Hell Night!

by Ann Onominos

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© Copyright 2018 - Ann Onominos - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f; college; sorority; foot; bond; cuffs; hoods; gag; bfold; bdsm; nipples; tickle; shave; electro; toys; oral; mast; climax; cons; X

Hell Night was here, finally! After four weeks of pledging Alpha Beta Alpha, the coolest sorority in the world, I would be one of the sisters in just a few hours. That is, if I survived Hell Night.

I was part of one of the smallest pledge classes ever. There were only three of us remaining after more than a dozen started pledging four weeks ago. I won’t lie. Pledging has been brutal. The constant hazing, studying all the required things we had to learn like the sorority song, the Greek alphabet, the names of all the sisters, etc. All these things, on top of studying my college courses, took every minute of my day and night.

But all that is in the past. All I had to do was endure one night of hell and I would be an Alpha girl, the dream of most every girl on campus.

The events of Hell Night were totally unknown. The secrets of Hell Night were the most sacred of all the sorority’s secrets, so the three of us were apprehensive and almost frightened of what was to happen.

We were required to be at the sorority house at 6:00 PM sharp. The only thing we knew was that we would undergo some amount of humiliation and punishment bordering on torture, and all who survived would then go to a massive party, celebrating the new sisters’ induction into the sorority.

At 6:00 PM, the three of us, Millie, Carey, and me, arrived at the house, and prepared for the worst. Each of us was grabbed by a few of the sisters and our hands were bound behind our backs with duct tape. Several more wraps of tape around our torso immobilized our upper bodies. “On your knees plebes,” someone shouted. “You have boots to tongue wash.” From that point on, I did not see Millie or Carey the rest of the night. I concentrated on worshiping the boots of every sister who stuck a boot in front of my face, as well as feeling the sting of a riding crop on my tush! So, this is why they always wear boots, I thought.

After what seemed like a week, but was probably about two hours, I was ordered to my feet and blindfolded. I was led down some stairs to a cold basement. The tape was roughly ripped off me and I was ordered to remove all my clothes. Leather wrist and ankle cuffs were locked on me and I was tied spread eagle on a bed. Then the torture really began. Still blindfolded, I could not see what was coming, which added to the suspense.

The first part of my body to be attacked was my tits. I think every sister took turns sucking, biting, and chewing on my nipples. They were sooooo sore! Then some sort of suction device was put on each nipple and practically sucked the life out of me. The blindfold was removed for a few seconds so I could see how much my nipples had grown. It was amazing! My nipples were now well over half an inch longer than normal. The blindfold was put back on me and then I felt my nipples being pinched severely. Because the feeling seemed constant, I assumed I had been fitted with nipple clamps.

I was then attacked by a dozen or more tickling hands. I laughed hysterically and tried to break the ropes holding my cuffed arms and legs, but there was no way. I was tickled all over my body, my feet, my underarms, between my legs, but the worst was my ribs. Sometimes the tickling was gentle, like a feather may have been used, but sometimes it was rough, like fingernails digging into my ribs.

After a lot of tickling, I was ordered to lie very still. “We are going to shave your pussy, so don’t move or you might get cut.” I knew they weren’t joking. I could feel myself being shaved. There was nothing I could do about it, so the smart thing to do was just lie there and try to be motionless.

After I was shaved, one of them said, “I have some after shave for you, plebe.” I could smell it. It was lemon juice! It was wiped all over my pussy, inside and out. It stung like hell. Well, it is Hell Night……

I felt my pussy being rubbed nicely. “How many orgasms have you had in you life slave?”

“Ma’am, I’ve only cum a couple of times when I played with myself,” I replied.

“This is your lucky night, slave. You are going to cum once for every one of the sisters in this room.” OMG I thought. There must have been at least five girls, maybe ten girls there. A device was rubbed on my pussy and it vibrated wildly, a Hitachi Wand, I thought. Something else that vibrated was inserted inside me. It felt really wonderful. Then my breasts were struck with something, a flogger I thought. They hit me so much that the flogging ripped the nipple clamps off.

Over the next few hours I was flogged and forced to cum over and over. I was exhausted and sore. I was also getting hungry and asked for something to eat. WRONG! Big mistake! “This plebe wants something to eat. Who wants to be first?”

One of the sisters climbed on top of me and sat right on my face. “You got to cum all those times, so now it’s your turn to make all of us cum.” I started licking pussy after pussy. The vibrators were put back in my pussy to maintain my enthusiasm I was told.

After a long time and at least a dozen pussies later, I was untied and allowed to pee. Almost immediately afterwards I was locked into some sort of stocks. I had to stay on my hands and knees. I couldn’t move my hands or feet at all. Then I felt the sting of something hitting my tush. This was no flogger; it was a paddle of some sort. My head was then grabbed and force up and a dildo was stuck in my mouth. All Alpha girls are known for giving good head. This is where we all learned it. “Get busy,plebe, and practice sucking.” I sucked that dildo for a few minutes. It was then stuck in my asshole! Another dildo was stuck in my mouth. It didn’t take long to figure out what was happening. The sisters were wearing strap-ons. After I sucked their dildo, I was ass fucked with it!

After each of the sisters had ass fucked me, I was unlocked from the stocks and a hood was placed over my head. I could hear the padlock snap shut so I concluded it was locked on. A collar was then locked on my neck and a chain leash was attached. I was led to another room. The chain leash was locked to a wall. “This is your new home for a while, plebe. Get used to it.” I heard them leave and everything got quiet. I tried to feel the chain leash and hood to see if there was a way to get loose, but it was hopeless. When I was feeling the hood, it felt like it had a removable covering in the mouth area. I could move a few steps and could feel a bed, so I lay down and rested from my ordeal.

After a few minutes, I heard someone coming. “Plebe, this is a homeless guy we found in the street. He kinda smells but he gave us 50 cents for a blow job. I hope you got some good practice earlier because I promised him complete satisfaction. Get on your knees and deliver.” I felt around and found his cock. He did stink! I just tried to hold my breath and sucked him as fast as I could.

I didn’t feel him ejaculate, but when he pulled his cock out of my mouth, I figured he was done. I got back on the bed and cried. “You’re almost done, plebe. You have only a few tasks left. Are you ready?”

“Yes, I want to get it over with.”

My legs were then tied to the foot of the bed, spread wide. A dildo was placed in my hands. “Your last task is this -- you are to masturbate and cum once for each of your new sisters. After that, you will have created a special bond with each of us.”

There were 23 sisters. I thought there is no way I can make myself cum 23 more times! “You may start when you are ready, but before you begin, I am going to attach a TENS unit to your tits. It is activated with a motion detector. If you stop moving for more than a few seconds, you will feel the shock of the TENS unit. Are you having fun yet, plebe?”

I lay motionless, in disbelief of their request. All of a sudden, WHAM! I got shocked, both tits at once! I started moving, masturbating, thinking about next year, when I would be a sister and I would be torturing some plebe.

For the next few hours, I lay on the bed, feet securely bound, and masturbated. I managed to orgasm a few times before I was untied and told that I had one last test remaining before I was a member of Alpha Beta Alpha. I was led to a shower where I was washed and scrubbed by at least three other sisters.

After I was dried off, my hands were tied behind my back again and I was told my last test was to guess the identity of each sister by kissing them. There were many girls and it was impossible to keep them straight. For the next two hours I think I kissed everyone at least five times. I liked it, but my lips were sore! I’m sure I only guess a few correctly.

Next, my ankle cuffs were attached to some sort of winch and I was elevated so that I was hanging upside down by my ankles with my legs spread about three feet apart. “You are now going to receive the sacred tattoo on your fat ass. Just three little Greek letters, permanently identifying you as an Alpha girl.” I felt the letters being permanently inked into my butt and wondered how large the tattoo would be and if it would be seen when I wore a bikini. I could hear the tattoo machine humming away and the pain on my poor tush was hurting, but I didn’t dare move a muscle for fear of ruining the final image.
I finally was told that I was now a sister and to get some rest. I stumbled to my room and took a quick shower before collapsing into my bed.

I was awakened a few hours later and told to get dressed for the big party. Several alumni were expected as well as all the sisters.

I was still very tired and sore from my ordeal. I really didn’t feel like partying. I sat with Millie and Carey and they looked fresh as could be. I questioned why they looked and felt so good and they just giggled. I drank a beer and said I wanted to go to bed. They both grabbed me and told me that I couldn’t leave and to enjoy the party.

I was really confused. I had just gone through a Hell Night that truly was hell, and those two acted like nothing had happened. I demanded to know what was going on. Finally, after significant nagging, Millie broke down and said, “You went through one hell of a night. We know because we saw you. We were there, but as sisters. You were the only one that went through Hell Night. Please don’t be pissed at us. It’s part of the big secret. Only one plebe goes through Hell Night.”

“Do you mean to tell you didn’t have to endure all the punishment, the tickle torture, the ass fucking, and the forced masturbation?”

“That’s right. We just watched,” said Carey. “Well we did participate in the pussy licking and the kissing. Thanks, by the way, you were wonderful.”

“What about the homeless guy that stunk so badly?” I asked.

“Oh, that was Millie wearing a strap-on. We soaked it in hot water to fool you. I guess it worked.”

Millie then said, “We recorded the whole night on a digital camera. We can watch later. We have literally hours recorded of you masturbating. It was really a lot of fun. Well, not for you, I guess.”

“What about the tattoo? Did you guys at least get that?” I asked.

They just laughed and said, “There is no tattoo on your butt. You can check later. They just scratched your tush with a pin. It should disappear in a couple of weeks.”

For the next few minutes, I sat in silence. I was mad as hell that I was the only one who had to endure Hell Night. I was relieved it was over, but still mad as hell.

It took several weeks for me to forgive my sisters for duping me the way they did, but, in time, we became very close. I learned not to be upset when a friend has good fortune and I did not. I actually (eventually) was happy Millie and Carey did not have to suffer as I did. In the end, no real harm was done and I learned how to give good head. lol