Home-made Bondage Gear

by Techie

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© Copyright 2020 - Techie and Techster - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; humbler; cuffs; zipties; collar; gag; whip; cons; XX

Look out for a creative wife and cable ties!

Yesterday Mandy - a very vanilla neighbor of ours, who discovered the ‘games’ that Techster and I play - and I were talking. She made the remark that she and her husband would like to play a bondage game or two but the restraints cost too much.

I told her, “If you are creative you can play and have fun on a shoe-string budget. Let me show you how, for less than five dollars, you can have fun with some creative bondage gear.”

We paid a quick visit to a “big box” home improvement store and bought everything we needed: a pack of 12-inch cable ties and a 36 inch long piece of ¾ inch dowel.

I called Techster and explained, “Would you please volunteer to be my test sub? Mandy said she and her husband would like to play BDSM games but when she checked the prices of bondage gear at the adult toy store they were too expensive.”

“I want to show her that for less than five dollars she can render her husband helpless and play games with him.”

Techster smiled and stripped.

I looked at Mandy and said, “Of course, it’s easier if the subject is willing. First we’ll do his hands,” as I took three cable ties out of the pack.

I started by putting a cable tie around each wrist. They were snug, but not tight. Then I had Techster stand with his wrists in front and used the third cable tie to join his wrists together.

“Now comes the real fun!” I told Jenine as I cut the 36 inch dowel in half and drilled a ¼ inch hole in both ends of the dowels.

Using electrical tape I made 3/8 inch thick spacers, 12 inches in from each end and I linked the two 18 inch pieces of dowel on one end with cable ties.

Jenine had a confused look on her face and asked, “Whatever is that for?”

“This is the most devious part of our low-buck bondage, it is a home-made male restraint that is called a HUMBLER because by clamping his balls it prevents a man from standing. With a humbler in place a man is kept from standing, as a matter of fact he is forced to stay on ‘all fours, much like a dog. He cannot stand or even try because the pull on his balls hurts.”

I asked Techster to bend over the table and I applied the humbler.

“Now try to walk.” I told him.

He made an attempt to stand but was forced by the pain on his balls to drop to his hands and knees to move about the room.

Techster begged me, ”OK, Techie you have proved your point, now please release me!”

I put one on Techster’s neck and attached a leash to it and using a large carabiner I attached the leash to the upper hinge of the door.

Then I took out a riding crop with a thick leather circle out of our toybox and showed it to both Techster and Jenine.

“We have a contest, you have 15 minutes to release yourself or Jenine will apply 15 lashes with the riding crop to your butt and 5 lashes to your balls.”

I looked at Jenine and asked “Shall we gag him or do you want to hear him scream when you whip his balls?”

Jenine smiled and said, “Let's put a gag on him. I hate to hear screams in pain.”

I took the largest ball gag we had, forced it in Techster’s mouth and buckled it behind his head.

I took a small kitchen timer, set it for 15 minutes and we watched Techster struggle.

When the bell on the timer rang, Techster accepted his fate and turned his back, butt and balls to us.

Jenine took her job seriously and used heavy lashes across his butt, which was bright red when she finished all 15 lashes.

She looked at me and asked, “How hard on his balls?”

I told her, “Hard enough to let him know he lost but not too hard.”

We could both hear Techster try to scream through the gag.

Then Jenine asked, “Shall we release him?”

I advised her, “No, let him live with the pain for a while.”

Jenine gasped and asked, “How can you do this to your husband?”

I told her, “It’s an exercise in trust. He enjoys the challenge of trying to escape and knows that since we are a long-married, loving couple so the pain is like a kiss and he knows he trusts me and knows that he will not experience any permanent injury!”


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