Helpless in the Wilderness

by Techie

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© Copyright 2010 - Techie - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; collar; slave; outdoors; display; cons; X

Last week Techster and I were watching a lesser known foreign film where the bad guys have kidnapped the office manager of a jewelry company and when she refuses to divulge the combination of both the security system and the safe they lock a heavy chain around her neck and leave her naked in the woods with a cell phone.

The phone she has been provided is one of those cheap phone one can purchase at any convenience store. All of the keys of the phone have been glued so the only number working is the number one. If she were to push that number the phone would speed dial the bad guys who would answer and she could tell them the number.

In the movie she called them and when they asked for the number she told them she would not give them the numbers until she was turned loose.

One of the bad guys came out, unlocked the chain form the tree, put her in his truck and took her back to town where she told them the numbers and unlocked the vault with her thumb print. The bad guys then took her out into the wilderness and turned her loose, naked with the chain around her neck.

I made the mistake of saying to my husband , Techster, “I could resist for days, no one could get the numbers from me. I would use a rock to break the lock or weaken the tree and escape.”

“That sounds like a challenge to me!” Techster said as he looked in his heavy bondage toybox. “Here’s the deal you’ll be kidnapped and taken out into the woods. I’ll leave you tied up with a cell phone to call me. If you can resist for 12 hours I’ll be your house slave for the next month. Otherwise you’ll be my naked house slave for a month. Is it a deal? ”

Even though I know just how devious Techster can be I could not resist the challenge. I could just picture him cleaning the house and waiting on my friends wearing only a locked on Ring Of Steel collar with a chromed leash and of course a CB6000 male chastity device.

“I accept your challenge.” I answered with the mental picture of my slave waiting on my friends and I. “When?”

Techster gave me that evil grin of his and said,” Strip you’ll be kidnapped and sleep naked and in chains tonight. If the weather is clear and above 80 degrees we’ll start tomorrow after sunrise.”

I stripped and in less than 5 minutes I was a naked captive. I was gagged with a locked ring of steel collar around my neck and with locked steel rings around my wrists and ankles. The wrist and ankle rings were locked together. I was forced into a position that put my butt up in the air and of course Techster took full advantage of the situation. I was teased to almost an orgasm with a rabbit type vibrator. When I started begging for relief Techster lubed my sex with hot lube and started slowly enjoying me until we both had an orgasm together. My wrists were released from my ankles and locked to a locked leather cuff around my upper thighs. Then he put two small cuffs around my elbows. There was a connecting belt that pulled my elbows together. I was taken to the bathroom where Techster cleaned my sex.

Then I was led into the bedroom, laid down on my stomach I was to sleep with my wrists cuffed . My legs were spread wide apart as they were tied between the bedposts. I was covered with an electric blanket and quickly drifted off to sleep.

In the morning Techster woke me and told me,” Well my captive, today I’m transporting you to the forest. I’ve made a special transport garment for you.”

He released my legs and helped me stand. Then I was put in a slave/captive transport sack that tied around my neck, had a Velcro closure down my front. The bottom of the sack had a hobble line threaded through the cloth that made running impossible and made me take very small steps. My feet were slipped into sandals and I was led out to the kitchen.

Techster lovingly fed me breakfast. When we were finished he took a look at the outdoor thermometer and remarked, “It’s eighty two degrees out there I know a captive whose going to get some sun in the wilderness.”

With that evil grin Techster clipped a chain to my collar and led me out to his four wheel drive truck. He released the hobble line and helped me into the truck seat. I was buckled into the seat. Then I was rendered blind as he placed a pair of sunglasses whose lenses were painted black over my eyes.

It seemed like we rode for an hour and around many corners so I had no idea where we stopped.

The truck stopped and Techster got out and spent some time cleaning the area where I would be imprisoned.

Finally I was led out of the truck- I was led down a path then my transport sack was removed.

The sun felt warm against my naked body. I could just hear the sound of traffic.

Then my wrist cuffs were released from the thigh cuffs and my arms were attached to straps and pulled outward until they were tight. Then my ankles were spread apart. Lastly he locked a tall posture collar around my neck and I could only look straight ahead. Now I was blind, naked, spread eagled and helpless.

Techster duct taped a cell phone to my right hand. “All you have to do is press the big button and call for help. By doing so you will acknowledge that you give up and you will agree to be my slave for a month. Do you understand?”

I nodded my head “yes”.

Techster removed the sunglasses and I saw that I was in the middle of a power line trail that ended in the busy interstate highway. The power line trail met the highway at a forty-five degree angle. If the driver of any car were to look over their shoulder I could be seen.

“Remember, press the button to give up. Here’s something to take your mind off the passing cars. With that Techster pulled a short riding crop out of his jacket and began switching my back and butt. I didn’t want to shout for fear that I would tip off a passing car.

“One last thing.” Techster said as he lubed and slipped and egg type vibrator into me. He then buckled a belt around my waist and between my legs. “Now you won’t lose the vibrator.”

The vibrator was set on high and I tried to maintain my focus as I struggled with my restraints. At the same time I kept watching the passing vehicles. A tour bus and swore I could see the faces in the windows staring at me. Then I really started to worry as I heard the voices of several hunters as they walked through the brush.

Now I really started to panic. I struggled and thrashed as I tried to escape from my bonds, but the ring of steel cuffs would not budge. The panic set in as the voices got closer and then I was struck by another orgasm. I held my mouth shut and did not make a sound.

The voices got closer, in my panic I thought a month of slavery is better than being enjoyed and tormented by strangers. I pushed the phone button. Then I heard a phone ringing Techster said, ”Can we help you?”

“Yes, I give up-there are hunters nearby, please come and get me! Please!!”

Then I realized the voices I heard were Techster and his hunting buddy, Smitty. It took them about 3 minutes to reach me. Techster had Smitty take a picture of us with him standing by me with his shotgun.

Then Smitty posed by my back so my face was not visible. “Now I can tell my girl what I caught while out hunting.”

Then they released me, locked the chains of a Sirik on me so my ankles were hobbled and the chain that ran from my ankles to my wrists and then to my neck reminded me of what the life of a beloved slave must be like.

I must admit it is neat for a lady in her 60’s having men look fondly on her as she performs her slave duties naked with a serving drinks at Smitty’s hunting cabin.

It is really great when one has been married for 40 plus years and my man enjoys my naked body and I am the only lady in his fantasies.

I think the problem with many marriages these days is that the partners either don’t know how or do not care to play together and make each other part of their dreams and fantasies.

(thanks to Vad and the good folks at Ring of Steel who made the neck, wrist and ankle cuffs I wear.)