House of the Rising Sun

by prometheus_b

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© Copyright 2006 - prometheus_b - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; D/s; bond; cons; X

Being wrapped in a straightjacket, my mouth full with a huge rubber cock held in place by a gag with straps running all over my head, and being stuck in a closet with a one-way mirror isn’t what most people would consider a comfortable afternoon activity. My girlfriend wanted to test me out in some mild bondage before we got too serious and I guess this is her way of introducing me to it. Mistress Sun runs a house of domination on the outskirts of the town I live in, and she suggested that I watch a session of hers before I agreed to become her slave.

Fittingly enough, she called her business the House of the Rising Sun. Her father had done very well for himself in his overseas business, but had unfortunately passed away, leaving his money to Sun. She in turn opened up a few years ago, figuring that if she could do a job that actually made her happy, she should do it. But I’m getting ahead of myself, let me start from the beginning.

I met Mistress Sun in my favorite tavern a month ago. She was sitting at the bar by herself, and when I first laid eyes on her, she was the most stunning woman I’d ever seen. About five foot six inches tall, slim, and her half black, half Japanese heritage left her with the most elegant, exotic features I had ever seen. A wise man once told me that you don’t get to know the most beautiful woman in the room if you don’t introduce yourself, so I sidled up next to her, ordered a vodka martini and offered her the same. Four hours later, we were both mildly drunk, sitting in a booth in the back, connecting like long lost friends. The topic of bondage never came up that night, we didn’t even leave together, but I did get her number.

In that month we went out a few times every week, always staying out later than planned, and savoring every minute of it. We never felt the need to take the next step, and I was fine with it because for once I felt like I was truly falling in love. That was until a few nights ago when Sun began to ask me about my thoughts about bondage and bdsm. I confessed that I didn’t know anything about it, but I was willing to try anything once. That’s when she told me what she did for a living, and after assuring me that she never had sex with clients, that she wasn’t prostituting herself out, I was actually pretty curious to see what she did.

That’s how I ended up bound and gagged in a closet in a dungeon in the middle of the country side. Of course I wasn’t as bad off as her current client was. A middle aged man, he was hanging by his ankles from the ceiling, his arms stuck behind him in a leather armbinder. This didn’t look to be too bad, but the mousetraps that Sun hung from his nipples looked like they could hurt. Not to mention the dozen clothespins she had attached to his balls. Or the cane she was whipping him with across his ass, legs, and chest. Even with all of the pain, the man had managed to retain quite the solid erection.

Seeing the man completely helpless, totally within Sun’s power, struck a chord in me. My dick suddenly ached to escape the confinement of the straightjacket. Something deep, something I had never admitted to myself, came to life. There was something about the idea of being completely subservient to a woman I loved that just seemed so primal and so right. I knew at that moment that I could serve Mistress Sun.

When Mistress Sun had finished with her session, the man kissed her feet and confirmed his appointment for next week. She opened my closet door and helped me to my feet with a smile on her face. She removed the gag from my mouth and asked if I needed to get out of the straightjacket. I was pretty aroused already and told her that she could let me out whenever she liked. She smiled at this answer and led me into her private study.

We discussed what had happened in the scene, and she answered all of the questions I could come up with and some that she knew I forgot to ask. Feeling pretty comfortable with my new found knowledge, I even agreed to go through a scene with her to test my comfort level.

She led me back into the dungeon and placed a leather blindfold over my eyes and put the same gag back into my mouth. She had me bend over a bench, exposing my ass to her and she started with a little bit of light spanking. Using only her hand at first and then changing to a leather spanker, and a flogger; never causing much pain, only a bit of discomfort. I was pretty surprised at how much I was actually enjoying it, my dick growing as hard as it could being strapped inside of the straightjacket. This continued for a few more minutes until she started to use a riding crop, causing a much sharper sensation. It was a bit more painful, but still highly stimulating to me. She didn’t focus on my ass only this time, cropping the insides of my thighs and the soles of my feet, checking for reactions and responding in kind. She really knew her way around the male body.

She then had me sit on the floor and roll over onto my back. She unbuckled the piece covering my cock and it sprang straight out. She laughed and said she’s had guys fake interest in bondage only to get her into bed. She had to check to see if I was for real, and she let me know by stroking it lightly. Seeing me strain a bit she laughed and said I still had to wait. We haven’t even kissed yet she teased, what makes you think I’m going to give you a handjob. After she untied me, we agreed to meet at our bar that night.

I was pretty shocked at how much I enjoyed being restrained and that it had taken me this long to discover it. Sun really knew her way around the dungeon and did everything she could to talk me through the scene. On my way home I was already dreaming of our next session and hopefully the sessions after that. I didn’t know where the sexual part of our relationship was going, but I knew that the personal relationship between the two of us was growing.

At the bar we talked for hours again, this time talking about nothing except sex. Being a little bit drunk and very horny, we ended up back at my place where we had the most amazing sex of my life. She even laughed at me when I spanked her on the ass a few times when we were done. Later that night, amidst our pillow talk, I agreed to be her slave as well as her exclusive beau.

A few weeks into my training, Mistress Sun instructed me to be her servant for a little “Tupperware” party she was having that night. I arrived at her home and she led me into her guest quarters and told me my outfit was in the bathroom. I didn’t know what to expect, a tuxedo or a thong and tassels. What was there was closer to the thong. Actually worse. It was a leather jockstrap that left my ass completely exposed. A leather collar was there also which I quickly buckled around my neck. I was pretty nervous about serving Mistress in front of strangers but she assured me I wouldn’t be asked to do anything that we hadn’t done before. I was still nervous, but also pretty excited. I felt my cock stir at the thought of serving Sun tonight, and impressing her guests.

Later that evening, after Mistress’s guests had arrived, I was serving a tray full of martinis when Mistress Sun began to hawk her first item. It was a new, extremely strong type of bondage tape. It only stuck to itself, but was much stronger than previous models. One of her friends chimed up about testing it out, and Mistress Sun was all too eager to show off her new slave. First she demonstrated how tightly my hands could be kept in fists by wrapping the tape over and around each hand individually.

Then she placed my hands together behind my back and wrapped my arms together, bringing my elbows together, into a neat little armbinder. Ooohs and ahhhs followed as she commanded me to try and escape. Of course I could do nothing but grunt and wiggle as the tape held quite well. Mistress Sun quickly moved onto the next item, a pair of nipple clamps that vibrated via wireless remote. These were quickly clamped onto me by one of Mistress’s friends and when I groaned out loud at the new sensation Mistress didn’t hesitate to shove a pair of panties into my mouth and secure them with another roll of her bondage tape. The bindings on my arms and the gag in my mouth were the strictest I’d yet had to endure.

The evening continued like this with Mistress and her friends continuing to add to my bindings. An armbinder was slid over my already bound arms and my legs were wrapped in a leather legbinder, forcing me to stand very, very still. A leather discipline hood was pulled over my head and my nipples were getting very sore from the vibrating clamps. Finally the guests began to trickle out. Mistress Sun removed the binder from my legs and pulled me into her bedroom and pushed me onto her bed. She pulled the blankets over me and kissed me on the forehead before telling me she had to get ready to sleep.

She came back into the room completely naked and slid into bed next to me. My dick could not get any harder and she knew it as she slowly teased me with her hand. Bringing me close to orgasm but always stopping just in time. She finally undid the gag covering my mouth and silently crawled on top of my face. I waited for her to give me permission and then I licked her sweet cunt for what seemed to be three or four orgasms. She finally collapsed beside me, her hand on my chest and a smile on her face. She undid the armbinder before she finally fell asleep, but she left my fists balled up inside of the tape and then handcuffed me to the head of her bed. I slept fitfully, still waiting for sexual release, but she quickly fell asleep at my side with her arm across my chest and head leaning against my arm.

Our relationship continued like this, we still went on regular dates, and continued to fall deeper and deeper for each other. My training as her slave also continued regularly; every weekend from Friday night until Monday morning I was in her control. A few weeks ago Mistress Sun wanted to try some endurance bondage on me and I willingly submitted. She decided to try shibari out on me for the first time, and she started by tying a quite complex arm and chest harness in which my arms were immobilized in a reverse prayer. Before meeting her, my arms were never this flexible, but part of my training was increasing my flexibility.

While I was standing she tied my ankle to my thigh, forcing me onto one leg. She tied my chest harness to hooks in the ceiling in three different places to keep me from losing my balance. She added a ballgag to keep my quiet, patted me on the ass and wished me good luck. Needless to say I became quite uncomfortable pretty quickly, but I was still surprised when the door of the dungeon opened only ten minutes after Mistress Sun had left. What came through the door was definitely not Mistress Sun.

A Chinese woman, dressed all in black, approached me. She had leather pants, stiletto heels, and a very tight bustier. She walked like a cat, with a slow, purposeful grace across the dungeon floor. I was pretty sure I saw her lick her lips as she approached and I didn’t know if that was a good sign or not. She looked to be about the same as age as Mistress Sun and I, but didn’t look to be related to Sun. She introduced herself to me as she slowly paced around me. Her name was Madame Pearl and she was a very old friend of Sun’s. On occasion Sun would let her ply her trade at her establishment, but apparently Madame Pearl had heard rumors of Sun’s new plaything and wanted a closer look.

Madame Pearl started to tease me by pinching my nipples, brushing her hand against my dick, even slipping a pinky into my asshole. She took the grunts and moans from behind my gag as an indication to continue. I couldn’t control the reaction of my dick, as it stuck out straight. I wanted to be loyal to Mistress Sun, but in my current predicament, I couldn’t escape her mischievous reach. Like most men, bringing a third woman into the bedroom has always been a passing fancy of mine, but I didn’t think it’d fly without the woman’s approval. She continued her torture by adding a devilish pair of clover clamps to my nipples and pulling a spandex hood over my head. Now I was caught in between being slightly scared and strongly aroused.

Having my full attention she told me that her specialty has always been humiliation, pain, and fucking men in the ass. She slid a small, vibrating dildo into my ass, and told me to sit tight. This was the first time anything had ever been stuck this far in my ass before. Of course a few girlfriends liked to stick a pinky in there once in a while, but I’d never had anything this filling before and certainly nothing that vibrated.  Before leaving she warned me to not let the dildo slip out, and with how tight my ass was I didn’t think that would be an issue.

I later learned that Sun and Pearl were behind a one-way mirror, sipping tea and watching my dilemma and chatting. Apparently they had set this up in advance and just wanted to have a bit of fun at my expense. That’s the wonderful thing about Mistress Sun; she knows just how to push my buttons.

Mistress Sun re-entered the room about twenty minutes later and I felt her untie the ropes coming from the ceiling. She helped me to the ground and immediately tied my other ankle tight to my other thigh. A collar was placed around my neck and the ring was attached to a hook in the floor. This forced me into a tight ball on the floor, unable to raise my head and definitely immobile. She reached behind me and started to play with the vibrator. Slowly fucking my virgin asshole with it, and peppering me with rhetorical questions. Asking me how many times I’ve been taken from behind and how many times I’d sucked a man’s cock. With every humiliating question my dick got harder and Sun acknowledged this by renaming me her dirty little cocksucking whore.

I heard the door open while Mistress Sun was behind me and it finally dawned on me that the two of them were in on this together. Madame Pearl pulled the hood from my head and removed my gag. Pearl then asked Sun if they should test my dick sucking abilities out and Sun quickly agreed. A huge pink dildo with a wide base was placed on the floor in front of mouth, it’s tip only an inch away from my lips. I played dumb and stayed still only to have my ass assaulted with a riding crop. Suck that cock you dirty little cocksucking whore I heard them both say almost in unison. I had never had a man’s cock in my mouth before, but I sucked that dildo how I imagined I’d like to have my own dick sucked. It felt like my own cock would explode because Sun and Pearl continued the verbal onslaught and the physical teasing, asking me how many sailors I had blown down by the docks to get this good at giving blowjobs.

Pearl told me to stop sucking and she unhooked my collar from the floor. They had me sit up and Pearl stuck the dildo right back into my mouth. She had me tongue it from base to tip until it was completely wet. Continually taunting me with the threat of ramming this into my ass, and I wasn’t completely sure if I’d hate it or absolutely love it. Mistress Sun began to stroke my cock with her gloved hand and I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold back. I begged her to let me come and after several agonizing minutes she acquiesced and I came all over Madame Pearl’s boots.

I collapsed onto the ground, completely sexually spent. Pearl had other plans as she shoved her boots into my face and ordered me to clean them properly. Having had been with Sun for so long, I looked to her for permission and after seeing her nod, began to clean her boots. This was pretty humiliating, tasting my own semen for the first time, but I tried to finish as quickly as possible. Pearl examined her boots and told me that I had done an adequate job. They both untied me and helped me to stand. Pearl surprised me by grabbing my balls and whispering into my ear something about seeing me tomorrow. It was then that Mistress Sun told me that Pearl would be moving in with her for the next couple of months.

I drove home that evening, still trying to get the taste of semen out of my mouth, with a feeling of dread. I didn’t know where things were going now with the addition of Madame Pearl, and quite frankly she kind of scared me. I have to admit though there was a small part of me that looked forward to serving two separate women.

story now continues in part two - five nights with Madame Pearl


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