The House of Flesh

by RG Bargy

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© Copyright 2007 - RG Bargy - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f+; bond; display; toys; cons; X

The advert said the job paid £40 per hour!. What could I do with that sort of money? As a student money is always difficult, and the prospect of paying off all my loans for years to come was not appealing. This could sort my finances out for good and then some. Evenings only, it sounded too good to be true. I decided to apply.

The telephone call was brief. I was surprised. They did not want to know much, just my age. I was offered an interview at 6.30pm.

The house of flesh is an exclusive club. Only rich people can afford it. Few people have been inside. Rumours abound about what might go on inside.  I  approached gingerly and explained to the camera who I was.

“ Please come in Miss Ashton.,” was the remote reply. There was a buzz and I was able to open the door.

Inside was a plush  entrance hall. Nothing out of the ordinary.  A man at the desk directed me to an office.  More plush fittings and another man behind an enormous desk.

“Please come in and take a seat.,” he said warmly, “my name is Mike.”

I sat down, overawed by the sheer extravagance of everything. They could obviously afford the salary.

“Let’s get straight to the point,” he said. “The House of Flesh is an exclusive club., that much you probably know. We offer meals, and drinks in a unique environment. What ever you may have heard we are not a brothel, or a  place of drunken orgies. We do however have nudity, Does that bother you?”

“That depends,” I said cautiously, “Would I be nude?”


“Would the guests be nude?”


“I see, a sort of nude waitressing?”

“Not exactly. The easiest thing is for me to show you.”

“Fair enough.”

He took me back into the entrance hall and towards two massive doors. Inside was a very large room with dining tables, seating area and a bar. It was magnificent. With chandeliers and  solid oak floor. My eyes were immediately drawn to the central dining table. A round table with 12 placings, silver cutlery and crystal wine glasses and a unique central decoration.

A pole came out of the centre with a global light at the top, and at the bottom was a naked woman. She was kneeling, her knees splayed out, her hands behind her, a lattice of rope holding her in place.  She did not look distressed and was not struggling at all. Her eyes were fixed on a point somewhere on the wall. As I surveyed the room I could now see various women also nude and bound, all different races and colours. Some were acting as light fittings, some were tables,  or flower stands. One was just in a decorative position standing on 1 leg, one hand behind her back the other outstretched, the other leg bent towards her back, it looked dreadfully uncomfortable.  Closer inspection would reveal a metal frame supporting her weight. Some of the women wore gags, others did not. Some had what looked like a leather thong protecting their sex, others had rope pulling up inside them. The amount of rope around their bodies varied.  Each looked beautiful in their own way.

“They are all here by their own free will,” Mike said, “after answering the ad you just answered.”

“How long do they stay like this?”

“For the duration of the evening. We normally close at eleven. They get paid ‘til midnight, to allow for the time it takes to free them.” He explained. “Longest employees get freed first,” he warned, “so as the latest recruit you would probably be here close to midnight.”

“Why are some gagged and some not?”

“Personal choice. Speaking is not allowed, and we frown on squeals or other complaints.”

“What about touching? Are the guest allowed to touch?”

“Most just like to look, we do not forbid touching, but guest must remain decently dressed at all times. You will notice however that each woman has something touching her vagina. The leather fittings have protrusions that reach inside, the rope holds a small bullet vibrator in place. Guests can pay to watch one of you reach orgasm. Some take longer than others. New girls tend to get tried out several times.”

I gulped. I had no idea whether I could reach orgasm if I was tied up or not. I have no experience of such things. The whole idea was outrageous.

“What if they can’t”

“That’s half the fun. The guests like a challenge”

I noticed a light fitting with no one at it.

“Is that for me?” I gestured.

“If you are interested, yes, but you will have to decide quickly, we open in fifteen minutes. There are of course full facilities for our employees, lockers, showers and so on. There is no time for a full tour. We take the safety and security of our employees very seriously. I have a contract here. If you are interested you just have to sign your name. Ben will take care of your clothes and sort you out a locker, James is responsible for the ropework etc.”

“Nice job if you can get it,” I muttered.

“He is very professional and will not abuse you in any way I promise. I am sorry but I need an answer.”

It was a lot to take in, but despite everything I knew I would accept. It should be embarrassing, but seeing all these women here already I felt sort of secure. If they could do it, so could I, and I really needed the money.

“We can discuss details later, just give me the contract and a pen, “ I said rashly.

“Hurry up and strip then, I will leave you in Ben and James’ capable hands.”

The men who appeared seemed ordinary enough. One had a full dress suit on, he introduced himself as Ben.

“I am in charge of security,” he told her, “any problems, you come to me. I keep all the keys, so when you are finished I will open your locker for you.”

“So you must be James,” I said peeling off my clothes as unselfconciously as I could.

“Two questions,” he said formally, “gag or no gag? Bullet or strap-on?”

“Gag, and what ever looks good, I have no preference.”

“Let’s get on with it then, stand with your arms raised high.”

“Be gentle,” I whimpered, my resolve disappearing fast..

James was quick and efficient. Within a few moments my hands were bound to the post just under the light. He worked quietly, binding my arms, bunching my breasts. He inserted the bullet and fixed the crotch rope like others I had Seen. The rope felt tight, I could not really feel the bullet but knew it was there. My ankles and legs were lashed together at the ankle and below the knees. Finally I was asked to open my mouth. I have never worn a gag, it felt strange having something in my mouth and not being able to swallow it or push it out.

“Beautiful,” James said, “You will be very popular.”

I grunted an acknowledgement.

“May I?”

I could not stop him of course but I was sure that if I indicated no he would have left me. As it was I could see no objection after all that was the general  idea of the place. I lowered my eyes and nodded my head slightly. He was very gentle. His fingers touched my nipples making them spring to life. I gasped but nothing audible came out. I suddenly realised how vulnerable I really was. I also knew that I would be needing a gag every night.


I shivered from head to toe. I was already wondering what the hell I was doing, it was surreal. I also felt unbelievably aroused. I was very conscious of the ropes that held me. The crotch rope was very tight. My nipples stood out proud encouraged by James’ touch. I had little doubt that I could reach orgasm if vibrated. Just the thought sent more shivers through me

“The controller hangs here,” he told me. Actually I could not really see where he indicated. “There  is a  financial bonus every time someone uses it.” Mike had not mentioned that. I suppose it implied paying for sex? Then again there was no actual sex involved in the strictest sense. I wondered whether James might have given me a demonstration, but no. There were new sounds coming near the entrance. I could not see a clock.

“The guests are arriving.,” James confirmed, “I have to go.” I had a sudden urge to use the bathroom.

It was impossible not to look and see who was coming in. Obviously I would not know any of them but curiosity is a strong instinct. From what I could see my bondage sisters were all in a world of their own. I envied their experience. I was scared silly.

“I hear we have a newcomer,” I overheard. I assumed they meant me.

The room started filling up. There was quiet music being playing, it sounded live. I could not see where it was coming from, but vaguely remembered seeing a piano in the far corner. I caught my first sight of a waiter, he was virtually naked but for a leather thong and a slightly comical white collar and bow tie. He also had on socks and highly polished shoes. Something for the ladies I assumed but I doubted if there would be male orgasms.

The evening progressed. I am not sure if I was ignored or just taken for granted. When you have seen one naked, bound woman you have seen them all? There was a general mutter of voices so I could not follow specific conversation until two people stood directly in front of me. I suddenly felt very self conscious. The urge to try and cover myself was overwhelming. It must have shown.

“I don’t recognise this one,”

It was a man, dressed in a cream dinner Jacket. It looked somehow wrong on him. His partner was dressed in a beautiful evening gown and I noticed a string of pearls. I was sure they must be real.

“I wonder where they get them from? I certainly would not do it. Are you going to try her out?” Her voice was prim.

It sounded carnal. I shivered involuntarily. That annoyed me. I felt cheap and nasty.

“Maybe later.”

I am not sure if I was relieved or disappointed. I forced myself not to stare at them focussing my eyes on the far wall, not that there was anything there. Eventually they left. I was not even touched.

I could just see the central table. It was full. The food looked fantastic. The Woman in the middle looked unmoved. She was out of reach, or so I thought. She looked magnificent to me, somehow proud, even regal. There was no sign of strain on her face or even a flicker. As I watched one of the diners signalled to a waiter. I saw him sign something and receive a small object like a television remote. I could not tell if the girl saw, or if she did there was no reaction. Her composure was remarkable. I watched fascinated.. Then suddenly the waiter returned. There was an obvious sign of disappointment from the man who relinquished the device. I saw the waiter adjust it. So there was a time limit. As far as I could see she had not climaxed, she had not even flinched. There was a flurry of animated conversation before someone else gained possession of the device. I was sure he set it to full power. I was wondering how long she would last when my attention was drawn to a new sensation inside me.

I had been so intent on the central table I had not noticed anyone approach. I now knew that the object was not to succumb. My guess was that the more you could resist, the more money you would earn from them trying. It was not as easy  as it looked from a distance.

I am not a complete virgin, at least as far as vibrators are concerned. I have my own playmate, but I have never had a bullet vibrator inside me.  As I was standing up it was not touching my clitoris directly but it’s vibrations were effecting the rope that was cutting me in two. I thought I was not being affected. I was wrong. Suddenly my body took over without me. I went hot from head to toe. I shivered and spasmed. I shut my eyes. I had never felt like this. I screamed into the gag. I’m sure something must have come out.

“Hey we’ve got a hot one here!”

The call brought a crowd.

“My turn.”

I lost all sense of reality. It was as if my whole body was shaking. There was pleasure, but it was tinged with something else. I lost count of how many times I came. I felt like my whole body was vibrating. If I had not been tied I am sure I would have fallen over.

“Shows over!”

I was vaguely aware of someone standing in front of me but they had their back to me. It was Ben. Apparently security included the well being of employees. As the crowd dispersed I was allowed to calm down.

“Are you O.K? I would rather not release you, it looks bad.”

I could not give a reply as such but I gave the slight nod as previous.

“You will be left alone now.”

I spent the rest of the evening in my own private world. I was embarrassed beyond belief. I felt dirty. I was also weary from the exertions. I had also just had the biggest orgasms of my life. There was a residual ache that felt almost pleasant. I had an even greater urge to use the bathroom and yet there was also a continued awareness of the ropes that caressed me.

“Don’t worry we have all been there.”

The words awoke me from my reverie. I recognised the girl as one who had been imitating a table.

“Welcome to the House of Flesh, I’m Jo.”

She removed the gag from my mouth. “We tend to help out at the end of the day,” she explained as I felt the ropes on my hands loosen “But James does pull the knots tight.”

“Maybe that was me,” I ventured shakily.

I was surprised to find several willing hand untie me. I was again surrounded but this time by naked girls.

“That was some performance.” I heard  “You could be very popular.”

“I thought the idea was to resist?”

“Unless you are Moira, you will fail.” A voice said.

“Who’s Moira?”

“The one in the middle.” Came another voice, “no one has managed to get her off yet. She earns us all a fortune.”

I looked puzzled.

“We pool the fees.” Came the response. “Some of us don’t get the attention, especially if you are a table. It makes it fairer all round”

“The positions are rotated as well. Some are more difficult than others. You’ll get the idea. It changes on Sundays. except Moira of course. She is always on that table”

I was trying to decide if Moira was popular or not. There was certainly no sign of her.

“Where is she?”

“She doesn’t hang around. She was one of the first girls here I think.  Come on let’s get you cleaned up. What do you think? Think you can handle it?”

“Does it get any easier?”

“That depends. Ben will keep an eye on you now. You might try one of the other methods, the reactions to them vary from person to person, unless of course you want to orgasm like that every night. I’m not sure I could cope with that.”

“What does Moira use?”

“A strap on, but I don’t know how she does it ?”

“Maybe she just doesn’t show it. Have you ever asked her?”

“No one ever talks to her. She’s the first out and she’s gone before any of us are even free.”

I had my suspicions that Moira had been conning people all this time, either that or she was immune to mechanical stimuli. I quickly changed the subject.

“What happened to the girl I’m replacing?”

“She just moved on, we’re all here for the same thing: money. She decided she had done enough.”

The changing rooms were everything promised and more. It was pure luxury from the gold fittings to the shower creams and oils. There was even a Jacuzzi.”

Eventually we all finished. Ben was the only other person left, but he did not seem to mind

“6 o'clock tomorrow, “ he reminded me. “There’s a few other formalities plus ‘last in - first done’.   You might want to experiment with these,” he said passing me one of each device. “But don’t tell anyone I gave them to you.”

I wandered back to my digs in a daze. I was not unduly upset, but I was tired. I wondered whether I could do this every night and still get through my studies?

I did try out the different devices. They all worked beautifully. I came within two minutes every time! Perhaps I was not cut out for this? But I needed the money. The only answer was to somehow protect myself.  Cotton wool seemed the best idea. But would the club allow it? I selected a strap on version and practised putting it on while I had cotton wool inside me. As long as no one gave me a close inspection they would be none the wiser.

The following night I arrived on the dot of six. It was a little uncomfortable walking with cotton wool stuffed in my pussy but I did not want to risk being discovered. The formalities were over quickly.  Undressing normally is done by  the lockers, then the key goes to Ben. I selected my device and took my place. James did not notice anything, or if he did he ignored it, and I soon found myself tied up again. To my surprise it was a different position.

I assumed that James had set ways of using each object, It had seemed logical for me to have my hands above my head as if I was holding the light but this time my hand were behind me around the pole. My legs ended up either side the pole instead of in front so that I was straddling it almost on my toes. It felt most awkward. He then produced a very complicated lattice for my torso which hugged and squeezed me all over. I could not move an inch but it supported my weight . I found the restrictions even more exciting than the previous night. I was then left while he dealt with each of the others. The wait was agonising.  Moira was of course last to be done. Her arms were now over her head, her ankles were tied together with the soles of her feet touching the pole making her arch her back. It was a most erotic position with her chest pushed up and forward, her breasts bound and her nipples standing proud.

I was soon centre of attention. News had travelled fast. I could see Ben hovering near by.  There was nothing I could do but accept the attention. I stared ahead unable to relax in the position I was held. At the first vibration I still shuddered but the cotton wool  worked beautifully. I could stand the dulled vibrations much better than before.  It took several goes before I finally climaxed. I actually enjoyed it! I wanted more, but the dulled vibrations were not enough to keep me going. When it was over and the guests had dispersed I glanced at Ben. He seemed pleased. Several more people tried to get me going but having orgasmed once and come down I was much less susceptible and the vibrations were not strong enough to take me over. Maybe that was her secret?

 I felt elated and despite my exertions was able to look around. I noticed that actually very few girls were ‘played with’, with the exception of the one on the centre table and she seemed totally unmoved. I even saw someone get handed a feather duster to tease her with yet that produced nothing either! When the guest left she was quickly released and disappeared. I of course was going to have to wait. I was feeling a little strained from the strange position and closed my eyes to blot out the surroundings.

“What’s the secret?” The words were obviously directed at me.

I was still unable to respond, although the guests had all gone. I was again surrounded by naked women, but this time they were not untying me. I struggled futilely. The gag was removed.

“What’s the secret?”

“I’m sure I don't know what you mean,” I said bravely. They would have none of it. Without freeing my hands they removed my strap on for a close inspection. With my legs apart there was no difficulty.

“Now why didn’t I think of  that?” The rather wet cotton wool was removed.

“Maybe you didn’t have to.” I wheedled, still unable to move I was feeling very vulnerable.

“Lets put it back without the cotton wool”, someone suggested.

“Please no,” I whimpered. “You know I can’t take it.”

They relented. 

“Perhaps we should inspect Moira?”

“You’ll never be able to. She’s always out first.”

“We’ll have to bribe James. I think I can get round him.”

“Will you please untie me now?” I interjected.

So it was arranged. Moira was in for a surprise. I think I felt a little guilty, after all, it was my subterfuge that had prompted the whole thing.

The following evening. James tied me asymmetrically, one hand up the other in a forced half-nelson. One leg was straight with ropes almost completely down it, the other was raised forward my ankle roped to the other knee. This changing position made things more interesting if a little less comfortable. The ropes once again supported me but it was hard nonetheless.

I was again protected and the interest in me waned. I suppose I was a little disappointed. It made the evening seem longer somehow. I was more aware of my restrictions. A fly bothered me and I could not defend myself. I passed the time watching the guests tease Moira. She was seated cross-legged, her arms wrapped round the pole like mine had been the day before. She was wearing some sort of jewellery on her nipples. Once again she showed no hint of emotion or distress despite receiving almost constant attention.

As the evening came to a close there was the usual  hustle and bustle, but for once Moira was ignored. It was not long before she started to complain.. Unfortunately for her one of the conspirators was freed quickly and promptly gagged the helpless woman. Her fury knew no limits but James is very good at his job. She was not going to escape. It seemed as if everyone had stayed back for this inspection. After her initial fury Moira looked remarkably calm.

Like I said, being on the table made Moira difficult to get at, but she was well displayed so it was only a matter of reaching her pussy. Inside she was moist but no padding was found. There was a murmur of disappointment. The some bright spark suggested we examine her device.

Give it to Cathy - she’ll soon tell you if it works.  I did feel a little embarrassed putting on a strap on in front of an audience. I turned the dial and was surprised how little I felt, it was just like my cotton wool trick. Even at full I knew I would not reach orgasm, although I doubted I could keep as straight a face as Moira..  I opened up the controller to find only one battery and a wire shorting out the rest I showed off my find.

“What a cheat!”

“Shall we see what happens if  she gets the real thing?”

Moira was just sat there as stoic as ever.  She did not try and fight as they fitted another device to her. Perhaps there was a hint of anticipation?  I must have imagined it. She just looked straight ahead as she had done all evening. The device was switched on. I was sure I saw a shudder. From where I stood I could see her hands clench. That was more than I had seen before.

As the fully functional vibrator took effect  Moira's composure melted like butter on a hot pan. She  flushed, squirmed, and her arms pulled as if she was trying to break free and then she spasmed. If the gag had not been in place I think she might have shattered a chandelier the reaction was so violent. All composure gone she writhed as much as her bonds would allow. I watched from a distance. There was nothing I could do for now but I was not a party to this degradation.

“Well that’s that.”

“So much for miss unmovable.”

“And to think I admired her.”

“It’s getting late, I’ve got to go.”

Moira was either in agony or ecstasy I’m not sure which. I suppose I must have looked the same the other night. No one else seemed to be looking at her any more. The girl holding the controller absent-mindedly put it down. I held back as the girls headed for the changing room leaving Moira in the throws of orgasm after orgasm, still completely tied up. No one had gone to her aid, I think she would have been left all night. I wondered where Ben was?

I was still feeling a little responsible  for what had happened. The remote was lying on the table set to full power. I switched it off and clambered onto the table. Moiré's eyes were screwed up tight her body still bucking and straining in the aftermath of her ordeal. I was not sure she even knew that the thing had been turned off. 

“I’m sorry I think this is all my fault,” I said pulling at the knots. “I’m Cathy by the way, the new girl. I used some cotton wool to dull the vibrations.  It gave them the idea that you might be doing something similar.”

I was having difficulty undoing her hands, she must have pulled very hard.. “But to do what you did, for so long,” I continued, “someone else must know?”  I suddenly remembered the gag.

“Of course they know” she spluttered, her voice amazingly strong, considering her exertions, “Mike’s my husband.”

The revelation came as a complete surprise. All right she was older than most of us but the boss’ wife?

“Why ? Surely you don’t need to do this?”

She actually smiled.

“I enjoy it. The whole thing was my idea in the first place. The House of Flesh, Naked women tied up and vibrated. I’ve been into bondage since I was a kid. It was a great way to indulge myself and make money at the same time. Unfortunately I am a bit trigger happy in the orgasm department when I’m tied up.”

“I know what you mean, but isn't it a bit deceitful?”

“I suppose so. I was going to only use the altered one occasionally to give myself a break but the guests seemed to like the challenge, even though they could not win. It is cheating of course,” She was rubbing her wrists trying to get the blood flowing again. “But what they don’t know won’t hurt them. Everyone loves some intrigue.” She flinched as she removed the nipple jewellery. “I can take mild pain or tickling just not vaginal stimulation.”

That made sense from what I had seen. She was still a remarkable woman in my eyes. I am sure I could not do what she did even with a fixed vibrator.

“What about the other girls now?”

“Just you wait. I will get my revenge. They have, of course no idea who I am and what they forget is that while the guests concentrate on me they are not playing with them. Not only that, they need the job, I obviously don’t. So they now know my secret, but they will still regret what they just did. And I won’t forget this piece of kindness either. Now go home. I’m all right.” She leaned closer even though there was no one to be seen. “I enjoyed it really.” She confided.” I haven’t had orgasms like that in years. I was beginning to think I was passed it.”

Ben appeared out of nowhere looking a little sheepish.

“Sorry Mother, I was locked in the loos.” Turning to me he said “thank you Cathy.”

I was speechless. There was a resemblance, but I had never considered it. “Is James?”

“Of course.” Moira said. “Who do you think taught him how to tie women up so well? He warned me something was up, but I told him to go along with it.”

It took a while to sink in.

“So you let this happen?”

“I have half expected this might happen for some time,” Moira admitted. “I had also decided what I would do if it did happen. There’s no point in letting things stew. It had to come out in the open. ” She retrieved her special strap on.. “Make sure Cathy is wearing this tomorrow,” she told Ben.

It was passed one o’clock when I got home. Fortunately it was Friday night so I had no college to worry about. I treated myself to a lie in, though my mind was whirl. I wondered what Moira had in mind?

The following evening there were two changes. First there was a large ice sculpture on the central table where Moira should be. It was beautiful, an ice rendering of Aphrodite. The second change was that by the order of the management gags were compulsory. Any complaints were quickly silenced so to speak. It didn’t bother me, of course, I had decided a gag was both necessary and safest. I noted that my position was the classic bound maiden, hands behind, feet together. My breasts were not even bunched, just a decorative couple of loops like a ‘cross my heart bra’.

The room filled up as usual. There were a few obvious comments about the sculpture and Moira's absence but only the girls could guess why it might be and they would be wrong. At eight o’clock there was a fanfare from the piano. The two main doors were flung wide and in came Mike with his wife at his side. She sparkled. I could not imagine the cost of the dress let alone the jewellery. There were muffled gasps from the bound girls around the room and some murmurs from the guests. This was a revelation for everyone.

“Your Hosts!” Announced Ben in his best voice, “announce that all entertainment tonight is on the house.”

I could not see the whole of the room of course but the girls I could see went rigid, their eyes wide, their muscles straining at their bonds. It was going to be a long evening.

It did not take long for people to realise that I was going to be no fun. My position was not in the least provocative and the vibrator just made me tingle nicely. I wondered why James had insisted I protect myself as well. With a fixed vibrator I was not going to climax ever. Ben explained to a few that there must be a malfunction in my device but he was unable to do anything about it now. There were plenty of other girls to watch and play with. I watched several of them orgasm with a certain amount of satisfaction. ‘Serves them right!’ Eventually things calmed down. Guests returned to having drinks and dining.   I noticed Moira go round each girl and tweak their device slightly. She whispered something to each one. When she reached me her eyes were bright and her disposition very jovial.

“What do you think Cathy?” I of course could not respond. “If anyone gives you a hard time let me know. I have talked to each one individually. I think they all understand now.”

As the evening drew to a close it was clear that all the girls were in a state of exhaustion. The doors were closed. Moira made an announcement

“There is a £100 bonus for every one tonight. I hold no grudges. I trust you will do the same. See you all again tomorrow.”

It was nearly midnight before I was freed. Unsurprisingly there were no willing helpers. I think they were all exhausted. The changing room was almost deserted.

“No hard feelings Cathy,” Jo said, “You were right to come to her aid. I’m ashamed of what we did.”

“I hope Moira will come back. She’s still a remarkable woman, just a little trigger happy. Like me,” I added. “And you weren’t to know she was the boss’s wife.” I bit my lip before revealing any more. If Ben or James wanted to come clean it was up to them, not me.

Sunday was all change. I learned how to be a table. There are several variations: flat on your back, legs and arms outstretched or on hands and knees with the table on your back, or as a pair with another girl each holding an end. Your view is very restricted and there is the risk of being drenched in split drink or itched by dropped peanuts. There was a muted cheer (many of the girls choose to be gagged) when Moira appeared. I just wished I could have seen her reaction.

I  stayed with the House of Flesh for over 10 years, long after I left college. I enjoyed it, and I earned enough to buy my first house outright and a nest egg besides. I also ended up senior girl. Moira retired, but no one replaced her, I don’t think anyone could. I am still trigger happy, especially when bound, not only that I am now a bondage slut. I have had several boyfriends but no one can tie me up like James. It’s a shame he is too old for me. I may have to indulge in self-bondage.