Her First Time

by Kelsey C

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© Copyright 2001 - Kelsey C - Used by permission

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Part 1

Mistress Ashley's instructions had been explicit: After knocking on the back door, the girl was to turn around, place her hands behind her back, and then keep her eyes and mouth shut. The thought, the knowledge that she would really do this--actually wanted to--for a dominant female she'd never even met (except over the phone) excited her enormously.
Jennifer knocked, turned, and waited, trembling in her outfit. As ordered, the girl wore no underwear; only her oldest blouse and jeans. She wondered why, and was disappointed that the session apparently wouldn't involve her dressing in sexually exciting attire.

She heard the door open behind her. Cold handcuffs clicked tight on slender wrists. Then, a thick leather blindfold was slid over her eyes and tightened. She was turned around and a firm hand grasped her long black hair, bent her forward, and led her stumbling into darkness. She had never experienced such resolute, impartial control! She felt herself being backed up to a 
stout post. A wide leather collar was buckled around her slim neck. It was padlocked to a ring embedded in the post. Her head was now immobile. One handcuff was opened and her arms were pulled back, achingly locked around the rigid wood. Not a word had been spoken yet; here only a minute and already she couldn't see or move.
"Please," Jennifer pleaded, breaking the silence. "I'm frightened. I'm not sure I can go through with this."

No response from the unseen Mistress. Only the ominous sounds of leathers, zippers, buckles clanking, implements being laid out. And the tap of stiletto heels on the dungeon floor. Fingernails brushed her lips, urging them open. A finger slid in to touch her tongue. She moaned and began to suck. A rubber penis was leisurely twisted in, pulled out, in again, then slowly out. Without thought, her mouth blindly begged for it--open, seeking, tongue flicking, exploring the familiar ridges, sucking the pleasurable shape, pulling against the frustrating collar chain. Back in again, deep down into her throat, then strapped tight.
"There, bitch. Feed on that for awhile", Mistress Ashley finally spoke. In an ear, she whispered softly, "Hold very, very still now, My sweet little cunt. I don't care if you're hurt, but you might."
The captive girl pressed her trembling body hard against the post and held perfectly motionless as her blouse and jeans were carefully cut from her limbs.

Invisible hands firmly pulled Jennifer's naked legs far apart. She felt a long spreader bar being buckled around her ankles; another, shorter one was strapped just above her knees. Her long legs were now locked wide open. She was completely helpless and accessible for torment, pleasure, and delicious pain. Her hands twisted within the steel cuffs, fingers splayed open. She tugged fruitlessly against the short neck chain, moaning into the cock gag stuffing her throat. Jennifer began to sweat with arousal. Drool ran down her chin to trickle onto an erect nipple.
The dampness between her legs turned into a slow leak as her cunt lips blossomed; the first droplet of slave juice began to slowly seep down the inside of a trembling thigh. The girl felt it and moaned louder. The commanding female at her side saw it and, smiling, flicked the secretion up with a finger and smeared it onto the girl's other erect nipple. The girl bit down on her penis gag and shook her head helplessly. Ashley chuckled and picked up the next toy.
She'd just begun the captive girl's first lesson. Much more lay ahead that evening . . . this was nothing!

Part 2

Ashley gazed fondly at the creature in front of her--a slim nakedness handcuffed to a vertical beam, collared and chained rigidly upright, legs locked wide apart with spreader bars. The girl had been standing, trembling, blindfolded and silenced with a thick rubber penis gag. Now, she decided, it was time to have some fun, make some, well, let's call it . . . music!
Ashley removed the blindfold and unbuckled the gag, pulling its wet length out of the gasping mouth.
"Oh God," the girl panted, "I didn't know it could be this good." Ashley ignored her, busily setting up a tape recorder and mike on a nearby table. Next, she selected a special breast whip made from nine thin strips of deerskin, each 18 inches long, with ending with a hard knot at its tip.
"Please, what are you doing?".

"What I doing, My little slut, is preparing to punish you for daring to ask me a question like that. You've just earned ten. You'll learn sooner or later not to speak until I give you permission. I'd prefer later. Do you know why?"
The slave foolishly replied, "No, I don't know, why don't you tell me."
"Thanks. You just earned another ten--for impudence. Since you'll pay for them, I might was well tell you--I want to record some, shall we say, background music to play when I relax. I think your screams will do nicely." Hearing this, the girl shuddered, still not fully comprehending the torment about to be visited upon her nerve endings.

Standing just inches from the helplessness, Ashley ran her hand lightly up the taut, damp skin. Her tongue traced wetness around a jutting nipple, biting gently. Instantly, the nipple stiffened. Ashley's hands continued their play, and the girl's breath came faster. God, if only she could move! Wise fingers played with the slick marble of her clitoris a moment.
"You're disgusting," she said, wiping her wet fingers on the girl's hot face. "Dripping like that. You need a better reason to cream than this."
"Those breasts could use some decoration", the mistress said. "I will make you scream," she whispered softly and kissed the helpless lips hard. A full length mirror was propped up in front of her--so she could miss nothing of the torment about to take place.

Her legs were further braced by the five inch high heels Ashley now buckled onto her feet. Up on her toes, legs locked wide apart, her calf muscles stood out, already strained. She could see her flushed face, open mouth, and inflamed nipples. A tremor of profound helplessness and fear went through her. Behind the post at her back, cuffed hands twisted within steel, accomplishing nothing but a burning of wrists. Her shoulders were wracked hard back by the tension, thrusting helpless breasts far out, as if begging attention. They were about to receive a lot of it. She gave Ashley an absurdly imploring look.
"Please don't whip my breasts . . . Please!"

The tape recorder spun on, taking it all down for her later enjoyment. It was a 60 minute tape, and she intended to fill it all with her special brand of . . . music. "And now, My little cunt, the cat. Custom-designed to my specifications. Watch closely now."
Ashley stood off to one side and swung skillfully . . . and powerfully.
The air sang. The slave could see the thongs flash through the air. Hear the awful sound as the thin cords bit and embedded themselves into her right breast. Zzzkkk! The pain was indescribable. Her tit vibrated. She couldn't even scream--she was speechless, shaking in her rigid bonds. The next blow brought the scream.Zzzkkk! "AAAAAOOOOWWWW!" Zzzzkkkk! "Please . . . I can't take this!" Zzzzzkkkk! "Plee . . . uh . . . noooo . . . moreee . . .!" Zzzzzkkkkk! "Haaaaaoow!" Zzzzzzkkkkkkk!

It went on and on and on . . . Ashley methodically switched sides at regular intervals, careful to devote equal attention to each tortured breast. Back and forth, left and right. Scarlet lines were etched and overlaid across each helpless mound. The white loveliness of the chained and naked girl shuddered against the delicious punishment, but did not move. Her sounds became hoarse peals of sensual mindlessness as she surrendered utterly to her Mistress' erotic domination and discipline.

In her torment, she didn't notice the stream of female juice running down a strained leg--but Ashley did. This was expected, of course, from good submissives. And, as she continued wielding her nine-stranded whip, this one had the makings of a rather decent one--with a lot of training. Ashley carefully prolonged the concert, playing the helplessness in front of her until the hour-long tape had been entirely filled with luscious sounds. The girl was now properly prepared for the next event.

Part 3

After the leisurely lashing of her captive's breasts--and recording an hour's worth of high fidelity, exquisite screams and pleadings--Ashley decided the girl was sufficiently prepared for the evening's main event. The helpless female hung in her bonds and panted after her ordeal. 
She'd been handcuffed and chain-collared to an upright beam, legs locked wide apart with spreader bars at ankles and knees. High spiked heels had been strapped on her feet. Her leg muscles stood out like fists from the strain of the position.

But her well-extended breasts had suffered most. Each smooth mound had acquired ten sweeping strokes from Ashley's nine-stranded, leather cat. Red traces were overlaid with great precision and strength. Her serrated skin burned, yet both nipples were very erect, hard, and throbbing. Her throat ached from shrieking, yet her cunt was screaming with arousal, 
causing tensioned thighs to drip with wet, white slave-juice. The girl had encountered ecstasy at this Mistress' hands, and God, how she loved it!

Ashley now knelt and slowly, carefully rotated a long, greased, butt plug into the captive girl's anus . . . up, up, further . . . The helplessness felt fingers part her wet lips in front. Another thicker dildo, longer than the one stuffed up her butt, worked its way well up into her cunt. Serrated. God! She could feel her hot flesh yield protesting around it. Her hips twisted as much as her bonds allowed. Little did she know this was only the prelude.

Ashley went to her toy box and returned with a two inch wide leather belt which she bucked brutally tight around the helpless female's waist. Then, she picked up a thin strap of studded leather.
"You'll really enjoy this one," Ashley said, as she snapped one end to the waist belt in back. 
Pierce then tugged the saddle strap through the crack of the female's ass and up between the widely spread legs. Wise fingers carefully spread apart the soaking lips, swollen with the rubber prod inside. Then, she pulled the studded strap very firmly up to the belt in front and secured it, tugging so tightly it disappeared into both cracks.

"Ooooooh!", the girl moaned, her head reared back within her chained collar, torso straining up in a long sexual moan, rising up on the tiptoes of her heels. She stood there, impaled from both the front and back at the same time, quivering in ecstasy. Foamy cream began to seep around the rubber and leather intrusions between her legs.
"Open wide, bitch", Ashley said, and another huge rubber penis was fitted deep into her gasping mouth, her tongue seemingly pushed back into her throat.

The girl's sight was abruptly cut off by the black leather discipline helmet being pulled down over her head. She could feel it mold itself to her face and neck as laces were drawn tight, snugged, and knotted. A wide collar was snugly buckled and locked around her throat, sealing in the skin-tight hood. Immediately, the girl discovered the delicious terrors of the helmet--the heat, difficulty in breathing, utter blindness, and learning to swallow her drool while gagged. Her face became wet from saliva, her hair a wet mass beneath the smooth leather. Inside, she panted, quivering with arousal, fear, and unbearable excitement. The leather aroma was exquisite. Other, faint scents from previous users teased her.

Then, Ashley unlocked the handcuffs and skillfully fitted the faceless creature into a special leather straight jacket. The air around the sweating nakedness was scented with the rich, creamy aroma of stained hide and female arousal. Straps were laced into buckles, pulled, and drawn very hard, welding her paralleled arms tightly together high up in the small of her back.
Everything was locked and triple knotted--Ashley knew from personal experience (Christ, what a night that had been!) that the jacket would soon be strained to its limits. Ashley made sure that escape and relief from excruciating torment was utterly impossible.

After unfastening the girl's legs (but tightening the spiked heels a notch), Ashley spoke into the side of the slowly twisting hood, "There, my little cunt. You're free to roam. Have fun, and come back when you're finished."
Watching the blind girl teeter on the impossibly high heels, she picked up a magazine and settled down in an easy chair to enjoy the show now unfolding in the dungeon.

Inside her darkness, the girl's breath hissed, making small panting sounds, a moan started low and soft. Her muscles hardened, fingers splayed wide within the leather, searching and finding nothing. She began to quiver, sweat running down damp skin, stinging sightless eyes. She could hear blood pound in her plugged ears. The serrated dildos strapped deeply in her drenched 
cunt and ass seemed to pulse and grow. Hot lust began to wash over her as sweat, saliva, and loin juice began flowing down wet skin. The girl's thighs glistened and became slippery. And every single, tiny, slight movement pulled the diabolic saddle strap hard against her erect clit, biting and gnawing into her erotic center like a ravenous little animal.

An amused Ashley flipped magazine pages, watching the girl totter around the room, stumbling, going down on one knee, moaning inside her helmet as the position shifted the plugs and saddle strap. She arched on her back, wrenching to be free, twisted and arched again as an unseen spasm finally overtook her. Muffled sobs and peals of pleasure could be faintly heard, breath coming short and hard through the nostril holes. The slim helplessness writhed and bucked against the insatiable intrusions, succeeding only in bringing on another explosion . . . and another . . . she lay, wildly shaking her hooded head, twisting, screaming into the cock gag as orgasms piled one on the other. Finally she lay exhausted, twitching weakly. Utterly submissive, she would now do anything to experience such ecstasy.

Smiling, Ashley strode over to the helpless nakedness on the floor, licking her lips.
She'd only just begun .

The End