Homecoming 3

by Lobo De la Sombra

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Storycodes: M+/ffm; captives; bound; rope; naked; wagon; transport; hist; medieval; princess; rescue; cons/nc; X

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Part Three

With their bonds removed, the three captives rode with somewhat greater comfort, despite the swaying of the wagon. After a time, Isolda dozed off. From the other seat, Emeric watched as she lay with her head pillowed in Sabelina's lap. There was a strangely gentle look in Sabelina's eyes as her hand gently stroked the other woman's hair.

"Your Highness...." Sabelina glanced up, her eyes suddenly flashing. At this, Emeric paused. "You seem to care for her greatly," he finally said.

"And is that so wrong?" Sabelina's voice was harsh, though her hand never paused in its gentle stroking. "Just because I'm a Princess and she's a maid, I shouldn't care?"

"It simply isn't done," Emeric replied. "You and she are from two different worlds."

Sabelina shook her head. "There is only one world," she said, "and we all live in it." Her voice grew thoughtful. "One girl," she went on, "grows to be a Princess because her father is a King. Another girl grows to be a maid because her father is a farmer, or a blacksmith, or maybe an innkeeper. Neither chooses; each is presented with their position at birth. I could be her, or she could be me, were our parents different." She sighed softly. "And each of us will see things, do things, that the other could never hope to dream of."

"You sound," Emeric observed, "as if you envy her."

Sabelina nodded. "In a way, I do. Just as, in a way, I know she envies me. We are much alike, but our lives are very different. Now we're on our way to a new place and a new life we know nothing about, in spite of all our training." She shook her head again. "No, the only thing either of us has that we can be absolutely sure of is each other. We are all we have ever had, and, no matter what, neither of us will give that up willingly."

"Were you lonely, growing up by yourself?"

"I wasn't by myself," Sabelina replied. "I had her. From what I've been told, we were born just days apart, and she was sent with me to provide companionship by someone my own age. We nursed together, we grew together. She sat with me in front of an endless stream of tutors. I sat with her when she was sick, and she sat for days by my bed when I nearly died of a fever." She laughed softly. "A Princess and a maid," she said, "and sisters under the skin."

Under Sabelina's touch, Isolda stirred, her eyes opening slowly. For a moment she lay still, gazing upward. Finally, with a small smile, she whispered, "You know, I think your breasts are still growing." At this, Sabelina leaned forward slightly, staring downward. "Yes," Isolda concluded with a nod, "they're definitely getting bigger."

"Why you...." Feigning anger, Sabeline pulled Isolda to a sitting position. Watching them, Emeric couldn't help but smile.

"You both seem quite comfortable without clothing," he observed.

"Well," Isolda replied, "most of the time it was just us, when we weren't in class learning something, so we saved our clothes for then. Besides," she added with a grin, "it was much more fun running around like this. At least until she started getting fat." Pointedly, she looked from Sabelina's generous bust to her own smaller one.

"Just wait till we're rescued," Sabelina warned. "I'll show you fat."

Before Isolda could reply, the wagon lurched to a halt. Instantly, the three tensed, moving away from the door.

Isolda glanced at the others nervously. "Do you think we've stopped for the night?"

"Impossible to say without looking," Emeric replied, "and if we do that, someone will likely see the curtain move and know we're free."

"We can't risk that," Sabelina agreed. "Our only chance is to surprise whoever comes for us, then hope we can get away before the others recover their wits." She turned to Isolda. "When we go, go fast," she instructed. "Run just as fast as you can, and do not stop for anything. Not even me."


"Not even me," Sabelina insisted. Under her gaze, Isolda nodded.

"I'll run," she said, "but you best run fast too. I'm not losing you, not ever."

Smiling, Sabelina hugged the other woman briefly, then leaned back. "Now, be ready. We don't know when they will come, and we only have one chance. We can't afford to waste it."

Strangely, the door remained closed. As they waited, the three heard something that might have been a muffled cry, but it ended too quickly to be sure. Tense, uncertain, they could only wait. Finally, slowly, the door opened.

"Now!" Sabelina thrust Isolda forward, her own leap adding to the momentum that sent her flying from the wagon. Immediately, strong arms wrapped around her, whirling her around and setting her feet firmly onto the ground. As the arms released her, she spun, hand raised to strike.

"Careful, pretty one," she heard, "you could hurt someone." Isolda's eyes widened as, with a glad cry, she threw herself against Balian. Over her shoulder, he smiled at the two surprised faces peering from within the wagon.

"My apologies, Your Highness," he said. "Your captors travelled fast, and we were forced to abandon our horses at the border, else we would have caught up with you sooner."

Slowly, Sabelina emerged from the wagon. Seeing the men gathered around, she briefly tried to shield her nudity from view before her arms fell to her sides. At this, Balian nodded, and one of the men stepped behind the Princess, draping a blanket over her shoulders.

"I believe," she said slowly, drawing the blanket around her, "that there is no apology needed. You are here, after all. I must ask, though, where were you when we were taken?"

"The ambush," Balian replied, "was well planned, Your Highness. The first group allowed itself to be seen, to distract us. Then, while we engaged them, the second group struck. And they were good fighters. By the time we bested them, you were already gone." He glanced toward Emeric. "We tended our wounded, as well as his, before we came after, which took more time."

Emeric's eyes widened. "My wounded? So some of my men survived?"

Balian nodded. "Most of them, in fact. From what we could tell, they broke and ran."

"Broke and....." Emeric stared, his face ashen. "They were cowards?"

Balian shook his head. "Not cowards, no. Just inexperienced, I'd say. If they saw you struck down, they probably panicked." He shrugged. "It happens to us all, our first time."

"One more thing." At Balian's questioning look, Sabeline nodded toward Isolda, who still clung to him. "Another blanket for my maid, if you please? Or do you plan to complete my rescue with a naked woman attached to you? And some food, if you've any to spare. We've not eaten since we were taken."

"Of course." Accepting a blanket from one of his men, Balian wrapped it around Isolda, stepping away in spite of her efforts to cling to him. "We've been travelling light," he continued, reaching into a pouch and offering all three strips of dried meat, "so I'm afraid this is all we have."

"It will keep us alive," Sabelina replied, watching as Isolda tore at her piece. Following the example, the Princess devoted her attention to devouring her piece. Even Emeric found nothing to complain about as his piece swiftly disappeared.

"When we get back," Isolda said, licking her fingers, "I'll serve you dinner."

Balian laughed. "I accept your invitation, pretty one," he declared, "though just the sight of you three is a feast I greatly cherish." He wrapped one strong arm around Isolda, smiling as she leaned against him. "For now, though," he concluded, "we must go. We're still within the borders of Uthrance, and far from safe."

"And the men who took us?"

For a moment, Balian simply gazed at Sabelina. "We go that way," he finally said, pointing and releasing Isolda. "Stay behind me and stay as quiet as you can." Nodding, the three fell in behind him as he led them into the trees.

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