Her Song

by Techie & Techster

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© Copyright 2006 - Techie & Techster - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; chast; pony; M/f; bond; toys; cons; X

After reading the story “Dungeon of Denial” on Gromet’s website, Techie, my wife, lover and keyholder of these many years decided she wanted to experience first hand the torment experienced by the lambs.

She wanted me to record her song as she shrieked, wailed and moaned throughout the four-hour long exercise.

Through a trade of favors we would have another couple’s remote mountain cabin to use for a weekend.

The first part of the trade was that I, Techster, would serve as a pony for a day for, Dawn, a military wife/dom who lives one block away, because her husband, who usually was her pony, was called away by active duty.

Their remote mountain cabin would be ours for a weekend. Here in the wilderness Techie’s moans wails and shrieks would not be heard by the nearest neighbors who lived 2 miles or more through thick forest away.

Of course Techie had me out fitted with a Chastilock, which is a male chastity device. There was a small brass bell locked tom one of the rings on the device.

I also wore a belt that secured my hands to my side, thus leaving my front and back fully exposed.

In order to give me a real pony foot print I wore horseshoe boots and of course a locking metal collar that read, “Techie’s Pet”.

Outfitted as I was I could only serve as a gelding. With the Chastilock in place an erection was a very painful experience. Any form of sexual relief was out of the question as was intercourse.

When Dawn picked me up she gave the instructions on how to get to their cabin and a GPS map reader to Techie. “Study this, it’s rather tricky to get there. Sarge and I bought 3 square miles of this mountaintop. That way we can set up a pony play zone that is discrete.”

Dawn loaded me into their pony trailer along with the cart that I would pull.

I rode in the front of the trailer.

My wrists in leather cuffs that were chained to the roof on either side. Likewise my ankles were spread and chained to eyebolts on the floor. I was gagged with a bit that was also tied off to the walls so I could not look around. It was not a long ride, about ½ hour, and I felt very self-conscious knowing that if I could see out of the dark tinted windows on both sides of the trailer someone might be able to see in.

When we arrived, Suzanne parked the trailer, removed the cart, and walked me, her pony, out to be groomed.

After I had been washed, my private parts shaved, and my body oiled. I was hitched up to the cart where I spent the rest of the day as a show and race pony.

We had a fun time of course she, Dawn, decided to tend and tease her pony, (ME!). She was nearly nude, wearing only tall boots, a bustier, thong and a riding hat. She made every effort to torment me in front of the other ponies and their masters. I knew I was going to have a tender back and butt as Suzanne was competitive and very heavy on the whip. Of course her whip work paid off. We placed 2nd in the show class and 1st in the field trials where I raced against other ponies around a ¼ mile course.

When we got home it was after dark. Suzanne simply opened the side of the trailer, unlocked the wrist and ankle cuffs, secured my wrists to the belt and led me out to our front door.

Techie quickly pulled me inside. She removed the gag/bridle and led me to our living room. There she removed the Chastilock and had me back up to an eyebolt that normally held a planter on the wall.

She opened our bondage toy bag got out a double ended snap hook to lock my collar to it. She put a gag in my mouth, buckled it tightly and said, ”Now I’m going to really tease you and get you ready to help me sing.”

I writhed and wiggled as she worked me over. For what seemed like an hour she worked me over with a soft brush and her lips. Every time I got almost ready to come she would stop, cool my rock hard cock with some ice, wait a while and start all over again.

I moaned, wailed and tried to shout, but the gag did its job very well.

Finally she released the snap and helped me lie down on the floor. There she mounted me and with her very moist pussy slowly moved up and down and around. This time she was merciful and let me come.

At the end of my torment she released my wrists and after I sat up unbuckled the gag.

“Now you know what I want to experience.” She explained.

“Watch this!” Then Techie said as she did a yoga stretching exercise and then lay down on the floor and said,” Now let me show the yoga position I’ve been practicing.”

To my surprise she was able to extent her arms out 90 degrees from her body and in several moves was able to work her legs out in a flat split. In this position she could grab her ankles with her hands. “See how this exposes my sex? Beats the hell out of that device you used with electro stimulation.”

“Let me try something.” I said as I took two small pieces of rope and bound her wrists to her ankles. I then pulled a small vibrator out of our toy bag, lubricated it and began a slow tease of her well exposed clit.

Next I placed a vibrating “egg” in her pussy.

“How does that feel?” I asked as she wiggled and writhed and moaned.

“Great!” Techie replied with a broad grin, “If I were secured to a board with wrist and ankle stocks it would be perfect. Once the scene starts nothing should stop it. I don’t want any safe word”

“Write that out and remember you said it.” I warned her as I passed her a small pad and pen. “If you really mean that write it out in big letters so I can show it to you during the scene.”

I wrapped a piece of string around her ring finger on her right hand and made a knot where the same finger was on her left hand. “This is a starting point.”

“Workshop time.” I said, as I untied her and helped to her feet.

Techie threw on a long coat, kissed me, smiled and exclaimed, “Let’s go! If we’re going to do this I want to do it right, you know, the feeling of total and complete helplessness. I want to know that I am totally at your mercy. When helplessness is coupled with extreme sexual desire it is a real turn on.”

A 3.3 meter by 2 meter piece of 25 MM thick plywood was a good starting point. With Techie modeling I produced two stocks that would securely hold her wrists and her ankles on each side. I mounted one stock to the right end of the board. The other end was mounted on heavy duty drawer slides that were firmly attached to the plywood. Next two 13 mm holes were drilled in the stocks and a piece of 10mm thick steel flat bar stock was attached to the lower inside of the stocks. This piece of steel been had drilled and tapped with 12mm by 1.50 holes that matched those in the sliding stocks. Lastly a piece of Oak with 2 matching holes and a back up plate of 1/8 inch steel was attached with long wood screws and epoxy glue to the end of the plywood. Two folding steel sawhorses supported the “rack”.

Finally I had Techie lie down on the plywood and stretch out in her yoga position. I quickly locked the stocks around her wrists and ankles.

Two 18 inch long pieces of ½ NC threaded rod were slid through the outer fixed oak piece and threaded into the sliding stock. I marked about 25mm past the point that stuck through the fixed piece.

Lastly I bent the ends of the rod into small cranks and put 2 stop nuts and large flat washers just below the bend. This way I could stretch her by moving the sliding stock outward with the cranks..

I lubricated the threads with red synthetic drive line lubricant and started cranking. I could watch Techie stretch and her pussy open wide.

“Ready for a test flight?”

She made an attempt to struggle and nodded “yes”. I opened the toy bag and removed a small vibrator.

She whimpered as I slowly moved the vibe up and down and around her moist cunt. She wiggled and moaned.

I wanted her to experience denial and the tease that went with an “almost orgasm” . Every time I thought she was about to come I stopped.

Techie’s head thrashed around and I realized that I had to immobilize her head so I attached two small belts to the plywood and two small “V” shaped pieces of wood covered with soft shag carpet. Together the belts and the wood prevented her from moving her head. Next I drilled a 25 mm hole on either side of head in line with her jaw. Then I popped a ball gag in her mouth dropped the ends of the strap through slots and buckled it on the other side of the wood.

I set a clock so she could see it. “All you have to do is tolerate 15 minutes of teasing. However when I stop the clock stops. It will probably take an hour or more for you to be tormented without benefit of an orgasm. If that is OK blink twice.”

Techie blinked twice indicating she wanted to proceed.

For nearly an hour I took her up to almost all the way an orgasm and then stopped, cooled her clit with ice waited 10 minutes and started over again.

After an hour it was obvious that she was tired. I loosened the gag and the head straps and relaxed the tension on the stocks.

Finally I unlocked the stocks and helped her stand up. “How was It?” I asked “Powerful, but I still want more. I want to be able to moan, yodel, sing, scream and shout for a day as you tease me again and again.” She replied with a smile as she grabbed me by the balls. “But for now you are going to cum with me.” As she led us off to bed.

It was a while before I got any rest. I love it when the one woman you have exotic and erotic dreams about is your wife of 30+ years.

The forecast for the next weekend promised clear warm weather. I “modified” the rack and it’s sawhorses I mounted a backpack frame to the underside of the rack. The sawhorses were strapped to the top of the rack. Techie was going to carry our food, drink and toys.

We took my old Diesel 4-wheel drive Mercedes Unimog since it was capable of getting closest to our weekend retreat. After 3 hours of driving we left the paved road and following the GPS arrows began the slow climb up the dirt road that snaked up the side of the mountain to the cabin.

After fording 2 streams and another hour of slow speed travel and we parked the vehicle when the road ended at the sign indicating the entrance to the property. I pulled the “rack” from the truck and slid the straps over my shoulder.

While I was loading the rack, Techie placed the coolers, food and supplies on a canvas “sled’.

Techie had me stop while she stripped and packed her clothes on top of the rack.

“Starting now I am your pet, your prisoner, your captive or your sex slave, which ever you prefer.” She put a pony bit/gag in her mouth and buckled it, next she buckled a bondage belt around her waist and put her arms by her sides. ”Will you please buckle this up and couple the supplies on the canvas sled behind me?”

I secured her arms by her sides and clipped the lines that were attached to the sled to the Dee rings on the back of her waist belt.

Lastly I cut a fine switch from a branch and cracked it across her buttocks as I ordered “Forward!”

Techie strained and had the load moving along the wet clay trail. From time she would slow to rest. With a snap of the switch I “encouraged “ her to continue.

Finally after about an hour of hiking up the mountain we reached the cabin.

She stood by watching me set up the saw horses and rack that would be her home for the next four hours.

When I had finished I pulled the gag from her mouth and released her hands.


Techie eagerly shed the bondage belt and her hiking boots and hopped up onto the table.

“Come on, hurry up I don’t want to waste a minute of this day!” she exclaimed as she placed her wrists and ankles in the stocks.

“OK, but let’s get this straight.” I explained as I secured her head in the head restraint. “There is no safe word. Your only relief will be the clock. The clock is set for 4 hours. There is a switch on the clock. When I stop the clock stops.”

I got out the video camera and set it up on a tripod.

“Oh, MY!” she exclaimed, “Not video too!”

“Yes, “ I answered, “In times to come this may be our favorite sex tape.”

I held up several items. The first was a plastic tube. “This is your nourishment for today. It is a sports energy drink. Now in the interest of neatness I’m going to slide a catheter into you. You will pee into a gallon jug.”

“Great, I’d hate to spend four hours lying in my own pee.”

The next series of items I held up were a very small glass laboratory bottle with a black rubber stopper, and a small glass lab funnel and a small white surgical type sponge. “Just like the lambs I am going to collect your essence. From time to time I will wipe your sex dry, squeeze the sponge and put your essence in the bottle.”

“I am about to be milked like some lab animal.” Techie laughed.

I took some time and massaged sunscreen into her arms, legs and face.

Then I got out sex lube and began working on her moist warm sex.

In order to maximize her torment I worked very slowly and deliberately. After about 15 minutes Techie began begging for me to let her come.

It was then I used the ice to chill her swollen clit and tease her nipples.

Then I engaged in the ultimate torment I stripped and stood there with my rock-hard Willy resting against her clit. I moved just enough so she could be sure what it was.

“Please, please! Put it in.” she wailed

With that outburst I snapped a pair of wooden clothes pins on her nipples.

Techie wailed, screamed, “Please let me come! Please!”

She begged, she wailed and pleaded as time after time I took her to the very edge of an orgasm and stopped.

Techie needed some rest so I covered her with a sheet and told her to rest up for what is about to come.

I stopped the clock and set the timer on my wristwatch for 15 minutes and sat down watched her wiggle and gasp as she tried to find some way to have an orgasm.

When the little bell on the timer rang I started all over again. This time, after wiping her moist sex off and saving the essence, I placed a small vibrator in her.

At first I did not switch the vibrator on. I just let the vibrator lie in her moist pussy before switching it on.

I ran the sex toy up, down and around her sex again she cried, cursed, cried, pleaded and begged to be allowed to come.

Just as she started to tighten up I stopped and chilled her clit and nipples.

This brought her rise to a halt. She struggled, cried, begged and screamed, “This isn’t fun any more. It’s torture. Let me go and let me come,”

“NO!” I answered.

“Please! Please! I’ll be your slave for the next year, hell for the rest of my life.” She pleaded, “I’ll wash your whole body with my tongue. What can I do to be allowed to come?”

“Hold on for another 3 hours!” I answered sternly.

“NO! No!. This is too cruel. It is even crueler than I had envisioned.” She pleaded.

“Remember this was your idea. You were the one who wrote this.” I explained as I held up the note she had written so she could read it.

“Look at this. This is the paper you printed. Shall I read it?”

Techie blinked her eyes.

Once the scene starts nothing should stop it. I don’t want any safe word ” I read out loud as I turned the vibrator up to full power and began teasing her again.

Her sex began exude fluid again as her muscles started rippling. Beads of sweat ran down her face and body as she resumed begging. ”I know what I said, but I did not know the experience would be this intense. Now please, please have mercy on me!”

I held up the little bottle. It was almost full, “Look there is 4.5cc in the bottle when it is full at 10cc I will release you. Since this is before the time you agreed to what will you trade me for your early release?”

“If you release me now and let me come with you I promise to be your slave for the next year.” She bargained.

“Will you agree to remain nude except wrist, ankle cuffs, maybe a gag and a locking steel collar that will declare you to be my property?” I asked.

“What if we have guests?” She queried.

“What did I say?” I reminded her.

“Yes, unless you say otherwise I will remain collared, restrained and nude.” Techie agreed as I collected her essence.

Another 30 minutes of teasing I could see her sex was getting red and must be sore.

“I will have mercy on you.” I explained as I covered my rock hard cock with sex lube. “Here goes you may now come.”

Standing by her I slid my penis into her moist sex and began rocking in and out.

“Oh, thank you, thank you!” she exclaimed as a heavy orgasm came through her.

I slowly relaxed the stocks, removed the head straps and then opened the stocks. That freed her, but she had been stressed and stretched for about 2 hours and could not stand.

“I can’t believe this, I’m free, but I can’t move.” She whimpered,” My muscles are like Jello.”

Techie relaxed as I massaged sore and cramped muscles. Gradually I moved her legs and arms. I gave her a firm deep kiss.

With my help Techie staggered into the cabin and lay down on the bed.

In less than a minute she was fast asleep.

I covered her as I lay down alongside. After all I had been working hard keeping her on the “Edge” so I took a nap too.

For the next 5 hours we slept dreaming of each other. My mind was fogged by the sweet fragrance of her essence.

Sunday morning I was awakened by the aroma of sausage.

Techie kissed me, ”How is my master this morning?”

She knelt and took my penis in her mouth. “Now it’s my turn I want to smell and taste your sweet and salty essence. Beside my sex is so sore it is going to take me a while before that long walk back to the truck will be comfortable.”

“We’ll go back to the truck later in the day or maybe tomorrow.” I told her as I reached into our toy bag and pulled a her outfit, a pair of handcuffs with a long chain between them, a pair of leg irons, a shiny metal collar with a lock and a long chromed leash.

“In the mean time here is your outfit. Please put it on.”

Techie took the collar slid around her neck and snapped the lock shut.

The she bent over locked the leg irons around each ankle and lastly napped the cuffs shut around her wrists. I passed her a small nail and ordered, “Set the double lock on your wrists and ankles so they don’t get too tight.”

“This outfit is neat, but I have to worry about the leash chain when I move or work.” She said.

“Oh, no you don’t.” I explained. “Now turn around and pass me the leash between your legs.”

Obediently Techie turned around and passed the leash between her legs I took the smooth chromed chain and pulled it up so it fit tightly in her sex. Then I locked it in place with a small padlock.

“You know how to make a slave really feel like a slave. I am collared, restrained and teased at the same time. I like it.” Techie said with a smile. “The only problem is that the chain won’t let me bend over.”

She knelt down and gave me a kiss.

This exercise was great and I thought Techie would never ask me to tease her to limit again.

“Master, yesterday was a total orgasmic experience. I’d like to repeat it again, Please!”

She punctuated her request with a quick lick of my cock.

I stood looking at my wife of 30+ years as she strode around in her chromed outfit and thought, ”I feel sorry for the husbands and lovers who don’t play games with their wives and lovers. They never get to enjoy the wide variety of life with a great wife, lover, sex slave, dom, mistress and friend!”

Early the next morning we hiked back to the truck I carried the rack and Techie, still in her chains, and wearing nothing else but hiking boots, dragged the supplies.

I placed a long coat on her and buttoned it up before I helped her sit in the truck. As I buttoned the seat belt, she asked,” What if I have to go to the restroom?”

“I’ll pull up close and escort you.” I answered.

When we got home I removed her wrist cuffs and had put her hands through the sleeves on her coat then I closed the cuffs. “Now you can help me unload.”

She helped me unload and then graced our home as my naked slave and pet.

Techie is learning how to sleep on her back as I have let her sleep in the her “steel evening wear”.

I know we are going to enjoy this next year.