Her Three Guys 2

by Bob Salinas

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© Copyright 2005 - Bob Salinas - Used by permission

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Part 2
By Bob Salinas
I squirmed and watched helplessly as Mistress Ellen picked up a many-thonged whip and approached Slave Number Two. He watched helplessly in the mirror in front of him as She drew back the whip. He had a splendid view in at least three mirrors of the way She used the whip to paint red streaks of pain across his ass. Twice, three times, four times She brought it down on his exposed backside. His body lurched, but his body was too firmly positioned, fastened helplessly at head and knees, to avoid the blows even if he had really wanted to. One more time She struck him, the thongs striking right down the crack of his ass, wrapping over his asshole and around his bound and aching genitals. I almost felt sorry for him, but then I realized that, like Slave Number One and Slave Number Me,  he had stripped and knelt naked before Her as a video camera recorded his statement. Like him, I had said 

“Please, Mistress Ellen, will you accept the pleas of this miserable, worthless piece of shit, and will You consent to my request to be helplessly bound, whipped, humiliated, and suffer all the agonies of Your Hell at Your hands? I will give You anything You ask, up to and including my life itself, if only You would remove from me every last vestige of self-respect and humanity and reward me with nothing more than the privilege of only once sucking the shit from Your blessed asshole.”

Smiling sternly, Mistress Ellen painted three more stripes of agony on his defenseless ass cheeks and vulnerable back before She tossed the whip up in the air and grabbed its other end as it fell. She then bent and slowly twisted the handle (about as thick as the handle of a baseball bat except for a much thicker leather knob at its end) up and far into the waiting and woefully vulnerable ass of Slave Number Two. As She shoved the handle far up into his bowels, I could see his rigid, swollen cock twitching under its bonds. Like Slave Number One and Slave Number Me, Slave Number Two was suspended helplessly at the edge of an incredible orgasm, and the power to release it was something he had pleaded with Mistress Ellen to take away from him.

Still smiling, Mistress Ellen strode to Slave Number One. She reached out to seize the head of the double-dong protruding from his asshole and twisted it slowly out. When its oversized head finally reached his rectum, it stopped sliding out because of the large head; She gave it a quick, stern and probably painful jerk which popped it free. She held it up for all three of us slaves to see; its end was, as you might expect, smeared with Slave Number One’s shit. She held the end of the dong up beneath the nose of Slave Number One, who obediently sniffed it. She rubbed it against his mouth, but gagged as he was, he could do nothing.

But Mistress Ellen, being a clever Mistress as well as beautiful, thought of a way around the quandary. She strode to me, the only ungagged slave of the three, and held it up to me. I balked; I adored Mistress Ellen’s shit but really didn’t want any part of the assholes of my fellow slaves. But when She reached out and squeezed my aching balls in Her hand, the blaze of agony that surged through me magically caused my mouth to slam down upon the dildo and suck it deep inside my face. Without relish, I sucked it clean. Mistress Ellen gently soothed my still-burning balls, and I slowly realized that if my Mistress wanted me to suck Slave Number One’s shit off the dong, I would have to love it, just as I loved my Mistress.

Then, coolly and cruelly, She let Slave Number One watch as She smeared the end two inches of the dong (the end I had just sucked clean) with the Ben-Gay. She placed the smeared head against his writhing asshole and, using both hands, pressed in while twisting it. Because his asshole had been amply distended by that dong for an unknown period of time, it easily penetrated his ruined rectum. The first part of its inward skid was eased by the Ben-Gay, after which its passage was ungreased. She screwed it in as far as it would go and left it there, the rubbery pink end of the double-dong swaying from his squirming asshole. Damn, I bet that burned even worse than mine! However, I was thinking, just like Slave Number Two doubtless was, how it would feel to have Mistress Ellen’s firm but loving hands on my nether regions as she pushed that pain-coated dildo up my unworthy ass. 

Mistress Ellen stepped back, thought for a moment, and then went to Her toy chest for something which She carried over to me. “A little something to ensure all three of my slaves will have silence in which to contemplate their shortcomings”, She said quietly to me. She held up what I knew from my extensive porno readings was a gag harness- a short plug which would fill a slave’s mouth and a leather strap to hold it there. This one, however, had what looked like a crumpled dildo for a plug and also had a hose with a squeeze bulb.

I didn’t have long to speculate- Mistress Ellen held the plug in front of my face, and I submissively opened my mouth wide so She could slip Her gift into my face. Gently but firmly, She tightened one strap behind my head and then another which ran from the strap at the side of my face, over the top of my head, and buckled to its starting point; my whole head was surrounded, just like a harness should do. Then She pumped the bulb, and the crumpled dildo plug within my mouth began to expand. As She continued to pump, the gag lengthened almost to the back of my mouth and expanded to fill my mouth, pinning my tongue to the bottom of my mouth. 

With Her ever-present smile, She said “Go ahead- ask me anything.” As clearly as possible, I said “I love you so much- please never release me!”, but the gag reduced it to a quiet mumble. With a satisfied, happy smile, Mistress Ellen told me “That’s what all my boy toys tell me!” Then, in a gesture that told me I was Her favorite, She gave my balls another gentle coat of Ben-Gay, wiped Her hand under my armpit- which also started to burn- and stepped down from the platform. I groaned with the ache in my balls, partly from the accursed Ben-Gay and partly from the reaction of my helpless cock to the glorious sight of her breasts as they jiggled with her downward step.

Mistress Ellen stepped through the dungeon door and closed it with a resounding thud, after which I heard the solid sound of a bar locking the door from the other side. A classic bit of overkill, as none of us could move from our position and had absolutely no way of getting anywhere near the door! Shit… alone with Slave Number One, still anchored by his balls with a dildo sticking out of his butt, and Slave Number Two, still kneeling skewered on the cock bolted to the floor and with the whip used to beat him sticking out of his asshole.

I hung from my suspenders, which basically transferred my weight to the crotch of the rubber shorts; I was essentially sitting on the plug in my ass. My balls were being strangled by the rubber shorts, but by looking in the mirror I could see that they were a healthy if agonized purple. My mouth was completely plugged by the inflatable cock, which made my entire head feel like it was being squeezed in a giant fist. My nipples were in agony, as every movement I made (and somehow I was making many, albeit small, movements) caused the chain connecting the clamps to swing and sway, which had much the same effect as twisting my nipples with a pair of pliers. But my cock, which was thick and eager in its chastity sheath binding under the too-tight black rubber short shorts, said that I was still enjoying myself.

That Slave Number One was enjoying his suffering was signaled by his fingers waggling helplessly in the air behind his back, always a tipoff that the owner of the waggling digits is erotically enjoying his or her helplessness. Even more of a tipoff was the way his cock remained rigid in spite of (or maybe assisted by) the way his balls were stretched out from his body and mounted rigidly on a pole, and in spite of (or maybe assisted by) the ‘penis of fire’ buried in his bowels. His entire body writhed slowly, as though to pump his cock, but his cock had nothing against which to pump. As his body moved, the heavy chain linking his nipple clamps swayed, and even from my distance I could see that the chain was causing the clamps to twist rhythmically at his nipples, tearing gashes into his soft breast flesh.  And the unceasing rigidity of his cock continued to amaze me. Damn… I wish I could have an erection….

Slave Number Two was also, like Slave Number One and Slave Number Me, enjoying his agony. I could see his body squirming what little it could, less than either of the other two slaves. It seemed that mostly he was rocking slightly and squeezing his thighs together, causing his tightly-bound package to sway. Mistress Ellen had buried Her whip deep in his ass, and perhaps that was providing some stimulation as well. But not enough- he had pleaded with Mistress Ellen to take away from him the power to release his orgasm, and that She had done. 

So the three helpless slaves waited miserably, each enjoying his own bondage and bruises and aches. Each or us periodically watched the sufferings of the others and compared it to his own. The writhings persisted and their erections were unabated, so I supposed each of us found himself in a better position!

For a small eternity of delightful misery, we heard the sounds of silence with an occasional creak of the infernal machines which bound us. Not a word was ever heard; Mistress Ellen had been too effective. Just an occasional creak and maybe a muffled moan indicated the presence of bound and frustrated and submissive masculinity. None of us were making serious attempts at escape, of course, since we all realized that would be both impossible and undesirable. Periodically one of us would stretch just to loosen his muscles, or struggle just to experience the ecstasy (which only a true submissive can ever know) of struggling against the firm, implacable bonds placed securely by a beautiful and beloved Mistress.

For a while I watched Slave Number One, and for a while Slave Number Two, and then for a while we all watched each other struggling. Then I watched Slave Number Me in the mirror in front of me while Slave Number Two looked me over too. Damn, this was humiliating, and I was incredibly hot over it. But mainly we were all praying for Mistress Ellen’s return.
HER THREE GUYS Part 4 of 4

* * * * *
By Bob Salinas
The silence was finally broken by the sound of the dungeon door; Mistress Ellen had returned! She had changed the coverings which were privileged to cover Her glory; She now wore a tight, clingy black leather skirt slit up to Her glorious hip and a matching black leather bustier which clung to Her midriff and revealed as much as developed the shape of Her breasts. And She led the bouncer/guard/dominator I immediately upgraded to Master Igor. He was even more massive-looking than before, as He wore only black boots, a well-stuffed leather jockstrap, and a black mask behind which I saw dark, shiny eyes.

Mistress Ellen stood imperiously by the door near Master Igor and addressed us. “Slaves- you have each pledged yourselves to Me for all time in exchange for the opportunity of momentarily sampling My backside with your lips. You are about to receive that glorious gift, after which your eternal suffering will of course resume.” My heart leaped at the thoughts both of Her glorious gift and of the unknown suffering.

Mistress Ellen strode over to Slave Number One’s side, Master Igor trailing respectfully behind Her. Mistress Ellen reached to gently stroke his aching balls and his straining cock… several times, and the mirror reflected clearly the image of the dildo poking out of Slave Number One’s asshole as he (and it) wiggled with his frantic, erotic responses. Then She released Her grip on him, whereupon his writhings, his search for a long-denied orgasm, became even more desperate. 

Mistress Ellen stepped in front of him and Master Igor came with Her. She put one hand in the slit of Her skirt and pulled it to Her side, revealing Her glorious and entirely naked backside. It was truly exquisite, round and swelling and with a dramatic cleavage. I almost came just from the sight of Her glorious ass- almost, but not quite. Maybe if the cruel chastity sheath allowed me to have an orgasm…. 

Master Igor placed His hands on Her hips and She leaned into Him. He lifted Her into the air, to his shoulders, until Her glorious ass was just before Slave Number One’s face. She spread Her legs slightly, and Master Igor stepped forward until Her swelling cheeks pressed against the face of Slave Number One’s face. He held her there long enough for Slave Number One to slowly kiss Her ass and fill his face with its glorious scent before Master Igor gently lowered Her. 

Mistress Ellen reached out for Master Igor’s hand. She took his index finger into Her mouth and then bent over, Her other hand gracefully holding Her skirt off to the side, exposing Her glorious asscheeks  and even a bit of her glorious pussy! She guided Master Igor’s hand and slipped his outstretched finger up Her ass all the way to his fist! My head spun at the thought. After a few seconds, Master Igor withdrew his visibly stained finger while She stood straight and arranged Her skirt back around Her body in a most ladylike manner.

Master Igor held his Holy-Shit-stained finger up before Slave Number One’s bulging eyes, held the slave’s head in his other hand, and slowly forced his finger up his nose. Master Igor twisted his finger as it entered, wiggling it clean of any stain while Slave Number One desperately sucked air through his one free nostril; his mouth was securely gagged, and if he wanted air, that’s what he would use. 

Finally Master Igor pulled his finger from Slave Number One’s nose. Mistress Ellen reached out to his aching cock. Gripping its end couple of inches in Her hand, She squeezed and stroked gently. “Go ahead, slave. Cum for me!” As She squeezed, I saw Slave Number One sucking hard at Her scent in his nose and thrusting desperately what little he could- his balls being cruelly anchored as they were- until the mirror showed the spurts of his cum splashing out. Mistress Ellen smiled and gently held his throbbing cock until his spasms stopped.

Mistress Ellen finally released his meat; She and Master Igor strode over to Slave Number Two, who had been staring enviously at Slave Number One’s final suffering and release. Mistress Ellen stood before Slave Number Two: “Slave, your reward is here. I know your likes, and your reward and suffering will also be your Master’s reward.” Master Igor had removed his jockstrap, and I watched Slave Number Two writhing in eager horror as he saw revealed a dark erection of epic proportions.  He untied the strap locking Slave Number Two’s head on the dildo before he knelt between his thighs, slipped a condom over His heavy erection, and greased it with his left hand. 

Mistress Ellen strode before him, removed Her skirt completely to reveal to him Her lovely ass (and in the process showing me Her neatly trimmed bush). She dropped to Her knees, straddled the dildo, and pressed Her backside into Slave Number Two’s face, hiding his expression from my face just as Master Igor’s rubber-sheathed cock pressed against his rectum. Master Igor penetrated his asshole with his incredible erection reasonably gently but firmly, permitting not the slightest resistance. Slave Number Two’s sounds were twice as exciting, I thought, because his squeals of pleasurepain were muffled by the firm flesh of Mistress Ellen’s backside. 

In a matter of three minutes of wriggling his face into Mistress Ellen’s ass, his backside firmly skewered by Master Igor’s cock, Slave Number Two’s body went rigid and his securely-bound cock spurted a thin jet of cum through its bindings and onto the platform. The squeal escaping around Mistress Ellen’s cheeks was partly from the ecstasy of his orgasm and partly from the pain of his balls as they pumped his juices through his tightly-bound cock! Master Igor gave a thrust or two more and then pulled out, unsatisfied. As Mistress Ellen wrapped Her skirt around Her naked hips, Master Igor took Slave Number Two’s head in his hand, pushed his face back down upon the dildo and tied it there.

Finally, Mistress Ellen and Master Igor came to me. Mistress Ellen addressed me: “Slave, you’ve gotten off too easily.” My heart pounded, half because of the thought that my situation might become more stringent and my suffering more intense, but primarily because She had addressed me as ‘slave’. Her slave, not ‘Slave Applicant’, but Slave! “Slave Number One and Slave Number two suffered much longer for their reward, so I in My justice have decided to even the scales. You must finish Master Igor before receiving your reward. Do it well or suffer accordingly.”

Mistress Ellen released the air from my gag and removed it while I watched in disbelieving horror as Master Igor pulled up a stepladder and climbed up it to stand in front of me. As I said before, I am straight and have never had a cock in my mouth, so it was only the thought that Mistress Ellen might deny my reward that drove me forward. As She removed the deflated gag from my mouth, Master Igor pressed his slimy-rubber-encased hard-on against my lips. Submissively but not passionately, I opened my mouth as far as it would go to admit the warm, bulbous head, and Master Igor gripped the top of my head as the almost-as-thick shaft slid over my tongue and into my mouth. I looked sideways and saw Mistress Ellen smiling, one hand cupping a round, swelling breast as She watched.

Master Igor squeezed my head, which reminded me that I had work to do. Awkwardly, a cock-sucking virgin, I ran my tongue around the head of the hot fat cock filling my mouth, sucking at the same time. My arms and my legs were stretched down and to the side by the straps while my weight was supported by the suspenders; I was unable to grab the massive thing filling my face. While pulling off his cock was unthinkable, at least I could have maneuvered it or stroked it- anything to get him off and end my humiliation! That didn’t matter much, as Master Igor’s hand on my head made sure that my face was always pressed securely onto his hot cock and his wiry pubic hair, just like Slave Number Two’s face had been tied onto the dildo.

After a long while, Master Igor rewarded my efforts by pumping into my face, making my head bob up and down in fucking motions on his cock, and I felt the head of the thing filling my mouth as it swelled. Oh, Gawd, not only did I have a man’s cock in my mouth, but he was going to cum in my face! 

I turned my eyes sideways and saw Mistress Ellen, now naked to the waist and presenting Her bulging boobs as She twisted Her prominent nipples with Her fingers. Even more Oh Gawd, Mistress Ellen was excited! My beloved Mistress was watching me with excitement!

I was beside myself with lust, struggling desperately. Mistress Ellen reached out to my crotch and seized my cock, trapped sensationless under the rubber shorts. I almost cried with frustration. Then, with a rare display of mercy, Mistress Ellen pulled down the front of my shorts. I felt Her soft hand releasing my cock from the frustration of the chastity sheath. She stroked it gently and in seconds it was as hard as a steel pipe.

Excited by Her excitement and by her touch, I sucked harder at the massive piece of hot meat with the thin rubber jacket filling my face. I clenched desperately at the butt-plug filling my bowels as Mistress Ellen squeezed my cock. My arms and legs were both stretched downward by their straps, the rubber shorts supporting my weight by cramming the butt plug up into my ass. My balls were choked to the point of popping and my unreachable nipples were on fire from their weighted clamps. I was desperately, frantically humiliated and excited beyond expression. 

Master Igor grunted and pushed into my face; I sucked on His cock so hard I feared the rubber would pop. When I took a deep, frantic gasp of air, he pressed in and I inhaled his cock! Oh, damn, not only am I getting face-fucked, but I’m deep throating him too! He took several long, deep strokes, pushing the flared head of his cock deep into my throat. Then I felt the hot fluid bulging the rubber in my mouth (oh, Gawd, two slaves were watching another man spurting his cum in my mouth… the humiliation was beyond description). I waited until his erection faded and allowed him to pull the softening slab of meat from my mouth.

I almost cried; I had never been so humiliated in my entire life. But then Mistress Ellen stepped up and onto the stepladder. With Her back to me, She climbed until the swelling of Her rounded ass was just even with my face. Once more She swept Her skirt to the side, presenting me with a foot-away view of the incredible cleavage between her ass cheeks. I gazed between Her lovely cheeks; my long-restrained balls churned as I saw that I was even permitted a view of her pussy lips between those lovely thighs!

“Now’s your chance, my slave!” My heart leaped within clamped breast at her words. She bent so her naked backside was against my face. I leaned my face forward; oh joy of joys, She allowed to rest my face in Her ass! She bent hard at the waist, and my lips grazed Her asshole. “Go on, my slave, pleasure Me! Take your pleasure by pleasuring My ass!”

Straining at the straps which held me starfish-style in the air, I went to work. Hardly believing my fortune as I struggled against the straps that bound me, I gently kissed her asshole. Mistress Ellen bent more and pushed back at me until my lips brushed Her pussy lips. Oh, the joy! I slipped my tongue between her lips and felt Her rocking back at me just as my own tightly-throttled balls began to pump their load of cum into the air through the incredibly-rigid head of my cock. I kept sucking but nearly passed out as my own much-delayed orgasm continued.

As I gradually recover my senses in the post-orgasmic return of reality, Mistress Ellen stepped down from the stepladder and composed herself. I realized that I have received more than the promised reward. Rather than simply let me kiss Her asshole, Mistress Ellen has allowed me a taste of Her pussy. But now the ecstacy of my orgasm is but a cold string of cum drooling down the front of my too-tight shorts as the conical wedge of the butt plug relentlessly torments my asshole. I am no longer anaesthetized by lust and my nipples burn under the unrelenting grip of the clamps. All my joints ache from my extended position.

I look across at Slave Number One, who looks positively miserable as he stands unsteadily and weak-kneed behind his ball-sack anchor, his tits raw and red-looking around the sharp-toothed jaws of the nipple clamps. He looks back at me, empathizing with my suffering, remembering my humiliation as Master Igor’s fat cock pushed in over my lips until his pubic hair brushed my nose, my shame as another man’s balls thumped against my chin while his cock penetrated my throat. I imagine that he’s thinking of how rapidly his incredible desire for submission diminishes once his purplish balls have propelled his load of cum out of his body.

I look over at Slave Number Two, who looks back at me, gazing over the length of the dildo obscenely anchoring his face, as I inspect the reflection of his abused and punctured asshole. He avoids my gaze, remembering how I closely watched him squirming passionately in submissive ecstasy at the end of Master Igor’s erection, flushing with embarrassment as he recalled me listening to his muffled squeals of glee as Master Igor’s outsized cock plowed its sadistic path up his asshole, how I watched his pinioned hands and fingers wriggle with pleasure as he imagined his body to be a beautiful woman’s while he was sternly ravaged by Master Igor, and experiencing again the humiliation of being forced to have another man witness his shame.

And so the three of us wait, mostly naked, inescapably bound, and incredibly humiliated, all of us knowing that each of us knelt naked before Mistress Ellen and pleaded with Her for just what was being done to us. Each of us has pleaded with Her to take command of our bodies and our souls, to possess us forever and to control our own power to experience an orgasm, hoping only to experience that orgasm with Her, surviving only for the time when She will bind us inescapably motionless to some massive fixture, remove some small but vital portion of Her coverings, and then lower Her sacred, naked asshole to our lips, so that we might kiss It and suck slavishly at Her asshole, hoping only to be allowed to savor some wayward particle of Her shit. And each of us knows that we are deliriously happy with what we are getting!