The Hoist

by Techster & Techie

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© Copyright 2018 - Techster & Techie - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; construct; F+/m; FM/f; hoist; dungeon; cuffs; susp; hood; bdsm; whip; ball-stretcher; orgasm; video; cons; X

It was a fun ( and very profitable) run - who knew that you could buy great dungeon gear in an auto parts store!

F/M construct dungeon torture device,

Video of F/M and F/F

Beta Test #1 F/M standing stretch, hood, whip, balls stretched and whip

Beta Test 2 F/F standing stretch, hood, forced orgasm with whipping.

Being retired and on a limited budget I am always looking for a source on income; fortunately I have two local Dominating ladies each with their own dungeon who want new gear and pay me well to design (and test it).

Last week Domina Bonita, a lady of latino origin who has a neat dungeon that is concealed in the basement of her husband’s auto repair shop called and asked me if I could modify a portable engine hoist, so it could be used to hold her clients (aka submissives) spread eagled and in suspension.

“I want to be able to stretch the sub tight so they can’t wiggle or squirm while they are being whipped or on display. When the sub moves it messes up my accuracy with the whip. I also want it on rollers so I can move them around.”

“That’s a can do! Three days OK?” I told her.

The moment I heard Domina Bonita’s request I was on my cellphone in my workshop, and as I turned around to go to the door I spotted my new engine hoist and realized with very few modifications it would be perfect for the job.

The engine hoist (or crane) by Pittsburg is a perfect starting place the only mods needed are: (1) relocating the lower mount for the hydraulic cylinder up another ten inches which would give it a lift height of one hundred twenty inches above the floor and ninety six inches above the crossbar on the front end of the frame.

Eight feet of lift would be sufficient to stretch out a sub who is in suspension mitts and ankle cuffs. I added a clamp on the lift cylinder so the end of the hoist could not go lower than eighty inches and added my engine balance bar to the end of the hoist as an attachment point for the subject’s wrists.

It took all of thirty minutes to remount the lift cylinder mounts, weld a piece of steel that was one half inch thick and ten inches wide between the front arms of the hoist.

I stood back and admired it as I did I thought. “It still need something”.

In order for the ankle restraints to have a tie point I welded two large steel rings to each side of the foot bar.

Again I stood back and looked and realized it was not complete because there was no spreader mount for the wrist suspension mitts to be attached so I added an engine leveling bar which was 2 feet long, 12 to each side with hooks on each end and a heavy ring for lifting in the middle. The engine leveling bar is used to control the angle of a heavy engine to match it up with the transmission during installation.

I rolled the engine (now dungeon torture) hoist out onto a tarp in front of my garage and gave everything two coats of black rust resistant primer.

I figured the flat black would have a more sinister look to it.

After lunch I winched the dungeon hoist up onto my utility trailer, strapped it down, put the bar in my truck and told my wife, Techie, that I had a delivery to make to Domina’s dungeon.

She insisted on coming, so we coupled up the trailer to my car and drove over to Domina’s.

When we arrived I unloaded the hoist, attached the leveling bar and rolled it into the garage above her shop and into the elevator, which was a very tight fit so Techie and I had to stand in the middle of the hoist for the elevator ride down to the dungeon.

Domina’s eyes lit up when she saw the hoist and she told me, “Here is the one thousand dollars as agreed but I have to see it work so I can use it, but there is no one to test it on!”

Techie slapped me on the butt and told Domina, “I know how to operate it and she pointed to me and here is your test subject!”

Techie ordered, “Techster, strip and be the lab rat for this test so we can grab the thou and go!”

I am comfortable being Domna’s test subject, or as she calls them a“lab rat”.

So there I was naked standing with my ankles tied to the rings on the foot plate and my wrists in suspension mitts attached to the engine leveling bar, when Techie started pumping the hydraulic hand pump and lifting the arm of the hoist.

She got the tension so high that my feet were off of the foot plate. That was when Domina told Techie to lower the hoist so my feet were flat on the plate.

She told Techie and I, “I am going to make a video to this, so I’m going to put a hood on him and then a parachute ball stretcher and a tie down strap, so I can increase the torture factor. Techie take that black leather parachute ball stretcher and lace it around Techster’s balls.”

Techie tightened the parachute around my balls, then Domina hooked a short motorcycle tie down strap around the footplate and hooked it to my balls.

“Now Techie tighten up a bit just enough so his balls are stretched, that way he can’t struggle.”

Techie tightened the valve and pumped up the lift so I was light on my feet and my balls were tightly stretched.

Domina ordered, “We’re going to make this a real test, I will pay and additional one hundred dollars. Is that ok with you Techster?”

I nodded my head “Yes.” Then she ordered, “Techie get a cat flogger and riding crop off the wall.” as she set up the video camera and covered my head with a hood.

“OK for the video here we go Techster ten strikes in your back, butt, front and rear thighs, chest and finally five hard strikes on your balls.’

As the blows landed I tried my best to struggle. I could not move then I screamed as the riding crop hit my balls.

Domina reached up and took the hood off, lowered the hoist arm and told us, ”That’s enough for test number one.”

Domina then asked, “Now Techie for one hundred and fifty dollars will you be my girl lab rat?”

Techie and looked at me as she released my wrists, ankles and the parachute and asked, “Should I?”

I said, “It is your choice, you do look good in the nude.”

Techie nodded, “Let’s do it, I want to see how this feels!” and she quickly stripped and stood on the foot plate.

Domina ordered, “OK, I’ll use a hood on you too for the video. Techster it is your job to put the suspension mitts and ankle cuffs on Techie and pump up the lift.”

Then I tightened up the lift so Techie’s feet were off of the plate.

Domina held up a special “tower type” rabbit vibrator and ordered, “Techster set this up and let’s let Techie ride through a few good orgasms for the camera. Now Techie when you have an orgasm starting I’m going to lay ten strikes across your back. That should increase the orgasm. Is that Ok with you ?”

Techie said, “Yes, I’ve always wanted to experience the two at the same time.”

I knelt down and tightened the rabbit vibrator into Techie then hit the switch and stood back. Domina and I stood back and watched Techie attempt to struggle.

Finally she burst into a low moan and Domina said, ”This looks like a good starting point!”

I stood back as she laid ten powerful strikes across Techie’s back and butt.

Techie screamed, “More please! WOW! This is powerful WOW! Ten more!”

Domina looked at me and began another ten hard strikes across Techie’s back and butt.

Techie screamed and went limp.

Domina and I lowered the lift and released her as Domina asked, “Are you OK?”

Techie replied in a soft voice, “YES, But WOW! What a ride you could sell that experience by itself for five hundred dollars!”

Domina gave me some lotion and I massaged Techie’s back and butt.

“OK, let me show how you looked as you dress.”

With that we watched our torture on an eighty-inch hi-def TV screen and I do brag that even as a pair of senior subs we really did look good.

When we had dressed Domina handed us one thousand five hundred dollars and said, “Thanks for all you earned it!”

Techie took the money and told me, “We’re doing two things, the first of which is you need to buy another engine hoist and second a great dinner at the best restaurant.’

I was all grins as we headed to the auto store to buy another engine hoist and lift bar.

Techie nudged me and said, “Wanna bet she’ll want another one?”

We dropped off the new hoist and trailer in my garage, then went inside, showered and put on our “fancy” dress clothes and I took my wife, lover and fellow lab rat out for a fine dinner with some of that fifty dollar a bottle wine.

Yes us old married folks can “play” and earn a few dollars!

Life is an X rated game if you are brave enough!
                Yours, Techie and Techster

Authors Note:

Techie and I can't remember ever seeing a picture of a piece of machinery used in a story so we are including a pix of the engine lift used in our most recent "adventure". To folks who have difficulty visualizing the mechanics of a story or piece of "dungeon equipment- this might help and it is not X rated (unless modified and used as an instrument of torture)




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