Helping Hand

by Teann Daorsa

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© Copyright 2010 - Teann Daorsa - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/mf; bond; armbinder; straps; buttplug; toys; tease; sex; cons; X

Just a minute, I'll be right back

"Just a minute, I'll be right back. Don't go anywhere!" This last was accompanied by an impish grin, that I think only my wife could pull off without looking evil. Of course, I wasn't going anywhere. I wiggled my hands against the straps a bit anyway, just to show willing. "That's right, you're staying right there. I just need to sort something out."

I wanted to ask Julie what could possibly be so important that it would require leaving me naked, alone, secured to the chair she'd strapped me to, but the large ball-gag in my mouth made that impossible. I managed a "gug-gah?", but she just smiled, and skipped out of the room. The short, frilly skirt she was wearing flipped up to give me just a little flash of her perfect buttocks on the way out, before the door closed behind her.

I had another go at struggling against my bonds, just to take stock of my position. I didn't really want to get free, I couldn't imagine anywhere else I'd rather be than helpless at the hands of my wife. We'd been married exactly a year now, she knew all about my kinky predilections, and shared most of them. We both enjoyed tying each other up, and being tied up, and even before we were married we'd shared our passion for restraint. Always until now though it had been in a fairly limited way - we didn't have the money for the sort of elaborate gear that you read about on the Internet. When we'd shared our kinkiest fantasies though, they'd always involved a dungeon of some sort or another, stocked to the gunnels with chains, ropes, and furniture of all shapes and sizes to be tied down to.

Much like the chair to which I was currently strapped. Whereas at home we would make do with some ropes and a kitchen chair, this one was far more suitable for the purpose of securing someone to play with them. Padded with soft, black leather, the high back and straight sides against which my body was pressed were solid and unyielding. My arms we held straight, and firmly attached to the edges of the chair back with several thick leather straps, and buckled tightly. Despite the gentle padding of the cuffs, there was no give in their hold. Similar straps held my ankles and calves to the front legs of the chair, and as if they weren't enough, straps extending from the seat of the chair just by my crotch held my thighs firmly down and apart, leaving my dick thoroughly exposed. To complete the set, straps at my midriff and chest held my back tight to the back of the chair, and a final strap was closed around my neck. This last wasn't tight like the others, thankfully, but if I struggled like I was now, it left no doubt that my head was as secure as the rest of me, and the only thing straining against it would get me would be shortness of breath.

So yes, this room, this dungeon, it looked pretty close to the dungeons of our fantasies, or mine at least. Two of the walls were lined with cupboards and shelves, and hooks from which dangled equipment more diverse than I'd seen even on the catalogue pages of the kinky sex shops. The room itself was filled with various bits of furniture: tables, crosses, stocks, that you might expect in a dungeon; none of which I'd ever had a chance to play with before.

Mistress Emerald

True to her word, Julie was back soon enough. As the door to the room opened I could hear her in conversation. "...helpless and taken advantage of, you know?"

"Oh yes, I understand." This last was a voice I didn't recognise. An accent, Canadian maybe? The soft timbre and breathy deepness spoke with sultry confidence. As Julie came into the room I could see this other woman behind her. Taller than Julie, although not by much, her outfit just screamed dominatrix. Simple black knee length leather boots drew my eyes up her legs, to a mid length black skirt in shiny black material that could only be latex rubber. It clung tightly to her, with a split up the side allowing her toned legs movement. A stiff, boned corset in black leather held her ample curves in check, and pushed a magnificent pair of full breasts up and almost out at the top. I noticed her slender fingers, accentuated by the black elbow length latex gloves she wore, against tight against her skin and flawlessly smooth.

Without thinking about it, I struggled again at the straps. Who was this woman? Julie and I had never discussed bringing other people into our play sessions, and certainly not a dominatrix! I didn't fancy getting chained up and whipped by anyone, although Julie and I had joked about her doing it to me once or twice. We both liked playing submissive more, so when it was our turn to play dominant, things usually stayed pretty light hearted. To be honest, half of the time we'd get so horny and distracted at the sight of the other all tied up that we skipped past the role playing and straight to the copious and frantic sex. Was Julie hoping to change that with a proper dominatrix?

"Here he is, still struggling away," Julie cooed, smiling. The other woman was giving me appraising looks, and nodding. Julie must have seen the uncertain look on my face, because she was quick to reassure. "Don't worry my darling, this is Mistress Emerald. These are her dungeons we're renting. And she's just here to lend a helping hand, not to run the show."

"That's right David, as I told your charming wife when she arranged this, I like to make sure my tenants enjoy their time in my little playrooms, and that I would provide any help she might like. Some things are just easier with some extra, hands-on, help." The way she stressed "hands-on" ever so slightly sent a little shiver down my back.

I looked back into Julie's eyes as she approached the chair and leaned in so that her face was close to mine. "So just remember, I'm in control here, so just sit back and enjoy the fact that you're helpless to resist me." I nodded, conscious of the fact that this angle afforded me the most delightful view down her cleavage. My eyes must have flickered down to her breasts, because she leaned back and cupped them together. The tight purple latex bustier she was wearing already pushed them together most delightfully. "Oh yes, you like these, don't you? I bet you'd love to touch them, or to lick them, wouldn't you?" I nodded again, and my semi-hard cock gave an involuntary twitch. Julie saw that, and crooned, "Oh that's just delightful!" She leaned in and grasped my cock, gently but firmly. "We shall have to make some good use of that.

Climbing on Top

She turned away towards Mistress Emerald, who was smiling knowingly as she watched our little play. "I don't even think he needs the bondage to be honest, he likes me in this outfit so much. I bought it specially for this treat."

She was probably right, although not that I was complaining about the bondage. When she'd surprised me in the hotel room earlier, coming out of the shower to find her dressed up in this sexy purple bustier, with matching frilly skirt, and thigh length stockings, all in sexy skin-tight latex, I was sure I was going to have a heart attack from how quickly the blood drained from the rest of my body into my cock. She'd danced around and bent over to give me a view of the fact that the outfit didn't come with panties. She'd even let me push my rock hard dick inside her to feel how wet she was, but just for a brief moment before jumping away and telling me that I had to wait for my proper surprise. I thought I was going to explode with pent up excitement, but managed to somehow pack my junk inside my trousers for long enough for her to bring me here. There had been no hints on the building outside as to what wonders it contained, and even the softly lit lobby area with its richly upholstered couches and lush art gave no obvious hints as to its kinky purpose.

It was only when she'd led inside this dungeon room itself, and ordered me out of my clothes before securing me to the chair, that I had a chance to appreciate what she'd brought me to. Our anniversary present was to be fulfilment of some of our kinky fantasies, and she was going to make sure that she made the most of it.

"It is a delightful outfit my dear, very flattering for you. I'm not sure that I would have picked something with, shall we say, such easy access? But then I've always been one to make them work for it."

Julie cocked her head to one side in thought, and replied, "I suppose. I guess I'm just too impatient!" Her mischievous grin said it all.

"Well in that case my dear, shall we get started?" Julie's answering nod was suitably eager. "Then come over here."

She led Julie over to one of the cabinets by the side. Some were open, displaying various straps, chains, whips and other kinky devices. This one was closed, but Emerald opened a drawer and pulled out something leather, but hard to identify. It certainly had plenty of straps and buckles though. In a brisk tone, she instructed Julie to turn around, and put her arms behind her. Julie quickly complied, crossing her wrists behind her. "Not quite my dear," Emerald chuckled, taking Julie's wrists and pulling them further up her back, as if folding her arms behind her. The leather contraption was smoothly applied to her forearms, and it became clear its function. Straps held Julie's forearms together behind her back, trapped in a tube of leather; extra straps secured the device to her upper arms so she couldn't wriggle free. She was a naturally limber woman, a fact that I'd taken advantage of more than once, so she could still lift her arms from her back, but not very far. I could see her testing the limits of her movement, and her fingers, poking out of either end of the tube wiggled to see if there was any slack. Clearly there wasn't though, and the smile on Julie's face showed she liked it that way.

The mistress gently took a hold of Julie's chin and raised it so that she was looking up into her face. The look of mischievous defiance in her face made me hot, but Emerald faced her down with confidence. She reached into another drawer and retrieved a gag, which she held up to Julie's head. Without hesitation, my wife opened her mouth wide, ready to receive the gag. A bulbous, black knob was pushed between her lips, holding her mouth open wide. Quickly Emerald buckled it behind Julie's head, and then secured the panel on the front. I'd seen the style of gag before, but only on the 'net, a bishop gag. The effect was to leave the lower part of my wife's face covered with tight black leather, pressed firmly against her cheeks and chin. I knew how much Julie liked being gagged, so she must have been getting into it; her eyes closed as she gave herself over to the feelings.

A hand pressed into Julie's back guided her back towards me. Julie's eyes locked with mine as she approached, and my cock twitched again at the vision before me. Her lithe figure looked, with arms behind her back her perky breasts pushed outwards and strained against her bustier. As they reached me, Mistress Emerald reached past and grasped my firm manhood. "Nice and hard, good." Julie swung a leg over my lap, pressing her stomach against my chest and staring intently down into my eyes. As she lowered herself down onto me, I could feel Emerald's gloved hands guiding my cock to the right spot.

Julie held herself just above, teasing the head of my cock with her pussy. I could feel her slick wetness, ready for me to slip inside. But still she held off, slipping just over my manhood and then rising back up again. Not for a moment did she break eye contact. My whole body ached to be inside her, but the straps held me firmly down, and I couldn't move so much as an inch to get further inside her.

"Good girl, it's always more fun to tease them." Mistress Emerald's face appeared just behind Julie's ear, and she spoke in a low voice that just oozed sexuality. "But it's time to finish the job." Julie looked back at her, and then quite suddenly, dropped her slick pussy right down onto me, impaling herself on my rigid cock. She threw her head back and let out a long, guttural moan of pleasure, just as I stiffened against all of my restraints.

Emerald smiled a wicked smile, and reached down to Julie's legs. It was difficult to see what she was doing, but as Julie's weight settled on my upper thighs, I realised that she was lifting her legs from the floor. The sound of a buckle being fastened made it clear - she was strapping my wife's legs, so that her ankles were held firmly by her thighs. Julie squirmed a bit to make herself more comfortable, and the sensations it generated in my groin were just incredible. Finally, a longer strap was fastened around Julie's shoulders, wrapped around my upper arms and behind the seat back.

With that, Julie was almost as helpless as me, and her expression showed she knew it. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she squirmed around to enjoy the sensations. I could feel my cock buried deep inside her, as her hot wet cunt shifted around. As her muscles twitched with the effort of moving around, I could feel her contract around me, massaging my most sensitive area.

A Little Extra

"Oh yes, that's quite a delightful vision." Mistress Emerald had stepped back to admire her handiwork. "How does it feel?" Julie's head, leant back as she revelled in the sensations, nodded vigorously as she moaned. "Good, good," Emerald said, "but I still think there might be something missing." Julie shook her head languorously, and continued to lean back as much as the strap would let her, stretching and straining against it while grinding her pussy into my crotch.

I too was lost in the sensations, so I wasn't aware that she'd reappeared behind Julie until I felt my wife twitch convulsively and saw her eyes go wide. "Nwhaaa?" she exclaimed through the gag.

Emerald's voice came from behind Julie, "It's all right my dear, you were just lacking the final piece of the entertainment, I'll take care of it." Julie was shaking her head, eyes frantic, and moaning into her gag. It really was quite effective, because very little noise came out. I couldn't tell what the dominatrix was doing, but I could tell her hands were working away near my crotch. Julie's moaning continued, and I started to feel something unusual, Julie's pussy was twitching and convulsing around my cock. Then I felt something more, and I understood - Emerald was playing with my wife's ass, working her fingers around and inside her tight little hole. We didn't generally do much anal play at home, as Julie was always quite sensitive around there, and in general she always said it made things too intense. I'd occasionally toy with her ass while I had her tied up and just before I made her come, but this was something more. I could feel Emerald's fingers inside Julie's ass, pressing the walls of her pussy tighter against my cock. Then, she withdrew, and I felt something else, something larger than a finger going in. Julie was still moaning, in more and more urgent tones, and shaking her head. It must have been a plug of some sort, because I could feel it pressing tighter and tighter, before it finally slipped into place with a sudden movement. Julie cried out into her gag as it popped into place, but it wasn't a cry of pain, rather something more sexual.

I could feel Emerald's hands massaging the base of the plug as she asked, "How does that feel?" Julie's answering moan was plaintive, but not upset. "Mm-mm, good." Suddenly there was a more insistent pressure against my cock, and Julie jumped again and let out a muffled shriek into the gag. It was an inflatable plug! Emerald's hands held it firmly in place as she pumped another two times, each time making Julie moan a little longer and more insistently. She must have been feeling incredibly full by this point, if the tightness of her pussy against me was any indication.

Too Fast, Silly Girl

Mistress Emerald kept her hands at the base of the plug for a short while, making sure it was well seated before standing up. Julie had kept her eyes closed since the pumping started, and stayed perfectly still. Slowly now though she opened her eyes, looking deeply and intently into mine. The look I saw in there was pure, raw, primitive lust. I could tell she was turned on as much as I'd ever seen before. Without blinking or breaking the stare, she began to lift herself up and down using her well toned thigh muscles. She couldn't raise herself up by much, but by the gods she didn't have to! Every motion was transmitted and amplified through my cock a hundred-fold. Once she raised herself up as far as she could she would let herself fall back down, slamming my cock deep inside her. The feeling was so intense I found myself straining against all of the straps holding me in place, putting every muscle in my body under tension. Within seconds I knew I was going to cum, hard, and there wasn't a damned thing I could do about it. Sure enough, another few strokes like that and I felt my balls contract as I shot my load inside her. My hands convulsed and slapped against the sides of the chair, and I couldn't stop my head from slamming against the padded rear of the chair. Julie screamed into her gag as she felt me explode inside her, and threw her head back as well. I knew she hadn't cum yet, but she always relished the feeling of me cumming inside her.

"Oh my dear me," a mocking voice came to me from out of my line of sight. "Now look what you've done you silly girl, you've gone and made him cum. Oh no, that's far too fast." Julie had slowed her rate of rising and falling when I'd cum, but not stopped. I could feel my cock inside her, the tight pussy now awash with my semen, and even slipperier than before. It was still hard, but even in such a pleasurable circumstance that wouldn't last forever, and Julie knew it too. "And wasn't that selfish of you?" This last was directed at me.

"Nuh-uh!" I mumbled through the gag, not wanting to take the blame.

"Never mind," Emerald cooed soothingly, "men can't be expected to have the same level of self control. And especially in a situation like this, where you have no control at all!" I could see her moving around behind Julie now, and she winked at me. She had started to undo the straps which held Julie in place. Julie, for her part, was still trying to make the most of my cock inside her while she could, so the mistress had to firmly pull her up and off me. I could see the chagrin in her eyes as my cock pulled free of her pussy, but the sensation of that sharp motion on my already sensitive organ was enough to give me spots in front of my eyes.

"We shall just have to make the best of the situation now, and not admit defeat. I'll take care of things, don't you worry." Emerald was already pulling Julie towards the other side of the room, supporting her when her legs were a little wobbly. Before anything could be said about it, Julie was up against the horizontal table shaped like an X, and Emerald was helping her up onto it.

Keeping her Entertained

I could see the uncertainty in Julie's expression, despite the gag that obscured much of her face. But Mistress Emerald didn't seem to be in a discussing mood, and quickly had Julie sitting up on the centre of the cross, and had her legs spread wide onto the limbs of the table. Her ankles were quickly held in place with thick black rubber straps that simply popped over little knobs on the table. Two more above and below her knees had her secured firmly down. From where I was sitting her pussy, spread wide and open, was facing directly towards me, and I could see the large black plug in her ass, with a tube and bulb for inflation dangling from it like an artificial tail.

Julie was still sitting upright on the centre of the cross, with her arms held in the binder behind her. She was looking imploringly at Mistress Emerald, making "please" noises through the gag. Emerald though was deliberately misunderstanding her pleas. "Yes, yes my dear, be patient, we'll take care of your needs soon enough. But I need to get you properly arranged first."

"Mm-mm-mmmmph!" cried Julie through the gag, but it was no use. The mistress reached behind Julie and freed her arms from the arm binder, but didn't give her a chance to make any use of them. As soon as the binder was free, Emerald had unzipped the bustier, and freed Julie's breasts from their confinement. Another muffled cry from Julie, ignored. Placing a hand firmly on her chest, I watched the dominatrix gently but insistently push her down until she was flat on the table, and before long Julie's arms were as firmly secured to the table as her legs were. Another, longer, rubber strap was fastened across Julie's chest, just above her breasts, and a similar strap fastened just above her pelvis. I couldn't see Julie's face any more, but I could hear the moans had subsided to a general whining.

"Okay then, now we'll just keep you in the mood until your eager husband over there is suitably recovered."

"Mmmmmm?" Julie's moans quickly turned from questioning into appreciative, as Emerald's hands roamed their way over her breasts and down to her sopping wet pussy. I saw Emerald's gloved fingers slipping inside Julie's hot pink slit and start stimulating her. What little movement Julie could manage was explored as she arched her back and strained against her bonds; thrusting her pelvis up in an attempt to get more from the latex covered fingers. I could only watch, entranced, as this complete stranger felt up my wife, used her fingers to elicit the most wonderful moans of pleasure from her.

Mistress Emerald was clearly an expert at playing with women, I could see from Julie's reactions. She would switch between light caresses, firm deep strokes, and furious rubbing. As Julie's reactions became more feverish, she would slack off an allow Julie to relax, before returning to full intensity with a vengeance. At one point she had clearly brought Julie right to the very edge of coming, and she stopped entirely. Then, slowly and carefully, she deflated the anal plug and withdrew it. Julie's body shuddering as the invader was removed was clearly visible from across the room.

She moved back to the cupboards at the side of the room, and returned with a stool, and a Hitachi vibrating wand. I knew Julie would appreciate that one especially, her own wand at home got a lot of use, especially when I wasn't home. I had very fond memories of a time when I'd come home to find Julie waiting for me, stark naked and horny as a she-devil, red-faced from an extended session with the wand where she'd managed to resist the temptation to come. I'd barely been able to put down my bag before she had been tearing off my clothes and jumping on me. She'd managed to come several times, before I'd even managed to make it more than a couple of meters inside the house.

Emerald was careful and deliberate in getting the wand plugged in and getting herself comfortable on the stool by Julie's side before the wand went anywhere near Julie though. I got the impression that she was giving Julie a chance to calm down, and building up the anticipation like a master show-woman. She sat on the stool to Julie's right hand side, facing me in my chair. To my surprise though, she rested the wand on Julie's stomach, and hiked up her own skirt to expose her own pussy. Looking over at me she smiled and said, "Don't look at me like that. You can't expect me to see you two horny little devils getting all the fun, and not feel a little horny myself!"

And with that, she picked up the wand in her left hand, switched it on, and moved it over to Julie's pussy, as she used her other hand to reach down to her own crotch and start to work the same magic there as she had done for Julie. As soon as the vibrating wand got even close to Julie's already incredibly sensitive clit, Julie's pelvis bucked hard against the strap. Unable to take my eyes away from the incredible sight of these two women being pleasured before me, I watched as Mistress Emerald quickly worked Julie back up into a frenzy with expert ministrations with the wand. 

Time to Finish

My cock, which had gone somewhat limp with its previous exertions, was steadily returning to hardness as I watched this horny play in front of me. Mistress Emerald it seemed was also aware of that fact, and just as it seemed that she was about to allow Julie to go over the edge and orgasm, she pulled the vibrator away and shut it off. The cry of frustration from Julie was clearly audible, despite the gag, but Emerald ignored it. Instead, she came directly over to me. In her hand was the arm binder she'd had Julie wear before, and I got an inkling of what might be coming next.

She leaned over to me and whispered in my ear, too quietly for Julie to hear, "I think it's your turn." I nodded as furiously as I could, and she smiled that wicked smile of hers. Quickly and confidently she released my arms and upper body from the chair, but left my lower body attached. Holding up the arm binder, it was clear that I was to be bound again before she would do the rest. By this point I would have done anything she said for the chance to fuck my wife, so I acquiesced. Folding my arms in front of me rather than behind as she had done for Julie, she swiftly had my arms secured into the binder. I tested the give they had, but found, unsurprisingly, that they were now pretty much useless. Undoing the straps around my legs, she helped me up from the chair, and led me firmly towards the table.

This whole time, Julie had been moaning and pleading into her gag for some release from the relentless teasing inflicted on her by Emerald, and as I walked over to her, I could understand why. At some point she had been blindfolded, and was now lying there unable to speak, or to see what might be coming next. All she knew was that she was horny as hell, and the tender ministrations of Mistress Emerald had stopped but she didn't know why, or when they might be coming back. Emerald held her finger up to my gag to signal that I should remain quiet, and I held in position just in between my wife's legs, but not touching them.

Emerald returned to her stool, hitched up her skirt again, and sat down, still looking at me intently. I waited, knowing without being told that I should wait for her signal, and that surprise would make this even more fun. Emerald's hand (the one not deeply exploring her own pussy) moved back to Julie's body, starting at her arm. At the resumption of touch, Julie's moans came back as well, clearly wanting to resume the play with the wand. Emerald moved her hand down towards Julie's right breast, and lingered there. I knew from pleasant experience that she loves having her nipples played with, tweaked, sucked, whatever. When she's horny, they get rock hard and super sensitive, so I knew that the gentle massaging that Emerald was doing would be just what Julie needed. Julie, however, had other thoughts on her mind - her pussy needed attention - and so her moans didn't abate. Emerald looked over to me, smiled, and nodded.

I needed no more signal than that, and quickly moved forward towards Julie. I hadn't anticipated how difficult aiming might be, without the use of my hands, but thankfully the table was just at the perfect height, and I managed a lucky thrust that took the head of my cock right inside her pussy. Any worries about lubrication were quickly squashed - she was dripping wet, I'd never known her so horny. When she realised what was happening, she let out a guttural moan into her gag. Emerald continued with her own self exploration as well as massaging Julie's nipple, changing breasts. But I wasn't paying so much attention to that, as I was intent on fucking Julie's hot wet pussy quite as hard as I could. Long, hard strokes of my cock, I bent my upper body forward to keep my balance without the use of my arms to hold on. Harder and harder I pounded inside her. I knew if it wasn't for the fact that I'd come so recently I would be finished in seconds, but even with that I knew I wouldn't last long.

Longer than Julie though, as the combination of all the intense stimuli combined all at once for her. The sensitive nipples, being expertly manipulated by Mistress Emerald. The straps pinning her arms and legs in place to the table, every muscle in her limbs straining against them but unable to move. And most of all, her clitoris, teased to distraction, engorged with blood, being rubbed by my thick hard shaft as I thrust inside her again and again. The guttural moan raised up into a scream, the gag muffling it but unable to disguise the volume and intensity of it. I felt her body begin to convulse, and her pussy muscles contract against my cock, again and again. Her pelvis bucking against the strap and driving against mine. I don't know how long it lasted, but I know it was longer than any other orgasm we'd ever had together. I couldn't help myself if I wanted to, her contractions set me off too. I felt my cock pulsing as I shot my load into her again. She felt it too, and the scream into the gag changed again into a panting shout of "ess, ess, esss!"

I'm fairly sure that Mistress Emerald came shortly after, but she was kind enough to make it discreet and mostly silent. After all, she was only there for lending a "helping hand". Yeah, right!


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