The Hiker

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2007 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; kidnap; leather; latex; vr; nc; XX

Talk about being handed a gift on a platter or an offer I just couldn’t refuse.  It was only three weeks since I had cleared my ‘workshop’ of the last project.  My bank accounts were in a very healthy state and I wasn’t even thinking about a new project until, that is, I saw the hiker.

She didn’t blatantly have her thumb out, but was obviously looking for a ride.  Standing on the edge of the sidewalk with her, I guessed 5’2”, body screaming for attention.  I ran the picture through my mental computer.  Pale blue flowered halter top, very tight denim short shorts, new looking running shoes and a small white box purse.  Over her left shoulder a half empty backpack completed the picture of an elfin like girl in her late teens or early twenties.

Dark hair, in an easily handled cut just above her shoulders, had a slight reddish tinge and there was a slash of crimson across her lips.

All this had only taken me a few seconds to see and digest, a couple more and I decided to make a move.  Gift horses should never be ignored. (I think there is a badly mixed metaphor in there.)

Easing the Cadillac over to the curb I triggered the passenger window.

It was a warm late summer day and I was not even close to being in Domme mode.  My dress was short sleeved with a full knee length skirt.  The top couple of buttons at my throat were open; a three strand necklace of big red costume beads along with a wide red leather belt around my waist accented the gleaming white linen of the dress.   Sandals, with a 3” heel, were a matching red.

That is what the girl saw as she bent her knees slightly to look through the window.  Nothing to worry her, nothing to be afraid of and me smiling sweetly.

“Are you looking for a ride?”

“Yeah.  I mean, yes please, I have to get away from here.”

“Well get in and we’ll talk as we go.”

She opened the door and climbed in, dumping the backpack on the floor between her legs, then looked at me expectantly.

“I don’t move the car until you have your seat belt hooked up.”

She reached over her shoulder and pulled the strap across to snap the metal tongue in its socket.  Right girl, I thought, now you are mine.

A quick look around told me there was, first very little traffic and second no pedestrians paying any interest.   It took less than two minutes to clear the village  then we were on a tree lined country road with farmland on each side.

“Now, two questions, do you have a name and where are you going?”

‘Thanks, my name is Shannon and I don’t care as long as it is as far away from here as possible.”

I turned right on to a better road that, in less than 20 miles, would let me pick up the interstate south at Merrill.  My trip up to Canada to visit one of my bank accounts had been leisurely and on the way back from Manitoba I stayed at a couple of B&B’s.   I was just enjoying the beautiful scenery and letting the nose of the Caddie find its own way towards home.

“Well I’m heading quite a way south so you’re welcome to ride with me.  What was so bad about that ‘blink and you miss it’ village?”

I glanced over and Shannon seemed to be hugging herself as if she was cold then she whispered, “My uncle.”

It was time to get things under control before hitting the highway and having to really concentrate on driving.  I slowed, pulled over to the soft shoulder and popped the trunk.

“I have a cooler with drinks in the trunk, what would you like orange or apple juice?”

“Apple, please.”

I fiddled in the trunk until there was no traffic in either direction then moved around to the passenger side.  Shannon lowered the window then reached for the bottle of juice.  As she looked up to thank me I gave her a quick puff of the aerosol anesthetic.  It only takes one breath to take effect and she relaxed against the seat belt shoulder strap, out cold.

Un-clipping the belt I let her slump forward, closed the door and drove about a hundred yards to where I had seen a grove of trees.  Sure enough there was a place to back the car out of sight.

She was such a pixie.  By the time I had her wrists and ankles wrapped in ¼” white cotton cord and then joined them together in a simple hogtie Shannon fit nicely on the floor under the dash.  A couple more turns of the cord around the floor posts of the passenger seat would minimize any movement when she woke up.  I had thrown her backpack on the rear seat and then, after strapping a nice big ball gag in her mouth, covered her with a light blanket and got moving again.

The blanket had two purposes; because the air conditioning was on I didn’t need my new guest to end up with a chill and, once on the interstate, passing truckers could conceivably look down through the window.  In my business you can’t be too careful!

Three and a half hours later, after very carefully pushing the speed limit, I turned in the long driveway of my summer home.  Shannon had been wriggling under the blanket for the last fifty miles, making mewling noises around the gag.

I pulled in the garage next to the SUV and took a moment to stretch before going in the house.  In a few minutes I was back and pulling the blanket off the girl.  She had no way to resist as I worked the tight black rubber hood over her head.  It had holes that I lined up with her nostrils but otherwise the fabric was unbroken.   Of the two attached straps I pulled the one over her mouth as tight as I could forcing the ball gag even deeper in her mouth; the other buckled at the back of the neck sealing the hood but not tight enough to interfere with her breathing.

Releasing the hogtie, leaving a fairly short hobble between her ankles, I hauled her out of the car and upright.  Surprisingly, she managed to try and pull out of my grasp showing a lot of strength for such a small girl.  However, the advantage was all mine since her wrists were tied behind her back and she couldn’t see what she was doing through the black rubber hood.  On top of that I was a good six inches taller and thirty pounds heavier.

Pulling down her halter to reveal a pert pair of breasts I pinched each nipple between my fingers and twisted in opposite directions until she sank to her knees.

The struggling stopped but she needed a further lesson.  Using the ¼” cord I formed a slip knot and pulled a loop tight around the base of her left breast, fed it around her left arm just above the elbow then back across under her breasts, around her right arm and then tied it off around her right breast.

Yanking hard on the cord pulled her upper arms around until they almost touched her tits and forced her still bound wrists tightly against the small of her back.  Her breasts started changing colour.

This time, when pulled to her feet, she stood still panting through the nose holes in the hood.

I led her, shuffling against the hobble, through into the house and downstairs to my equipment room.

Even though she was under control, and I badly wanted something to eat and drink, there was one other thing that just had to be done first.  I never could stand the sight of a good looking woman in running shoes unless they were exercising; Shannon’s had to go.

Tripping her to the floor I removed the offending items and checked the size before throwing them in the garbage.  No problem, I had just what was needed and selected a pair of knee high black rubber boots with 5” heels from my collection.  Hey, we might as well colour co-ordinate with the hood.

When they were laced I just tied her ankles together and left her lying where she was.

A good meal later, with some saved for my newest project, I changed to an intimidating leather cat suit and stiletto knee boots before going back to look after Shannon.

First things first.  I untied her ankles and pulled the jean shorts, with the pair of plain white cotton panties under them, down her legs to join the sneakers in the garbage.  Cutting off the halter I threw that away.

When I wrapped my hand through the cords between her breasts and lifted slightly Shannon immediately got the idea by shifting up on her knees and then standing to wobble on the high heels of the boots.

Using the cord as a ‘come along’, but also for support because she obviously wasn’t used to heels that high, I guided her to the washroom then turned her and pushed down until she sat on the toilet.

Almost immediately she was relieving herself and I guessed that Shannon had been clamping down on her bladder for quite some time.  That problem looked after I led the girl over to a heavy straight-backed chair, removed all the cords except around her wrists and used them to tie her in the chair.  I pulled her legs back on either side of the seat, tying her ankles to the back legs and then removed the hood.

Brushing the damp hair off her face I placed a hand on either cheek so she had no choice but to look up at me.

“You, young lady, will decide what happens next.  I can remove the gag and give you something to eat and drink just as long as you don’t start peppering me with questions.  They will be answered as we progress.  One word from you and the gag goes back in for another few hours.  Now blink once if you understand.”

The tear filled eyes studied me and then blinked.

I don’t know when she had eaten last but began to suspect it was the day before when she finished everything I put in her mouth and, finally, got to drink the bottle of apple juice.

After clearing away the dirty dishes I snapped a pair of handcuffs through the chair back and around her wrists so I could remove the cord binding them to make sure that circulation was not becoming a problem.

While eating my own meal I had been through her purse and backpack and that gave me some information about the attractive young lady in front of me.

“Now, I have some questions for you and then will answer yours.  Let’s start with your answer to my question when we met.  You said the reason you wanted to get away was your uncle.  Explain.”

She was nineteen and had been living with Aunt Laura, her mother’s sister, since her parents divorce when she was sixteen.  Laura’s husband started hitting on her sexually when she turned eighteen but she held her own until he got drunk and raped her two weeks ago.

The day before he was drinking again and she had run out of the house with just the clothes she was wearing, grabbing the backpack on the way.

It was a tough story and I almost felt sorry for her but I had a business to run.

A few more questions prompted the information that she had not been a virgin before the rape having lost that part of herself on a fumbling, painful and very unsatisfying occasion with a boy from high school.

By the time she finished her eyes were drooping and her words becoming slurred as the sedative in the food took effect.  It had been a long day and I didn’t need the hassle of a struggle as I outfitted her for the night.

I must be getting soft but decided to let her have a fairly comfortable first night in my custody, God knows it might be her last one.

With Shannon stretched out on the bed the first item was a simple adult diaper.  No plugs, I wanted her awake when I introduced those.  A tightly laced heavy rubber leg sheath followed tight latex panties.  The sheath clamped her legs together from ankle to crotch.  The boots stayed on.

Even the rubber straight jacket buckled at the back with her arms crossed in front.  My preference was to have the arms behind the back because it created a lot more tension but I really was going easy on the girl.

A black rubber body bag covered her from toe to neck and had roller buckled straps every 12” or so.

The short penis gag had a hole through the middle; the earplugs were rubber as were the nostril tubes.  I laced the rubber hood over her head connecting it to the neck of the body bag.  A nice tight strap had a metal ring over the middle of her mouth to allow air through the gag.

A couple of straps held Shannon to the bed and I turned up the sound monitor before heading upstairs to my four-poster with its satin sheets.  I had taken a few minutes to put some feelers out on the computer to my market; the morning would be time enough to see if there were any bites. 

The next morning a quick check found Shannon breathing evenly, I think she was still sleeping, and I made myself a coffee before settling in front of the computer.  There were three bites already.  One I instantly deleted because it was from a known sadist who had been ostracized by those in my profession.  We were no angels but he was a disgrace.  The second was from a contact in South America but, typically, she did not want to meet my price.

The third contact was worth following up and I did.  It was from a Domme on the west coast.  Her partner of several years had decided to stop acting as a switch and no longer wanted to take the sub’ role in their play.  They needed a submissive to use in their bondage and fetish gear games and they would prefer one who would not be constantly fighting against her treatment.

We finalized the deal with a substantial bonus because it would be three or four weeks until the transfer could be completed and I agreed to use that time for an aggressive training program of the ‘merchandise’.

I knew the necessary programs were in my files and, with what I knew about Shannon, it was fairly certain that she should be receptive.

With just one fumbling experience in high school and then a rape to remember as her experience with males, I was confident that I could take advantage of those happenings until she would come to equate being a submissive to females with sexual satisfaction.

Having made that decision there was no time like the present to put things in motion.

The almost imperceptible movements as she strained against her sleeping outfit and the grunts coming though the gag tube made it clear that she was awake.  I knew two things for sure.  One, she would be thirsty and two, she would be scared out of her mind.  Remembering what had happened the day before and now unable to move, hear, see or speak Shannon urgently needed some gentle attention.

Normally I wouldn’t give a damn because most of my clients just wanted a plaything whether willing or not.  But, in this case, I had agreed to provide one who accepted their fate.

The girl’s body became completely still as I rested my leather gloved hand on her head and gently stroked it while my other hand rested on her breast.  The grunts softened to moans and, even through the rubber and straps, I felt some of the tension leave the straining muscles.

Moving one hand to the back of her neck I lifted her head and, taking a squeeze bottle of water from the nightstand, sent a small spurt into the hole of the penis gag.  When she handled that without difficulty I continued until she swallowed half of the bottle.

That done I stripped the body bag, off leaving the hood in place and flipped her over.  Adjusting the sleeves of the straight jacket so that her arms now crossed behind her back I opened the zips allowing access to her breasts.

Removing the leg sheath I fitted a 2’ spreader bar between Shannon’s booted ankles.  A quick check showed that the diaper was sweaty but not soiled so I removed it and arranged her on her back with everything I needed completely accessible.

A plug went in the center hole of the penis gag and I made sure that she was getting air through the nostril tubes that poked out of the tight rubber covering her face and head.

After pulling on a pair of latex gloves I began working on her nipples until the small but firm breasts were clear of the jacket.  Then I moved one hand down to her crotch to gently start the process of letting Shannon experience her first orgasm.

Twenty minutes later it was tension born of frustration in the girl’s muscles and the air was whistling through the nose tubes.  Her nipples were rock hard and her clitoris poked out stiffly.  The fingers of my glove glistened with her juices as I stroked them between her lower lips.

Judging the moment I dipped a dildo in a jar of lubricant, to augment the moisture she was producing naturally, and rested the tip at the opening of her love tunnel.  Taking one of her nipples in my mouth I tongued the bud as I slid my other hand up towards her face.

Three things happened at the same time.  I jammed the dildo in until it was buried, pinched her clit between two fingers and covered the ends of the nose tubes with my thumb.

One, two, three, four, five seconds.  I counted off while her overloaded senses seemed to take stock of what was happening and then she exploded.

As her body arched off the bed until it was supported only by her head and heels I pulled my thumb away from blocking her air supply and sat back out of the way as she collapsed back down.

Waiting a few minutes for her breathing to become almost regular I started all over again.  This time it only took ten minutes to produce a similar reaction and, after taking out the plug in the gag, I left her to recover as best she could.

Half an hour later there was no resistance as I removed the hood, earplugs, nose tubes and gag.  The straight jacket and boots came off as well until she was naked except for a plastic tie holding her wrists crossed behind her back.

Shannon’s body was completely relaxed and her eyes didn’t open as I easily picked her up with an arm across her back and the other under her knees.  Her head, covered with matted hair, fell against my shoulder as I carried her through to the bathroom.

She remained somnolent all through the process of being bathed, having her hair shampooed, conditioned, dried and brushed.  Her eyes finally began to flutter as I worked the rubber covered ring gag behind her teeth.

Supporting her as she stumbled to the other room I let her fall forward on the bed then sat on her buttocks.  I released the plastic wrist tie, folded her hands into fists and laced on elbow length heavy leather bondage mitts.  Wide straps with D rings buckled around each wrist then I dragged her under the ceiling pulleys, clipped on the snap hooks, and hauled on the ropes until she was on tiptoe.

By the time I had a cuff around each ankle and tied off to floor rings she was coming fully back to her senses.  While I wasn’t certain where she had been mentally I did know it would have registered that she was completely helpless when she had gone to heights never experienced before.

I think that she then just shut down and, hopefully, let the feelings override  memories of her rape a couple of weeks ago.

The leather corset was heavily boned and covered from the armpits to the top of her buttocks.  Openings allowed those pert breasts to poke through and by the time I finished working the laces several times Shannon had a 19” waist.  That was only 5” down from her normal 34x24x32 but it was a start and I was after the feelings of confinement and tightness not trying to beat the record for a wasp waist.

After tightening the wide straps across her shoulders I released the hook holding her right arm above her head, twisted it down, around and then back up so I could fasten the wrist strap to the corset by the left shoulder blade.  The left arm followed and then a roller buckled strap locked the elbows against the small of her back.

I helped her sit on the rug and then introduced Shannon to thigh high ballet boots.  With those laced on I made her kneel, with her legs held wide apart by the floor rings, and pushed down on her neck until her forehead touched the floor.

Without any warning I shoved in a well lubricated medium sized butt plug.  The reaction to that was a loud squeal through the ring gag as she sat bolt upright.  Taking advantage of her motion I kept it going with a hand in the middle of her chest until she fell backwards and her shoulders hit the carpet.

The chastity cup covered her genital area and I pulled a strap through from the back of the corset, connected it to the front and yanked it tight.  Another strap around her upper thighs trapped it even more firmly in place.

Pulling Shannon to her feet until she was teetering on the toes of the ballet boots, I guided her over to the table and pushed the girl into a chair so I could feed her breakfast.

* * * *

It was just over two weeks later and the ping of the timer prompt on the computer program got my attention with a five minute warning.  Leaving my own computer I moved over towards the leather padded bench where Shannon was stretched out on her back.  Peeling off the only thing I was wearing, a big fluffy terrycloth robe, I studied the form so tightly laced in black leather.

The bench was narrow, less than the width of her shoulders.  I had laced her in the skintight cat suit then clamped her legs together in a double leg ballet boot while she was held in a standing position by a cord to the head harness.  That done I settled the top of the bench against her back and pulled her arms around it.  After lacing them into a single arm binder that locked them to the board I lowered her until the ends of the bench rested on two trestles 3’ off the floor.

Multiple straps, including one across her forehead, further immobilized Shannon.  The leather discipline helmet was already laced in place and covered the speakers installed in her ears.  A wide strip of leather was snapped over her mouth holding in the fat penis gag; what looked like a pair of ski goggles covered her eyes.  I say looked like because they had no lenses.

That had been over an hour ago and now the virtual reality program had reached the stage where I got to have some fun.

The monitor on a wheeled trolley behind Shannon’s head showed me exactly what the girl was seeing.  A tall redheaded female was walking towards her and, as she got closer, she started slowly opening the long black leather coat she wore.  Taking it off the figure stopped just long enough to drape it over a handy chair.

Under the coat the female wore a fitted light gray three button jacket.  It was trimmed with dark gray leather piping at the lapels and cuffs with the buttons covered in matching leather.  The dark gray knee length leather skirt hugged her form nearly reaching to the top of the stiletto heeled boots.

Slowly the beautiful vision reached behind her back with kid gloved hands.  The skirt dropped in a puddle around her boots and she stepped out of it then peeled down a pair of lacy panties.

While she was doing that I was pulling on a pair of brand new kid leather gloves.  As she reached forward towards Shannon’s mouth I did the same and unsnapped the gag cover pulling the gag from between her teeth.  The redhead seemed to be stroking Shannon’s leather covered face and I matched her actions making sure the helpless girl got full benefit of the smell from my new gloves.

As the redhead smiled down at Shannon she lifted her right leg to straddle the girl’s face and, in perfect unison, I did the same thing.  Hesitant at first and then more strongly her tongue came out to meet me as I wriggled into a position that did not block her nose.  Because of the height of the bench I was taking most of my own weight and could control the pressure on her mouth.

God but there were some really great fringe benefits to my profession and I enjoyed this one for quite a while, getting off twice before a winking light on the screen got my attention again.  Reluctantly I matched the redhead’s movements getting off Shannon and replacing the gag.

Watching the screen as I retrieved my robe I saw the women pull her panties back on and then the skirt.  She picked up the leather coat and slowly, sensuously, did up each button and cinched the belt.  Leaning over Shannon she seemed to slide her glove under the girl’s nose.  Actually it was me doing it in real time, and then she smiled beautifully running her hand down the helpless leather covered form pausing at each nipple and continuing to the crotch.

As she turned to walk away the nipple teasers, the vibrating egg strapped inside the captive girl and the clit stimulator started their own programs.  The leather lady had given Shannon her reward.

Yet another successful session to reinforce the lessons learnt over the last weeks.

A few days later I was clearing up most of my ‘equipment’ by moving it into a storeroom in the basement that was hidden behind a bookcase.    It would remain there until next spring.  When I moved to my winter home this one would be occupied by a professor who was tenured at the university about twenty five miles away.  She traveled all summer and then, for a very reasonable rent, stayed here instead of on campus.

This arrangement had worked well for the last few years; the professor didn’t know about my activities and I had a winter caretaker for the house.

I was expecting to deliver Shannon to her new owners later that day and she was already ‘packed’.  They had advised me about their vehicle so she would probably travel the first few hundred miles in the trunk; I had wrapped her into a corded ball for them.  She was gagged, blindfolded and deaf but I would remind them to give the girl her reward when they unwrapped her.

Well, Shannon had been hitch hiking for a ride but I bet she never imagined it would lead to a life of leather, rubber, bondage and sex.  I hoped my training would allow her to experience at least some pleasure; that was the least I could do after what she had done for my bank account!