His Pony

by Techie

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© Copyright 2002 - Techie - Used by permission

Storycodes: MM/ff; pony; bondage; cons; XX

His pony
By Techie

It is no secret that Techster, my husband, and player of kinky games for the past 30+ years enjoys a new challenge.
Last week we were partying at a friend’s farm and his wife, Jenine, and I suggested that since we had never done it we wanted to be “pony girls” for a day. Of course our husbands were eager to help us. Even before we undressed they started talking about tails, dressing, bridles and harnesses.

Techster with our hosts’ permission cut about 2 feet of hair off one of our guests draft horse’s tail. Then he divided the hair into two smaller tails, wrapped about 6 inches of the hair with thread and tied some thin line through the end of the “tail”. He was really creative and as our hostess and I were undressing and playing with making bridles and bits he and our host were busy melting canning wax and dipping the tied end of the tails in it until they were built up to about ¾ of an inch in diameter. They made certain to taper each end and bend the tail so it would point up like a show pony’s tail when “installed”. They cooled the wax that held the tails together, lubed them and our hostess and I bent over as our tails were installed. 

Next they modified two wide leather belts with smaller belts on each side. The belts were buckled around our waist, a small piece of rope was tied around the belt to hold our tails in place. Our hands were put in heavy socks that were then covered with duct tape and our wrists were secured in the smaller belts with both a buckle and a small lock. Techster and our host laughed as they watched us parade around with our tails flowing.

Now both ponies were given training gags that had been modified with a piece of dowel through the middle that had eyebolts on each end for attachment of the reins. The other pony and I were closely tied to a hitching post so we were bent over. Techster and our host tied two pieces of rope to the front of our restraint belts. They inserted an egg type vibrator in us and pulled the rope tightly up into our sex, on either side of our clits. This was to tease us as we walked and make certain the vibrator would stay in place.The wire for the vibrator was led up our backs and the control boxes were duct taped to our backs just below our necks. Before they left for another project they turned the vibrators on full power. 

Out of the corner of my eye I could see Techster and our host were busy drilling holes in an old pair of lace hiking boots. They pop riveted small pony shoes to each boot. Jenine and I danced around at the hitching post as the rope that pressed against our clits as the vibrators teased us from within. Our feet were lifted, cleaned, fresh thick hiking socks were put on each foot and the boots were laced up. We were freed to walk around the corral as our husbands admired our hoof prints. Jenine found a small sapling as started rubbing it into her crotch to try and get an orgasm. I followed suit.

Techster and Jenine’s husband, Jerry, grabbed the reins on our bridles and led us into a small stable with clean straw on the floor. “There that should keep you two out of trouble.”  He laughed as our reins were tied loosely to the hitching post in the stable. Then Techster said, “Ponies this good looking need to be properly branded so they don’t get lost.”

Jenine looked at me with a frightened look. I put me head next to hers and mumbled as best I could, “It’s not that bad. Techster has my brand on his right butt. I’ve always wanted his brand on me. I guess its time. Don’t worry Techster had me use a “cold brand. That means the iron is heated in boiling cooking oil as opposed to being red hot from a fire. If we are lucky they will switch our spank our butts hard before branding and according to Techster we won’t even feel it. By the way I registered my brand with the state. Legally Techster is my property, my livestock.”
Jenine calmed down and mumbled, “I’m horny as all hell, can you get me off?”
“I’ll try” I knelt down in front of her and began working her clit over with the end of my bridle. Her moist sex smelled sweet as she finally trembled through an orgasm.
“My turn” I mumbled as I stood up. 

Jenine knelt down and began working over my sex with the end of here bridle and I shook as an orgasm ran through me. It is amazing when you are restrained just how much stronger orgasm feels when you can do nothing but stand and enjoy it.
Techster came into the stable, untied our reins and led us out into the open paddock. We looked around to discover the other guests at the party were watching us.Both Jenine and I were embarrassed and tried to go back to the stable, but Techster’s superior strength and riding crop prevailed and we trotted submissively to the side of the show ring where the metal stocks that held horses while they are being shod was located. 

I was pulled into the cold metal rack, bent over and the pipes with the bend for my neck closed tightly around my neck. Next my feet were pulled back and tied outward. I could not move. Apparently our husbands had agreed to swap duties preparing us for branding as he stood holding my head as someone laid a heavy strap across my back and buttocks.
Techster whispered in my ear, “Be a good pony now. Time for the brand.”

The strapping had done its job and stood still and submissively accepted the brand. It stung, but did not really hurt. Actually I thought it hurt less than my only tattoo did. The neck clamp was released and I was turned loose to run around the ring. I turned and watched as Jenine was prepared and then branded. With our reins and tails flapping we two ponies paraded around the ring for all to see. Unlike Techster, I am hesitant to go nude in public. I consider myself not too good looking in the nude, but remember I am nearly 60 years old. My breasts are still perky meaning they do not sag, but I do have a few wrinkles here and there and a bit if a tummy. There was no reason for Jenine or myself to be embarrassed, although were both naked, except for the pony tack, our condition was beyond our control. We had accepted a power exchange and given our husbands control over us.

A pair of pony carts were brought into the ring. Jenine and I were harnessed up with full rock climbing harnesses. Techster and Jerry took the reins and rode in the carts as we pulled them around the ring. The corral gate was opened and Jenine and I pulled our husbands to the picnic grove. The path was smooth. The up hill part of the trail was a struggle, but with a not too gentle touch of the whip, Techster “helped” me find the strength to make the hill.

Techster unhitched me from the cart, removed my bridle and harness, attached a clip and line to my nose and led me to a picnic bench. He seated me, caressed my hair, fondled my breasts and sex. He gave me a deep kiss followed by some wine and cheese. “You looked great out there! I hope I didn’t hurt you to much with the whip.”

“Nope your whip work was great, not too much pain, just enough to help me find the strength to make the grade. When its your turn to be my ponyboy I hope I can be that a good a master.” His jaw dropped for a second, then he laughed and asked, “When?” 

I felt a little awkward sitting there with the tail rubbing my tail on the bench, the rope teasing my clit and the vibrator stirring up inside me. I relaxed as I thought, “How lucky, I am to be helpless, horny, branded and caressed by the man I love.” I leaned over and caressed his neck with my tongue.

As it turned out there were several of our friends who wanted to be ponies too, so after eating Jenine and I were groomed for show. Our hair was put up in a tuft and our tails were lovingly brushed out by our husbands. After a brief explanation of how a “Show Pony” should act and what we do to various commands we competed in the show ring. The other women who were not ponies or related to any of the ponies acted as judges. My high stepping and tap dance routine (with pony boots on a piece of plywood that was lying on the ground) earned me “First in show”. 

It was fun if you haven’t been a pony you should try it. Of course it is a known fact that ponies work best for a master/trainer that they really love and trust.

After 30 + years of marriage I am truly blessed for my husband, Techster, is always willing to experiment and help me enjoy new experiences. Techster doesn’t know it, but I am now designing pony gear for him.
Jenine and I each want our own ponyboy.