His Little Beauty

by Lobo De La Sombra

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© Copyright 2001 - Lobo De La Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; lap; tease; dungeon; bond; x-frame; cuffs; tease; denial; dream; cons; X

“Hello, my beauty.”

Smiling, she began her reply, then stopped as she saw His eyebrow begin to rise. Flushed with shame, silently berating herself for forgetting His wishes, she slipped quickly into His lap before smiling shyly up into His eyes.

“Hello, Sir.”

For a moment, He simply gazed at her, then He smiled and drew her to Him, cradling her gently in His arms.

“Much better, hon,” He said in His gentle voice. “you’re learning.”

“i hope so, Sir,” she replied softly. “i know You prefer i greet You from the warmth of Your lap, and i so hate to disappoint You.”

“I know you do, my beauty.” His smile, more even than His encouraging words, warmed her heart as she cuddled contentedly in His lap.

As the evening passed, and T/they spoke quietly of many things, her eyes never left Him. Every smile, every touch of His hand on her, brought her feelings of pleasure and happiness she would never have thought possible before she met this Man. Here, in His lap, she felt her happiness was finally complete, she was soon to learn how wrong she was.

When He slipped her from His lap and rose, she watched in confusion. Had she done something wrong? He had never ended T/their time together so soon. Then, as He took her hand and led her from the room, her confusion began to turn to worry. Was He sending her away? What had she done?

“Sir?” her voice trembled slightly.

“Yes my beauty?”

“Where……. where are W/we going?”

“It’s a surprise.” At His smile, she relaxed somewhat, yet her worry remained until He ushered her into a room she’d not seen before. As she looked around, she wasn’t sure if she felt thrilled or terrified.

The room was set up as a dungeon. Toys and implements of bondage stood in various places around the room, or hung in ordered rows in open cabinets along the walls. Nervously, her eyes roamed the room, then turned uncertainly to meet His.


His smile was as gentle as always, but His voice held that tone of command she had never been able to deny. At His command, she quickly removed her clothes, standing naked before Him. Even in her nervousness, she felt a warm thrill of pleasure at the way His eyes seemed to caress her.

With His hand on her arm, He guided her to a frame mounted on the wall. Nervous, more than a little afraid, but trusting in Him, she made no protest as He secured her to the cuffs mounted on the frame. When He finally stepped back, she found herself standing with legs spread, arms spread over her head. A few tentative tugs quickly convinced her that she was going nowhere until He chose to release her. As her sense of helplessness at His hands filled her, she was amazed to find herself growing steadily more aroused. her whole body seemed to grow more sensitive, and she found herself hoping He would touch her.

For what seemed an endless time, though, He simply watched as she explored the sensation of helplessness, and also the feelings that helplessness called forth in her. His smile seemed to say He knew exactly what she was feeling, and the sense of Him knowing her so well brought a flush to her face, a flush of pure pleasure.

Finally, He stepped toward her. With His hands, His lips, he explored her exposed helplessness, and every touch seemed to only increase her sense of helplessness, as well as her arousal. Slowly, she found herself wanting, then yearning, for more. Finally, she looked to Him, her lips parting to say she knew not what, but the look in His eyes halted her words even before they began.

In those eyes, she saw a need and a desire as great as her own. And the sight sent thrills of almost physical pleasure sweeping through her. He wanted her. Just the thought made her feel almost dizzy with delight.

When He finally stepped back and began removing His clothes, she thought she would explode with mixed joy and need. her head seemed to float dizzily, and a buzzing grew in her ears as she watched Him approach. her eyes fastened on the most visible sign of his desire, and she felt herself growing faint, even as the buzzing sound seemed to grow louder and louder, until it drowned out all around her………………..

With a soft groan, she rolled over and slapped at the alarm clock, ending the irritating buzzing that had awakened her. For long moments, she lay there, quietly savoring the feelings of her dream. Then, reluctantly, she rose to begin another day. Yet, even as she dressed, her eyes strayed often to her bed, and she began counting the hours until, in her dreams, she would be His little beauty once again.