out at the ocean.”

“Yes, but those shorts are so tight. How can that be comfortable?”

“How is that your business?”

“I see you dressed like that, I think, ‘Here is a person who feels sexy when dressed like that’. Do you feel sexy?”

“I still don’t...”

“Because I also think you look sexy dressed in those clothes. And then I look around and I see mirrors you brought and there is a duffle bag with many coils of white rope, and I think, ‘Here is a person who likes to to be tied up while wearing a sexy outfit’. Am I maybe a little bit right?”

“You’re rather bold, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I am. And by the blush on your face I think you have answered my question. My cousin likes to do that, tie herself up and watch in the mirror. I mentioned the marks on her arms once and she told me all about it. Then she asked me to come check when she does that to see if she has become stuck. I usually arrive early so I can watch. She likes when I watch and now, sometimes, she lets me help. Will you like some help?”

“Well, I...”

“Because I have one hour to service this room. As you say, you are a neat person. So I can earn my wages servicing the room in a different way, yes?”

“I’m not sure...”

“Listen to me. You and I have the opportunity for a good time, yes? If you send me away that chance will not come again.”

“I suppose you’re right. You are a very bold and very attractive housekeeper and I think I would very much like to have you ‘service the room’, as you say. But what exactly do you have in mind?”

“What I have in mind is to tie you up very tightly and play with your bound body, touching and teasing in ways you cannot accomplish on your own. Let me look at your collection here... oh my, you have so many ropes. Let us begin by binding your wrists and arms behind your back. Hold your arms here like this.”

“Oooh, that’s very tight.”

“Is it too tight? I do not wish to discomfort you.”

“No, it’s not too tight. In fact it feels quite good. Especially when you touch me like that...”

“I enjoy seeing you like this. It makes me excited. But now it is time to tie your legs. I want to see them doubled up. Can you sit up on your heels? Yes, that is perfect. Now I shall tie these long ropes around your long legs like this... and now you are all tied up. Shall I put the mirror where you can watch? Is this good?”

“Oh! That feels so good! Wait... what are you doing---”

“But a captive must be gagged, do you not agree? There. Is that not good? This is so much better than what you could do alone because now you are truly tied up like a turkey for the roasting pan, unable to escape. And now that you are gagged as well, I can play with you without disturbing the other guests. I like to stroke your arms and legs, to watch you squirm with what I hope is delight. Are you delighted?”

“Mmm! Mmmf!”

“I think that means yes. And if I do this to you, what is that like?”

“Mmmm... “

“And this...


“Yes, I thought you might like that. But I am now sorry to tell you that my hour for this room is at an end and I must go. There are other guests, other rooms. Enjoy your stay!”

“Mmmf?? MMMMFF!”


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