Her Choice

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2015 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; breathplay; bond; rope; strip; nipple; tease; gag; sex; climax; cons/reluct; X

Lori always liked having her air restricted during sex, especially when she was restrained in some way. I had accommodated her many times with plastic bags or just by putting my hand over her mouth and nose. When she began asking for me to choke her and then pushing my hands to her neck I accommodated her again. I found I also liked being in control of her completely, making her rely on me for the very air she needed to breathe. This went on for several months with her pushing me to squeeze harder and longer until one time in my own moment of climax I held on slightly too tight or slightly too long and she passed out under me.

I was terrified when I realized what had happened and even after checking her pulse and breathing and knowing she was ok I could not bring myself to wrap my hands around her throat again. Lori consoled me for weeks while I dealt with the real possibility of almost accidently killing her. She had loved it and tried to get me to understand that’s what she had wanted me to do and teased me and tried every way she could think of to get me to forgive myself and “just get over it”.

We still had an active bondage life style with her being bound strictly often and I eventually got to where I would play with plastic bags and other ways of breath play but even when she wasn’t bound I couldn’t grasp her neck anymore. I mind kept remembering her and the thought of her thin neck in my hands made me shake. Lori was very petite, six inches shorter than me and about a hundred pounds lighter and one of my hands could almost reach around her neck so I felt I could break her easily if I wasn’t very careful.

Lori was understanding and tried easing me back in to it gently pulling my hands to her neck and squeezing hers on top of mine but I always let go too early for her. One evening I came up with an idea that would give her control of how much she was strangled and allow me to stay sort of detached so I could monitor her. Tonight I would try it out and see if she likes the idea or not but I will not be telling her anything but let her figure it out on her own.

Lori had been walking around all day in only one of my shirts and her five inch pumps, she knows I really like her to dress this way for me and is very comfortable wearing it with only one or two of the buttons closed leaving nothing to the imagination and often showing me why I love her body the way I do. I took some rope from our stash and started separating it while I sat on the couch watching her putter around picking up this or that and putting it away, teasing me as she had been doing since we got up.

She noticed me with the rope and gave me a quick smile letting me know she was in the mood without saying anything. I picked out the lengths I wanted to use and carried them to our bedroom where I tie two to the foot of the bed. Lori had followed me and was now sitting on the bed with a questioning look as she waited for an explanation of my plans. Moving to her I reel off about four feet of the remaining coil I have in my hand and tightly tie her left wrist with it. I then move down the rope some and begin to wrap it around her neck, making sure it starts in the back of her neck then adding five coils snuggly around her thin neck ending at the back again.

I keep the rope taut and move her right wrist up to where it matched where her left wrist was now tied wrapping it with the same amount of coils as her left wrist and neck and tied it tightly. Kissing her as I leaned her backwards I moved her into the center of the bed pulling her wrists away from her as I made sure the coils around her throat stayed straight and taut. I quickly tied the tails coming from her wrists to the legs on the bed leaving her room to move a little. I slid my hands down her body reaching her ankles and tying each in turn making sure the ropes are very tight around her ankles and wrap the remaining rope under the heels of her shoes.

1981016367.jpgNow she is essentially bound spread eagle in front of me, the large shirt is already sliding from across her chest and once unbuttoned it will in no way impede me from getting to her wonderful body. I ease back up to her wrists and untie her left and pull it a little tighter watching the coils around her neck tighten slightly. I move to her right side and repeat the procedure pulling her bound wrist further from her neck, again watching the coils tighten until they are digging into her smooth skin and I tie it off. Both knots are quick release and I have a pair of scissors on the night stand in the ready.

Lori is laying perfectly still, her small hands flexing a little, each move transmits more tension to her neck. Her eyes are fixed on the ceiling above her and her mouth is slightly open as she tests how far she can move before the ropes tighten more. I watch her hips begin to rise and fall as she tests her leg restraints finding that if she pulls on them the downward motion tightens the rope as well.

She is desperate to struggle but is being very cautious as she tests her limits, she has figured out the intention of her bonds and looks towards me and smiles then turns her face back to the ceiling and waits for me. I ease onto the bed and unbutton her shirt and pull it away from her body, her wonderful tits and pert nipples slowly moving as she continues to grind her hips. I reach for the nipple clamps and attach them firmly making her hiss and arch her body pulling on the coils more and making her smile again. I stroke and kiss her body tickling her as I move around it making her jump and twist under me while pulling the ropes even tighter.

I shimmy out of my clothes watching her carefully since I can see the ropes around her neck have gotten considerably tighter and she is slowly pulling her hands away from herself then easing the tension, she is testing how quickly the ropes release their grip on her. I smile watching her face, her eyes are now closed and her lips are pressed together as she breathes through her flared nostrils. There will be no gags or blindfolds this time, Lori has to learn to control of her own breathing, she may have control of the tension around her neck but she is still helpless if she goes too far. I know these thoughts are running through her mind as I tug on the chain to the clamps and continue pulling until her body is arched as far as she can make it.

The coils are very tight as I hold her in the arch and ease onto the bed, my fingers begin to enter her and make her hips gyrate more as she moans softly, never opening her eyes or her mouth. I continue to tease her nipples and pussy arousing both of us to the point of exploding before dropping the chain and slipping my cock into her. The loss of tension and the change of the clamps direction make her moan louder as she raises her hips to meet mine. We buck and ride each other for ten minutes while I run my hands and mouth all over her. I keep checking the coils around her neck and can see she has them pulled very tight and notice her face has turned a dark red.

I decide to let her be in control, that was the idea after all, and continue stroking while I watch her, I feel her pull her legs tight scooting her slightly downwards under me and making the coils get much tighter and spreading her hands further apart. With me on top of her and her bound the way she was she would have a difficult time scooting herself back up to loosen the coils unless I allow her some freedom. I was getting close, the distraction of monitoring her was making me last longer than normal and I watched her begin to struggle in the coils. The scene of her fighting for air and trying to free herself made me cum long and hard.

During my release I had lifted myself off her enough to allow her to scoot back up if she wanted to. Lori struggled with the coils for a few more minutes, her mouth wide open as if she was screaming while her own orgasm rocketed through her body making her pull harder on the ropes. I was reaching for the knots when she raised her hands loosening the grip the coils had on her and took a deep breath. I settled back onto her, kissing and teasing her with the clamps until she finally spoke and said, “I like your compromise”. I smiled still unsure if this was a good idea but for the first time it all went well.

I teased her for another hour pulling the ropes to her wrists tighter every few minutes until I was ready to go again. She had been complaining about the clamps that I had been toying with so I had stuffed her favorite ball gag into her mouth. Lori now lay moaning under me, the coils already considerably tighter than the first time as we both started to get into the rhythm again. Within minutes her face was red and she was gasping for air as she pulled at the ropes slipping slowly around her neck and leaving me to wonder if she could hold it tight long enough to make herself pass out. I guess we’ll find out, I thought as I noticed the muscles in her arms tighten more.


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