Hotel Rendezvous

by encased4fun

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© Copyright 2019 - encased4fun - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; hotel; ravish; bdsm; bond; ballgag; zipties; bagged; breathplay; reluct/nc; XX

Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death

You’ll be wearing a thong back leotard, mouth tightly packed with rags, a ball gag locked around your head pushing them further into your throat and duct tape wrapped around all of it making the gag impossibly tight.

Your eyes will be watering as you fight to prevent choking on the rags - by now you’re scared, this is really happening and you can’t stop it. No way out and no turning back.

The last hour is a blur of suffering and agony, you’ve been slapped, choked and violated in ways you’ve only read about online. You now know what it feels like to be someone’s rape slave. Your arms and legs went numb long ago, so at least that pain has subsided slightly.

You sneak a glance of yourself in a mirror and admire your arms, which have turned purple from the tight zip ties around your elbows and wrists. At least you look good.
Next you hear plastic rustling and turn your head in time to see a 2 gallon ziplock bag coming over you.

Without warning you’re now looking out through the milky white plastic, your hot breath fogging it slightly. Snapping you out of the trance is the sound of another zip tie ratcheting closed - this time around your neck, clamping the bag tightly against your tender skin.

Suddenly your inhalation is sucking the bag tightly around your entire head. When you exhale it inflates like a balloon and you feel pressure in your ears. Breathing isn’t difficult, but you know that with each breath you’re using what precious oxygen is inside the bag.

His voice is muffled coming through the bag but you clearly hear “enjoy you’re last minutes slut” followed by the hotel room door opening and then closing. You panic, pulling at the restraints that you already know are inescapable.

Deep down you’re excited and horny - you’re trapped and have no way out of this nightmare - it’s what you’ve always wanted. Besides, he wouldn’t just leave you here to die like a stupid bondage toy - dressed up and bound. You relax slightly and enjoy the situation you’re in. Turning your head to rest it on the floor you notice something laying next to you. Both hotel room keycards. He’s not coming back.

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