His Once More

by Lobo De La Sombra

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© Copyright 2005 - Lobo De La Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; sbf; naked; bond; cuffs; gag; submission; posture; arousal; rom; cons; X

Sitting quietly in the car, she looked toward the house she hadn’t seen in so long. Dark in the early morning stillness, its quiet bulk stirred an uneasiness within her. As if unbidden, her hand rose to touch the collar she’d placed around her neck at his command, a mark of submission impossible to disguise. Beside her, she could feel his eyes watching her, and, with an effort of will, let her hand drop back into her lap. She felt more than saw his quiet nod. Following his lead, she exited the car, waiting as he collected her bag, then following him to the house.

“I’m going to the kitchen,” he told her as he unlocked the door. “You will go upstairs, undress, and put on the things you’ll find on the bed. Then you will kneel on the bed and await me.”

“Yes, Master,” she replied softly as the door clicked open.

Without another word, he stepped into the house. She followed, then turned and slowly mounted the stairs. Entering his room, she felt for the switch, flooding the room with light. As her eyes took in the items left for her on his bed, she wondered if she was ready for this. But it had taken her two years to reach this point, two long years to find herself back in this place. There was no way she could turn back now.

Unsure how long he would remain downstairs, she undressed quickly, then approached the bed. With trembling fingers, she lifted the leather cuffs, stroking them softly as memories flooded her mind. How many times before had she felt the soft caress of these cuffs? Slowly, but with the sureness of memory, she wrapped the cuffs around her wrists and ankles, clicking shut the locks that held them closed. Then she reached for the final item.

Raising her hands, she drew the strap around her head, feeling the short penis shape enter her mouth. Fastening the buckle, she lowered her hands, eyes closed as the memories surged through her. In her mind, she saw herself held helpless by these bonds, moaning into this gag as her Master brought her to the edge of release, the edge of madness. Lost in her memories, she could feel the dampness grow between her thighs. Her nipples, so sensitive to only his touch, grew hard in anticipation.

Moving slowly, she knelt in the center of the bed. After a glance toward the door, her eyes closed, and the memories returned. She could feel his hands on her, his mouth, his body. She felt the control that only he wielded, the ability he held to draw any response he desired from her body, her soul. And she wondered how she had lived without this for so long.

Unbidden, a flush crept over her face as she remembered. Two years ago, she had left him, had cast him from her life, believing she no longer needed him. Now she knew, or perhaps she always had known, how great a fool she had been. The emptiness, that aching void in her life where his strength and control had always been, had turned her life into a hollow pretense of happiness. For two long years, she had hidden from herself, from her need. Finally, it had become too much, and she had called him.

To her great surprise, he had agreed to meet with her. She had come to him, hiding nothing, prepared to give herself completely. This was, he had told her, her final chance, and she would do anything to make it work this time.

In the silence, the sound of the door opening seemed unusually loud. Her eyes flashed open, and she watched him enter. He gazed at her silently, and his approving smile made her melt inside. Unbidden, her knees spread, opening and offering herself to him in all ways. Her hands moved to the small of her back, as if awaiting the chain that would connect her cuffs, granting her the helplessness she craved at his hands.

“It would appear you still know how to obey,” he said softly.

She nodded, unsure if she could have spoken, even without the gag she wore. As his eyes roamed her body, she found herself kneeling straighter, back stiff, chest thrust out, presenting herself to his eyes.

“Shall we see what else you remember?” At his words, her heart began to pound. Helpless before him, she submitted quietly as he moved her to lie on her back, then drew up her feet and attached her ankle cuffs to those on her wrists, rendering her body as helpless as her heart had always been before him.

Slowly, his hands moved over her body, bringing on feelings and sensations she thought she would never experience again. Eyes closed, she reveled in her helplessness, her submission.

When his touch left her, her eyes opened. At the sight of him removing his clothing, she smiled behind her gag. He would take her, mark his claim on her through her own moans and sighs. Her friend, her lover, her Master, he would make her his in mind and body, heart and soul. As she always had been.

As she always would be.