by Trek

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© Copyright 2002 - Trek - Used by permission

Storycodes: FM+/m; femdom; bond; dungeon; thong; electro; bdsm; punish; torment; cage; cupboard; sendep; urine; cons/reluct; XX

(this is using the same group of people as in Studbounds story The Renter)

It has been a few years since I was back to the University. Janice thought it would be great to see Ruth, Victoria and Arnie, and Lita and Amos again. In the wedding gift they tucked a business card in with a note that read, “When you come back to visit we’ll have room for you.” Janice called the number on the card and got Arnie.

“Janice its great to hear you again,” he said.

“Dave and I are planning on coming back for Homecoming this year” Janice said with a glee, “Dave and I both have three week vacation coming.”

“Amos and I are on duty all homecoming weekend.” Arnie replied, “Ruth has to go to her parents that weekend. Victoria and Lita are booked. Just this morning Victoria said I wish Janice and Dave were here for the weekend. She’ll be happy to hear your coming. By the way, we have added on to the building. We have two guest rooms on the main floor and three theme rooms in the dungeon.”

“Dave will be glad to hear that” Janice replied. Homecoming at the University was always busy. Alumni would return to be tied up and the ladies were always kept hopping. The extra set of hands around the house was always welcomed. Janice and Dave arrived the to the house Thursday before homecoming. Victoria and Arnie, and Lita and Amos met them at the door. Arnie and Amos were standing there with just a modified jock-o-thong on.

“New jock-o-thong?” Dave remarked.

“Yes” Lita replied “if the boys misbehave a punishment jolt is administered to the family jewelry, there is also a chip in there that lets us know where they are 24/7.”

“There is a new rule here.” Victoria chimes in, “when off duty Arnie and Amos must where only these jock-o-thongs around the house, no more special jock. In your room there is one for Dave.”

Dave looks at Janice with the look, “I’m not getting into one of those, the regular ones but not this type.”

Janice replies, “Good Dave will be thrilled to obey this rule, right dear.”

In shock Dave says, “Yes dear.” Amos and Arnie take the luggage to the room and Dave and Janice. There on the bed was the modified jock-o-thong. “Push this button once it on it will send a signal to the house computer. It should beep twice then will run a test.” Arnie remarks, “It should then vibrate, a reward.”

“Well can I have some privacy putting this on?” Dave asks.

“Sorry can’t do” Amos said.

Reluctantly Dave strips and puts on the jock-o-thong “a little firmer around the jewels.” Dave remarks as he looks at himself in the mirror.

Over the intercom Lita’s voice is heard, “Did you boys tell Dave he had five seconds after putting it on to activate the signal.”

Both Arnie and Amos in unison, “No Mistress”

“Do you know what that means?” she replies

“Yes Mistress” they both replied.

“I’m rolling the punishment dice,” Lita remarks, “the green dice rolled a 4, four hours in the ‘Meat Locker’ hanging. The red dice-- ,” They were hoping for a one “-- is a five.”

“Damn” they both said.“Dave you now have five seconds to press the button on your jock-o-thong” Lita replies, “if you don’t you will also experience level 5 punishment, 5-4-3”

“Where’s the button?” Dave asks fumbling with the transmitter box.

“2” Lita stops, Dave hears two beeps. The control box vibrates. Dave smiles and then hears another beep.

“Dave you were over by one tenth a second,” Lita announces, “level 5 punishment commencing.” Another beep is heard and all three men drop to the floor grabbing their groin in a foetal position. Dave screams in pain as Arnie and Amos hold it back. Another beep sounds, Dave is in tears while Amos and Arnie were catching their breaths.

“Level 2 - 6” Arnie says, “Is the exactly the same as being shot with one the departments Taser. Level 2 is 2 seconds, 3 is 3 seconds, 4 is 5 seconds, and 6 is so intense we have both passed out from it.”

Amos and Arnie help Dave to his feet “How long was level 5? Dave asks.

“Its Mistress decision.” Amos replies “Lita was easy on us this time it was about 10 seconds.” Lita and Victoria enter the room, “Boys down to the ‘Meat Locker’” Victoria says. “Double time”

Amos and Arnie jog down to one of the new theme rooms. Dave and the ladies follow. By the time they get down there have put on vests that have an eyelet behind them.

“Good to see you did not need to be told to put on the vests” Lita says.

Victoria ties Arnie up and hangs him on a meat hook. Then she hangs Amos and ties him to Arnie. They are handcuffed to each other. There is a track on the ceiling that leads to another room they are hang from the main room in the dungeon. By now Lita and Janice have strapped Dave to a chair in plain view to see what will happen to Arnie and Amos in the Meat Locker.“Chuck sold us a unit that monitors ones heart rate” Victoria says, “Dave will either be rewarded or punished depending on how he responds to stimulant.”

“Like what?” Janice asks.

“In the back of the chair are muscle stimulators as there are in the belt.” Lita says. “once Dave’s heart rate rises Arnie and Amos will advance into the Meat Locker. Dave will have to keep his heart rate down. Faster Dave’s heart rate the faster guys go to the end where there is a tank of chilled water.”

“So what do I do?” Janice asks.

“You can help us with a few clients” Victoria replies, “Dave has full view of everything going on in the dungeon and if I remember correct Dave enjoyed Vanessa Starlight she is arriving in a half hour for a quick two hour session on the baby basket. That should get Dave’s heart going.”

Dave hearing this his heart starts to race. “Calm down buddy” Arnie says, but it was too late. The trolley on the track started to move and trips the door sensor. The door opens and a draft of cold air whooshes out. The trolley takes them just inside the door and stops, the door closes.

“See what happens when you let your pulse go Dave” Lita says

“I do,” Dave says in a normal tone.

Lita did not like the tone and presses a button marked, “P-1 unit 3” Dave’s body jumps as the punishment is delivered for 1 second.

“Heart rate steady” Victoria replies. She presses another button marked, “R3 all” all the guy’s jock-o-thongs vibrate softly for a minute. Dave’s heart rate fell as he smiled. Vanessa Starlight was 15 minutes early. She was briefed on what was happening down in the dungeon.

“Let me go down an torment that boy,” Vanessa said, “before you know it Dave will have them in the drink.”

Vanessa heads to down the stairs. With a trampy tone in her voice she says, “Hi big guy.”

Dave’s heart rate rises and the trolley advances.

“Calm down Dave!” Arnie and Amos shout.

Dave tries to slow his heart down but can’t. The trolley trips a switch and an announcement comes out of the speakers “P2 to units 1,2 and 3 commencing immediately” Arnie and Amos start thrashing about, Dave tries hold the scream back. He does for the 2 seconds.

“Good boy” Vanessa says, “Lita told me that I am your tease for the afternoon.” Janice comes into the dungeon with only a house thong on Dave’s heart races again. The trolley advances and triggers another sensor. The computer voice announces, “P4 to units 1 and 2, P3 to unit 3, R5 to unit G1 and G2 commencing immediately.”

Dave screams for the 3 seconds, Arnie and Amos are thrashing for 5 seconds, while Vanessa and Janice are smiling with pleasure. The computer voice comes on “Incoming telephone call for Captain Arnie from the station."

“Arnie here” Arnie shouts.

“Sorry to interrupt your day off sir,” the voice said, “Officer Brown has to go to his folks this weekend we will be short an officer.”

“Just hanging around the house with Lieutenant Amos.” Arnie said.

Victoria voice is heard over the intercom, “Session suspended till Monday.”

The trolley brings them out of the Meat Locker. “Sounds like you are hanging in the ‘Meat Locker’”, the voice on the phone remarked.

“Aye Smitty” Amos shouted.

“You’ll be in the office in 45 minutes,” Smitty says.

“Guess we’ll be,” Arnie replies. “Duty calls. Now where will I find an officer for the weekend?”

Janice chimes in, “Guys, you were an influence on Dave his last year here at the University, he joined the police force in Parkerville. He is a patrolman now. We were going to tell you this at dinner tonight.”

Lita removes Arnie and Amos as Janice is removing Dave.

“So Dave did you bring a uniform.” Amos asks.

An exhausted Dave replies, “Sorry I did not.”

“If I was cruel and not needing an other officer this weekend I’d order the computer to give you a 6” Arnie said, “Not to threaten you, will you work on the department for the weekend?”

Dave looks at Janice and she smiles, “Be Safe.”

Dave turns to Arnie, “Captain, Officer Dave reporting for duty, Sir. Permission to speak freely, Sir.”

“Always Dave,” Arnie say with a smile.

“When were we going to find out about both of your progression in the department?”

“Guess you would have found out tomorrow,” Amos replied, “when we would have pulled the cars out of the garage.”

“We’ll change into uniforms at the station.” Arnie replies.

Arnie, Amos and Dave go to different rooms in the house and get into Jeans and shirts. They leave for the station. Part 2

Dave rode to the station with Arnie and Amos followed behind.

“Dave” Arnie said, “Hope you did not remove your Jock-o-thong?”

“No, Sir” Dave snapped back.

“Good” Arnie responded, “there is a GPS chip in there, all my officers wear a jock-o-thong just for that reason.”

They arrive at the station. Officer Smith was sitting at the dispatch / reception desk.

“Smitty” Amos says, “This is Officer Dave Wilson from Parkerville, can you issue him a complete set of uniforms including boots, and give him full access to the computer network”

“Aye Sir,” he replied as he escorts Dave to the supply room. Moments later Smitty and Dave walk into the locker room where Amos and Arnie were.

“Smitty” Arnie says, “Is there anyone at the reception desk?” With a shocked expression on his face Smitty replied, “No, Sir, But I did put a...” Before he could finish Arnie announces “Computer P1 Smitty.” Smitty grabs his groin as a 2 second zap is given.

“Sorry Smitty” Arnie says, “but you know the rules.”

“Sir, yes Sir” Smitty replies, “Requesting proper punishment, Sir.”

“Very well Smitty” Arnie replies, “You know where the punishment room is.”

Smitty opens a closet door to revile a padded room and steps in. The door closes.

“Dave” Arnie says, “You may do the honors.”

Dave remembering his days at the University remembered Smitty would always give the students a tough time. “Arnie, my discretion?”

“Go for it Dave” Arnie replied.

“Sorry Smitty” Dave announces, “Computer, P6 Smitty”

The computer responds, “authorization code”

Amos chimes in, “Beta Gamma 6996 Alpha”

“Authorization code accepted, reward unit number please.”

Amos announces, “3 Wilson”

“Commencing at tone,” the Computer responds.

On a TV screen in the locker room was Smitty standing in the padded room. There was a tone sounded. A 30 second reward was given to Dave. Then the punishment phase started. Jumping from wall to wall Smitty then dropping to the floor and thrashed around for a minute thirty before passing out.

The computer shuts down the punishment program and opens the door. “Medic to Men’s punishment room,” the computer announces over the station pa.

Glenn Smith, Smitty son, a student interning at the station comes running in to render service. He revives his dad. “You ok Dad?”

With a smile on his face, not yet on his feet Smitty replied, “Glenn I’m fine, remember to always make sure your post is covered.”

A short time latter Dave walks by Smitty who has returned to his post.

“Kid you did what you had to do.” Smitty remarks, “P6 is the only thing the computer accepts when one is in the punishment room. No harm done.”

Dave goes out and starts patrol in town coming across Janice's brother, Jordan and friends.

Not realizing who the officer was Jordan in a drunk state says to Dave, “Come to crash the celebration, PIG”

“Officer Dave Wilson to dispatch” Dave key his microphone, “send transport to 121 Main for disorderly conduct.”

“Dave, buddy” Jordan remarks, “When did you become a cop?”

“A few years now.” Dave answers.

Arnie and Amos arrive with the paddy wagon.

“Jordan” Amos replied, “You remember what we said last time?”

“No” he replied on a drunken state.

Arnie comes over to Jordan and puts his handcuffs on him. Jordan resisting is escorted to the rear of the paddy wagon where Arnie blind folds him. Arnie climbs into the back of the paddy wagon with Jordan and Amos closes the door.

“We are heading to the house, Jordan is spending time in the dungeon.” Amos replied.

They arrive at the house, Arnie had gotten Jordan stripped except for a red jock-o-thong, and hooded. “Ladies this is Art” Arnie replied, “He is sentenced to code red punishment, till Sunday night.”

It was 2:30 pm on Thursday and code red punishment was carried out in the kennels, another new theme room. In the room were all size cages. There already was a client who has been there as a gift from his wife for 5 days in a cage big enough for him just to kneel.

“Well Art” Janice remarked, “You look like the small cage is your size.”

“Janice” Jordan tries to say through the gag in his mouth, but only comes out as “Mmmmm.”

Jordan is stuffed into the cage there is just enough room for him to sit and be on all fours. “The Boys will be in twice a day to feed you.” Janice adds. “Computer, program punishment cycle ex509 to number 45532.”

Punishment cycle ex509 is every hour a P2 jolt would be given on the half hours a random jolt would be administered. Not every half hour, it could be once every 3 hours or once an hour. The level varied could be a P1 to a P6.

Janice was about to leave when the computer announced “P5/1 for #98345 and P4 for #45532”

The tone sounded and both men thrashed about their cage.

By five pm the kennel was getting full and the guys returned home dressed in their uniforms for the woman to see. After a photo was taken the guys were walking around in the proper house outfit

“Dave” Janice asks, “Jordan is not answering his cell phone, have you seen him today.

Dave thinking to himself, “Oh boy how do I tell her the Art down in the kennel is really her brother.” Dave says to Janice, “I saw him at a party on Main Street, but didn’t talk to him.”

“Ok dear.” Janice replied.

Dave went down to the dungeon into the kennel finds Jordan removes his gag and feeds him, “Jordan” Dave says, “How do I tell your sister you’re here.”

Before Jordan could answer the computer started to list punishments. The computer starts listing P codes.

“Computer” Dave announces, “add to this round only the same Punishment as #45532 to unit 3”

Dave puts Jordan’s gag in Jordan’s mouth as the computer announces P6 to #45532 and to unit 3”

Dave gets on the floor before the tone sounds all the clients in the cages thrash. Jordan goes for a minute before passing out. Dave starts screaming after a minute twenty. Amos was in the dungeon looking after other clients when he heard Dave’s screams.

“Computer terminate punishment to unit 3” Amos shouts.

“Sorry P6 punishment cannot stopped during punishment cycle ex509 until target has passed out.” The computer announces.

The two-minute mark came and Dave was still screaming. “Let go Dave,” Amos said, “it will stop when you pass out.”

Part 3

Dave hearing Amos lets one last scream out and then passed out.

“Two minutes ten seconds” the computer announces, “Beats your two minute record unit 2. Care to try to regain the record unit 2?”

“No thanks computer” Amos said.

Just then Victoria and Lita enter the kennel room seeing Dave unconscious on the floor.

“Computer” Lita says, “What happened?”

“Mistress Lita” the computer addresses her, “Unit 3 requested to share punishment with #45532. As programmed when any of the units 1, 2 or 3 tamper with punishment cycle ex509 maximum punishment is given to both the client and unit tampering. Unit 3 requested to share in #45532’s punishment. Before tampering #45532 was only getting a P3.”

By now Jordan / Art was coming to.

“Mmmffmm” he said.

“Dave’s fine” Victoria responds, “he just bought you an early release, Sunday Morning.”

Amos was ordered to put Dave in the kennel cage that was called the drain, while the ladies inserted catheters in all the clients including Dave. The cage called the drain had a trough that had a bowl at the end whenever there was a client in there he would be positioned so his face rested in the bowl, with weight fill. The client would have to lift his head to breath. P2 is given when there is a certain level in the bowl. Client in the cage has to lighten the bowl with out using his hands.

As Dave came to finding him self in the cage “Damn” he said after hearing how long he was there for. “Three hours will be 22:00”.

“Correct Dave,” Amos said as fluid started to flow, “Hope you’re thirsty.”

Dave could feel his bladder empty and realizing what the fluid was, not just his but all of the clients in the kennel. The weight of fluid in the bowl triggers a P2 jolt in his jock-o-thong. He falls face first in the fluid splashing enough to lighten the bowl a little. Remembering what Amos said Dave started slurping the fluid and splitting it to a floor drain to his right. He tried not to swallow any but when the computer give him a P2 he would swallow some.

By 10 pm Dave was exhausted, out side the bowl was some vomit. Arnie takes Dave to get cleaned up.

“Dave” Arnie said, “You did a wrong thing hope you learned a lesson.”

Dave shakes his head.

Arnie tells Dave that he was the first to use the drain and found it was one of the worst punishments at the house.

When Dave was cleaned up Officer Smith was escorting his son Glenn into the living room.

“Ladies” Smitty says, “Glenn came home drunk and called his Mother a bitch. Knowing you ladies could punish him properly I brought him here. Put it on my tab the $75 football special.” The football special is being tightly hogtied in the nude only having a special football helmet on. Inside the helmet are earphones that transmit white noise (Static). The wearer of the helmet has a gag and blind fold on too. He is hung in a room no bigger than a closet there are in this closet are cold water pipes that mist the client. Seven five dollars was the rate for an 8 hour session.

“Glenn” Lita said as Dave, Arnie and Amos secured him in the closet, “always respect your mother.” The helmet, gag and blindfold were secured. “Start football special 8 in cabinet 1-54” Victoria inputted to the computer. Before the guys got out the first misting started, the water was chilled to 48oF.

“Burr, that’s cold” Dave remarks.

Janice came down to the dungeon “We got a big day tomorrow.” She said. “We should call it a night.”

Every one agreed and started to leave.

Janice poked her head into the kennel room saying, “If Jordan was here I’d give him a P6 for not at least calling.”

Hearing her words the computer waits till she leaves, “at the sound of the tone special punishment to #45532, P6.”

As the lights go out the tone sounds and a minute and a quarter later Jordan laid unconscious.

Everyone retired for the night.

“I have the feeling that Jordan is downstairs” Janice inquires to Dave, but Dave has already gone to sleep.