Hot Tub Hijinks

by Zephyr

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Lori giggled inside. What a wonderful idea!

She and her best friend (and roommate for the weekend) Sandy were here in the hills in a huge hot tub all alone with four really cute guys all in their early 20s just like Sandy and herself. One of them was Chuck, Sandy's boyfriend. Everyone in the hot tub was at least pleasantly drunk.

They were up on a weekend leadership retreat, hanging out after classes Saturday evening. They had free time to socialize and network so a group of them had chosen to enjoy the hot tub. As the night wore on people had petered out from the pool area and the ranch house until there looked to be one or two, maybe three older people in the house visible though the huge windows in the dining area there and the six of them still out in the hot tub. The air was crisp but not really that cold yet; it wouldn’t get that cold this time of year. The beer was flowing freely and everyone was taking advantage of it. The light in the hot tub was on but the water was rolling to the point nothing could be seen under the surface of the water, but the light below provided enough light to see the faces of everyone in the hot tub. The rest of the pool area was dark so all those stars could be seen.

It was about 10:30 or 11 at night, and the pool area was deserted except for them, and it looked that they and the three people in the house were the only ones still awake. The chances of the people in the house coming out was pretty much zero. And even if they did, the rolling hot tub water blurred what was underneath and what might be going on underneath it. Sandy had been proving that with Chuck for the last hour, by the looks of things. The hot tub was in the corner of the pool area. Beyond it and past the legally required safety fence was a large, well-trimmed grassy lawn and then the equally deserted parking area. And then just countryside for miles. It literally was ten miles to the next ranch from here.

Sandy was the picture of the California surfer girl, conch shell necklace and everything. Thin, long straight blonde hair, legs that went on forever, a small chest, maybe a B cup at best but thin as a rail. She had a beautiful tanned face - well, once she was in a string bikini, tanned everything; interesting point: dark tan but no tan lines under either half of her bikini - about 5 foot 9 and a good attitude. Wearing that string bikini, which unlike Lori she could get away with and look good, Sandy was getting all the attention she wanted from Chuck and the other guys. That Sandy was reasonably drunk and well on her way further didn't hurt at all.

Lori sighed a little inside. She just wasn't in that league. She was average height, a little bit more than average weight (but only a little), brown hair a bit past her shoulders and a nice set of 38Ds, still quite firm and upstanding, all woman, but the best she could manage in the swimsuit department was a black spandex one-piece that held most everything in as well as possible. There was no way with her current body shape and weight for her to be in a string bikini, so anything but number two in tonight's contest was out of reach. She wasn’t horribly fat, wasn’t even really fat, but when she looked in the mirror getting out of the shower she knew she had a little room for improvement. She was as drunk as everyone else in the warm-to-hot water and nobody cared. She wasn't rejected, she was part of the group and things were fine. She figured when she walked to the hot tub she'd have a nice time, get drunk and get a bit of male attention, and go back to her room in the cottage she was sharing with Sandy and bring herself off to a self-induced orgasm. It was obvious already what kind of night Chuck and Sandy were gearing up for and she hoped they wouldn't be too super-loud about it, that would just make things worse. They weren’t last night in Sandy’s room in their cottage and it was a given Sandy and Chuck would be sharing it again tonight. It looked like a really hot idea to Lori too, except she had no one here (or anywhere else) to do it with. She was just too damn timid at the thought of letting any of the others there as near to her, even for the night or the weekend as Chuck was to Sandy. It was funny, she sure wasn’t timid about some of her opinions and ideas earlier in the day but with boys, that had always been a problem. The more she drank and the more Sandy played with Chuck under the water the less issue with the thought in some form Lori had. The pissy part was that none of three remaining guys in the tub were showing any real signs of wanting to, so she just chalked it up to the problems of someone with her pear-shape body being stuck next to a size-three drunk long-haired blonde beach bunny in a string bikini. She decided she'd be satisfied with the attention she was getting, and would get. They weren't ignoring her, or being rude to her, she just wasn't anywhere near as outgoing and effortlessly bubbly as Sandy.

Jack was out of the question. Lori didn't know Julie, his girlfriend, too well, but they knew each other. Carl she didn't know about one way or the other if he had someone. But Tim. Ummm, yeah. Tim. Short neatly-trimmed beard, mustache, looked to be a natural leader. Warm, genial, didn't get stupid when the alcohol hit. He'd been doing more than his share of talking with her, aware that there was more than one female in the hot tub and not letting Lori withdraw completely into a shell. He seemed genuinely interested in her. Big hands. Ummm. Yeah.

Sandy kept leaning forward and standing crouched down so her breasts and her shoulders were still under the water, but she'd keep moving to the center of the hot tub for a few minutes, rocking back and forth on her heels before sitting back down. Lori wasn't completely sure but was pretty sure that Sandy was playing with the front of Chuck's swim trunks when she did that, it was certainly possible from her position and distance and she was always facing Chuck and smiling at him when she was rocking back and forth in the middle of the hot tub. Lori had an idea of a nice joke to play on Sandy. While Sandy was going back to the house for more beers Lori explained it to the guys, who were all in favor. Chuck pulled the string out of his swim trunks, which would be needed, and then laid it on the deck with his towel. Then they waited for Sandy to return and the next time she moved into the middle of the hot tub they’d all pounce.

Sandy returned and had finished most of her current beer before she did so. She rolled forward, presumably reached for Chuck's crotch under the water and found no swim trunks there this time. It caused her to let out a deep breath and a very drunken "Oh yeah." Lori looked at the guys and everyone looked ready. As Lori slid right behind Sandy in the water the two guys on either side of Sandy reached to grab her wrists and pulled them away from her, holding them firmly in case she decided to struggle. And with Chuck leaning forward to kiss her deeply, Lori started slowly pulling the strings to Sandy's bikini top. Sandy’s wrists were being held firmly, there was no reason to rush.

It took Sandy more than a second to realize that something was going on, she had probably drunk too much, but she already knew that. Jack and Carl had her wrists and were stretching them out to her sides, and she found she was held in place, unable to move. It felt like pretty strong grips, she doubted she could in her current state break free of either. She felt someone touch her back, must be Lori, and then Chuck leaned in to kiss her, which was really nice and drained the attention she still had from the rest of her surroundings. Probably about time, she thought, seeing what she'd been doing to him for the last hour, anyway.

She felt Lori, or whoever it was, find and start to pull the strings to the top and bottom run of her bikini top. A little part of the back of her mind told her that unless something changed real quick she was going to be topless in the water. It didn't bother her to be that way in front of Chuck, he'd seen every inch of her more times than could be counted. The other three guys and Lori probably should have bothered her, but Chuck's kissing felt so good she decided she was too blitzed to do both at the same time, and the kissing was definitely nice. Besides, Chuck was right in front of her kissing her. She trusted him and if this was something truly bad for her that he objected to he'd be punching people out instead of kissing her. Ok, she had no clue, but Chuck was ok with whatever was up and she trusted him, so she decided to just enjoy the kissing she was getting, which was very easy to do.

The strings on her top were all pulled free and she felt it pulled away behind her. The warm water felt nice on her bare breasts. Chuck reached down under the water and began massaging them the way she loved and it felt heavenly. Chuck broke the kiss and pulled back and smiled at her. She felt him reach down under the water and grab her to hold her at her waist. Another set of hands from behind her, Tim or Lori, probably Lori, hooked their fingers in the waistband of her bikini bottoms, and pulled downward. They came off her hips and were navigated down past her knees and ankles. She really couldn't do much about it because of the two guys holding her wrists wide apart as she was stripped completely naked except for the conch shell necklace around her neck and the toe ring on her left foot.

Chuck was still holding her waist and looking into her eyes, telling her that things were ok. She felt her wrists being drawn together behind her back, and someone started wrapping a string or something around them, probably a string out of their swim trunks, she guessed. She could see Tim off to the side so it was Lori. The string was tied around her wrists several times then cinched around the inside to make it extra secure. She didn't know what was going on but Chuck was letting it happen and she trusted him. Lori knotted it a bunch of times so it couldn't be quickly untied.

Once her wrists were securely tied behind her back she was pushed forward to straddle Chuck, facing him, then the hands holding her were removed. As her knees slid forward she remembered that Chuck wasn't wearing his swim trunks. Hmm, that could make this current situation quite interesting if it went where she thought it was going. If only the others weren't around, she could really get into this. Then again, she reflected. that naked and with her hands tied behind her back she was probably getting into this no matter what. And Chuck seemed perfectly fine, even enjoying her condition. Ok, whatever then, why not just go with it?

Chuck held her by her hips and everybody watched as he pulled her to him and lifted her up so he could lick and nuzzle and suck on her breasts. Her back was to the other four but her breasts were clearly out of the water. Sandy was moaning quietly and rolling her neck, enjoying the feeling.

Lori climbed out of the pool with both halves of Sandy's bikini in her hand, grabbed all the towels and anything else that Sandy might have been able to cover herself with and walked them through the pool fence gate forty feet away and thirty feet further to put them on a table on the ranch house's back porch. The two people still inside could see her through the huge windows about down to her knees but paid no attention to her. No way, Lori thought with an inward giggle, Sandy was thoroughly stuck naked in the hot tub now. Sandy couldn't get to her bikini or anything else without the people in the house having plenty of time to see her completely naked and with her hands tied behind her back they would see everything. Besides, even if she did get to her bikini and her bottoms back ok, which was theoretically possible, how would she tie her bikini top back on with her hands tied behind her back? Lori knew enough about knots that there was no way Sandy was getting her wrists loose by herself. She was quite stuck until someone else decided to help her. When they were planning this Chuck had said he would take care of that after he had properly thanked Sandy for driving him crazy with the last hour of her efforts.

With Lori on her way back to the hot tub the attention returned to Sandy and Chuck. There wasn't much Sandy could do about things and she wasn't sure if she really wanted to. Once it started, she was very sure she didn't want to. Chuck slid down a little bit and with his hands on her butt pulled her toward him until the part of him she'd been teasing heartlessly for the past few hours contacted the general area of a very willing part of her. She gave a few grunts and "oh"s as Chuck picked her up by her bottom and worked to position her until the right spot was hit. And then he let her waist go. As she slowly sank about six inches straight down into the water, she gave a startled squeak that turned into a throaty moan of pleasure she wished the others hadn't been around to hear. It didn't look like she was going to be able to stop it anyway. Everything was under water, and it felt so, so good. She decided she didn't care. She was safe with Chuck and he was moving her up and down with her wholehearted cooperation, doing the very right things. She'd moan or groan every once in a while, but she had tuned out the other four people around her and was just enjoying the ride she was being given. The other guys in the hot tub seemed to be content to enjoy the show.

Lori settled back into the water. On her way back the two in the kitchen had left and the lights in that room had been dimmed to night time levels. After a few minutes of being driven up and down on her favorite merry-go-round horse Sandy decided she had enough, pulled herself off Chuck and told him to take her back to her room. Chuck said ok but also said getting her out of the water was going to be a little bit of trouble. She said she didn't care so Chuck got behind her and started helping her up the stairs with her back to him and Sandy facing everyone else in the hot tub.

It didn't seem to occur to Sandy what was about to happen but the effect on the three remaining males was electric. She stood up and her breasts came out of the water clearly visible in the light of the hot tub. Nice, pert round breasts, very firm and with erect nipples from the night air. He backed her up the first step and her waist came into view just below her belly button. Chuck struggled for a second and then helped her up the next step that exposed her to mid-thigh. She had a nice inch-wide landing strip for pubic hair, trimmed short, blonde like the hair on her head. Chuck took his time getting her up the next step and onto the ground, giving the others in the hot tub all the look they wanted of Sandy's naked and dripping body. Indeed, she had no tan lines at all.

Once they were out of the tub the remaining four watched as Chuck guided her, still flat naked and hands tied behind her back, to the table by the ranch house and had her stand there, facing the large windows as he tried to untie her wrists. She could see her own reflection in the glass but it didn’t seem to bother her. Anyone walking into the kitchen for a midnight snack would have immediately seen everything to be seen of Sandy. The four in the hot tub watched, sort of like watching a car wreck, waiting to see if Chuck got Sandy loose and clothed before someone came in and saw her. After about five minutes Chuck gave up, wrapped a towel around her still bound body and started to lead her away. She was too drunk to keep the towel wrapped around her, and after about three tries Chuck gave up. Nobody was out and about to see her anyway. Leaving her nude and hands still tied behind her, he took her around the corner of the ranch house and out of sight, heading for the cottages.

"Well" Lori said a few seconds after the two disappeared from sight. "That was... interesting. What now?" That was nice but it was over and the quiet reminded her she had no one for the same sort of night. Maybe Tim, but it didn’t look good. At least she’d get some male attention now that she was the only female left. She’d gladly take what she got, hang out here for a half-hour or so and see what happened. Hopefully Chuck and Sandy would be done with noisier activities by the time she got back to her cottage.

"What now indeed!" Tim agreed. She looked over toward the three remaining males in the tub with her. Tim smiled and raised both hands out of the water. In one hand was the waist string to his swim trunks, the other hand had a finger crooking toward her. Come here, he motioned, your turn now. She realized she was very much outnumbered, but Sandy looked to have had a good time and damned if Lori wouldn't like to get something like that herself! With a little bit of a smile and a trembling no one could see under the water, she slid out to the middle of the hot tub and crouched down, just her head and neck out of the water.

Tim twirled his finger to have her turn around, and she did until her back was to him. He reached out to her and slid the straps of her swimsuit down off her shoulders, past her elbows baring her breasts under the water. Once the shoulder straps were off her arms, Carl and Jack grabbed her wrists and stretched her out just like Sandy had been. Tim reached around her to warmly and firmly squeeze her naked breasts under the water, which felt real good and started additional warmth down lower. Tim pulled her swim suit the rest of the way down and she meekly stepped out of it. Both Carl and Jack were smiling which made Lori's heart flutter a little. Hell, all three of them? It’d be a first for her but she could manage.

Her hands were drawn behind her and just as thoroughly tied behind her as she had done to Sandy. They turned her around to face Tim and she watched as Tim heaved her swimsuit over the safety fence into the grass beyond. Lori groaned, it was forty feet to the pool gate, clearly in view of the house and those in the pool, then another seventy feet around to where her swimsuit lay. In her current state of intoxication, to say nothing of her hands being tied behind her, she doubted she could safely do anything useful with it once she got it. Tim looked at her with a lustful, sexy grin.

"How many of you do I have to make happy," Lori began, "so that you'll untie my hands when you've had your fun?"

Jack gave a start. "Certainly not me, I've got someone at home. I think I'm done here for the night anyway.” He looked over at Carl. They both left.

When they were out of sight Tim's hands began running all over her body in delightful ways and he fixed her in a smoldering gaze that would have frozen her solid if she'd had any desire to move.

When she was finally able to talk, she told him "I guess I got to make you pretty happy so you don't just leave me here stark naked and hands tied behind my back until morning for someone else to find?"

He nodded. "Oh yes. Very happy."

"And I'd better be extra good so you go get my swimsuit and I don't have to walk naked out there to go get it."

"Nope. You get to go get yours just like Sandy had to get hers. Naked and with your hands tied behind your back. I’m going to enjoy watching that, you know. But I'll go with you. When we’re ready."

"Um." Well, fighting that one was a lost cause.

“Why aren’t you drooling over Sandy like everyone else?” She challenged him. Death wish, girl? She thought. Why in the hell are you shit-testing him now? She suddenly realized just how hurting she was. Wow! Nice work. You’ve screwed this up and are back to masturbating in your room for sure.

He smiled and accepted her challenge. “Sandy is a good and enthusiastic person but a little too superficial for me. I liked some of the questions you asked and the answers you gave during the breakouts. You think about things. I like where your head and heart are at.” He reached out and cupped both of her breasts and smiled, looking straight in her eyes as he gently squeezed. “Also, I like my women to be more than a handful.”

Oh, he hit a home run with that answer, Lori thought. Probably broke a window out in the parking lot with it. She smiled back, more on the inside than the outside.

He spun her around so her back was toward him again and then pulled her onto his lap. “I was enjoying that earlier.” He said as he reached around her and began to squeeze and play with her breasts some more. She didn’t mind; it felt good now too. She didn’t know what she’d do or say if she were free and had a choice but she wasn’t so she decided she might as well enjoy it.

And with her being pulled into his lap that way, guess what her hands were feeling? It did seem to confirm the old wives’ tale about big hands. She began running her hands up and down and playing with his very stiff rod. Might as well start now in “making him very happy.” Besides, it was fun.

It got worse. With her helpless in his lap Tim began to nibble on her neck while he was massaging her breasts, his mustache and beard only making it harder for her to concentrate. It only took a few seconds for her to lean her head to the side to make it easier on him. She happily admitted to herself she was a goner. Nobody else around, couldn’t run, couldn’t stop him, probably couldn’t even walk with her toes curling up like they were right now. She just gave a deep moan and closed her eyes and let it happen.

She felt her willpower draining away like it was going down a drain. Of course she had forced-sex fantasies, what girl didn’t? But it was so much better in real life. It felt so good, he was stoking a fire in her that she hadn’t dared hope to be alight this weekend and all she could do was tremble in his arms and melt.

He took a heavenly five minutes or so nibbling on her and making her feel real good while she did whatever she could with what was in her hands. She could have a lot more fun doing this with her mouth or her... well, he didn’t seem inclined to let her do either right now. Maybe later. She was in no mood to complain.

He stopped and pushed her back to the center of the hot tub. He spun her around to face him then slid forward a bit before pulling her back to straddle him.

She was pulled forward until she felt something poking her in a very good place, that had been in her hands a moment ago, eyes locked with his the whole time. He looked at her. She was close enough to kiss, but if he pulled her any more forward he would slide right into her.

He looked her in the eyes, not asking the question verbally. When she realized that she lunged forward just a little, parting her lips and taking his head inside her, starting the process. She closed her eyes as she felt him start to spread her open and she involuntarily took a small breath of air. “Don’t you dare stop now!” she whispered throatily.

He didn’t. He pulled her the rest of the way until her breasts were pancaked up against his chest, sliding deeply into her. She gasped and shook as she felt him slide in but didn’t open her eyes. A second later he was kissing her deeply and boy was she ready for that. They both breathed through their noses for about ten minutes. She managed to bob up and down on him a bit and it was nice but it wasn’t getting the job done for either of them.

Tim looked at her and smiled. Her heart skipped a beat. "I have my cottage to myself. I'd like to spend the night with you if you'd let me. Would you?"

Lori took a deep breath, having trouble thinking when she was that turned on. "I think that might qualify as part of 'being very good to you', maybe? Let’s go."

They climbed out of the hot tub together. “Do I get my bathing suit back?” She asked coyly.

Tim smiled. “Maybe I’ll go get it around 5:30. If you’re really, really good to me.”

That meant she’d be naked all night in Tim’s cottage, she thought as he started leading her toward the cottages, still naked and with her hands tied behind her. She decided it was a solution in search of a problem. She didn’t want the magic to end. “Ok,” she whispered with a huge grin, “I plan to be really, really good.”


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