Desert Chronicles

by Zephyr

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Storycodes: MM; M/f; surprise; gift; naked; bond; rope; spreadeagle; gag; cartrunk; cons; X

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5: His Birthday Present

Don was waiting out in front of his house, just as Nel and I had asked him to. I pulled up in front of his family's house in my small pickup truck, out near one of the edges of the small desert town where we all lived. Mid-summer, and even though it was about an hour before sunset it was hot, still over 90 degrees. Even in the middle of the night it wouldn't be below 80. Don looked slightly confused, and sort of bored as he watched me park. Earlier when we called, he said he didn't have any plans. Boy, was his night going to get much more interesting for him real, real quick.

I was about eighteen and a half, Don would be eighteen day after tomorrow, and Nel, she was wildly in the middle of seventeen. I popped out of the truck and walked over to where Don stood, waiting as requested.

"What's up? Where's Nel?" Don asked as I shook his hand. "She said you would be dropping off her birthday present to me." He gestured at my hands, which were only at that point still holding the keys to my truck. Inwardly, I almost couldn't keep myself from chuckling. He'd find out in a few minutes. Big time.

"You know," I began, "I think she likes you…"

"Yeah…" Don replied, but didn't go further

Nel and I had been an item for a long time, but we weren't any more. We had spent about four years of dating through most of our middle teen years, but about six months ago Nel and I had finally both seen that it wasn't going to work, and we'd been pretty peacefully apart since then. Neither of us had found anyone, I was still without an interest, and Nel had recently decided she was done being alone and had set her sights on Don. Nel and I were still deep, deep friends, and with all that we'd done together and to each other we'd not be any different for a long, long time, but we both knew and accepted that the larger part was over.

Nel was interested in Don now, and she'd tried in several ways to get to him. We'd handcuffed the two of them together in the back of my truck one time when a bunch of people had piled into the back of my truck for a trip to a nearby park (I was driving, but they were reportedly kissing up a storm by the time we arrived). Nel and I couldn't figure out why he was holding back, maybe because he thought it would drive a wedge between him and I, maybe he was just shy, or maybe for some other reason. But I knew he wasn't gay, and from long experience I also knew that when Nel wanted something, she usually found a way to get it. And she wanted Don. And if this stunt here didn't break through his shell, nothing would. Lucky bastard!

"Well, let me show you your birthday present from Nel." I began as I walked with him to the back of my truck. "She apologizes that there isn't anything to unwrap but she figures you can enjoy the gift despite that. She really wanted to give this to you for your birthday."

My camper shell had a carpeted floor with plywood to support it, and dark plexiglass all around except for in back where the plastic was clear. Don gasped as he caught sight of what was inside. Lying flat on her back on the carpeting, naked as the day she was born and tied spread-eagle by her wrists and ankles to the corners of the truck bed, was Nel. She had a bandanna gag in her mouth, and was only slightly sweating from the heat of the truck. Her white, almost alabaster skin was a marked contrast to the long, dark curled black hair pooled around her head and the matching patch clearly visible between her legs, her slim toned body clearly visible and spread wide open, long legs visible and like her arms spread to the sides of the truck bed. Everything was exposed, her hips twitching a little for some reason.

She struggled a little as she heard us come up to the back of the truck, then catching sight of Don and I, she relaxed and lay still. Don stared wild-eyed at Nel, then at me, then at her again.

"But…" he began.

"Talk to her about it." I stated flatly. "It was her idea; I'm just providing the vehicle." I handed him the keys as I looked around to confirm no one was around to overhear this part of the conversation. "She wants you to drive her up into the hills somewhere real private, and please drive carefully, because, no, she can't get loose on her own. Once you're there, take off all your clothes and climb in back and enjoy your birthday present. She says she had her period last week, so there's no need for condoms, and the only thing she really wants is, and I quote, "to feel you come deep inside of me." Of course, she realizes that in her current condition that's totally up to you.

"She's got some clothes in the passenger seat floorboard, that yellow tube dress if you two don't spend all night up in the hills, and the clothes she needs to be wearing when she gets back home. She's told her folks she's out with Cyndi, and that they were planning to go down the hill to go see a movie and will be out late, like maybe until 1 AM, but she wants you to know that if she doesn't make it back home tonight Cyndi will cover for her.

Don was speechless, so I continued. "I'm going to walk to the mall, then catch a bus home. I'll be by tomorrow after work to pick up the truck." I smiled a wolfish grin as I started to walk away. "Happy Birthday, Don."

And then I walked away.


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