Her Ultimate Bondage

by ChgoBinder

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© Copyright 2008 - ChgoBinder - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; wrap; mast; M/f; bond; latex; suitcase; encase; toys; cons; X

Waking with that all too familiar metallic taste in her mouth, April knew that her master had placed her into a bondage predicament again.  This is a game she knew very well, and one she had played since the early months of her relationship with him.

Slowly testing her bonds, she realized this situation was something she had not experienced before.  Trying to flex her fingers was impossible, as was moving her hands or wrists.  As she experimented with any movement she could find, she found only frustration.  Her arms seemed to be along the side of her body, but she could not feel her sides.  Giving herself a valiant effort, she squirmed and struggled with all her might, and was rewarded with nothing.  There was not even sound to accompany her struggles.

He had placed her into the ultimate bondage, the bondage she dreamed about and craved from him.  Trying to take a deep breath was difficult, so she did her best to control her breathing and stay calm.  She knew that in a situation like this, no amount of rescue effort could save her from a panic attack.  But then again, feeling the stirring in her loins with the realization that she was truly trapped with no hope of escape was an extreme turn-on.

She remembered feeling turned on like this before, when she first discovered inflatable bondage.  April was only 16 when she found her older brother’s magazines but that did nothing to temper her reaction when she started looking at the pictures of women trapped in inflatable rubber tubes, which she would later understand were called mummy sacks and sleep sacks.

It was her first orgasm without touching herself, she remembered, and it was the greatest feeling she had ever experienced.  The orgasm exploded throughout her whole body.  April’s vision blurred and she could not stand, falling heavily onto the floor, nearly hitting her head on the dresser where the magazines were hidden.

April was very familiar with orgasms, as she had played with herself many times before.  A family friend, Susan, has stayed one summer with April as a babysitter while her parents were in Canada for job training with a big oil company. Susan had been playing with herself one evening when she thought April was at a friend’s house.  April walked in on Susan thinking someone was hurting Susan from the screams and thrashing she heard from the bedroom.  April saw Susan naked on the bed having a very potent orgasm with Susan not even knowing April was there until several minutes later.

At first, Susan was very embarrassed, but then realized April had never touched herself in this way before.  Nor did April know what Susan was experiencing or understood what Susan was doing. April’s mother had always told April that her private parts were private, and were not to be touched in any other way but for sanitary reasons.  Only her husband, on her wedding night, could touch her down there in any pleasurable way.

Susan and April talked until morning about what Susan had been doing and what it meant to her to have this freedom to touch her body as she saw fit.  April was afraid to touch herself.  She honestly thought that she would hurt herself if she did.  Susan tried to reassure her that it would be very pleasurable, but nothing could change her mind.

It was that next weekend that changed April’s life forever.  Susan had been talking to April about Halloween costumes and suggested that April go as a mummy.  April always liked the Abbot and Costello movie where they were being chased by the mummy and readily agreed to the costume. As a trial run, Susan and April tried many different materials.  Toilet paper was too thin and ripped easily.  Duct tape was too harsh on her sensitive skin, and smelled awful.  Eventually they came to Saran wrap.  April’s mother always had many different colors available for every festive event.  Being the daughter of the school bake sale coordinator had its perks!

Susan first wrapped April’s legs separately, making several layers over each leg for the best color appearance.  Moving up to April’s torso, Susan asked April to keep her hands and arms up out of the way for the smoothest wrap possible.  After circling April’s torso many times and feeling a little dizzy, Susan then concentrated on each arm, thoroughly wrapping each limb as she had April’s torso and legs.

April tried walking around and found she could barely flex her arms or legs, and walked just like the mummy in her favorite film.  April squealed in glee, giggling as she mockingly chased Susan around the room.  It was the perfect costume, and the perfect trap. Seeing that April was beginning to sweat in all her layers, Susan asked April to walk to the center of the room and stand still.  April moved there, and told Susan she was ready to come out of her costume.  One last modification Susan exclaimed, reaching for the wrap again.

April was puzzled, but she trusted Susan and the friendship she had found in her.  Susan walked up to April and began wrapping around April’s waist.  As April’s arms were already wrapped tightly, and she could not bend them, it made wrapping her arms securely from shoulder to fingertip an easy task.  As April tested the wrap for security, she found herself trapped.

Looking at Susan with shock, April was confused as to why she could not move her arms.  In less than a minute, April went from a movie mummy to a prisoner in her costume. April’s feelings were conflicted.  At first blush, April felt trapped, and a little betrayed at what Susan did to her.  But seeing the look on Susan’s face changed all that.  It was not one of mischief, but one of love and friendship.  She knew Susan would not hurt her, and that brought April to her next feeling, safety.

April did not understand how, but she felt very safe in her wrapping.  It was if Susan was holding every part of her in a soft embrace that at once comforted and pleased her.  She was in bliss, and felt as if she could fall asleep in her costume lying right next to Susan.
Susan saw the change in April’s facial expression and knew right away that she found another convert to mummification bondage.

Speaking to April, Susan told her what she thought April was experiencing, and April confirmed every thought.  April was in a place she would later come to understand as subspace. She felt as if nothing else existed except her and Susan.  Every worry, care, concern, even most of her thoughts melted away in the embrace of the wrap and the angelic expression on Susan’s face.

Susan then told April the wrapping was not finished.  April looked down and realized that her legs were still only individually wrapped, and instinctually stood at attention bringing her legs together for the final touch to her wrapping. Susan circled April’s legs in the same manner that so securely confined April’s arms, completing the wrapping and ending the roll at the same time.

April tested her new position, finding it just as efficient at restriction as the torso wrapping with one new twist.  She could feel a pressure building, pushing against her loins.  It was just like when she sat on the handrail at school in her jeans.  It felt good, but then she remembered what her mother said, and jumped off the railing as if shocked.

She cursed herself for wearing her tight jeans during the costume trials because they were pushing right up into where her mother told her she could not go.  April began to struggle, both mentally and physically at the predicament she was in.  Looking at Susan, she could just begin to see a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye.  April began to plead with Susan to let her go.  All Susan did was shake her head no and continue to smile.

April began to struggle in earnest, bending and flexing to gain any way of escape.  This only served to increase the pressure on her loins each time she bent forward.  Eventually the forces of gravity began to take over, and April was heading for a fall she could not stop.  Susan caught her well before she hit the floor. Half pulling and half carrying April, Susan deposited April on the long part of the sectional couch carefully placing pillows against her so she could not roll off the couch.  April pleaded for Susan to release her, but Susan simply placed a finger across April’s lips and gently told her what was about to happen.

Susan explained that she knew full well what April was going through, having been in a situation just like this.  What April did not understand was what would happen next.

Susan began explaining how April’s body was responding to her being wrapped and what she would eventually experience, her first orgasm. Susan explained further that her mother was wrong about touching herself, and that the experience was never to be frowned upon but embraced at every opportunity.  April began struggling again, only to realize she was stuck on the couch for as long as Susan wanted her here.  Becoming frantic, April began hyperventilating to the point that Susan thought April would pass out.

So Susan did the only thing she knew how to do.  She sang a lullaby.  Soft and sweet, soothing and melodic, she stroked April’s hair and sang to her.  Almost immediately, April stopped her panic and began breathing normally.  April remembered the feeling of being embraced over her whole body, and calmness came over her.  When Susan was done singing, she looked down at her charge and smiled.

April was still wondering when Susan would release her, and at the same time wishing she would not.  It was then that Susan told her about her next step in this plan.  April did not fear it this time.  She was being held in love, wrapped in bliss, and secure in the knowledge that Susan would keep her safe.

Susan walked to the kitchen and retrieved the sharp scissors from the knife block on the counter.  Walking back she observed April, calm and serene in her cocoon.  Carefully cutting away just the necessary amount of plastic over April’s loins, Susan placed her index and middle finger together on the seam of April’s tight jeans. Susan could feel the heat from her sex, and a familiar moistness she knew was not sweat.

Susan began talking April through her actions, explaining that each woman was different, but that the outcome was the same.  How we get there, Susan said, is as much fun as gaining the release that only an orgasm can achieve. April nodded, and then let out a soft, barely audible moan.  Susan smiled, knowing that April was enjoying her expert touch.  Slowly, Susan began rubbing up and down the seam, increasing the pressure of her fingers slightly each time until she found the right combination of stroking and compression.

April’s breathing began to increase in tempo and depth, and her mouth was open slightly, licking her lips and letting her tongue explore her mouth.  She began to squirm in her bonds, not in an attempt to escape, but reveling in their security.  April’s passion was building, and Susan knew it would only be moments before April’s first orgasm.

Increasing her tempo, Susan stroked up and down with the time of April’s breathing, practically panting now with passion.  April’s eyes flew open, and she screamed as her first orgasm rocked her body.  April’s hips were bucking wildly and uncontrollably, all awareness of body and mind were gone from April.  She lost track of time, where she was, and even that Susan had stopped rubbing her.

It was fully 20 minutes later that April woke up, feeling drained, and yet very satisfied.  There was a warm feeling in her loins, lingering from her experience, but she was no longer wrapped. April felt cold, as she was still wet from her perspiration, but even more so was a sense of loss.  What happened to her cocoon?  Her loving embrace was gone, replaced by the harshness of reality.  She looked up at Susan and Susan smiled.

"Welcome back" she said, as Susan rose to embrace her.  Susan gave April a long hug, and April returned it with a feeling of love that she had never felt before.  It was not a love like what she saw in the movies or on TV.  It was not even like the love she knew her mother and father shared.  It was a deeper, more fulfilling love, a love that can only come from a submissive/Dominant relationship.

It was only 2 weeks later that April’s parents returned from Canada, and Susan and April parted ways.  But the pattern was established.

Susan found a way to have April embrace her feminine side that April’s mother never knew about.  April continued to masturbate whenever her mother was out of the house, and eventually came across her older brother’s bondage magazines. She remembered the way she felt the first time, the only time she was wrapped and held, and closed her eyes reveling in the feelings she found to be just as powerful as before.

Only this was different.  April realized that these were manufactured for the purpose of confining someone, not just a random roll of Saran wrap.  There must have been many people who like this kind of confinement, she thought to herself.  Why else would they make such devices? Inflatable devices made for the sole purpose of mummifying someone without the clumsiness of wrapping.  It was then, with that realization, that she had her first orgasm without touching herself.

She wanted to experience this kind of confinement, and thought about how it would feel to have something this diabolical and magical surrounding her body for the purpose of pleasuring her. Once she started down this path of thinking, the emotions of her remembering Susan’s wrap combined with the thoughts of having this rubber confinement securing her took her over the edge without any further effort a second time.

Nowhere in the pictures of the magazines she was looking at was the person who placed the woman in the tube.  Her thoughts raced, first to Susan, and her placing April’s body in these new confinements, and later to placing herself into these tubes on her own, being confined until someone came along and released her. That very afternoon, April called Susan to tell her about her discovery, and her need to experience this new sensation first hand.  Susan had no such equipment, but knew a man who did.

Two weeks later, April was on a plane, during her school break, heading to Susan and her Dominant friend.  This friend would later become April’s first Master.  Not her last, but the first.  She would have many enjoyable and a few not so enjoyable experiences with him, but the path was set. It was during this relationship with him that she discovered what it was like to be a submissive, and she knew that she wanted to be a submissive for the rest of her life.

Many years later, and a few Dominants as well, April graduated college with her Bachelors Degree.  Fresh and new to the world, she took a job in her field in a high rise building in the downtown offices of a big corporation.  Work occupied almost all of her time, and cut into her pleasure time considerably.  Feeling very frustrated, and in need of release, April stole off into the bathroom and rubbed herself into orgasm. It was like throwing gasoline onto a fire. She regularly started to take stress relief breaks two to three times a day, becoming quite adept at “rubbing one out”.

After a few months of this, she was in the middle of one of her breaks when all the lights went out in the bathroom.  Having her eyes tightly shut during her special time, she did not notice the lights were out until several minutes later.  When she recovered from her relief time, she quickly put herself back together as best she could in the dark, and exited the bathroom to find that the lights were out on the entire floor, and possibly the whole building.

It was an emergency drill for disaster training.  She knew about this, she got the memo, but her passions got the best of her, and she forgot about it.  Cursing herself for not remembering the drill, she started running and turned the corner right into a large man in a fireman’s uniform searching the building. She collided with him, sending her sprawling across the floor, bumping her head against the wall. April lay on the floor unconscious.  Fearing the worst, the fireman called for paramedics to carry her out.  She was strapped into a gurney just like they do if there is possible spinal injury.

Waking about 30 minutes later in the ambulance on the way to the hospital, she looked up into the most beautiful blue eyes, calm and reassuring.  Those eyes smiled back, and then she saw the face those eyes belonged to.  She never believed in love at first sight, but this man made her weak in the knees, and she was lying down!

She tried to get up, but found herself secured to the gurney.  She could not turn her head, nor could she move any of her limbs with any real success.  The man reassured her that everything was alright and this was simply a safety precaution in case of a serious injury.  His voice was powerful but not booming and at the same time soothing.  She immediately settled down into her confinement, relieved that he was caring for her. Then she remembered how she felt with being confined, and how good it felt to be held by the embrace of a device lovingly placed on her by her Master.  She imagined the paramedic as her Master, and smiled both inside and out at the warm feeling she had from this.

After careful checking at the emergency room, it was determined that all she had was a slight concussion and was eventually released with orders to follow up with her doctor in two weeks or at any time she felt dizzy or had headaches. She went on with her routine after that, secretly wishing she could find that man who was her protector, the paramedic in the ambulance.  She remembered only his nametag, Miller.

Several weeks went by, and on a day celebrating secretary’s day, she received flowers from a man named Douglas.  Reading the note card, he introduced himself as the paramedic who rode with her to the hospital.  It seemed that he felt something that day too. There was a phone number at the bottom of the card.  She placed the card into her purse, vowing to call him as soon as she got home.

As was the case in her life, what she planned to do was preempted by her busy schedule and the card was forgotten until that Friday when she cleaned out her purse. Finding the card, she smiled, and at the same time felt bad not calling him the day she received the flowers.  Picking up the phone, April dialed the numbers at the bottom of the card, and was rewarded with hearing his voice, but it was a recording.  Listening to his message, it told her that he would be out all weekend, but that he could be reached through his cell phone.

Writing down the number, she hung up, and dialed again, and was connected to Douglas.  He said hello, and her heart skipped a beat.  She wanted to talk, but nothing would come out.  What should she say?  Her mind raced as he said hello again.

"Is anyone there?" He questioned.  Nothing.  Silence.  She was frozen in fear.

But why was she afraid?  She quickly hung up and started rubbing her hands on her pants to dry the sweat from them.  Never in her life had she felt this way before.  The anticipation, the anxiety, and the complete fool she just made of herself.  What was wrong with her?

Just as she was going to walk away from the phone, it started ringing.  Looking at the caller ID, she knew it was him.  Taking a deep breath, and bracing herself as best as she could, April answered the phone.

"This is Douglas", he said.  "Was someone trying to reach me at this number?"

"Yes", she said.  "It’s April, the girl you sent flowers to.  I was trying to call you and thank you for sending them.  They are quite beautiful.  The call must have not gone through properly.  I am glad you called back".

"That’s great!"  He said.  "I am very glad you liked them.  It was the only way I could contact you without getting into trouble.  I can’t contact you directly due to the rules the fire department has.  I didn’t know if it would work, or even if you would remember me".

"Yes, I remember you Doug.  Is it ok that I call you Doug?"

"That’s fine", he replied, who went on to explain what he had to do to find her again.  At the end of his story, he asked if she would like to get together for drinks or something.

She replied that she was busy tonight, but Saturday and Sunday were available.  The agreed on Saturday, dinner, and whatever else came up.  He told her where he would like to go, his tab of course.

She agreed with enthusiasm, and they talked a little more before he had to go.  She hung up the phone both ecstatic and afraid.  She would see him again, but what of her fantasy?  Would he even understand what he meant to her?

Calm down girl! She commanded herself.  Get through tomorrow night first, and then worry about the rest of it.

Saturday night came quickly, and she dressed for a night on the town.  Douglas did not disappoint in his attire either, and they looked good together.  They enjoyed a good meal and a great conversation.

After dinner, he suggested going out for dancing at this great new club he heard about.  She agreed, and they were off for dancing and whatever came next. It was 4 am when Douglas finally got April home.  She was drained, but professed she had a great time.  They kissed at the front of her building, pausing to look into each other’s eyes.  Douglas thanked her for a wonderful time.  April smiled and said she had a great time too.  She smiled, and walked up the stairs, turning once to look back as she entered her apartment.

Upstairs, April dressed for bed; smiling inside at the magical evening she just had and settled down for sleep.  She slept deeply, dreaming of her new found friend Douglas.  She placed herself in many different bondage situations, each time being restrained by Douglas. She flirted with calling him her Master, but did not want to make him something he was not.  She did not even know if he liked bondage, much less inflatable rubber restraints.

As the weeks went by, April saw more and more of Doug.  Their relationship blossomed, giving way to love.

She was the first to say it.  "I love you".

The words seemed simple enough.  But they were felt with every feeling part of her body.  She knew that whatever the outcome, she would love him for the rest of her life.  Even if bondage was no longer a part of her life, she was his forever.  She resigned herself to this fate, and let love take her where it may.

Not long after saying those three words, Douglas was given a job offer in another city, as the director of fire safety.  He would now be responsible for the training and recruitment for the entire fire department.  His skills as a paramedic, along with his leadership qualities made him a great choice for this position.

He came to April’s apartment that night very excited about his new job offer, but April was distraught.  She loved him forever, she said.  And he was leaving her. Douglas tried to reassure her that after he got settled he would bring her to his new place, and they would get married, settle down, and she would no longer have to work because he would make more than enough money for both of them. She would just not hear any of it, and demanded he leave her apartment.  April cried herself to sleep that night.

The next morning, she called Susan and told her the whole story.  Susan tried to get April to believe that Douglas would not leave her, but she was still not ready to hear it. Three weeks went by, and although Douglas and April met for dinner, or saw a movie together, doing anything with Doug just made her feel worse.

There was a plot brewing in the background that April knew nothing about.  Susan and Douglas had plans of their own, and they were all about April.

Doug did move out to the new city, just six weeks after telling April about his opportunity.  April never knew that Susan had been talking to Douglas, and that she broke the news to him about her wanting to be a submissive, his submissive, and her passion for inflatable rubber bondage. Susan even took Doug to a local club that specialized in this kind of bondage so that Douglas could get first hand experience with this kind of thing.  He volunteered to be placed into several of the devices himself so that he could experience what it was like. Susan explained to him that having this knowledge would better prepare him if anything would go wrong in his sessions with April.

Then the fateful day that April was fooled again.

Susan came over for a girl’s night and they decided to stay in and play like they did before.  Susan came prepared with April’s favorite color of wrap, green.  After wrapping April securely and placing her on the bed, Susan said that she had a surprise for her.  It was out in her purse, and it would just be a minute to get it.  April smiled, and waited patiently for Susan, thinking that she was getting the scissors again.  But instead, Susan returned with a neatly folded white cloth.  Susan climbed on the bed and smiled.  April returned her smile as the cloth was placed over April’s face.  Susan pressed hard, but not crushingly, on April’s face, watching her struggle less and less until the chloroform took over her body.

When she pulled the cloth away, April was completely out and breathing slowly.  A quick phone call down to Doug and he was in April’s apartment a few minutes later. Moving April was not easy once the wrap was removed.  April was a slender and flexible woman.  Doug had come up with the perfect disguise for April’s travel plans, a rolling suitcase. Gently lowering April into the suitcase, and zipping her inside, Doug placed a little lock on the two adjoining zippers making it impossible for April to get out if she woke up.

Doug smiled and gave Susan a warm hug, wishing her well.  Susan said that she better be invited to the wedding!  Douglas promised, and then carried his special package down to his car, placed the suitcase in the back seat, and placed the seatbelt about it.

The drive to his new apartment was uneventful and relatively easy at that time of night.  Doug carried the suitcase up into his apartment without any notice, and deposited it onto his king size bed. He quickly set up the pieces of his master plan.  These included an inflatable mummy sack, vacuum with the hose on the blowing end, and the inflatable hood he would use that would effectively blind her and render her silent.

Opening the suitcase, Doug was glad to see that April did not show signs of waking yet.  Placing her on the bed face down, he maneuvered the inflatable mummy sack over her feet first, the worked it up he body until it was up to her shoulders.  He then rolled her and the sack over together, and began placing her arms into the internal sleeves.  This proved to be much more difficult that he had hoped, finally placed her hands into the sleeves after coating her arms with lube, sliding them up to the armpit with ease.

Finally having the sack where he wanted it, and her body placed in the center of the sack, he zipped it up.  He positioned the vacuum hose into the emergency relief tube and moved to her head. He knew from personal experience that once placed into this kind of sack even without inflation, escape was not an option.  Doug placed the inflatable hood over April’s head, positioning the internal breathing mask over her nose and mouth carefully.  Just as he was finished inflating the hood, April began to come around.

Struggling to move, and not being able to see or really hear anything, she tried to call out.  Her voice was muffled from the hood making her voice barely heard in the big spacious bedroom. Douglas watched April struggle, knowing she had no idea where she was or how she got to be in this situation.  He had watched other women struggle in the bondage club that night with Susan, but Doug never knew how turned on he would feel having April bound in this way.  She struggled and strained in the mummy sack unable to get out.

Smiling that his plan was working out just as he thought it would, Doug turned on the vacuum, and the mummy sack began to inflate.  Larger and larger it grew until it looked as tight as a balloon and as firm as a fire hose.  Switching off the vacuum, Doug quickly sealed the opening of the sack’s emergency release tube, and sat on the bed marveling at his creation.

It took him a while to get to his next part because he was just in awe at what he had in his bedroom.  He could only imagine what she would think as he revealed his next step to her. Slowly getting up and walking around to the side of the bed she was on, he bent down and said in his sexiest voice, “Now you are mine forever”.

At first glance he thought that April was having trouble breathing.  The mummy sack was convulsing as if she was in the throes of asphyxia, but he could hear her breathing, panting even, and he realized she was having an orgasm. But not just any orgasm, this was the strongest orgasm April had ever had in her life. She had heard his voice, and like a bolt of lighting striking her, her orgasm seared through her body, making every nerve tingle, and every muscle vibrate with the frequency of her orgasm.

It was many minutes later when she finally stopped her orgasm, and many more minutes before she realized the hood had been removed.  When she finally did open her eyes, and looked into the eyes she knew were watching over her, she was reminded of that day in the ambulance. Smiling at her lover, she said just three words…

"Again please, Master."

It would be many years later, and many more adventures with the chloroform before she found herself in this, her ultimate bondage experience.

As she continued her journey into more and more intense bondage situations, she flirted with the idea of complete and total immobilization.  The idea made her wet each time she thought of it.  But there was no way it could be achieved safely without compromising her safety.  Anything that would hold her completely would also hold her so tightly that her chest would not expand, and she would suffocate.

During a conference introducing new ways to protect someone’s belongings from the ravages of fire, Doug happened across a booth that sold a new kind of gel that was resistant to direct flame up to 2500 degrees and would retain its shape after setting but still remain flexible without melting.  It was in liquid form at room temperature and only got slightly warmer during the setting process.  The liquid cured when exposed to air, and remained liquid in its storage container.  Doug was intrigued with this new compound and ordered a 5 gallon starter kit.

After receiving it at work, so as to not alert April to his new purchase, Doug began experimenting with the gel. He first placed a small remote control robot into the compound in a small bowl.  After letting the gel set up, Doug used the remote control to try and move the robot.  It did not move at all.  Doug realized he forgot to turn on the robot and used a pencil, sliding it into the gel, to turn on the robot’s switch. Doug was amazed that not only was it fairly easy to slide the pencil in, after pulling it out, the gel sealed up as if the pencil was never there.

Manipulating the controls for the robot, he could see no discernable movement, even though the eyes and other lights responded. Next, he tried the gel with his hand, waiting patiently without moving his fingers until the gel set.  After setting, he tried to move his fingers and make a fist, and all he could manage was the slightest flexing.  His hands were very strong.  He knew that April’s hands would be immobile.

Doing some more research online, he found what a coffin sized amount of this gel would weigh and how much it would cost.  Planning carefully for the next three months, Douglas placed orders for his product and had it shipped to a storage locker at the local U-Store-It place down the street. He made his own container using heavy gauge plywood for the base, and Plexiglas for the sides.  Making sure the Plexiglas sides fit into the plywood base was easy.  Making the corners hold up to the pressure was not.  He finally decided on steel 90 degree angle strips to make the corners.

The final preparations were to obtain a skintight latex bodysuit for April and a fully enclosed skin tight hood with an open face.  He found a gas mask with both in and out breathing hoses to make sure she could breathe without difficulty. Sending April out on errands and having Susan meet up with her for coffee gave Doug the time he needed to move the materials from the storage locker to the garage.

After placing the base and frame on the floor, Doug poured about 8 inches of gel into the bottom of the container.  This would be the base for April, effectively suspending her in the container once she was placed inside.

Everything was set, and all he had to do was to wait for April to come home.

April was so happy to have spent the afternoon with Susan.  She showed Douglas all she bought, and the very special intimate things she intended to wear that night for him.

Douglas showed April something he bought for her as well.  He told her he got it in the mail just this morning while she was out.  It was a full body latex suit with gloved hands and fitted feet.  It also had a full hood with a full face opening.  She jumped into his arms and thanked him for the wonderful gift.  They had been talking about getting her a suit like this so that she could have something official as an outfit for their bondage games.

Douglas asked her to try it on, reminding her to use plenty of lube on her body to make it easy to slip on the suit.  As such, he still had to assist her in zipping it up, it was just that tight. As he helped her pull the hood over her head, and pulled it down into place, he said there was too much lube on her face and bent to reach for a cloth to wipe it away.  Instead of wiping though, he placed it over her face and held it there until she collapsed.  She hardly struggled anymore being used to this game.

Finishing the adjustment of her hood, he zipped it up securely.  Using extra wide electrical tape, he sealed the zipper from just above her tailbone to the crown of her head.  Now there would be no leaks. Picking her up gently in his strong arms, he carried her to the garage.  Placing her into the container was effortless.  He arranged the special hood over her head and made sure of a tight seal by using more electrical tape.  Confident of his work, he placed her limbs straight along the container, making sure that her arms were away from her torso.

Now came the fun part he thought!  Carefully pouring the eight twenty-five gallon jugs, Douglas filled April’s container right to the top with the liquid that would soon encapsulate April and waited for it to set up.  Two hours later, he placed a hand on the surface of the liquid to find that it had indeed set up just has his previous experiments had shown. April was now trapped in this for however long he wanted to leave her.  He knew that he would release her soon, as she would need to drink and eat, as well as use the bathroom eventually.  But for now, let her revel in her ultimate bondage…

April felt warm and confined, with every part of her body held securely.  She could feel no particular pressure points on her body, so she knew there were no straps or other devices holding her.  She thought of her favorite toy, the inflatable mummy sack, but quickly surmised that she was not in this device because at least in that she could squirm and struggle. Unless he filled it with something other than air, she thought to herself, but then realized that she would still be able to move her head.  No this was something much more diabolical.  At least her breathing was not obstructed.  She took as deep a breath as she could and exhaled easily.  That was good!

There was no sound, only the sound of her breathing and the beating of her heart.  April tried again to move, violently doing her best to wiggle even a little.  The only thing she could feel is the slight movement of whatever was surrounding her, just like the surface of Jell-O in the bowl.  That’s it, she thought.  Doug has placed me in a big vat of Jell-O!  April wondered which flavor it was.  Taking another deep-as-she-could breath, she sniffed and smelled nothing but rubber.  No flavor, she thought.  How disappointing it was to think that Doug was not going to eat her out of her situation. She laughed as best as she could at the pun, and then realized that she was going to be here for a lot longer than she originally thought.  If this was not Jell-O, then it was something much stronger.  Something that even Doug would not be able to get her out of easily.

That got her juices flowing.

Being stuck like this without the ability of release, with total immobilization, was a dream of hers.  She tried everything she could to move, and got no where.  She tried screaming, but only mustered a barely audible moan due to her inability to take a deep breath and the thickness of whatever it was encasing her.

Doug was watching the whole time.  He knew right when April woke up because her breathing changed.  He heard her attempt at a scream and smiled to himself.  If she was in a library, anyone else would have thought her scream was just a lazy yawn.  His plan was complete for her immobilization. Now he wanted to test her orgasmic ability.  He remembered reading somewhere that if a woman is totally restrained, her orgasm builds up exponentially until she can no longer stand the build-up, and it is released over and over again until the stimulation is removed.  He always wanted to see a two hour orgasm, and he was not about to be disappointed.

Pulling the condom from the toy box, he slid it over the Hitachi Magic Wand he loved to use on her, and sealed the end with electrical tape to be sure of no problems.  He had already strung up the extension cord over the container so he just had to plug it in. With the electrical connection set, he began pushing it into the gel, guiding it right to the spot he wanted, firmly up against her clitoris.  He waited for some sort of sign from her that she noticed the pressure on her clit, and he was rewarded with a long moan from her.  Pleased with the placement, he flicked the switch on high, and could feel the vibrations all over his arm.   The entire mass of gel was vibrating.  He could only imagine what April was feeling inside her container.

Just as when he pushed the pencil into the gel in his earlier experiments, as he withdrew his arm, the gel filled the void, not showing the least bit of where his arm was.

April was shocked by the power of the vibrator.  She did not know that it was the Magic Wand he used because her whole body was assaulted by the vibrations in the gel.  Anything she thought of as a sexual stimulation spot, her clit, her pussy lips, her nipples, her fingers and toes, (she loved toe sucking), her ear lobes.  They were all being stimulated together in concert with the rest of her body.  She wondered if this is what it felt like to be electrocuted.  Every part of her body was like the tip of her Master’s penis.

What Doug thought would take many minutes only took three before he began to see the beginning stages of April’s orgasm.  See isn’t really the right way to describe it.  He saw no movement; he only heard her breathing and moaning.  Nearly frantic in pace, he began to hear her taking deeper and deeper breaths, and then the screaming started.  Not the screaming in fright at the scary part of a horror movie, but the screaming in total and complete orgasmic bloom.

For the next forty-five minutes Doug watched as his beloved submissive rode her orgasm without stopping.  Seeing that she would not stop, he reluctantly reached into the gel and pulled the relentless Magic Wand out of the container and switched it off.  It took another fifteen minutes before her breathing returned to something near normal, and another 30 minutes until he was sure she was sleeping.

Needing rest himself, he retired to his bed for a well deserved nap.  Three hours later, he returned to the garage to turn on the vibrator again when he heard faint words coming from April’s breathing tube. Upon closer listening, he realized it was her singing.  She was singing the lullaby that Susan had sung for her when she first introduced April to mummification and bondage.

He smiled, and put the vibrator down.  She was somewhere that he could never take her with anything mechanical.  She was right where she always wanted to be, right where she needed to be, in the loving embrace of her Master’s touch.


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