His Idea

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2016 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; F/m; MF/f; D/s; bond; cuffs; gag; leather; corsets; shorts; constriction; enslave; femdom; hoods; bdsm; enemas; boots; chast; cockcage; denial; oral; forced; climax; cons/reluct; XX

It had been his idea to re-introduce some light bondage into their sex life after having toyed with tying each other up early in their marriage then falling into a vanilla rut for years while both concentrated on their careers. Both of them had climbed the corporate ladder each achieving their goals. He had reached the position he had always wanted when his company was purchased and broken up with him receiving a very substantial retirement package. Now he took care of their home, with the pair traveling during her time off.

It had been during one of their trips they had found a string of fetish stores along a street they were walking down. They both had a few drinks with dinner and he had been able to talk her into not only going in but trying on some of the clothes. Finding she had really been drawn to the black leather “mistress dress” with the tight corset and platform boots. She had preferred him in the restrictive leather shorts that forced his cock and balls through a small hole then covered them with a tight leather cup. The two laughed as they purchased these items along with leather cuffs for his wrists and ankles and a huge gag she had picked out, even trying it on and letting him buckle it tight around her head.

The two played with the gear that night enjoying each other like they hadn’t in years and mailing themselves the box of bondage gear to keep from being forced to explain them as they went through customs. Bruce thought of the box often during the remaining legs of the trip. The two looking through the windows of different fetish stores as they walked through the towns but he was never being able to convince Jane to go back in one. Arriving home Bruce opened the box putting away the toys and had begun to hint at wanting to play with her while she was bound but never getting the reaction he was wanting.

One evening he came home and found her dressed in her leather and was immediately told to put his gear on, after buckling the large gag onto him and sealing his mouth with the thick panel she ordered him to lace her corset. Bruce grunted around his gag as he pulled the laces hard almost closing the corsets back making Jane gasp for air as watched her ample breasts heave through the opening in the leather. Jane seemed to take her role as mistress quite serious as she ordered Bruce to follow her on his hands and knees to the bedroom restraining him to the bed by the leather cuffs. Jane covered his eyes with one of her scarves before teasing him for an hour tightening the cup over his cock and balls making him whine from the pain and frustration behind the gag.

After teasing him Jane released his cock and stroked him until he was moaning, desperately wanting release then left him lying on the bed alone. Jane left him alone until he stopped struggling and whining then removed her skirt and slid down his shaft. Jane ground her hips on his restrained body stopping her movements letting him cool off several times before working them both back up to climaxes. Jane felt him explode inside her and she had orgasmed harder than she ever had and lay across his stretched body relishing the afterglow. Bruce had enjoyed himself fully but wanted to switch positions with her. Jane had only allowed him to restrain her once and only after he had closed her corset leaving her breathless while she was tied spread eagle to the bed.

Jane refused the gag saying she couldn’t breathe well enough in the corset but allowed him to blind fold her with the new leather blind fold he had purchased. He had also purchased several other items including the set of vibrators. He used them to tease her close to climax several times making her fight her bonds while he groped and sucked on her breasts. Teasing her close again Bruce then slipped his cock into her while holding the vibrator to her clit and fucked her, making her scream as she climaxed then shortly followed her. The two lay panting for almost an hour before she ordered him to release her and she restrained him and repeated the procedure with her getting herself off before allowing him to explode into her sopping pussy. This was the first time she left him tied and gagged to the bed for the rest of the night only releasing him in the morning as she left for work.

Bruce had not been the only one to order new gear. Jane had also been inspired and had ordered several new corsets liking the way they enhanced her already wonderful figure and made her feel powerful every time she wore one. While she had been shopping for her new corsets she had found many items she had never seen before. Excitedly she had ordered them for Bruce to wear even if he didn’t want to as the feeling of being in control appealed to her and she had begun to feel addicted to it. Bruce, still hoping to switch positions more often had bought more items to use to try and tempt her into letting him dominate her sometimes. Even though he had been enjoying her taking charge and didn’t mind letting it stay that way if the current trend continued of them having incredible sex he still wanted to be in control sometimes.

Now several months later Bruce sat in a kitchen chair in his leather shorts with his cock and balls aching. He flexed him arms inside the leather arm sleeve and chewed on the gag keeping him silent. He sat wondering how he had gotten into this situation as he looked down at his throbbing feet. His feet were now encased in leather and held in the en-point position forcing him to walk on his toes as he fought the short chain attached to the cuffs around his ankles.

Jane’s dominant attitude had continued to grow and Bruce spent more time in ever increasing strict bondage. Jane had found his stash of bondage gear he had purchased for her. During the few times he was allowed to dominate her she had requested he use the gear she had found including the toe boots he had bought for her. She had only worn them briefly during the time she had allowed him to make love to her and only tested walking in the boots once while he helped her stumble around the bedroom realizing just how limiting they were. The first time she had Bruce lace her into her corset before she left for work surprised him, then every day since he had laced her corset before her leaving. The morning ritual quickly turned into him being left with his wrists and ankles cuffed together then the gag was added being locked in place before she waved goodbye and drove off leaving him cuffed and gagged for the day.

The night she locked the chastity tube on him making sure it was fitted very tight and locked securely she then teased his restrained body while his swelling cock turned red while it fought the steel surrounding it making him whine. She had left him helpless to watch TV then returning to lie next to his bound body. Jane slept soundly through the night while he fought for air around the large gag and desperately tried to keep his cock from swelling all night.

The next morning she dressed herself tightening her corset by using the hooks he had installed for her then slipped his shorts up his legs one at a time securing each back to the bed as she got the shorts over them. Tightening the hole in the shorts around the base of his cock and balls before lacing the cup tightly over the steel cage leaving only the tip of the cage sticking out so he could relieve himself. Jane cuffed his ankles together then forced his hands behind his back and locked them together. Bruce had not fought her because he was too exhausted and hoped she would release him but as she told him good bye he realized he would be left for the day bound, gagged and blind folded while his cock fought the steel and leather.

Bruce spent his first day bound struggling all day, his body began to ache making him fight the bounds holding him and waiting for his wife to return. That night Jane released his cock from its cage and teased and fucked him wildly before releasing him completely and allowing Bruce to shower and eat. Jane stood showing him the cock cage and telling him as he shook his head no that if he wouldn’t let her be in control of his cock he would never have her again. Relenting Bruce let his wife lock his cock and balls tightly into the steel. This action telling Jane he was truly submissive to her and acknowledging the same to himself.

The next few months went by with him becoming more and more submissive allowing Jane to keep the new steel cuffs around his ankles and wrists and his cock locked up constantly. Jane only removing the steel around his cock when she wanted him to service her then promptly locking him back up.

Jane purchased a new chastity tube, this one had a steel cage that would not only surround his cock keeping it in a much smaller state but it also tightly surrounded his balls splitting them and keeping them trying to squeeze through the small gaps in the cage. The part Bruce hated the most was the tube that she inserted into his cock giving him a strange sensation and keeping his cock aligned perfectly inside the small cage.

Bruce was now used to Jane dominating him and even had started to like being told what to do. Bruce learned to complete his list of daily chores with his hands cuffed together in front and his ankles chained a few inches apart and no longer fought with the large gag. He waited patiently for Jane to arrive home and served her dinner hoping she would have sex with him.

Now he was wondering what had happened it had been months since the last time Jane had fucked him. His cock had remained locked up along with his hands and ankles. His gag was only removed while Jane allowed him to eat and then was forced back into his mouth and locked again. Each night he spent chained to the foot board of the bed lying on the floor while she pleasured herself alone in the bed leaving him helpless to relieve his sexual frustration. Jane had added a blindfold during the days he was not expected to do any chores then began chaining him to something so he could not move all day while he waited for her.

When she added the armsleeve he was stunned at his submissiveness not resisting it at all. After a few days of her tightening it further trying to get his elbows to be able to touch she added the knee high toe boots leaving him struggling in pain. It was only then he began to wonder about his future and what she had planned.

Bruce had been under some kind of trance or something, he thought, maybe it was the lack of sexual satisfaction and the hope of receiving it but he had allowed himself to now be restrained in a armsleeve that got tighter every few days. The ballet boots that he was forced to walk in while she used the cane whip to make him walk in slow circles for her entertainment. Jane enjoyed watching his caged cock bounce while he pranced for her and listening to him grunting all while blindfolded and gagged. The final straw was when she strapped a vibrating cock to his face then tightly to her waist and forced him to fuck her while she lay back on the bed and climaxed several times. Bruce had almost suffocated from her fluids oozing onto his face and blocking his nose while he knelt between her legs struggling in his arm binder that she had attached to his ankle chain.

Bruce sits looking at his feet, his shoulders had stopped aching but now hurt worse than ever since Jane had tightened the sleeve until his arms and elbows now ground against each other. Bruce could do nothing but struggle desperately trying to ease the pain while he thought about his situation. The gag had not been removed in two days, Jane had been loosening the panel over his mouth and squirting a mixture past the gag in his mouth and then resealing it with the panel.

Jane talked about the new harness she had ordered for him that would make it unnecessary to remove the gag or blindfold again. She had made it sound like he should be happy about the new addition. His bathroom time had turned into pure torture having to perform enemas by himself with no hands having to rely totally on the equipment she had purchased and set up. Jane would change the quantity and the time he would have to hold it inside before he could evacuate his bowels as further entertainment for herself.

As Bruce sat thinking, thankful she had removed his blindfold but wondering how he could get her to understand he did not want to be bound forever but was helpless to stop his enforced slavery and wept as he wished he had never brought out this side of her. Bruce spent the next few days without the blindfold watching her get dressed each morning and then changing into her leather and punishing him before leaving him in an uncomfortable position as she went out with her friends. Each night he desperately tried to free himself finding she had indeed mastered the art of restraining him and could find no weakness in his bonds.

Bruce had been left unblindfolded again for the day and walked around the house now completely comfortable in the ballet boots thinking about how she had said that his new head harness should be in today. Jane letting him know he would no longer be free of the blindfold and making him think about how much bigger the gag would be. Increasing his feelings of dread fearing he would never be free again and no one would ever be able to help him. While he paced around he stopped in front of a window that did not have the curtains closed fully and saw someone staring in wide eyed and mouth hanging open. Bruce walked quickly to the window kneeling down and could see his long time friend Lara staring back at him.

Bruce stared at her until she finally yelled through the glass “Are you ok?” Bruce was stunned and continued to stare at her not believing she was there until she banged on the window and asked him again. Bruce shook his head no vigorously whining around the gag. Lara yelled “Let me in!” Bruce turned slowly and showed her his captive arms and hands turning back he hung his head as Lara gasped and yelled “I’ll get in somehow!” Lara disappeared from his sight but Bruce suddenly had hope and forced himself up to his pointed toes and began searching the house for an unlocked window or door. Catching sight of Lara once as she darted around the house after checking a window. Hearing a noise upstairs Bruce stood at the bottom and waited unsure if it was Lara or not but hoping.

Lara ran down the stairs and hugged Bruce “I knew her story was bull shit!” Lara said as she spun the elated man around inspecting his bonds. Pulling at the locks on his gag she quickly unstrapped then unlaced the arm binder as Bruce whined and groaned as he felt the pressure on his arms ease and the sleeve was finally pulled down. Lara cursed Jane when she saw the steel cuffs still locked around his wrists and asked if he knew where the keys were?

He grunted he did and led her to Jane’s office and pointed up leading Lara to a small box on the top shelf. Lara quickly sorted out the keys and had unlocked his gag and removed it then while she started on his wrists she asked what had happened. Bruce could not respond, the pain in his jaw was intense and he still couldn’t make intelligent sounds even as Lara worked to free his aching feet all he could do was moan. Bruce tip toed to the bathroom with Lara’s help. His leg muscles not allowing him to walk flat footed but he desperately wanted to soak himself in the hot water while he removed the shorts and unlocked his aching cock and balls.

Lara waited for Bruce looking around while he showered, Bruce stripped the restrictive shorts off and slowly removed the torturous cock and ball cage. Moaning as full blood flow returned to his cock letting the hot water ease his aching muscles while somewhere in the back of his mind he wished Lara would let him clean up then re-secure his bonds.

Dismissing that thought he began to plan his revenge on his wife making her suffer as he did while he moved out no longer believing she loved him and still unsure of her plans for him. After drying himself and noticing how sickly he looked probably having lost fifty or more pounds Bruce walked around the house looking for Lara. Finding an open door the led to the wine cellar he eased down the steps still needing to walk on his toes making him move very carefully down the steps. Reaching the bottom he could not find Lara in the small room and turned to go back up. Just as the thought that the room seemed smaller went across his mind one of the panels of the wall in the corner moved and Lara walked out seeing him she said “You won’t believe what I found!” She took Bruce’s hand and led him into the much smaller room showing him the steel cage behind the panel.

The room was barely five feet long and only three feet wide, had no windows and a large eyebolt had been set deep into the concrete. Lara said “I think this is where you were going to end up, forever”. Bruce stared at the tubes he knew were for long term evacuation of comatose patients bodily fluids because his company had produced them. Bruce also knew Lara was right and Jane had planned to lock him in the cage and leave him restrained and alone while she carried on with her life above.

Bruce knew he wouldn’t be strong enough to subdue Jane by himself and as he munched on some solid food he asked Lara to help him trap his wife. Lara agreed but said she would not be involved in anything lethal and Bruce assured her he had no intension of killing anyone just teaching her a lesson while he divorced her. The two quickly put together a plan and waited for Jane to come home. When Jane arrived she called for her puppy and waited for him to come to her. When he didn’t she yelled again and told him he was being bad and after she gave him his new present she would punish him for disobeying her.

Jane searched the house and found nothing finally noticing the open door to the cellar and went down the steps calling for Bruce. When she reached the bottom she felt hands grabbing her and wrenching her arms behind her back and could hear the ratchet sound of the handcuffs as they closed tightly around her wrists. Jane had started to struggle and yell when a plastic bag was pulled over her head and held tightly around her neck. Lara and Bruce watched her struggle for air until her body went limp and he quickly pulled the bag off leaving Jane unconscious on the floor. The two worked quickly as they undressed her then one laced the ballet boots on while the other laced the heavy leather corset closed. As soon as the corset was closed Bruce laced her leather arm binder onto her pulling it tight over the steel cuffs crushing her arms together under the thick leather.

Bruce sat back panting from all the effort as he watched Lara feed the two large phalluses into Jane’s pussy and ass then adjust and try to lock the steel chastity belt onto her. Lara had to ask Bruce to help her and the two squeezed the steel belt closed around her compressed waist. Lara laced Jane into the tight leather dress closing the lower opening making the hem tight around her ankles. Now Jane lay sealed inside two layers of tight leather with her arms behind her encased in an armsleeve that had been laced and now strapped tightly around her arms. The heavy leather straps had been pulled tightly over and around her chest making sure she had little movement in her welded together arms.

Bruce sat holding the ball gag ready to strap it around Jane’s head when Lara found the box Jane had been carrying and showed the head harness trainer to him. The ball attached to the thick panel that would cover his entire lower face was huge. The harness had so many straps he couldn’t even count them as he studied the blindfold riveted to them. Bruce noticed all the buckles were locking and saw Lara hold up a hand full of locks.

Bruce grunted as he stuffed the large ball into Jane’s mouth making even the semi unconscious woman groan from the stretching of her jaw. Bruce began to buckle each strap almost in tears knowing what she had intended to do to him. Lara had gone upstairs and retrieved the neck corset and leather hood and returned as Bruce was retightening the straps grunting as he pulled each one tight and locked it. Lara could see Jane’s skin puckering out from under the straps and knew he had tightened them incredibly tight and felt her pussy tingle a little as she dreamt of being the one held so tightly by all the leather.

Lara handed the hood to Bruce who took it and laced it tightly before locking the straps that ran both vertically and horizontally. He sat back to rest his weakened body and Lara moved in and wrapped the neck corset/hood around her neck. The added leather already around her head and neck from the dress, harness and hood allowed Lara to tighten the neck corset very tight. All the tight leather Forced Jane to breathe only through her nose as it covered the panel of the gag sealing it even tighter against her lips. Jane was starting to wake up as Lara locked another pair of handcuffs tightly around her ankles and she and Bruce watched the bound woman wake and struggle on the floor as she tried to figure out what was happening.

Lara and Bruce went to the cell making sure she had what she needed to survive. The two talked about giving her a few days with the hood and dress before removing it. With those items removed Jane would be able to drink from the container hung from the ceiling and use the toilet like she had forced Bruce to do for so long. Jane continued to struggle, but her growls were more like whimpers now as she found she was fully restrained and was desperately trying to find a way out.

Bruce and Lara heaved Jane to her pointed toes and forced her to walk into the cell. Once inside Bruce spoke loudly telling her she was going to be treated just like she had been treating him. Bruce continued yelling that maybe in a few months he might release her but until then she would remain in the cell she had intended for him. Bruce was now mad she had betrayed his trust taking the chain and locked it around the support beam over her head then locked it under the straps for the arms sleeve making sure she could not sit down. Jane would be forced to stand on her pointed toes during her entire time she was incarcerated guaranteeing she would master the toe boots before she was released. Bruce and Lara turned towards the door and walked out slamming the door on a whining Jane.

For the next few days Lara helped Bruce regain his strength and on the third day they visited the cell finding Jane whining and pacing around the cell. Bruce entered and unhooked the chain from the ceiling then removed the neck corset and hood before unlacing the dress and peeling it from Jane’s sweat covered body. He led her to the feeding device letting her take as much as she wanted before leading her to the toilet and telling her she knew how it worked and said this will be the last time I talk to you.

“When, if, I release you will no longer be my wife as I obviously haven’t been your husband in a long time”. Explaining he had found her e-mails and phone calls and had even talked to her current boyfriend. Bruce continued to tell his captive the bad news that he had already called his attorney and started the divorce proceedings. Cheerfully he added, since she will be unable to attend she will get nothing and if he decides to release her once it’s all done she will be happy just to gain her freedom.

Lara spent more time with Bruce while they arranged the divorce and staging things so people thought Lara was Jane allowing the divorce to be processed quickly. Lara finally confessed to Bruce she really wanted to be restrained like Jane was, not forever or anything but it really turns me on to think about being under someone’s control like that while being totally helpless. Bruce had never thought about Lara as more than a friend but in the last few weeks had become attached to her. Bruce now felt he could love her and soon the two were a couple. Lara spending many hours bound while she sucked his cock and Bruce making her take care of his bound soon to be ex wife and together they had begun to enjoy life again.

Two months later the divorce papers arrived Bruce and Lara had fallen deeply in love and had even had pity on Jane allowing her to be free of some of her bonds once in awhile. They regularly took her out of the cell and made her prance in her ballet boots in circles while they took turns whipping her enjoying the vision of his once tormentor now being the tormented. Jane had even been allowed to come up stairs once or twice and entertain them. They lashed her in different very stringent positions and told her if she found the keys they would release her. The pair watched Jane struggle desperately trying to find the elusive keys to her freedom. Lara especially liking the strict hog tie she placed Jane in and then begged to be put into one herself and the two writhed around on the floor grunting and panting as they bumped into one another for several hours while Bruce sat and watched.

Jane was defeated she no longer had any hopes of ever being released knowing she deserved what she was getting. Jane now only dreamed of being played with by her tormentors so she would at least know they were still there and she hadn’t been abandoned. Bruce gave Jane some fresh water with some sleeping pills in it and once she had fallen asleep he and Lara removed her restraints leaving the corset, boots and chastity belt on her. They dressed her in normal clothes and carried her to the car packing her tightly into the trunk. When Jane awoke she found her arms and head were free, she struggled to sit up feeling the tight corset and boots were still on her but she could tell she was no longer in the cell. She lay trying to open her eyes and after a few attempts they had adjusted to the light and she could see she was in a small apartment. Jane tried moving her arms but they were to weak so she stood and walked around the neat apartment finding a letter on the table and sat down to read it.

The letter explained she had been away on a trip for five months, her company had agreed to her one month sabbatical but during that time she had contracted a foreign disease and had only recently been allowed to return to the states. During the first part of the trip she had divorced her husband and moved into her new apartment and now lived alone. Jane sat looking at the divorce papers seeing Bruce got all their property and most of their savings leaving her with few options but to return to work and rebuild her nest egg. In another note she read a story about what happened to a lady who had treated her husband like a slave and then tried to stop him from leaving. Understanding the plot and events described in it was about what she had done to him and what he would do to her if she caused him any trouble.

Jane decided right then to leave Bruce alone as to not cause any more difficulties. The tight chastity belt and corset would remain locked onto her for another year before she received the keys to them. Jane released herself only to order several more corsets locking the steel around her waist twenty four seven. The lack of a social life and any distractions had made her concentrate on her career. Jane had already regained the respect and position she once had and didn’t want to jeopardize what she had worked so hard for. Since she was out of the marriage anyway and that had been the end goal she was happy to move on with her life even though she continued to have desires to be back in the cell and to be used as entertainment for Bruce and Lara for years.

Lara and Bruce spent many years together, Lara spending more and more time bound under Bruce’s control. Lara had mastered the toe boots and had begged to begin corset training, eventually wearing both twenty four seven. Occasionally Lara would tie Bruce to the bed or a chair and make love to him then she would quickly release him. Bruce would still begin to feel anxious if left tied to long and Lara understood why and didn’t push him preferring to be under his control. Lara cared for him deeply and loved the fact that he trusted her enough to let her tie him at all after what he had been through. Neither of them ever heard from Jane again but kept tabs on her making sure she stayed away from them until they were married and chose to leave her alone, never forgetting the past and grateful for the final outcome.

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