Her Captor

by Walt aka Xan

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© Copyright 2009 - Walt aka Xan - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; kidnap; bond; cuffs; rope; wrap; mum; reluct/nc; X

Chapter 1

Who is she, really?

Will she learn what’s in her heart?

But then, who is he?

Laying her brush down she fluffed her hair, smiled at the artful job she’d done on her appearance and turned to pick up her clutch bag that lay on the bed. As she straightened, his arm encircled her waist and his other hand clamped tightly over her lips, holding her jaw closed with his fingers. Feeling her inhale to scream, her captor jerked her up off the floor, pulled his arm much tighter around her mid-section and dropped her a few inches, pushing her breath completely out of her lungs. Before she could adjust he did it again forcing even more air from her lungs. As he held her effortlessly off the floor, in a calm and very controlled, deep, bass voice he whispered, “If you fight me, you will lose.” Those few words alone terrified her, and the menacing intent in his voice caused her blood to freeze.

“I am your physical superior in all ways,” he continued, “and I am trained to use whatever force is necessary to make you to do exactly what must be done. If you co-operate, I will make this as easy of an experience as is possible, for you, under the circumstances. Do you completely understand the positives and negatives of your unavoidable situation?”

He eased up on the pressure that was holding her head crushed against him so that she could nod her head. Her attempt at a vocal response was more of a squeak than the muted yes she thought she was uttering. His grip on the lower part of her face never diminished, but her captor lowered her body to the floor and his arm moved away from her. As she tried to gulp in the air that had been forced out of her she saw that he was holding a shiny pair of handcuffs in front of her with the hand that had just seconds ago crushed her mid-section.

“Hold your right wrist up, and do not fight me when I put these on you.”

At no time in her life had she been more intimidated to obey the commands a complete stranger. Staring in fascination as he pushed the steel band against her right wrist, the motion of the ratchet bar as it swung around and captured her delicate wrist in its metallic grip seemed to go in slow motion. With each terrifying click, as he tightened it to fit her wrist, her body shivered with the realization he intended to make her his helpless prisoner. The true horror of it was that she had ever intention of co-operating fully. He pulled her right arm behind her back and without being told, her left arm moved behind her back so that he could more easily capture both of her wrists. He snugged the ratchet of the left cuff tighter and then, from somewhere, he was holding a foam ball in front of her face and began to compress it in his heavily veined fist. In the same menacing, bass monotone, he said, “Open your mouth wide when I release my hand. If you scream I will do painful things to you and you will be gagged no matter how much you resist. Now open wide.”

As his hand moved away he pushed the wadded up foam past her teeth as she was opening her mouth, and as it began to expand and fill her mouth, he pulled a pre-cut piece of tape off his vest and pushed it against her still open lips. He pulled the long ends of the tape tightly across her face pushing the wadded up ball of foam rubber even deeper into her mouth. With other pieces of tape that he had cut to the lengths he needed, her captor pulled the next two pieces under her chin and up the sides of her cheeks, keeping her from opening her jaw. This made her feel even more helpless because now there was no way she could expel the expanding rubber ball filling her mouth.

Two more pieces were X’d across her face over her lips and the last two pieces went horizontally across her face from just under her nose to the tip of her chin. Sneaking a peek at her reflection in the mirror over her dresser, all she could see was dull grey tape covering the lower half of her face and her eyes wide and glassy looking. The sight of a helpless woman, and the masked man holding her once again from behind sent conflicting emotions coursing through her mind. Where was the woman that stared into her eyes just moments before as she was dressing? Why wasn’t she fighting for her freedom and why was she beginning to feel aroused? Who was this man that sounded like Sam Elliott and why was he doing this to her?

Her knees went liquid and she would have collapsed to the floor if he hadn’t caught her around the waist and held her up. He steadied her again and then took out his keys and fumbled with the cuffs on her hands. Thinking that he was going to release her lasted for only a moment as she realized he was not opening them, but fixing them so they wouldn’t tighten on her wrists. Her despair caught up with her wildly racing thoughts and she went limp again as she relaxed into her capture.

Her masked captor moved her to the bed and sat her down. Pulling a piece of rope from his pocket he loosened it from its neatly packaged bundle, grabbed the middle of the rope and started to wind it around her ankles. As the coils of rope widened, going up and down her lower legs she felt him twist the direction and begin to cinch the rope, making her bondage tighter. As he knotted it off she realized it would keep her from using her legs to move away from him but it wasn’t so tight that it was cutting into her skin or hurting her in any way. She had always wondered how it would feel to have a man tie her up and make her his helpless captive, and now she knew. Realizing that as long as she submitted to his commands, he probably wouldn’t hurt her. With this thought, her face and neck began to feel very warm and she unconsciously felt the knots in her stomach relax now that her original fears were lessened.

“I was given specific instructions on how I am supposed to deliver you. If you continue to co-operate, this will go smoothly and all of us will get what we want. Would you prefer to be just slightly uncomfortable and inconvenienced, or do you still have any delusions about turning the tables on this kidnapping and getting the upper hand by trying to escape your situation?”

With his right hand he held it up like he was a waiter holding a tray and asked, “You, uncomfortable and inconvenienced by co-operating with me, or --”, he held his left hand up, slowly making a fist and emphasizing the protruding knuckles of this heavily muscled instrument of pugilism and said, “trying to fight me, in any way, and making me force you to do what I’m going to do to you one way or another?”

She immediately leaned forward and motioned with her body toward his right side, nodding her head rapidly and trying to make pleading little sounds through her gagged mouth. He smiled and relaxed as he gently moved the hair from in front of her eyes with his hand and lightly stroked her cheek. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a sleep-mask and fitted the mask over her closed eyes, adjusting the elastic to keep it in place. In darkness now, she tensed slightly, feeling him begin to wrap something around her head, and over her blindfold. With more wraps over her already gagged mouth, he cocooned her head as she took deep breaths and tried to just experience him sealing her world off from her senses. Surprisingly, with her nose so close to his chest, she inhaled his musky scent as he smoothed out the cocoon, and she found herself oddly aroused by his clean and manly odor.

After removing her stiletto-heeled mary-janes, she felt him lift her up again, making her stand by the bed. This felt so strange with her ankles tied the way hers were, but in her bare feet she could balance and maintain this position for him. For HIM! That thought stuck in her mind and shocked, by her sudden desire to please this man, she realized how much more taxing he could have made her capture, and how gentle he’d been with her when he could have easily brutalized her. A body rush and chill swept through her, and to her further surprise she felt his large hands on her shoulders to steady her. Her mind raced with the feelings of terror, from being so helpless, and the safety she felt from this man’s consideration and compassion. He would have his way with her, but he would not injure her in the process. Her terror started to become surprisingly delicious.

As his hands removed her wide belt and unbuttoned the shirt-dress she was wearing, her body unconsciously moved with his hands, touching them with her body when she could. Her captor pulled her dress down her arms, bunching it around her cuffed wrists. Popping open the rear clasp of her sheer, black, and lacy bra, it too went up and over her head and down her arms to lie with her crumpled dress above the handcuffs imprisoning her. Feeling the cool air hit her nipples; they began to ache a little as they contracted into excited little nubs. Having sweat more than normal during her capture, the air chilled her skin forcing another shudder. Blushing now, down to her upper chest, she thrilled at the feel of more rope as he circled loops around her chest above her tits. He made wide bands of rope and then pulled it tight before knotting it off.

Twitching with excitement, she began to rub her thighs together as he looped even more rope around her upper arms. Tying her arms so that her elbows were almost touching forced her shoulders back and making her tits stick out further than they normally did. She liked the way this felt and began to wonder why he wasn’t playing with her tits, or for that matter, even touching them. She wanted him to touch them. She wanted him to pinch her nipples and grope her tits with those oversized hands of his. He seemed to be working diligently at tying more rope to her arms and around her chest. Wriggling just a little to get used to the feel, she reveled in the fact that there was no way she could escape from this bondage. She began to really like what was happening to her.

When she felt him removing the handcuffs, she couldn’t suppress the “No!” that came from deep inside her throat, but luckily he didn’t seem to notice the soft moan that barely escaped her gag. Instead, he removed the dress and bra from her arms and just a moment later she felt more rope going around her crossed wrists. Feeling this additional bondage being cinched and knotted, she felt the first flood of her natural lubrications starting to make her pulsing crotch wet with excitement. More rope was wound around her waist and cinched in such a way that all side-to-side movement of her arms was severely limited.

Her pussy began to zing with sensations like small electric sparks as she felt a loop of rope suddenly tighten around her upper thighs. Loop after loop crushed the lips of her soaked crotch together, and after he knotted the rope, his hands fumbling against her soaked panties as he fed more rope between her legs and cinched the thigh ropes so tight it almost brought her to orgasm. Soon, she felt him tie rope from her wrist bonds to the cinch between her thighs and with just a little movement of her arms; she could pull against these maddeningly tight ropes on her thighs sending her to a space in her mind that felt like she was soaring through the skies. Off in her only little world she registered him tying more ropes around her legs just above her knees and cinching them, but she much preferred to savor the feel of the ropes binding her, so soft to the touch yet holding her like bands of steel welded to her body.

Naked, except for the panties covering her crotch, the satin garter-belt around her hips that had matched her now missing bra and the hosiery covering her legs, she knew she should be mortified, but she was proud of the care she had taken with her body, and was happy, now, that she had exercised regularly. Feeling how he was fussing with her bondage, tying more and more ropes on her, so realized that no one rope would slip enough to give her any chance of escape. She struggled against her bondage, not in an effort to escape, but to savor how each rope played its part in her overall helplessness. She loved knowing that she had been captured by a kind man, and that this man must have been a bondage master because she could still feel her limbs! Nothing was numb, and as far as she could tell she still had plenty of circulation going to her hands and feet.

Suddenly, she felt him lower her back onto the bed, so she was lying on her bound arms. Wondering what would happen now, she giggled to herself, silently behind her gag, as she felt him putting her heels back on and buckling the straps across her insteps. Her mind nearly exploded as he wrapped several more wraps of rope over her feet, under the stiletto heels and then to her ankle bonds. She moaned as loudly as she could with her need for his attentions and she realized just how very helpless she was, and how most of these ropes were just to emphasize her bondage. She was nearly naked, bound from her feet to her shoulders in way more rope than was necessary to keep her helpless. Being gagged and blindfolded with layers of some kind of wrapping that was encasing her head, she knew she was wet, so very wet. Her nipples ached from her excitement. Her pussy was throbbing and impatiently waiting to be touched. She knew that she must be blushing to her toes, and if she could, she would be the one to rape this man that had done this to her.

He carefully lifted her off the bed, standing her up again, but this time made sure she could stand in her heels, bound the way she was. When he was sure she was balanced on her heels, she felt him rip the sheets off the bed behind her. In the next few moments, she felt him drape this sheet over her head, and then wrap the sheet around her, further mummifying her. With more rope he secured the sheet around her, quickly, with a single loop and cinch, another loop and cinch a bit lower and repeating this from her shoulders to her ankles. As she savored this new aspect of her bondage, she felt him drape something heavy around her shoulders, fiddle with something down the front and then add something that covered her head. Suddenly she realized that he had fastened her hooded cape around her and pulled the fur lined, cowl-deep hood over her head. Her pussy exploded with her first orgasm.

Her captor recognized her limited gyrations and held her through the aftershocks. She felt so feminine and cared for as she snuggled into his arms. He smelled even better now. His arms were so strong, and she felt all soft and girly being protected by him like this. She almost came again as he picked her up in both arms and carried her out of the room. After navigating through her home he stood her up again, leaning her against something heavy and when she realized he had opened a car door and was adjusting the seat to accommodate her, she felt a twinge of fear again. Where would he take her, and to whom would he deliver her? Would his boss be as kind as his hired hand?  Was her new owner as skilled as the man he sent to fetch her? What would her life be as a slave to another man’s will?

She refused to consider some of the more dreadful options revolving around her kidnapping. While she was being bound, her mind raced with countless what ifs, but she reasoned that no one would go to this much trouble if they meant to harm her. No, this kidnapping had to be more than that.

He seated her in the rear of an SUV and she knew he had even buckled a seatbelt around her. She waited for a long time, filling this empty time with fantasies about her deep-voiced bondage Dom, and being his adored sex-slave, helpless to his will. After a long time she heard the side door close, then another door and the engine start. Now, her adventure into slavery would begin.

As they drove through the night, she remembered the few times in her life where she had been tied up. Two were as a child with the neighborhood bullies. Twice they had run up on her out of no where, pushed her up against a tree and tied her loosely with some scraps of rope. She knew she could escape but didn’t because she liked the game aspect of it. During the second time they did this to her they had even pulled a handkerchief through her teeth and tied it behind her head as a gag. She knew she could talk through the gag, but again, she didn’t want to ruin the game, so she just kept quiet.

One time was sort of scary because the young boys she had been babysitting got the better of her and tied her to one of the dining room chairs. To her surprise, she couldn’t immediately free herself, and the boys were running wild. She did escape and got everything back in order before the parents of the boys got back from their outing. This incident was what started her curiosity about being bound and helpless to another’s will. The last time someone tied her up was in college, when a fumbling boyfriend had used his necktie to lash her hands together over her head during sex. She liked it, but it was too unsatisfying to seek out again. So she waited and wondered what it would be like to be tied up by someone who knew what they were doing. Now she knew first hand, and she definitely wanted more.

Swathed in ropes, cloth and her all concealing cloak, bound, gagged and blindfolded into total helplessness, and being driven who knows where by a man who terrified her with his confidence, convincing her to co-operate in her own abduction or to be hurt first and still forced into bound slavery. She liked the way he treated her when she co-operated, but she was still being driven to his boss, and into who knows what kind of slavery and servitude. Uncertain of her future, she snuggled into the overly secure cocoon she was captive in and knew that she was blessed.

Now she’s had a taste,

of a different lifestyle.

Is this life for her?