Herja's Arena

by ZTVFemdomtales

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Storycodes: Solo-M; voy; fan; F/m; amazon; female-wrestling; boxing-ring; gym; kidnap; bond; tape; enslaved; captives; femdom; oral; sex; cons; X

Based on the Deviantart Posts “Underground Deathmatch” by Nanasbananas

A female muscle loving high school student meets the amazon of his dreams


I was in love. She was a goddess. She was sex made flex. She was … oh you get the idea. The only problem? There was no way in hell I was ever going to meet her.

Her name was Herja. She was the star of a very popular Youtube channel dedicated to the physical domination of men by a blonde Amazonian fighter. She would lure cheating men into her underground gym and beat the living shit out of them so they could learn their lesson. Herja was gorgeous, leggy, busty and ripped. The sight of her was enough to make me rock hard.

Herja’s Arena was located somewhere in New York City. I however lived in Mississippi and was only a junior in high school. So all I could do was watch her from afar. Then over the summer the news came that changed my life forever. The school board voted to reinstate the annual senior trip to New York which had been cancelled for several years following the less than mature behavior of a pervious senior class. Oh my god this was perfect!

I worked my ass off that summer to pay for half the trip so my parents would have no choice but to let me go. As my senior year dragged on I prepared. I studied the interview videos she posted on her channel alongside all the ass whooping. I hung on every word she said hoping to find some clue as to where her gym was located. All I managed to figure out was she liked to eat at Mario’s Deli. Well that was helpfully specific.

Then I got my lucky break. She announced she was entering a local women’s wrestling competition. FemSlam 6, it sounded classy. It was being held the same week as our senior trip which to my hormone powered mind told me it was destiny. The competition was being held at Burns Park Gym. Finally an actual address.

That obsession fueled me for the rest of the year. I looked over the building online every chance I got. I studied photos of our hotel on various travel sites. I used various mapping sites to find the most efficient route from the hotel to the gym. This was going to happen. I was going to meet Herja, I just knew it.

Finally the day arrived. Luckily for me the first night was just getting settled into our hotel rooms. FemSlam was being every night that week with the quarter finals starting that very night. All in all it worked out pretty well. Quietly I slipped out of my room and down the hall avoiding the teachers and chaperones. From there the plan took over.

So there I was outside of Burns Park Gym hands shaking. Herja might be just on the other side of this door. I stood there rooted to the spot, too scared to even open the door. A large woman came up behind me.


She shoved me through the door as she barged in joining the other women who were clearly gathered there that night to compete. That’s when I saw her. God she was even more amazing in the flesh. Herja had to be over eight foot tall. She towered over everyone else in the gym. Her hair was well kept and her clothes tight, clinging tightly to her powerful body trying not to let it rip them apart. Her heavy breasts rose and fell majestically with each breath. I almost came then and there.

They announced the competition was about to begin. So I scurried into the makeshift bleachers that had been set up around the ring. As I did I looked up and happened to lock eyes with Herja. She stared back with a strange mix of curiosity and something I could not quite place. She gave me a seductive smile before joining the other wrestlers. My boner was actually hurting me now.

The eight remaining women were now surrounding the central mat awaiting their turn.

“First up ladies and gentlemen,” the announcer called, “the vivacious Vanessa will take on the bodacious Bethany!”

Two jacked women in classic wrestler leotards marched out into the middle of the ring. A bell rang somewhere. The women were on each other tossing each other about. It was an amazing sight to see. Vanessa ended up winning and would return the next night for the semi-finals.

“Next the juicy Janet battles the killer Kathy!”

Kathy had been the woman who shoved me on the way in. She decimated Janet. She would return the next night as well and take on Vanessa. After watching the ‘curvaceous Cara’ clean the floor with the ‘heart-stopping Heather’. Then it was time for the main event, for me at least, the ‘jubilant JJ’ vs the ‘hedonistic Herja’. I cheered as she took the ring against her smaller blonde opponent.

The two women circled each other like sharks. The shorter blonde struck first. She charged forward grabbing Herja by the arm to try and flip her. Herja flipped her instead, barely even registering the assault. The blonde sprang back to her feet and tried to tackle Herja aiming for her midsection. She just barely got her arms around her foe and began to push with all her might. Herja looked rather bored. A quick swipe of the legs sent the woman falling face first onto the mat.

That’s when the game ended. Herja grabbed her legs pulling her into a wrestling move known as the “Boston Crab”.  She dropped her before climbing onto her back looping one arm around her neck and the other her legs before holding her up and stretching her back. Throwing her back to the mat Herja watched as the woman tapped out. Herja won.

In the ensuing aftermath of the match I lost track of Herja. Damn, now I was never going to meet her. I turned to leave but found my view blocked by a powerful set of washboard abs. craning my neck up I found myself locking eyes with a smiling Herja.

“Where are you going Cutie?”

“I … uh … I …”

“You haven’t taken your eyes off me once since you got here. Why’s that?”

“I’m a huge fan. Of your videos I mean.”

“Really? Care to tell me about it, over a bite?”

“Of course not. I mean yes. I mean …”

She placed a finger to my mouth laughing.

“Sh, I understand.”

She scooped me up into her arms and headed out the door.

“What are you doing?” I asked meekly.

“I prefer not to have to wait for my men to catch up with these beautiful long legs of mine. So I carry my companions with me wherever I go.”

“Oh. You could have just asked you know.”

“I’m too big to be told no. I find it quicker to just do what I want instead of asking. It’s not like anyone can stop me anyway.”

“No I guess not.”

She took me down the street to Mario’s Deli. We sat at a small table enjoy our Rubens. Herja had to stretch her legs out to fit under the table better so she just kicked off her shoes and laid her legs on my lap. She never asked nor did I complain. I wanted them to stay there forever.

“So you like my videos, huh?”

“Like them? I love them!”

“You like seeing people get their asses kicked?”

“No, I like watching you. I’ve never seen a woman as big and powerful as you. I can’t explain it I just find everything about you … beautiful.”

“How old are you?”

“I just turned eighteen last week.”

“Prove it.”

I handed her my driver’s license which she examined closely before handing it back to me.

“Have you ever had sex in a boxing ring?”

The question caught me totally off guard.

“N…no,” I stammered.

She stood up and pulled me back into her arms. No one seemed surprise by this so it seemed Herja carried a lot of people in here. She walked off into the night deep into the city’s back alleys. She stopped in one of the alleys in front of a nondescript concrete building. Above the door a pink neon sign read ‘Herja’s Arena’.

“No way,” I gasped.

“Way,” she whispered.

Inside was only a concrete hallway. A second pink neon sign directed us ‘to the arena’. As she carried me down the hallway I noticed there were no other doors so the sign seemed unnecessary. At the end of the hallway was another door and another pink neon sign: ‘point of no return’. God I was hard as a rock now.

Inside was the Arena. Herja’s personal gym. Everything was sized up to fit her including the boxing ring set up in the center of the room. She went straight for it laying me down. She slowly teasingly began stripping off her clothing until I was treated to a view of heaven on Earth.

“If you want to do this you might want to hurry up.”

Springing to life I began yanking off my own clothes quickly and clumsily. To my relief this got a laugh out of her. As soon as I was naked she pounced. She pinned me to the mat mounting me without even the faintest hint of foreplay. She rode me with a power I was utterly unprepared for. Sensing I was about to cum she slowed down and sped up drawing it out for what must have surely been an eternity. Finally climax was allowed.

I snuggled up close to Herja as she carried me back to the gym.

“I expect you back here tomorrow night for the next round,” she told me.

“I don’t know if I can sneak away again.”

“Find a way.”

She left.

I crept back into my room and fell right to sleep. God I was glad we had lazy teachers. As day two of our trip progressed I nervously checked my phone every few minutes. Time was moving way too slowly for my taste. As the sun set I began to panic. What if we stayed out too late? What if I couldn’t get away from the hotel. Would I ever see Herja again?

My fears were unfounded. We made it back to the hotel with time to spare. I was able to quietly sneak out once again and make my way to Burns Park Gym. The remaining four fighters waited by the mat. Spotting me Herja hurried over and took my hand leading me into the women’s bathroom.

“What …?”

“I’m horny. I need a little release so I can focus out there.”

“Oh, OK.”

She shoved me into a stall locking it behind us. Pulling down both our pants she quickly mounted me again. Shoving my face into her breasts she quickly rode me clearly fighting her urge to scream. Once she came she cleaned us up and pulled me back out into the gym with her.

“Wish me luck.”


Smiling she kissed me on the lips and headed into the fray.

Vanessa fell to Kathy, the woman who had shoved me the night before. That left Herja to take on Cara. The tall, but still shorter than Herja, brunette put up more of a fight than the blonde the night before. She got behind climbing onto her back and looping her legs through Herja’s tripping her sending her face first onto the mat. Cara had no time to use this advantage however. Herja flipped herself over sending Cara back first onto the mat.

Herja climbed up into a crabwalk as Cara tried to do push up. Herja wrapped her arm around her neck pulling her back into a powerful hold that left the other woman flailing. She managed to get free and back to her feet. She ran for Herja who rolled onto her back planting her feet into Cara’s chest using her own momentum to flip onto her back for good. She tapped out.

As soon as the match ended Herja marched up to me pulling me into a powerful kiss. Then she pulled me into her arms and left. Back at the arena she yanked my pants off before draping my legs over her shoulders. I gasped as I felt her mouth engulf my cock. What followed was the most intense and unimaginable blowjob of my life.

Once she was done she laid me back down in the ring.

“My turn.”

Suddenly her dripping wet pussy covered my face. Without another word or thought I got to work. Eventually she climaxed covering my face with her juices. She wiped me off removing the rest of my clothes. She however started dressing.

“What’s going on?”

She scooped me up and carried me into her office which had a good view of the gym. She sat me in a rolling chair in the doorway. Grabbing a role of duct tape she secured my arms to the rests and my body to the back of the chair.

“What gives?”

“I need to keep you safe.”

A short curvy redhead came running in.


Jaimie was Herja’s assistant in her videos. She lured the men to the arena.

“He’s on his way.”

“Good, you two stay in here.”

“Oh you’re filming one of your videos.”

“Yes,” Herja told me, “now I need you to be quiet. You know they sometimes make it out of the ring. I need you to stay in here and be safe. I can’t have you try to get a better view or something else stupid. So you need to stay in that chair.”

“Why not just lock the office door?”

“Because I like to tie people up, the less clothes the better.”

She kissed me and headed for the ring. Jaimie followed to man the camera. A large burly man entered from the tunnel. The door locked behind him.

“What the hell?” he barked.

It was then he saw Herja standing in the ring.

“Cheaters always pay,” she teased.

“Bitch, you have ten seconds to tell me what the hell is going on,” he demanded climbing into the ring with her.

That was a big mistake.

Herja punched him in the face with a quick jab. He staggered back and she landed several powerful blows to his gut. Gasping for air he swung out wildly at her so she grabbed his arm and tossed him over her shoulder onto the mat. As he struggled to stand she kicked him back down. Then she grabbed him in a choke hold cutting off his air.

She stood and backed away letting him regain his footing. Unfortunately for him Herja turned to a classic wrestling technique. By that I mean she did a slingshot off the ropes smashing into him with all her considerable strength. He was done. She was not. Half an hour later she was dragging his unconscious body to the chute that led to the dumpster outback where all her foes ended up.

She yanked off her dirty clothes and sauntered into the office. She mounted me in the chair and rode us both to climax twice.

She dropped me off at the gym again with another passionate kiss.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“We’re seeing a show on Broadway tomorrow, I won’t be able to sneak away.”

“I will see you tomorrow.”

With that she was gone.

The next night we made our way to the theater. Caught by a traffic light a small group of us had to wait for a minute. I leaned up against a building lost in thought about Herja and what I would be missing tonight. A strong hand clamped over my mouth and drug me silently into the alley. Still gagged I was spun and kissed on the cheek. It was Herja!

“I told you I’d see you tonight.”

She tossed me across her shoulders in a fireman’s carry and walked off to a waiting car. Jaimie drove us to the gym. Once through the door Herja drug me into the bathroom and had her way with me in the stall. Now that she was good and ready she set out to face her final foe: Kathy.

Kathy may have been smaller but she was faster. Crouching down she rushed grabbing Herja’s legs and flipping her over her back. As soon as Herja was on the mat Kathy grabbed her in a head hold wrapping her legs around Herja’s pinning her to the mat. I watched in horror as Herja writhed below her.

Finally she was able to maneuver her arms free and pushed herself over landing on top of Kathy. She returned the favor. The two women found themselves rolling over the mat vying for dominance. Eventually sweat and exhaustion got in the way and the two combatants split apart. Herja lunged again and knocked Kathy down catching her in a powerful headscissors. Kathy tapped out.

After receiving her cash prize Herja came for me. We were halfway down the block before her tongue left my throat and I could talk to her again.

“Herja, I’m sure my teachers have noticed I’m gone by now. I need to get back.”

“What you need is to get your cute little ass in my bed.”

“Herja, I need to go.”

“I won tonight, right?”


“Well I deserve a prize, right?”

“Yeah, but …”

“Well I choose you.”

“Herja …”

She shoved my head into her breasts muffling my protests. The next time I was allowed up we were back in the arena. She carried me past the ring to a room in the back I hadn’t noticed before. Inside was a large bed covered in silky red sheets. A naked Jaimie was laying on it pleasuring herself. Herja tossed me onto the bed and began forcibly ripping my clothes off, destroying them.

“Someone needs some alone time it seems,” Jaimie laughed and started out of the room.

Herja grabbed her and pulled her close. Grabbing a roll of duct tape bound her legs, arms, hands, legs and shoulders before tossing her back onto the bed.

“Ooh I love it when she gets this way.”

“What way?” I asked as Herja began taping me up the same way.

“She becomes so obsessed with someone she kidnaps them so they can never leave her. My sister was her roommate in college. I didn’t really pay her any attention. Well until she kidnapped from the parking lot of the Hooters I used to work out. I’ve been her wife ever since. She’s taken a few husbands over the years. Eventually she got tired of them throwing them out.”

“So she might let me go?”

“Depends, how many times has she fucked you now?”


“Damn, that’s a pre-abduction record. You might be a keeper. I’d get comfy kid. You’re not leaving Herja’s Arena anytime soon.”

One she had me tied Herja propped me up on the bed next to Jaimie. She then pulled off her own clothes and jumped onto us for the first of many, many nights of endless dominant sex. Eventually I was untied but we all knew I would never leave. I became her cameraman instead. I also became her husband slave: a life I wouldn’t have traded for anything.



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