Her Captor

by Walt A.K.A. Xan

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Storycodes: M/f; bond; gag; rope; enslave; collar; leash; training; oral; blindfold; reluct; X

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Chapter 3: Slavery is Surprising

Helpless and alone

Slavery is her path now

Will she be pleasing?

He watched her on the closed-circuit TV monitor, slowly squirming in her bondage. She writhed more to feel her restraints than to try to escape. He looked at her body, glowing in the green light amplification, and marveled at the surgeon’s skill at constructing her. He thought about the countless hours of exercise that went into maintaining that construct. If some god had granted him a wish in which to create the most pleasing woman he could imagine, May would be the one.

Pleased that May responded favorably to the initial exposure to her new station in life, Roy began to prepare her meal, bath and sleep restraints. Using one of the prototype versions of fourth generation light amplifying low-profile goggles, acquired from a friend in the optics-lab at the university in the city, Roy practiced working in what appeared to be total darkness. Multiple ultraviolet light sources in every room illuminated the rooms specifically for these night-vision goggles. Each light was calibrated to shine at just over 300nm, well below the threshold of human sight. Everything in the rooms was still green, but the lines were much more in focus than with any other light amplification system he’d ever used. Keeping his new slave believing that she was blind was the latest hi-tech version of a cloth tied over the eyes of a captive. He intended to allow May to see again, one day, but that would be a reward for good service once she’d accepted and began to thrive in her captivity. For now, she’d remain effectively blind. Rife with potential dangers, high-end human trafficking on the modern black market necessitated extreme precautions in handling the prize.

As his preparations neared completion Roy used his remote to open the door to May’s cell. The room began to warm, and May came out of her limbo of uncertainty. Her fidgeting stopped and she waited for her captor to return. Straining to hear something other than the slurping back of her own saliva, May believed she could hear movement from outside of the room she was being held in but the noises were faint. 

With the warming of the room, May realized she was aroused. Her nipples ached, telling her that their tight contractions were due more to how this treatment affected her than from how chilly the room had been. Body heat, coming from below, confirmed her fears about being bound for another’s purposes. She could feel the moisture building as the warmth crawled into the room. This man had told her that she would be rewarded with heat. Obviously, she had passed her first test by doing what she had been told to do. Her humiliation induced a flush as she realized that she was responding sexually to pleasing this man. The ache in her arms diminished and her thoughts wandered as she tried to imagine what her life would be like as a blind slave. 

Untying her arms and wrists first, Roy kneaded and massaged her shoulders and upper arms as they hung limply at her sides. Pins and needles told her of returning circulation. May made no movement, letting him caress her flesh back into life, but secretly pulled as hard as she could against the ropes still tied around her ankles. There was no attempt to escape. She needed to feel the ropes digging into her flesh.

Long wonderful minutes went by as his hands performed magical things to her shoulders. He seemed to know just where to massage and just how much pressure needed to be used to restore her. May delighted in his touch, overwhelmed from the realization that he touched her not to feel her flesh, but to aid her recovery from the cold and bondage. She recognized the sensations of her arousal growing.

Before she knew it though, her wrists were crossed behind her back and her captor wrapped more rope around them, cinching and knotting the ropes high and out of reach. She could twist them and partially rotate her wrists within the confining loops of rope, but she knew that any attempts to loosen them, or to try to remove her wrists from the soft ropes would be impossible. Naturally, she tried twisting around to explore the limitations of her bonds, but secretly smiled at how helpless this one particular tie made her. More loops went around her waist, winding around and around before being cinched between her tied arms and her lower back. This kept her from reaching around and locked her wrists where they had been tied. She fluttered her fingers and reached toward a knot. This got her fingers and thumb taped together with some thin tape that felt slightly elastic until she tried to separate her fingers and found out just how strong it really was. When he finished her other set of fingers, May’s knees felt weak from how her helplessness affected her. She moaned quietly as a runnel of drool escaped and splashed very lightly off the top of her breasts.

“If you do not say anything, I will take your gag out, hydrate you, feed you, offer you a hot bath and then allow you to sleep more comfortably than you did last night, before your training starts tomorrow. Nod that you will comply with this simple condition.”

May nodded vigorously, trying not to look too enthusiastic.

“I will expect and allow a few small, inarticulate sounds, but at the third word you utter without permission, I will administer six hard cane strokes and then re-gag you for an extended period of time. Nod again if you understand.”

Nodding more timidly this time, she shrank a bit thinking of being beaten and disciplined. Watching her closely, Roy detected a shiver running through her body before he reached down and untied her ankles. When he untied them, she returned his touch with another shiver.

“Take a moment while you are still safely in your corner and make sure you have your legs underneath you.”

As she moved around in tight circles, lifting her knees a little higher than necessary to stretch her muscles May learned to adjust to not having her arms to balance her body. She had to lean quickly into a wall several times, for support, until she got used to these heels and to moving her legs after a period of inactivity. After a few minutes she turned to where she thought Roy was standing, assumed a feminine pose and tried to quietly slurp up the growing amount of saliva in her mouth.

Roy waited until her pose attained a sense of pride. Picking up a leather collar he buckled it around her long neck and snapped a leash to the front ring. Not quite a posture collar but still wide, thick and heavy around her neck, she followed blindly behind him, learning to sense the direction from the way he led her with the leash. After a short walk he started to talk.

“Move forward”, --- “another step forward”, --- “now a step to your left”, --- “no, now you have to move two steps to your other left”, --- “stop”, --- “genuflect and immediately continue to move your left leg into a kneeling position”, --- “kneel up, back straight”, --- “good, now cross your left ankle over your right”, --- “move your right toe toward you”, --- “stop”.

With more rope he bound her crossed ankles and then let her relax her foot position. Taking a towel from the table, he held it under her chin as he unbuckled the gag and slowly slid the heavy rubber phallus from her mouth. Saliva poured out and he just silently nodded as May worked her jaw to ease the strain. 

May heard him fiddling with things that sounded like they were on a table next to her and recognized him adjusting a chair very near her. Feeling something touch her lips, she opened them slightly and he inserted a straw. She closed her lips and drank the cool water in long swallows, not realizing up until then just how thirsty she’d been. When she heard the slurping sound indicating the glass was empty, she said, “Thank you.”

“That’s two spoken words. Your next spoken word will earn you pain. Do you have anything else to say?”

May shook her head and he said, “Good. I am a sadist, and I will beat you regularly for my pleasure. I am also very talented at delivering pain. A good sadist knows how to wear a slave out long before his arm wears out. I also have no problems beating you simply for discipline, so learn quickly how to obey everything I say, and it will save you excess pain and suffering.

“I’m going to feed you now. I’ll explain more of the house rules as you eat. Tonight, tomorrow and for many tomorrows after that you will be fed slave porridge. It is concocted to be healthy and nutritious but also tasteless. It will be of a somewhat chunky texture and it will always be at room temperature, unless you earn discipline before you can be fed. You will always be fed. You do not now have the right to eat your own food. You must always feel dependent on me for your sustenance. I will eat my normal meal right beside you, giving you a spoonful of your gruel at my pleasure. This is how we will do it.”

Roy scooped up a spoonful and touched the tip of the full spoon to her bottom lip. When May opened her mouth, he fed her the spoonful, turned it over in her mouth and allowed her to lick it clean before removing the spoon to repeat the process. She took three spoonful’s before he laid her spoon down, picked up his own utensils and started cutting into a piece of meat. May started to salivate thinking of how good a mouthful of steak would taste and her enhanced senses of smell and hearing were torturing her as she listened to him cut his steak and feed himself. While she was still thinking about his meat, she felt the spoon touch her lip again. She took another mouthful of her slave-gruel, feeling cheated and persecuted. This cycle of him eating food she wanted and him feeding her this tasteless gruel continued for the rest of the meal. At the end he spoke to her again.

“I almost never finish all of my steak. When I want to reward you for something, I’ll share the leftover portion of my meal with you. You’ve done well today, and simply for the effort you put into sculpting that body of yours, I will reward you for that alone. Open your mouth. I will offer you some meat.”

May eagerly opened her mouth and Roy fed her one cube of steak. She chewed slowly, letting the juices trickle down her throat and the taste reminded her of her former freedom. It reminded her of countless steak dinners men had taken her to, to try and impress her and hoping the price of a good steak dinner was enough to get into her pants. So many times, she had never tasted one bite of those dinners, trying to skillfully maintain control of the situation. How many times had she just eaten mechanically, to pass the time rather than for the taste? How many times had she declined a good steak dinner for a salad or some similar dish thinking to maintain her figure? Why did she never really enjoy herself while catering to her palate instead of her waistline? Finally, she hung her head and felt a tear well up in her eye. My how the mighty have fallen, she thought to herself.

Hearing him take off his pants she cringed at what she imagined was coming. Feeling the chair scrape across the floor so that it was even closer to her she just opened her mouth and waited.

“Good girl. We’ll get along just fine. I will have this dessert after every dinner, and sometimes after breakfast and lunch too. Your duty, slave, is to pleasure me. Learning pleasurable technique will go a long way towards keeping your hyde intact.” 

Once he guided her onto him, May was secretly delighted that he had such a small penis. It made her job much easier, although she found no personal pleasure from such an average tool. Her new master’s manhood measured no more than five inches, hard, and because it was just of average girth it was nothing to brag about. Over the years she had developed a taste for large, thick men and had become quite adept at deep-throating them to satisfaction. Luckily, she’d been born with a large mouth, small teeth and a controllable gag-reflex. Her talents would go to ruin with this man though. She worked him methodically, being extra careful of her teeth and suction, adjusting the latter to his preferences. He guided her with words and to please him was just a matter of adjusting her styles to his tastes. At least he wasn’t one of those morons that grabbed the back of the head and slammed a woman’s mouth down on his hard-on. Avoiding any adventurous techniques, May kept her oral play steady, using time-tested routines with her tongue. It taxed her coordination at first, having her hands tied behind her back, but May had always maintained a strong central core and was thankful for it now. Swallowing his load was easy enough and he used another towel to wipe himself off first, then dabbed around her mouth before giving her more water.

She knew her technique pleased him when he touched her bottom lip again and she received a mouthful of half-melted sorbet. The pineapple flavor burst into her mouth and she tried to keep it rolling around on her tongue for as long as possible before swallowing. She was almost hesitant to drink more water when he offered it to her for fear of diluting that wonderful residual taste. She did drink, having already made up her mind that she wanted to survive. If eating tasteless gruel and drinking whatever he gave her would keep him happy, and therefore her alive, then she’d do whatever was necessary.

While mindlessly groping her tits, sometimes gentle enough to be somewhat pleasurable, but sometimes painful and thoughtless of bruising her tender flesh, he continued to instruct her.

“For the time being your life will be tedious and exhausting, learning to do many things that were common enough before, but now you’ll have to learn to do them without your sight. You’ll have to learn to dress yourself, for my pleasure, and to do as artful a job as you would have done before you lost your sight. You’ll have to learn how to move from your cell to this common area, and to the lavatory facilities, and finally to the playroom. And back of course. For the first days of your captivity, I have assigned a groom for you. He will teach you how to put on hose without pulling runs in them, and how to organize your few possessions so that you can use them to please me, quickly and efficiently, even without your eyesight. You will also have to do many of your chores at least partially bound, again for my pleasure. Any questions?”

May thought about the dozens of questions on her tongue and all the ideas running through her mind, but instead of falling for the bait and switch he just tried to trick her with, she just shook her head and then lowered her blind gaze towards the floor.

“Good girl. You’re learning. I figured you were bright when I chose you. Now on to your bath.”

May felt him untie her ankles. He helped her stand and again leading her by the leash he moved her to another part of the dungeon accommodations. This time she tried to take measured steps and counted the steps she took. When she recognized that her heels were clicking on tile now rather than the various areas of concrete and indoor/outdoor carpeting, she adjusted her count. By the echoes of the clicking of her heels she felt that this was a big room. When he untied her waist bonds and wrists she waited for instructions.

“OK, it’s blind-woman’s-bluff time. Put your hands out and find things. When you do I will tell you what they are. This refresher is sized and was built to luxuriate in rather than just for your ablutions and waste removal. Start anywhere you like and make a full circuit. I will be relaxing.”

May took a few steps back, and at the beginning of the tile floor, which she assumed was the doorway, she started on her left and began to feel around. She also counted each and every step she took.

First thing on her left she found a commode. Feeling her way around she felt a cabinet on the left and racks of magazines on her right.

“Yes, that’s one of the state-of-the-art thrones. It does everything for you and has every convenience. It automatically flushes, sprays a jet of water up to clean you, and then blows warm air to dry you. Your groom will show you how to work the remote. You won’t need them but there are magazines for my amusement. The cabinets on your left and over the throne contain cleaning supplies. Sit down. Give it a test run. I’ll work the remote. Don’t be bashful, you’ll have to do a lot more embarrassing things than pee in front of me.” 

May cringed when she heard him begin to snicker.

Despite her wandering and frantic thoughts, May was amazed at this hi-tech toilet/bidet. Having lived with men before, she only hesitated slightly before relieving herself. 

Again, staying to the left, just past the privacy wall, she found a shelf of towels and was surprised to find they were in an enclosed shelf to keep them warm. Heated towels were always a luxury that made her melt with joy. Just past this she felt around and found a large, deep, stand-up tub like those that used to be popular during the early 20th Century. She had been promised a bath and she wondered if she’d be allowed to use this one. 

Like he was reading her mind, her new master said, “That is what you will be taking your bath in shortly, but you still need to explore more of this room. I’ll guide you back to it later. I saw you smile when you felt the heated towels, so this next thing should delight you. Step forward, yes, now do you feel that stainless steel cabinet in front of you? Inside are heated robes of the finest Egyptian cotton. Thick, long, warmed and waiting to be used to help dry you off. I do indulge in my creature comforts. As for you, as long as you please me and try constantly to improve, for my pleasure, you will be allowed these small benefits too. I also have much more spartan facilities for those that I do not find worthy of my generosity. So, to continue, that glassed in room to your right is the shower. Two people can rinse away their cares in such a spacious facility. It is six feet by eight feet with multiple shower heads, and digital pressure and temperature control.”

A slight “Oooh” escaped her throat and for a moment she froze and cowered slightly thinking she had said her third word.

“No, I won’t count that against you,” and he laughed as she visibly shivered in relief. “Now turn right. Just to your left is a sofa in front of an entertainment center for me. To your right is the jacuzzi in the center of the room. Keep moving forward and to your left is the sauna. We’ll explore that when you are properly bound and gagged tomorrow. Watching rivulets of sweat outline a woman’s contours is always a pleasant diversion. You’ll sweat during your morning workout, but this is another of my favorite things.”

Continuing to feel her way around the side of the sauna May found and easily identified a washer and dryer combination. Finding a table situated close by she could only surmise that it was a folding table.

“OK, normally we send everything out to be professionally cleaned, but if there’s an emergency, you’ll have to learn to do the best job you can without being able to see what you’re doing. The groom will run you through several opportunities for you to practice.

“Just past the table is a dressing table with make-up and skin products that you may or may not get to use eventually. Glamour is a privilege in my abode. For now, you must do the best you can do with your natural, unenhanced beauty. Past that, in the corner, is a massage table. Again your groom will be teaching you how to give me pleasure through massage. You’ll be practicing on him until you’re competent enough to touch me. I am very picky about who touches me. There is nothing in your file about being a professionally trained masseuse, so you will have to learn. And you will, for my pleasure. Now, I’m going to lead you over to the tub and I want you to take a nice long bath. I will be close and watching. You have a long day ahead of you tomorrow so enjoy this luxury while you can.”

Roy took her over by the tub, got down shampoo, conditioner, moisturizing cleansing gel and bath salts, setting them on the back rim of the tub, explaining the placement of each so she would use them in a logical order.

“Tomorrow, your groom will depilate you and go over what you will have to do as a daily regimen to keep yourself pleasing for me. Now take your heels off and enjoy your bath.”

More than meets the eye,

luxury and slavery.

She is so confused.

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