Heather's Dilemma

by Napoleon Leopold

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© Copyright 2016 - Napoleon Leopold - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; F/f; D/s; lingerie; cuffs; collar; sub; domme; gag; bfold; playroom; bond; oral; climax; discovery; cons; X

Heather Morris had finally made it home from work and was looking forward to the long weekend ahead. She went upstairs and took a warm shower and then proceeded to get ready for the evening. Red lace panties and matching bra made her feel sexy. Red stocking held up by garter straps and 4" high red pumps adorned feet. Opening her dresser drawer heather pulled out a red leather collar with a d-ring set in the front, she lifted her medium brown hair up so she could buckle it tightly around her neck. Not so tight that it would interfere with her breathing but tight enough that it wouldn't chafe her skin. A pair of matching red leather cuffs were buckled around her wrists and a second set around her ankles. Each in turn including her collar were secured using miniature padlocks. Reaching into her hall closet, she retrieved an overcoat and wrapping it around her body making sure to button it up.

Heather left her house and walked across the street to her neighbor's house. By now night had fallen and it was basically dark other than the occasional street lamp and several illuminated homes on the block. She looked up and down the street to make sure no one was around and after ringing the doorbell, she unbuttoned the overcoat and dropped to her knees, her feet spread so her bottom rested on the ground. Her back was straight while her head was bowed and she looked down. Her hands were folded together behind her back, her wrists at opposite elbows like she was taught.

She waited patiently hoping she would not be discovered by any of the other neighbors. After several minutes she could hear the footsteps of heels on a wooden floor approach the other side of the door. The porch light flicked on and Heather was illuminated against the surrounding darkness of the street. She prayed that no one was around to see her but dared not look around herself. She kept her eyes cast downward, to a spot the feet in front of her as she had been taught.

After what seemed like an eternity, the lock on the door turned and the door opened. She knew Mistress Amanda had pulled the curtain aside the window and saw it was her kneeling there, testing her, but intentionally taking her time opening the door.

"Well, well pussy, are you ready for this evening's fun and games?"

"Yes Mistress." Heather answered politely, submissively. Months after Heather's husband had left her, Amanda had moved into the empty home across the street. Though at that time Heather didn't know that Amanda had a dark side to her and would exploit her submissive inner core, they had become friends.

Amanda was friendly in an almost older sister kinda of way. This allowed Heather to open up about her struggles of being a lonely single mom. Amanda was that ear to listen and that shoulder to lean on. One evening as the two sat on Amanda's couch watching a tear jerker movie, Amanda made her move and slowly seduced Heather into a lesbian relationship. Soon after Heather was spending more and more time over at Amanda's. It wasn't long afterwards that Amanda introduced Heather to bondage, taking advantage of the vulnerability of her loneliness and her submissive mind. Now three months later, Heather was nothing more but a sex toy for her a Mistress to use any way she saw fit. Heather loved every minute of it too.

Amanda reached down and clipped a leash to the front of Heather's collar. "Come along now pussy. Crawl into the house." She commanded. Heather dropped her hands to the floor and crawled behind Amanda into the house like an obedient dog. Amanda turned, shutting the door and locked it.

"Present." She said and Heather immediately sat back down on her haunches, back straight, head down and arms folded behind her back, just as she was outside the door. "Get rid of the coat." Heather pulled the coat off, folded it and placed it neatly on the floor next to her and then resumed her position.

Amanda walked around her slave slowly, studying her. From behind she commanded, "Head up, mouth open."

Immediately Heather obeyed and was rewarded with a ring gag shoved into her mouth. She hated the ring gag. It forced her mouth to remain open and caused her to drool tremendously. But she also knew why Mistress liked to use it on her as it gave her instant access to Heather's tongue, willingly or not.
Amanda pulled the straps around Heather's face and buckled them tightly behind her head. A second set of straps ran from the side of the gag, up along side of her nose to connect to a ring at her forehead where a single strap continue over the crown of her head to connect to the straps buckled behind her head. A third set of straps buckled together under her chin forcing her mouth to hold the wide ring in her mouth tightly. Once all the straps were buckled there was no expelling the ring from her mouth until Mistress removed it. To ensure the gag would not be removed without permission, Heather heard the permanent click of the padlock.

"There you go pussy." Amanda said. She knew that Heather hated to be called that. That it helped humiliate her and kept her in her place. That's why she continued to call her that. "Now I have a very special guest tonight and you are going to be on your best behavior, otherwise I will punish you like I have never done before. Do you understand pussy?" She asked as she secured a padded leather blindfold across her eyes.

Yes Mistress came out as "eesistess" due to the ring gag in her mouth.

"Very good pussy. Now, crawl." Amanda ordered as she tugged on Heather's leash. Unable to see, Heather had to follow Amanda's lead as she lead her through the house on her hands and knees into her special playroom. Once there, Amanda guided her to where she wanted her and had her sit back on her haunches once again. Taking ahold of her arms, she padlocks her wrists cuffs behind her back.

Heather, submitted to being placed where Amanda wanted her and could sense someone in front of her. Her suspicions were correct when Mistress guided her head forward and Heather found her face planted between another woman's legs.

"Now pussy, I want you to do your best in pleasing my guest, or you know the consequences. Now get started."

Heather's tongue slipped through the ring gag as her mouth pressed against the woman's sex and she began lapping between the lips of her pussy. The woman moaned and struggled and as Heather went to work on her, she realized the woman was also bound and gagged.

Wanting desperately to please her Mistress, Heather worked her tongue slowly, teasingly into the unknown woman's pussy. As she did so, she thought the woman's moans to be more of complaints than pleasure. Maybe she had never had the pleasure of another woman performing cunnilingus on her. Well Heather was going to make sure she definitely enjoyed her first time.

Heather continued to lick away at her pussy, knowing that Amanda was most likely video filming this session as she did most. Heather worked her tongue as deep as she could into the woman's cunt. She found her clit with her tongued and flicked it constantly. Soon she could tell the moans of complaint were turning into moans of pleasure. The woman's struggles also subsided and soon she was trying to thrust her hips closer to Heather's mouth. Sex cream covered her face as she licked faster. The woman's breathing became rapid through her nostrils and the she was bucking hard in her bonds as she hit a powerful orgasm.

Heather continued to lick as she felt the woman cum. The woman's body shook as wave after wave of pleasure rolled through her. Finally, what felt like an eternity, she went limp in her bonds and moaned softly as Heather continued on the task given to her until Mistress told her that was enough and pulled her head out off of the woman's sex.

"That was quite outstanding pussy!" Amanda praised her. "For that you get a reward. You get to meet my special guest whom you pleased very well with your ability to use your tongue." Saying that she pulled the blindfold off of Heather's face.

Heather blinked several times allowing her eyes to adjust to the sudden brightness of the light that had been blacked out by the blindfold. She saw the bound form of the woman in front of her and saw that by her slim body, she was younger than herself. She looked upwards and saw the firm breasts of the girl. Over the tops of those breasts she saw the face of the girl. Even with a scold gag covering the bottom part of her face, it was a face that she recognized immediately. Shock and horror overcame her as she looked at the bound girl before her. Her body taunt as her arms were pulled up high above her head, wrists locked into leather cuffs with those attached to the ceiling by a chain. The girls legs were held wide apart by a spreader bar attached to her ankles and secured to the floor. The girl's pussy dripping with cum from the orgasm she herself was responsible for. Heather was starring into the eyes of her own 18 year old daughter Melissa.

Amanda laughed an evilly as she caught the complete realization on film. "That's right pussy. Your daughter is also my sex slave. And both of you pussies will serve me, your Mistress, as my sex toys. And you will do everything that I tell you to do. No matter how perverted you may think it is."

The words and evil laughter echoed in Heather's mind and tears flowed from her eyes as she knew she and her daughter were now total sex slaves to Mistress Amanda.


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