Heather in the Highlands

by Wingco

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© Copyright 2018 - Wingco/Shelley - Used by permission

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story continued from part two

Part 3. 

Chapter 1.

He had to check. To see whether the ghosts had done their magic or not. Only James had felt guilty at not having told Heather that he'd made imprints of the keys before tossing the originals down the vent.

That'd had been the worst part of the whole thing for him. The symbolism of throwing those keys away thus imprisoning her for all time. So now six months after he'd attended her 'funeral,' along with his parents in Ft William, he was actually going to see if her body needed to be disposed of. It was a hot October afternoon and he'd packed a picnic, planning to... well hoping to share it with her.

Arriving at Claggan his heart was already pounding, the same way it always did on sighting the ruin, but as today he was going inside this was different and in a way he didn't know whether to continue. If she was dead, then so be it, but if Heather really was alive... that might cause more problems for both of them. He had enough to deal with at the moment already.

Most times he'd just driven past on his way to the peatbeds. Only the first, the occasion when all three of the family had been present to witness James scattering the 'ashes' Kelvin had provided did his parents see just how much he'd thought of Miss McCreadie. They'd arrived back from Aberdeen the night before the funeral, not even knowing she'd 'died'. Only his devastated face greeting them had silenced the pair. June's plan to show him the delightful pictures of their newest arrival were halted.

The three had travelled to Ft William for the service and only then, talking to Janice did Kelvin find out from the concocted story they'd agreed on that Heather had 'died' in James' arms the week before. He pledged right then to look after the lad as best he could during the following months. His boy had been grief-stricken at first but used time to work off his sorrow and the farm would prosper as a result. The photo of Miss McCreadie taken by him up the tower at Claggan Castle during that first magical holiday then made an appearance in his bedroom. Anytime he needed space away from the farm he would tell the others he was off to visit 'Heather's place'

Today he was going to see if she was really there!

Parking up he grabbed torches and stuff then went downstairs, pleased to see the place was as he'd expected. Even the manacle room was intact, though he knew where the keys were for those ones. Spraying oil onto the hatch chain James hauled up on it. The massive lump slowly rising up to the side. James quietly eased the two wedges into place to support it then nervously approached the first of the locked doors.

Sliding the key into the lock he prayed it'd work, sighing with relief as it clicked and so the bolts followed and James went through, doing the same to the second door and finally he stood outside Heather's cell. Sniffing the air and relieved there was no smell of decaying corpse. He looked through the bars, the candles burning as before and he saw...

Chapter 2.

Ever since those keys had rattled down the pipe Heather McCreadie had prayed like never before for something to happen. The first night being the worst as the ghosts never came for her. She'd felt really grim, stomach cramping, lungs burning her alive and at one point Heather begged for something to take her away from this before passing out. So was surprised to wake later with only a slight pain running through her body. Had they been after all?

With no sense of time Heather worked on 'sleeps,' using a nail and scratching lines into the wall above her bed. Like in cartoons of prisoners ticking off the 'days-til-release'. Though the thought that she'd never leave here had driven Miss McCreadie into hysterics at one point on her seventh period of 'wake' as she called it. Smashing her fists into the wall, tugging the restraining bolt there then trying to get the chain off her collar. But James' handiwork was too good so another 'day of despair' began for the girl. 

By 'wake' ten she no longer ached, in fact Heather felt quite good. Starting to realise she was putting some weight on again. If only she'd got James to leave her sandwiches or something else instead of just biscuits and cake. "Guess he assumes I'll be dead by now instead of almost cured!" she grumbled. "I wonder what my 'funeral' was like?" a faint grin in the darkness of her humour.

The ghosts came for her days later as she lay there. Though at first Heather thought she was dreaming as her blanket drew back and the dress came up. Looking down however she saw it really moving and she smiled as it got to work. Minutes later she was squealing in ecstasy as it brought her off into one hell of an orgasm. So maybe things weren't so bad if this kept happening. Occasionally she'd lose it and tug at her chains but the girl had eventually resigned herself to her situation.

So she lived on regardless, doing limited twisting and bending exercises because of the wrist cuffs, shuffling up and down the cell but the girl couldn't complain. She was the one who'd asked James to put her down here, if ONLY he hadn't obeyed her last request and toss the keys down the vent. He'd assured Heather they were the only ones and she believed that to be true as he'd promised never to lie to her. 

Her current 'day' dream continued, hearing quiet footsteps in the corridor and the squeak of a bolt at her cell door, then the lock clicked so she smiled and opened her eyes to see...


Heather scrambled off the bed, her eyes widening as the door creaked open and James slowly walked in. Stunned she was alive, and looking like the first day he'd seen her last year. That beautiful face back to normal, paler in the candlelight, but currently with a look of utter shock on it. "Hello honey, I'm back," he said as she gaped. 

"JAMES!" she squealed, bursting into tears and he came closer, wrapping the girl in his arms. Thrilled she was all right and he savoured the feelings he'd thought he'd never have again. Their lips meeting for a kiss then he ruffled her hair. They stayed like that for ages before she gently pushed him away and sat down on her bed. 

"The keys you put down the vent, you said those were the only ones, how did you get in?" she said at last, a note of what to him sounded like annoyance or accusation in her voice. He looked surprised at her tone, then realised she was naturally struggling to comprehend what was happening.

"Well... at the time they were," he said, looking a little sheepish. "But I didn't say I'd made imprints into clay beforehand, then had new ones made. So I didn't lie, just... bent the truth somewhat," and she smiled a little as he carried on. "I had to know one way or another about you. Heather love, I cared so much for you and now I know you're alive I'll promise I always will. Besides you are looking rather good today."

Heather smiled at that, lifting her legs up and showing him she was still manacled as before. "Yeah, it's been a struggle. But my ghostly friends eventually did their stuff... so it appears I'm cured... or at least in remission or whatever it's called. No aches or pains anywhere," she said and looked down at her wrists. "However buddy I'd be a lot better if you took these off please, or at least cut the link," Heather asked, waving arms indicating the chain between them, the same for her legs. "Going to the bucket is bloody difficult, especially in this dress. I nearly tipped the damn thing over one day overbalancing."

He grinned at her and she looked pained at first, then smiled as he said he'd cut them. How he'd get the actual cuffs off her limbs would have to be worked out. Somehow he'd get her next door into the workshop. But how to do it while she was still chained to the wall as he knew the 'link' to the castle must not be broken... and that began to worry him. Did Heather realise this yet?

Heather waited nervously as James went to fetch his bolt-cutters, happy that soon she'd be able to get outside and her body tingled with anticipation. He returned, telling her to sit down so he could start with her ankles. "Why? Fancy having a little... once I can open them wide enough?" she chuckled and he went red. 

"No, well maybe later once I know you're OK," he replied, telling her to be patient. James positioned himself and snipped through the second loop from the manacle itself. The first would need to remain intact for the snaplocks. Another snip and the chain dropped away with a clatter. Heather raised one leg on its own, then the other before standing up. "Nice, now do my wrists so I can give you a great BIG bearhug."

He did so, letting the link that'd bound her fall away and Heather groaned, as she was able to flex both shoulders' independently. Swinging her arms for a moment. "C'mer," she giggled and wrapped herself around, hugging him tight, both of them starting to cry as they held on. After a while of this they dried up, James wiping away her tears before she sat down and held the chain by her collar. "Last one," she grinned, that fading on seeing him place the boltcutters on the bed well away from where they should be heading.

James looked painfully at her then shook his head. "I'm sorry love. But I cannot do that one, if I cut it love, you'll probably die and... I'm not prepared to risk that," he said at last. 

Heather McCreadie was stunned into silence. Her mouth flapping open in disbelief. "But you MUST!" she finally squealed, tugging the chain, staring at him, her eyes wider than he'd ever seen before. The girl getting to her feet and going to the wall. Placing both hands near the bolt and pulling as best she could, begging him to do the last cut then take her home to Braemore. James had to stop her, grabbing the lassie and spinning Heather around, forcing her against the stonework, holding both wrists high above her head and pressing himself against her.

Unfortunately he was not used to dealing with pretty girls in dresses, thinking the restrictive length of her outfit would stop any kicking. Forgetting that Heather's ankles were free and she made him pay. A well-placed knee missed his crown jewels by a fraction, bouncing off his thigh but still making James wince. "That's enough missy, settle down," he snapped as she tried that again, really struggling and crying but helpless in his grip. She tried a different tack, attempting a head-butt that only just missed and he lost control. Quickly letting go of an arm he slapped Heather's face as hard as he'd do with errant livestock. The blow stunned her but did the trick.

A flaming imprint of his fingers on her cheek and she stopped struggling, but James was not in the mood to cease. Dragging Heather to the bed and throwing her on, then he mounted her and pinned the girl down, his face inches from hers. "Now stop it, or I'm gonna leave you, understand?" he barked, "Down here, alone, afraid, locked in your collar, the doors and hatch secured and me gone for ever. Do you want that, or shall I try to help you?" he said. The last bit quieter as he could see how terrified she'd become.

Heather's tearstained face looked up at him but knowing he was right was still devastating for her when she'd thought it'd soon be over. "I'm sorry," she whispered as he let go, getting off and allowing her to sit up then embrace him. "But you must see... it's been such a nightmare down here... I didn't want to continue living. Yes I was alone and afraid, so please don't taunt me!" her voice getting angry again. However seeing him starting to glare at her she moderated the tone, afraid he'd abandon her after all. "I... at one point I really wanted to die and be done with it," she said but stopped on seeing him stiffen. 

His hands gripped hers tight enough to hurt but Heather was amazed when he started to cry instead. "Please love, please never say that, after what I've just been through," he wept and now it was her turn to hold on as he then told the girl something that appalled her.

"Barely a fortnight ago I had to attend two more funerals. My best friends Gary and Martin. Both of them fellow farming mates' killed in a tractor crash on the Ullapool road a week or so before. Drunk-driving trucker ploughed headfirst into them. I was following with Kelvin and saw the whole thing. We rushed to help but once there saw it was hopeless and we needed proper cutting gear rather than trying ourselves. Running back to ours to phone for the rescue guys we were fifty yards away when the whole lot blew up." Heather gasped at that, clutching his hands as the guy trembled. Hearing those screams echoing again in his head as people died in agony.

"Imagine how you'd have felt losing Janice and one of the others and seeing it happen?" he continued. "Now I know you're alive love, then I... I can try to save you when I couldn't rescue my friends. Will that do? I'm promising you now Heather that I'll do my best to make life here more comfortable. But you in turn must realise that you simply cannot leave... ever. Remember, according to records you're officially dead anyway. These ghosts here have given you a wonderful second chance that my Gaz and Marz will never get, OK?"

Both of them were now in tears and he apologised for losing his rag and she nodded, stroking his face, kissing him tenderly as he simmered down. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean it like that." James man enough to accept what she said, cuddling her body until she'd settled.

Chapter 3.

To change the subject Heather asked about Jenna's baby, remembering she'd been due. Astonished to find the young Hollie Louise was nearly six months old. Her eyes watered at the fact she'd never be able to have a child herself, also shocked at how long she'd already been incarcerated here and it shook her up, James stroking to calm her again with a kiss for good measure. 

"Louise, that's nice. It was... well is my middle name too," she said softly. James nodded. "I know, Jen asked me to suggest one and rather than being too corny or obvious, I said Louise instead, they liked it so H-L she became. Think Kelvin and June are aware of my reasoning, and they don't mind. But what they'd say if they knew I was here talking to the real 'Lou' I dread to think." 

They both chuckled at that. James also saying that Jen had finally decided to clear out her wardrobes, purging at Braemore and her place in Aberdeen. "Four bloody great bags of gear going to charity shops or the dump. Do you want any of them before I junk the rest?" She agreed and he said he'd bring the whole lot next weekend for her to rummage through. "I think your 'naughty nightie' is in there!" he grinned and Heather blushed SO red. There were some spare blankets at home he'd fetch as well. The guy wasn't sure how cold it'd get down here. Heather saying so far the temperature seemed to remain constant and was comfortable enough but she'd appreciate extra protection. 

However he did warn her that there may be the odd time due to bad weather when he'd have to miss a couple of visits. The last few winters hadn't been that bad for snowfall but she needed to be prepared. "Well I got through the first six months alright. So we'll see about that when it comes." Getting a rub as James knew how hard this was for her.

He announced plans to 'chain-up' the corridor thus it would allow Heather to move around her floor. She could use snaplocks on those loose loops of the manacles and get from room to room without breaking the 'link'. Though having realised what this might mean she paused and asked him to do the whole place instead! "There's plenty of chain lengths still next door, isn't there?" 

James went into the workshop and looked at the racks, measuring lengths with his eyes. She was right and as he was a member of the Mountain Rescue team now he had a whole box of climbing snaplocks in the jeep. So he came back and told her, seeing Heather's eyes light up. "It'd mean I could even go... upstairs... beyond the hatch, couldn't I?" she said, nervously hoping... "Yep. I've got no problem with that. Do you good to get some daylight love," he replied and she rushed forward and gave him a hug.

Over the next two hours he did a great job. Banging spikes into walls and affixing cables to them. Returning to Heather and saying it was all done as she'd asked. There was enough slack for them to overlap so she could clip one ankle to the next length before undoing the first but now she could get to the main door. "But you MUST check before moving on. This is so important honey, I wouldn't want to lose you now," he said and she nodded, getting a reassuring kiss. The closest one stretched from the first corridor barrier right into her cell though James warned her each length weighed a lot. "Keep me exercised then," she grinned, holding the snaplock.

Heather clipped it to her leg and checked it was secure, showing James the little tab was across. Then he came close with the boltcutters and she held the neckchain, allowing him to pause, then snip the loop. "Oh goodness that's better!" Miss McCreadie exclaimed as the weight dropped off and she could relax, letting the chain go with a clatter as it fell to the floor. "Yep, I'm fine. No dizziness love" she said having paused to see.

James smiled as he fitted a snaplock to the end, saying as these shouldn't undo she'd be OK. But put the ankle one on as well when sleeping 'just in case' one came off. Heather agreed before giving him a kiss of thanks. Then heading for the door, nervously peering out of the cell before stepping into the corridor. She didn't bother teasing James by locking him in but paced herself to the staircase, managing not to trip over on the chain, though the drag was considerable as he'd warned. 

Arriving at the bottom she looked up, feeling a breeze on her face but didn't go further despite the next length from above being there ready for her. James came up behind, sliding hands round her waist. "You going on up?" he asked, surprised when Heather said no. "Guess I'm scared, OK?" and that got her a kiss and stroke before they went back to her room and sat on the bed for another cuddle.

"So what do the ghosts do to you now you're OK?" he asked. Fascinated at her reply about the sexual side, seeing her eyes close and a warm smile at the memories. Opening in amazement when he asked would the ghosts do the same for him? "Hardly likely James, for a start you're not chained to the wall by any means, no collar or manacles." He sat there mulling things over. "If I mounted a new one and chain near to yours. Then did my wrists and legs, I wonder?" 

He got up and went next door, seeing what was left, then returned carrying a whole lot of stuff that was dumped on the bed. Even asking her permission before knocking the spike in. James felt foolish, as an idea of wearing restraints just to see how Heather felt seemed ridiculous. But he'd issued the challenge and Miss McCreadie was accepting it. 

The girl however also said he'd 'look so sweet all dolled up in a frock' and that made him splutter as she pointed to her outfit. "No I didn't mean that as well," but she said no. "The only way they'll do it is if you're wearing the dress and lying down, remember there should be a second in the casket. Go and fetch it and we'll see." 

The guy went upstairs to the casket and opened it. Dragging out the two grey dresses then finding the last at the bottom. Rolling it up and returning downstairs to see her grinning broadly at him. So the fact Heather was needling him made things worse as she examined it closely. "Yep, I think you'll fit" She held it open and he took it off her, trying to remember how she did things. Planting one foot into the middle, then the other before lifting the front bit up; surprised at how heavy it was. 

"Not bad," she chuckled as he got the robe to his waist, then reached an arm deep down into the sleeve before she helped James do the other and shrug himself into it. It was a better fit than he thought, snug round the arms as the girl went around the back and started doing the hooks-and-eyes, telling him to breath in a bit as it was hard to do him up. "You've put a little timber on, yes?" and James admitted he had. "Too much breakfast at home. Even June's been on at me," he chuckled. Heather smiling, "Yeah, toast, it'd make a change from cake and biscuits, even choccy ones," and they both laughed at that.

"Shame you don't 'fill-out' the bust but really I'm surprised you fit. I'm sure it wasn't that big before. My 'spooky friends' must have known and adjusted it before you unpacked. There you go, all secured, Jemima!" Heather said minutes later as the last was done, and she giggled like a schoolgirl as the lad did his best not to blush. "Gaz and Marz are looking down on me now, pissing themselves rotten," he exclaimed and they laughed. Heather pleased that he could think about his lost friends like that.

He managed not to slap her as she smiled and sat down, critically examining him as he ran hands over his body. "OK, time for the 'personal restraints' I think you once called them," Heather said reaching for the collar he'd earlier mounted a few feet from her own chain. Though as hers' was disconnected and Miss McCreadie wore a leg one from the bedframe they wouldn't get tangled up. She could however see how nervous he was and stopped ribbing him. Unlocking the device and holding it out. James took it from her and slipped it around his neck, closing it with that little snap. Pleased the padding didn't grip too tightly. Then Heather reached forward and turned the key, the clunk audible to both. "Bloody hell," he murmured.

Heather took the key out and saw James' chest rising and falling a little quicker. So she let him settle then took the wrist cuffs and locked those in front before doing his ankles. James shuddering now as he tugged his arms, realising the power she now had over him as she walked to the door and put the keys out of his reach. "Lie down honey, and I'll tuck you in," she grinned as he shuffled towards the bed, the ankle manacles trying to trip him up. Heather helped him on the way he'd done that last night and lay back, the girl coming over with the blanket. Covering him to the chest allowing James to rest both wrists on his stomach. 

"There, all done Jemima," she whispered, sitting alongside and reaching for his face, gently stroking him. "Want a blindfold?" she asked and to no surprise he declined. "No, you only had one because you'd asked for it for the journey. If, or when I should say, I return next time I'll let you do it, OK?" and she nodded. Telling him to close his eyes anyway. "Goodnight sweetheart," she said, giving him a smooch and he responded with a grin. Then the bed lurched and she left him to his dreams. Grabbing the bag with his T-shirt shorts and shoes that she'd told him to bag up to 'keep the place tidy'. 

She walked to the door, clipping the chain from the corridor before undoing the one from the bed. Always careful to check she was attached somehow. "OK? I'll let you have an hour or so," she said, blowing James a kiss before heading out of the entrance, closing the door but not, thankfully to him, slamming it like the first time he'd done it to her. The bolts slid across and then the clunk as Miss McCreadie locked it, the faint rattle of the key symbolising his predicament as he heard her moving things around in the workshop next door.

Chapter 4.

Silence fell and NOW he understood, feeling a surge of something he could not explain rationally, coming into his body from the neck. Flowing to reach all of his limbs and it must be the collar; his 'link' to the castle and it really shook him up. Also to huge embarrassment James could feel his cock starting to swell, rubbing against his pants and he looked down, seeing a 'tent' forming in the blanket! Oh the shame and he was glad there were inches of metal between him and Heather. Though he didn't know she was now watching through the bars, the girl smiling as her plan came to fruition.

Now James/Jemima was safely bound to Claggan, taking her place Heather paused as she reached the staircase having silently locked and bolted the doors in the corridor. Changing chain to the next one and so on and she marvelled at the way he'd got the lengths measured. So now after several changes Heather McCreadie stood at the entrance, blinking in the bright light despite it nearly sunset. Seeing James' jeep parked by the doorway. 

The only thing she'd dared not do was the hatch, but knowing he'd not be able to escape was enough. She came back to the last room before the doorway, still holding his clothes as her eyes got used to daylight again. Heather was exhausted already after climbing the stairs, thinking those exercises done in the cell should have kept her fitter than this.

For the first time in six months Heather stripped off the dress, pleased that it, and her body were in the same condition as the day she'd entered. Well actually, having been 'cured' she'd put a bit of weight back on and felt good about it. A quick check then she got dressed into his stuff, though stepping into his shorts needed two chain changes because of the cuffs, thankfully the belt had a few smaller holes to stop it dropping off her slim waist. His sneakers on last, doing the laces around her ankles as these were bigger than her own. 

Now she was ready, picking the keys for the jeep out of his pocket. A look outside then she took a deep breath... and unclipped her ankle from the cuff. Stepping through the doorway knowing she was FREE!

Immediately however Heather felt queasy, her heart pounding as she reached the vehicle, got the door open, jumping into the drivers' seat. Miss McCreadie hoping it'd settle down as she searched for the ignition. Looking out she wondered how she'd be able to drive anyway having never learned. Her eyesight was dreadful, she'd not focused on anything distance wise for months. She tried to get her vision working by blinking rapidly but it didn't and her eyes blurred as a voice started to boom in her ears...

'Heather what have YOU DONE GIRL? YOU CANNOT DO THIS' it said, echoing through her like being between speakers at a rock concert. She gripped the wheel and began to cry, realising what a mistake she'd made. Leaving James to suffer, when he'd lovingly cared so much for her. She couldn't betray him over that second set of keys to get revenge. He'd assured her that hers had been the only ones, technically that was correct as the replacements had been made afterwards.

Besides Heather had five loops of metal still locked on her body. No way would she be able to cut them off without causing serious injury, especially the collar. She felt really rocky now, her body starting to ache from lungs and stomach like the bad times and she knew... she HAD to return and chain herself to Claggan before it was too late!

Sobbing Heather left the jeep, slamming the door in frustration and rushed for the entrance before she collapsed. Only just making it before her legs gave way and she tumbled to the hard stone floor, hands scrabbling for the chain end and clipping it to the loop on her collar. The surge of power made her wail, as it seemed to punish her for what she'd done, shocks tearing round her body and getting worse. "I'm so sorry James," she wept. "Please forgive me!" was her last words before Miss McCreadie passed out.

Meanwhile a ghost or probably more than one was teasing James, he thought as hands ran themselves over him. Certainly the one clamped round his cock, having released it from his pants was causing serious embarrassment. He was rather well endowed, as Heather knew so well, and the ghost made use of it. Really stroking him hard, then beginning to masturbate the guy. He began groaning as it grew in ministration, hoping it'd stop before he blew a load into the dress. But that was a forlorn hope and he began shaking, his eyes blurring then James erupted, spewing a full stream onto the material, some of it dripping onto his legs and the guy knew a serious cleanup would be needed after this. 

The power however kept flowing, rushing all over him, making James groan as every fibre of his body seemed to tingle as it increased. Gasping to breathe he saw stars appearing in front of his eyes at the strain before the world began to turn dark and he faded away.

Coming to James immediately knew something was wrong. Opening his eyes... to find hair draped across his face. Blonde hair and he brushed it away, feeling it tumbling either side of his face!

"What the hell," he murmured, looking down and seeing bulges, where no bulge, let alone two should be as he brought his hands up, touching... BREASTS! And they were parked on HIS chest. Trembling fingers tapping the very sensitive nipples that were rubbing against the dress, feeling tremors rushing through his body as it dawned on him what had somehow happened. He was now a girl!

Another surge of shock ran through him... or was it her as James' hands moved down below a much slimmer waist, pressing between his legs, praying to find his... But his heart sank at the lack of the bulge there. "Oh my goodness, I'm really... Jemima?" he said, the plaintive squeak not his normal timbre, but not sounding like Heather either. Her soft Highland accent another reason why he'd loved her so much.

Jemima continued her examination and the obvious, reaching under the blanket and hoiking the dress up. Her fingers finding no sign of a penis... only... yeah. She gasped as a digit slowly slid into the new slit, making her tremble as she kept going, exploring a thing she knew what to do with. But NOT how it felt now, realising it must be the ghosts doing this. 

James had said 'I want to feel exactly how you were love,' and they'd taken that too literally by far. She found... hmmm, that little treat all girls possess and despite the situation Jemima began to play with herself. Rolling it round her finger, wonderful sensations bursting all over. No wonder Heather reacted that way when he'd toyed with hers. Another finger joining the first and before long Jem was starting to tremble. Her nipples getting even more sensitive as the fabric rubbed them.

To her surprise she felt hands grab her wrists, lifting them out from her clit and Jemima squealed in frustration. The dress flowing down and blanket replacing itself. "So close," she moaned as her ardour cooled. But a moment later she felt more hands... these lifting her arms and holding them to her collar. A faint tinkling came and Jemima tugged, but her wrists had somehow locked themselves to her neck restraint... leaving her helpless as the blanket again drew down and her dress up. Both knees opening themselves as far as the ankles would allow. Spreading Jem wide enough and she flushed at the thought of exposing her midriff to... whom?

She gasped as the fingers returned to her clit, rubbing harder now, then the bed lurched and Jem's eyes snapped open, to see obviously nothing, but feeling something now resting on her legs as the hands vanished. Then pressing either side of her body like a bloke would do! Another squeal... as something larger touched her outer lips. "Yes, please" she moaned, "do it to me," and the ghost complied. Jemima trembling as sloooowly the object slid into her wet and waiting pussy. The girl knowing she was about to be deflowered as it reached the hymen. Coming out slightly as Jemima tried to open her legs a little more. Then the weight suddenly increased as it thrust into her.

A hand clamped across her mouth and seconds later Jem screamed into it as she felt a slight tearing before the cock broke through, going much deeper than she thought. No wonder Jenny, the first girl he'd ever screwed had done the same when their teenage fumbling had got out of hand. Now he/she was seeing it first hand and she apologised to her ex. Slowly the ghostly penis withdrew before coming in again once she'd relaxed a little as the pain subsided. It began to go in and out, Jemima reacting to the movement, wanting more, and trying to grip it, the way Heather did with James. So THIS was how she'd felt and Jem grinned into the hand which soon released her face.

Faster it went, really sawing into her body now and Jemima was getting warm with exertion. So dear Heather had been saved by the ghosts then spent her time getting laid! Lucky girl and she too was determined to get some action. Feeling very strange heat building within her. Hands working her nipples through the dress and Jem began groaning louder. "Please," she gasped as it increased, making the bed rock as she bucked in time to its thrusting jabs, then felt a rushing sensation and her pussy twitched before sparks exploded into her head. Pounding the girl into unconsciousness.

Chapter 5.

James awoke and found Heather sitting alongside him. Her face red with tears. The girl not her normal self though she was wearing the same dress he was in. His hands reached up and rather than stroke her, touched himself in the chest area, but not finding two wonderful breasts, nor any sign of those blonde locks. The restraints were all off and somehow she'd even removed the collar without waking him. His cock too was back and just for a moment he was... well he'd better find out what Heather was so upset about as he swung his legs off the bed to give her more room. Shuffling closer and their hands clasping as the real girl's sobs slowly dried up.

"I'm sorry James, I'm so sorry I did that to you," she began and he assumed she'd known that once out of the room the ghosts would take advantage. But she babbled on about the jeep and her eyesight then paused, then he realised Miss McCreadie must have been OUTSIDE! But he also knew the last chain would only have reached the entrance so she'd not been secured to the castle. Had Heather broken faith with him after all that had been said and done? He had to ask but didn't really want to hear her reply.

"Heather... love. I want you to tell me what you did out there. Be honest," and he had to think carefully now. He loved her too much to lose her again. "You.. .you got me to swap... change into the dress, lock me into those restraints... so you could try to escape. Right?" and it took a minute for her to reply. The faintest of nodding before she broke down again. His arms wrapped themselves around her.

He didn't know what to say as her cries continued unabated. For the first time in his life James was lost for words. This situation was so far out of reality for him yet he could never be angry despite the loss of his mates. Heather too had suffered so much this last year and surely he couldn't add to that. It was miraculous she was still alive. Only the ghosts were doing it for her, to keep the girl as their Guardian to stop Claggan Castle from rotting away. She'd been selfish, thinking only about herself rather than him. But under the stress she'd endured he couldn't blame her, could he?

"I'll accept any punishment James, from you... or them," she said having dried up, going on to explain she'd tried to get away and the result. The restart of her pains, knowing straight away that it wouldn't work and that was why she'd returned. She saw him nodding and her heart leapt, hoping he'd forgiven her as James tenderly kissed her cheek.

"Lie down honey, right in the middle, you need a long rest," he said, getting up, allowing Heather to comply. Swinging her legs up but careful not to knock the snaplock off her ankle cuff. Then he took action, grabbing the chain for her collar and securing that before undoing her leg. But she gasped as he fitted another to the first then attached her ankle to the frame of the bed, then more as the other was also secured. She began to tremble as he fetched more from the box, placing these on her wrists then tugging those to the head frame, thus spread-eagling her. She remained silent, this was obviously his verdict and she could see his face, not obviously angry, just looking very sad as he came back with strips of material.

Heather was gagged then blindfolded before the blanket was laid over her now shuddering body. A kiss on the nose then the bed lurched before the 'bang' of her door being slammed, presumably locked too, yes as the keys rattled in the locks. Heather waited a few moments as this was repeated twice from the corridor. Then the whole room trembled as the big hatch slammed down, but she knew what might come next was worse and her tears flowed on.

Crying into her gag as the vent top screeched then the hollow tinkle tinkle thump as her keys landed on the cushion still there. The last chance she'd have, blown by her own selfishness and the girl tugged helplessly on the cuffs, begging the ghosts to come and save her from her own folly.

James too was crying as he sat in the jeep, having lost his temper again with her again. Cursing his lack of fibre at punishing Heather like this. Yes it would only last an hour till he used the original keys to get back down there, plus James promised to honour that pledge to make her life here as comfortable as possible. Quite how that'd be done he didn't know, so there was a project to be considered.

He had a drink, then his sandwiches before reaching for the keys and heading back down. Managing not to trip over the hem as he'd forgotten to change out of the dress! That showed how screwed up his own mind was. Silently getting the hatch up then opening the doors. Hearing already her pitiful crying as he came into the cell and saw the blanket moving over the shrouded form. 

It stopped as soon as he sat down on the bed. Easing the blanket away and undoing her blindfold and the gag. Of course Heather expected it to be the ghost and she looked shocked at seeing James there. Her face clearing with relief as he reached up and freed both wrists then her legs, the girl sitting up and embracing him before the tears returning as she held tight. She tried to speak but a finger laid across those lips quietened her down.

"I think we've both learned a harsh lesson there love," he said and felt her nodding. The girl saying yes, she'd now accepted that only being physically attached to Claggan would keep her alive. "What I felt just in those few minutes in the jeep was enough but I had to know. It's gonna be hard to cope with, but better than being dead eh?" and he smiled as she continued, now sounding rational again. 

"I was wondering if you could put a few more chains around the place. On days' you come, would you allow me to get to the main hall or even the tower, so I can see that daylight you promised. From what I saw... or rather I couldn't see. My eyes are shot-through from not being able to long-focus. If there isn't enough cable left, at least leave the ones already there so I can sit by the door?" she asked.

"I can do that love, the tower is a better option as you cannot be seen from up there. In fact I'm gonna remove one of the cell doors and put it at the entrance. If that works it means, well on the days' I'm in the area I can come and free you, but you'll remain inside the walls. It'll let you have the run of the place. I'm going to test something now, see if that works. Explaining that as long as the ghosts knew she was somehow locked inside then they'd keep her going. 

"When I lock and bolt that door, take off the chain, but let me know straight away if you feel queasy and get it on quickly love. If not, then it hopefully means you're going to be OK, yes?" Heather nodded. This would be a massive improvement if it did work. James walked out and locked the door, Heather waiting anxiously until he said the three bolts were across. Nervously she asked was it done and he assured her by holding up the key. Miss McCreadie undid the chain then let it go onto the floor. 

She'd almost expected to faint but after a moment there was nothing. No surge, no voices booming at her again, no pain either and Heather waited a couple of minutes to be sure then got to her feet and approached the door. Pressing her face into the bars and meeting the lips of James for an awkward kiss. "It works, it bloody works, I'm gonna be alright," she gushed, breaking down in tears for a moment then rushing back to the bed. 

His face fell; thinking it'd gone wrong after all as she hurried to clip the chain back on. He waited till she showed him she was secure before unlocking and entering. Reaching the bed he wrapped Heather into his arms as she wept, the girl smiling at the fact she'd have limited freedom now. Yes James would have to leave her under the hatch except the days he intended visiting, but she now... had hope rather than years of blackness and despair ahead of her. 

Heather did wonder if he could leave all the doors open instead, except... then realised he might come back when she was asleep and unsecured. So she ran some options through her head. Perhaps he could just lock the first one in the corridor. Thus allowing her a chance to roam around the four rooms this side of it. She'd wait til next weekend to suggest that, see how it'd work. 

Her heart sank at the thought of being still locked-in, but Heather couldn't complain. She'd assumed herself alone and lost here for all time. Now, just being able to move her arms and legs freely was a start and enough to satisfy her. She smiled at him, then ribbed James at the fact he was STILL wearing the dress as he ran fingers over the fabric. "Suits you... Jemima!" she giggled. The guy blushed and started to strip, only to stop when Heather said he could wear it again if he wanted a repeat of what the ghosts had done to him/her. He hung it up in the corner and carried on changing.

"I'll think about it. The orgasm I had as her, it sure was... well interesting," he grinned and she laughed, asking how he'd felt. "Hmmm, losing my cherry second time around. I remember... my first girlfriend, she squealed like, well a stuck pig... but now I understand how she felt as I did the same!" and Heather rocked with mirth. Her own hadn't been that bad but she was delighted how James appreciated what she'd been through. Maybe he was serious, perhaps he could have his own set up in another room. 

That'd keep things interesting for both of them and she'd suggest it later. They had drinks and biscuits. James promising to bring fruit and other foodstuffs next time, now he knew the ghosts would replenish whatever was already here. He looked down at his waist, amazed that somehow not all the timber had returned once his body had changed back from being Jemima. "That's a hell of a way to diet love," and Heather squealed with laughter at that.

"James, before you go, I know the ghosts trust you now and they won't be jealous, would you do the honours... give you some more exercise too," she began and the lad looked startled as she pointed to the bed. A grin coming onto his face and he nodded, stripping off then helping the girl out of her dress. Easing Heather down and making sure her collar chain didn't get in the way as he came alongside. Telling her to climb on top as 'it was about time you did some work missy!' 

She smiled and what followed was wonderful for both of them. The second time Heather asked him to snaplock her limbs to the corner posts and he did, adding the blindfold and gag. Sitting astride her torso then touching two lovely breasts, bringing them to attention and, "they're a lot better than mine were honey," James grinned seeing her give him a thumbs up...then...

Chapter 6.

When cuffing her to the bed for the session James had noticed the padding on her left wrist was coming apart. The metal rim starting to rub her skin and he assumed if they stayed like that then it'd be hurting her. Asking Heather did she want them replaced the girl looked down and agreed. "Yeah, except you're gonna have to cut them off with a saw. So please be careful!" she joked and they went next door where she watched him fit pads to a slightly lighter weight set. They looked newer too and he'd checked the locking mechanism first. Telling her that this time he'd not snip the key off. That would mean she'd be able to take them off now and again to ease her wrists and prevent marks.

She thought that a great idea, though Heather did make him promise to keep the keys rather than leave them in her possession. Once those were finished she nervously placed her arm into the jaws of a vice and he began to saw the old one off. It took him fifteen minutes but it finally clattered off and the girl stared at her arm, finally free of the restraint, but after rubbing the mark away and cleaning the limb she asked James to put the new one on straight away. Saying she'd feel more comfortable! 

He obliged and she sighed on hearing the new lock click, moving it about as the manacle had a bit of play and didn't grip her wrist so tight. "That's much better," she whispered and got a hug. The second was soon removed and the girl was happy as she 'examined her new jewellery' as its replacement was secured. 

James asked if she wanted her legs done as well and Heather agreed, bending down to remove the chain, her hand about to do it then she gasped and paused. The lad thinking she'd put her back out as she shot up again so quickly. Face with a look of shock. "Oh God I'm sorry," she said. Turning and walking out of the workshop and back to her room. He followed a moment later and saw Heather clipping the collar chain on then sit down on the bed, eyes closing. "You OK honey?" he asked and she shook her head. 

"No, I nearly undid myself without the next one being done. I almost blew everything!" she said, face worried that he'd punish her again like last time. James nodded and sat next to her, wrapping an arm around her shoulder as she trembled. "It's alright honey. I won't 'do' you for that. But it's gonna be a while for me to finish your new leg ones anyway. Just wait there and maybe have a snooze, OK?" and she nodded, accepting a kiss then he went back to the workshop. 

Thirty minutes later he returned to find Heather asleep, lying under her blankets, though she was on one side and looked somewhat out of shape. Easing the covering back James was amazed to see she'd somehow used two snaplocks and secured both wrists behind her back! He sat down alongside and the girl awoke. 

"I thought I'd better punish myself," she murmured as he reached around and undid them, allowing her to relax again. Sitting up and receiving a hug and kiss to calm her nerves. "For a moment I wondered if you were going to tell me to put a new permanent collar with fixed chain on," he said and she looked at him sadly. "Why? Maybe you're right... It'll teach me the lesson. So would you please chop this one off then lock me into the one up there," she said, pointing to the one he'd used as Jem, but he said no chance. "You'll have to be careful love but we'll carry on like this, that's all I ask, understand?"

Heather had another short weep then James took her next door to get her legs done. Seeing her check the chains and talking to herself beforehand. "Collar to bed, then bed to corridor, that one to my neck, OK we've got it right, so lets go," she'd said and he patted her backside and off they went. 

Getting the manacles off her feet was more difficult and Heather had to sit on the bench. "Hitch up the frock and spread your legs love," he said and she giggled, saying that sounded so corny while she was clad in this type of dress. "It's why I unpicked the motif on the front. Seemed inappropriate considering what these ghosts do to me. The former owner surely wouldn't understand." They both grinned at that and James finished positioning her. It took him an hour of careful sawing but eventually Heather had a complete set of removable cuffs now on her body. Handing him the keys and making him promise not to lose them.

Miss McCreadie was still smiling as they had their final hug and kisses, knowing he'd be back in a week with Jenna's clothing and the other stuff. "Goodnight my sweetheart, and I still cannot believe I'm saying this to you," he said, his hands rubbing Heather's body having helped her back into the dress again. 

Once more loving the feel of her in his arms when he'd though her lost. "I'm really gonna be OK now love," she replied, "and thanks for coming back for me. But if things outside do get bad, you... you'll know where to find... us. Either as James or Jemima, you'll be welcome." Getting a jab in the ribs for that as he looked over at the other frock hanging from the wall hook. Pointing out the motif had somehow vanished from that one as well. Heather hadn't even noticed and she grinned. 

"Well I guess they'll be waiting for Jem when she returns. Right buddy, you need to be off home," and said that without a hint of sadness.

James turned and walked away to the door then waved and went through. Turning to lock it then slide the bolts across, thus allowing Heather to undo her chain so she could make her tea. She didn't say a word when he'd earlier said everything would be secured for the moment and she'd remain in here. Her thinking nine bolts, three keys and a ton of hatch was still overkill, but she dare not push her luck by protesting. "It's only until next weekend love then it'll improve. Please stay strong for me, yes?" he'd said and Heather had agreed to do that.

Asking what he meant by improvements, James had told Heather his ideas for the next visit while he'd been doing her new manacles. Unknowingly without her suggesting it he was replicating her ideas, saying he'd get some proper lounge furniture to fit out a room in the next segment for her to use as a 'sitting' area. Now he knew the ghosts would 'recharge' anything brought for her he'd install a proper portaloo and washroom in the spare cell behind the first passage door along with some fitness and gym kit. A double bed would now fit in here, and as the guestroom suit at Braemore was being refitted he wouldn't have to buy one, or a wardrobe for Jen's old clothing. 

"For when we're together as it's a bit cramped on that one, yes?" and she'd blushed at the idea but readily agreed. "Cannot promise you power and a TV set mind, but I'll sort you out. From next Sunday once I've finished it'll just be the hatch and the first door that'll be locked when I'm away. I'll bang on it hard enough to wake you up and make sure you're attached. OK?" 

That unspoken idea of the extra cells to be her living quarters rather than being locked in just one room was going to work after all and she was delighted, it was better that she'd hoped. "Yes wonderful. Can you read minds then? That's what I was hoping you'd do or something like that," she said. James smiled, "Yeah, no chance, even Jemima would struggle doing that. Maybe next time I'll ask her how it's done," and again they'd laughed and kissed.

"Oh by the way before you go James I forgot to say, it looks like the ghosts have decided to punish me after all for what happened earlier," she called as he looked back into the cell. Heather had opened her food box and pointed to the one empty space, where both of them expected it to have refilled itself by now. The girl looked rueful and it was hard for him not to laugh as she finally grinned wryly...

"...No more bloody chocolate biscuits..."

Chapter 7.

The week passed SO slowly for both of them, particularly for James. Arriving home he had to do an Oscar winning performance trying not to be happy that his girl was alive after all that time. He did wonder quite how he'd be able to keep this a secret too but work on the farm kept him busy. 

It also helped that Kelvin was to be working away that week in Glasgow so no questions from the old man once he'd leave Monday morning. June seemed pleased that his moodiness seemed to have lifted and though only weeks after the funerals guessed her lad planned to work even harder to blur his grief. 

But James did have some news about Heather to break on the Sunday night. Her last will and testament had been published and his parents now discovered why several phone calls from Kyle, plus solicitors letters had arrived at Braemore over the last few weeks. Also he'd gone away for two days and refused to reveal the reasons why. That had almost led to Kelvin having words with his son, but a look he'd got in return had made him back off. "I'll explain when and only when I'm ready, OK?" Now a month later he was.

He got the pair sat down, revealing that despite her austere appearance, the fact she'd worked in a shop and so on that the late Miss McCreadie had actually been a rather wealthy lady. She'd invested money from her parents' estate, and their forbears too, that was where the house had come from. Living off the interest and her wages from Kyle. 

Which was why Kelvin's lad was now the beneficiary of a cheque from her estate. They were amazed, June especially, she still couldn't see why James had become so besotted with the girl. She'd stayed what? five or six days that first visit, then his holiday trip to Ft William at Christmas, then the last painful trip to hold her as she'd died in his arms. Was there more so she nervously asked him.

June saw him turn away slightly with a wistful smile then James told them a lot more. "Heather did return. She came when you two were in Lanzerote and stayed a fortnight. It was her idea, I didn't know a thing till she traipsed down the path. That cheeky smile of hers, makes me shudder seeing it in my sleep, so for a reason I still don't understand I was hooked. You've seen the visitors here, those three girls who stayed last month. Yes they were... well... fit, but... my Heather had something extra," he said, reddening. June blushing too as she imagined her lad sizing up the younger female guests for their appearances.

"She had spirit, 'Para' spirit I'd call it, learned from her dad. The fact she knew all along that her body would betray her, having been taken ill last year. Yet somehow she WALKED from Ullapool to get here. You guys missed her by an hour or less. It sounds strange but she really believed in that tale of the ghosts up at Claggan. She wanted me to let her sleep there overnight again. See if they would cure her illness if it came back." He said and June was beginning to see what he meant.

"Yeah, I remember how helpful she was that first time. You two getting grubby while changing the jeep's wheel. How many girls would be that kind?" James nodded, "Yes mum, that was the start for us. Any girl who wealds a spanner like that and not complain would get my vote." Kelvin chuckled but let him continue. "On the second visit lassie knew she had big problems. Heather was OK for the first two days alongside me, even working the tractor despite never learning to drive." 

"Then bang, straight out of nowhere, she imploded after lunchtime while out in the yard, bloody scary mind. Heather just stopped the tractor, said she was tiring and could she go in. I had to almost carry her back, then left her where you are mum, wrapped up in blankets and weaker than your average kitten. But it was her eyes that gave it away, no sparkle, dull even and then I knew she might be right." 

The others stared, then he continued, "OK folks, I know it's daft, so rather than upset Heather, I said yes, now she'd 'gone bad' as she'd warned might happen. I drove her up there on my way to doing that load of cutting. She spent two days up there doing, well nothing I guess, had all her gear yet when I went to collect her on the third day she was alright, her aches and pains gone for the first time since she'd collapsed. She couldn't, or maybe wouldn't explain what had happened and I didn't press. It was just a joy to see those eyes gleaming again." He didn't mention exactly where she'd slept, or the fact Heather had been chained to the walls. So he was relieved awkward questions were not asked. 

Though he did let on while glowing red that yes, she had stayed in his room rather than a guest one once they'd come back to the farm! Now June understood she didn't mind though she did hesitate and James saw this. "Actually I might as well admit that the first time she slept in my bed was the night you'd left to go see Jen. I didn't know until next morning!" and his parents grinned in astonishment. 

"It was your fault mum as she wasn't that sort of girl. As you assumed Heather would have departed the heating for Jen's room wasn't left on. She only changed her plans that morning because she wasn't going to Stornoway. That evening, having got cold she slipped out of her bedroom to put it on, but not wanting to disturb Shelley asleep by the power box she came into my room and joined me instead. Gave me a surprise, waking up with her arm draped over my chest I can tell you!" Kelvin chuckled at that, June slapping her husband's leg as admonishment. "But after she'd spent those two nights in the castle that's when things really took off."

The couple still looked astonished at the story. Kelvin doubtful at first, but the way it was coming out it must be true. No way would James lie about something so close to his heart. Seeing the lad fingering the ring on his finger, the one given to him at Christmas. "So because of that I want to keep Claggan safe, that's where Heather is buried, or scattered if you must think of it that way. Lassie said that if ever she passed away she wanted to be there for all time, safe in the countryside. Her urn is about fifty feet out from the south wall and only I know where it is." James said, now telling his old man he was now planning to go ahead with a re-route of a footpath that ran close to the castle, away to the other side of the peatbeds to keep her memory secure. 

"But that's going to cost a fortune. I know the Heritage guys will fund most of it. That was what they offered after that Scout group got stuck a year ago. But only if we give them ten percent as our 'cut'. Where the heck are you going to find twenty grand laddie?" he said, slightly annoyed. His boy was getting obsessed and needed a dose of reality. James smiled in response, opening an envelope. "I think that'll cover it dad," was the amused reply as the youngster handed over a cheque...for £75,000! Kelvin was stunned, his mouth flapping as he handed it to his wife.

"It's a quarter of what she had. Her old man remember was an R-S-M in the Forces so his pay wasn't that bad, plus they'd inherited their estate from Heather's grandparents anyway. The rest went to her friends, helping them clear the mortgage for the apartment so they're sorted for life. That's the reason I went to Ft William last month. To see the girls and check up on them. They reassured me that was what Heather planned all along. Kyle said I was the only one who'd believed in her when everyone else had given up..." Kelvin had spoken to Mr Lafferty at the funeral and knew that bit was true but let the boy finish though he could sense James was struggling with the last part of this. 

"Heather even held out for me on the day she died, because I had to return here to sort the farm out as Wally was away. When I got back there she smiled... badly but was pleased I'd returned. Then she said some lovely things I'll never repeat to anyone and that was it. We held each other and... and she faded away an hour later." This was the first time he'd told their pre-planned tale and felt guilty at using her illness like this to cover the real story.

They understood now and Kelvin handed the cheque back, giving his boy a man-hug. "OK laddie, it's yours to spend, or save as you want. I know you'll not waste it. But please get a new jeep, that wreck makes me nervous every time you go out in it!" he said and they all laughed. James said he'd also fund the refurbishment of both the guestrooms and that delighted his mother. The lassie asking him if he'd find the time to dispose of the old furniture, plus other bags of stuff. "Jenna's got more to dump as well. She's coming over with Hollie tomorrow. I never knew she had so much!"

So that was sorted happily enough and over the next week the trailer was given a hard workout as he gradually transported stuff to Claggan, bed, wardrobe, and copious bags of clothing. James felt guilty that he didn't go to see the girl and it still hurt knowing she was locked away downstairs and oblivious to his activities here. But time was short and he'd be here at the weekend. The portaloo was procured from a store and was the last of the outsized loads to be brought. 

Chapter 8.

James was so excited as he drove up the track on the Saturday, the jeep's front seat full of food, drinks and other small items for her. Getting the hatch up took moments and soon he was standing at her door. "Oi, Missy, wakey wakey lazybones, it's nearly 9am!" he called, seeing the girl curled up under her blankets. Heather's eyes snapped open and she squealed on seeing him, almost falling out of bed as she tried unwrapping both legs from the dress. 

Finally Heather rushed to the door, face pressed against the bars for a tearful kiss then she waited... before remembering the snaplock and returning to the bed to clip it to her leg. "Good girl," he said jangling the keys. She heard the magical sound of her door being UNLOCKED and there he was.

They met with a thump, hands running over each other's bodies, his especially going for her torso and she grinned as her breasts were groped. "That's all you've come for, yes?" she chuckled before their lips met for some tongue-tennis. This lasted a while and he wrecked her hair at the same time. "Great, hope you've brought another brush and comb with you," Heather quipped as she let go of him and patted it into some sort of order. 

He nodded and told her that all the stuff was upstairs and ready to be brought down. Heather was a little nervous about being beyond the hatch and it took a few cuddles before she clipped and unclipped her way to the door. Blinking in the pale light, pleased it was cloudy so her eyes did not suffer too much. "You'll be a lot better once we've been out a few hours," he commented, telling her he was staying all day to help her fit out the extra rooms. 

She was thrilled at this and went into the one where all her new gear had been brought. "Must have taken you a few trips?" she asked and he nodded. Replying it had been one per day since Wednesday but she understood the apology for not opening the hatch and coming down each time. "It's OK. Won't punish you for that!" she grinned and picked up the first bag of Jenna's clothes. James said wait and told her which order things would go down and she'd be helping if she were up for it. 

"Yes, I've been doing a lot of exercises every day, and actually I feel damn good now," and that was an encouraging thought. She did grab a jumper out of a bag and apply it. The crazy late October heatwave had gone and they were down to average temperatures now. 

Heather was certainly getting warm as they humped and heaved the bed, a carpet for her living room, plus two wardrobes downstairs. The girl still wore the old dress and somehow managing not to trip over herself going up and down. Only once did she get upset with him on getting stuck partway along the corridor with the heavy portaloo parts. "C'mon missy, shift on," he'd said seeing her pause for no apparent reason. She glared back, kicking the plastic box. "Well laddie, if you got your bloody size twelve's off my chain I might be able to move!" she snapped.

James apologised and they paused and had a snog and a break as they'd been going for two hours or so. He guessed this was hard for Heather to cope with. The fact she was helping to build the 'prison' that would hold her forever as he thought it. Partway through she admitted it was painful to do this, 'but it's better than the alternative' and if this went as planned then somehow they'd cope. James also told her about the re-route' of the footpath away from the castle. He was going to do the main door, so it might be possible for her to remain free within the walls. "What even when you're not here?" and he nodded.

To his amazement she frowned and shook her head. "No, I'm sorry James but... I'll be safer below the hatch with the other door locked as well please," she said. Going on to say she'd be worried about any walkers going off route and breaking into the place, finding her alone and chained to the walls. "It'd be bad news, for both of us. By all means do the door for the times you're here. Even put up a 'beware of the... well something, or a keep out sign but otherwise I must be kept hidden." Heather got a hug and kiss for that as he knew how much it hurt for her to go through with this. 

"OK, beware of the... bitch, it'll be," he said and at least she laughed, jabbing him in the ribs as they made drinks in the middle room. That was the arrangement here. The double bed and wardrobes in one, the kitchen bench plus a picnic table and chairs along with a sofa in the second. The last, closest to the corridor barrier contained her portaloo, and a water tank, big enough to last a couple of weeks. Though a test, by letting a little bit out, then leaving the room for an hour soon proved useful, as the level in the tank had risen again when they returned.

The girl munching on rather nice sandwiches he'd made. A test of the boxes and they were refilled within a few minutes like the water. "So don't worry, they're looking after me but no choccy biscuits mind," Heather grumbled, a squeal coming next as he took a pack out of a carrier bag and waved them at her. "Back to work missy, you can have them later." A pout and slap of backside had her dispatched giggling to the bedroom.

Last to come down were the clothes bags, though after a couple of runs he said he'd bring the rest as she starting hanging up her new wardrobe. The girl very happy at what her benefactor was letting go. "She could have run her own shop with all this. It'll take me ages to try it all on, I'll be strutting my stuff up and down the corridor. These are lovely James," she beamed holding up a rather racy black number. "Guess Jem would like to wear these herself if she could appear," Heather chuckled, seeing James staring at her... with a curious grin on his face as he tried not to splutter. 

"Erm... right. Well we'd have to see about that. I never actually saw what she looked like apart from the hair and those bulges up top. The... well you know, that was all by touch and I couldn't honestly prove to anyone she'd existed. Shame really, I reckon she'd look great in some of that," he chuckled before leaving the room for another load.

Heather thought long and hard about that as the last of the dresses were hung up. She called him in once she'd finished and was smiling. "James dear, it might sound strange but I've had a chat with my ghostly friends, and they're up for it," she began, seeing him stare. "They what? What do you mean they're..." he replied only to see her pointing at him. 

"If you want, they'll change you into Jemima for a few hours!"

James was shocked, speechless even. Could they really do something like this? At first he wasn't sure and Heather said not to worry about it. Saying it could wait until another day. But would they go up to the manacle room and let the ghosts have some fun with her locked against the wall instead? "Gets a bit boring just lying on the bed love," and they both smiled.

He nodded and they finished that late lunch but James chewed on what she'd said. Then decided to do it after all. Telling Heather this and she agreed, saying she'd be happy to wait her turn.

So James nervously changed, the girl helping him into the larger of the old frocks, doing the hooks-and-eyes before applying the restraints. He lay down on the bed and Heather sorted the blankets, gave him a kiss then said she'd be back in half an hour. Locking and bolting the door on her way out.

Chapter 9.

James again felt foolish allowing her to do this, his brain churning away before he felt a surge of power beginning to emerge from the collar. The feelings flowing outwards were like having a cold drink on a hot day, the way skin then starts to sweat but this was different. He didn't get the 'tent' like last time but instead felt his chest starting to swell against the dress fabric and knew those two lovely breasts were returning. 'Downstairs' was also changing but he couldn't work out what was going on, then a few moments later the surges increased enough that he passed out.

Heather returned to the cell carrying a drink, looked through to see... her there and smiled. Unlocking the door and entering, seeing a nouvelle Jemima cautiously emerging from under the blankets then try to stand up. Slightly wobbling as she wasn't used to the weight on her chest. "I'm all off balance," the new girl whispered, trying to get used to her voice, realising she sounded like a very husky Jenna now. 

Once there they had a hug and kiss then Jem sat down till 'her head hopefully stops spinning'. Both could see how loose the dress was so Heather freed the restraints then told her to have a drink before disrobing, because she wanted to see what the ghosts had really done. 

Jem did as ordered and she gasped once naked and looked into the big mirror on the wardrobe door. Those pert breasts the most obvious change and she trembled as her fingers just brushed the nipples. But a glance further down... "Oh my goodness... I've really got a..." she began, fingers heading that way and Heather grinned as one dipped in, making Jem shudder. "Yes dear. It would appear so. Now look after it and don't rub yourself raw. That's why James and other blokes don't have them. They'd never be able to leave themselves alone." 

Both girls smiled as Heather looked closer, seeing James' appendix scar had vanished along with the wound on his back, this new lassie was flawless. Shapely hips below a flat tummy with a small triangle of hair over her mound. She was also six inches shorter, able to stare straight into Heather's amused face rather than needing to bend down.

Those hands soon covered her midriff, as she seemed a little shy at being naked. "Bloody hell Jem, I'm a little envious of you pet," she chuckled and saw Jemima blush as she sat down, legs clasped together, one hand starting to fiddle with her new hair instead. Collar length, like Jenna's, but a thicker golden blonde with waves, rather than thin and straight strawberry.

"Right then Jem, lets get you into something that actually fits," Heather said smiling as the new girl sat on the bed. The old frock too baggy now to use, rather than the snug look when it'd been James inside so it was hung to one side. She looked into the packed wardrobe, pleased as some of the outfits Mrs MacAvoy had decided were no longer required were rather stylish. Heather pulling out a three-quarter- length off- white silky number and heels to match. "Yeah, I'd love to have had this myself on my rare 'glam-up sessions as you once said. Shame the inner lining is missing but it'll do. Here you go girlie, your first... dress," she smiled, needling the... lad, well rather the lassie!

Jem took it off her, still not believing she was actually about to get into one of his/her sister's outfits. "Least I won't be able to tell her," Heather giggled as the girl held it up against herself and nodded. "Let's get it over with, smart-ass," Jem said, starting to smile now as the material brushed her new and very smooth skin. "That's the spirit love" was the reply as some panties were handed across. Jem pulled them snug, now ignoring Heather's grin as she settled down to watch. Stepping into the outfit like she'd done with the old one, wriggling it over her new hips then slid both arms into the short capped sleeves. But on getting the rear zip partway Jemima paused.

"Would you do me up love," Jem chuckled and Heather broke into the broadest smile seen for a while as she nodded and came closer. Placing a hand on the tab Miss McCreadie paused then slowly drew it up. The cogs making a little brrr as the dress gripped Jemima, the lass adjusting her new breasts inside the cups, trying to ignore the stunning sensation as silk rubbed nipple!

Heather tucked the tab into its slot then came round the front, handing Jem a thin white leather belt. "Cinch that lovely waist in even more," as it was fed through the three loops around Jemima's midriff and done up. She stepped back, stunned at a pretty lassie blushing away as admiring looks came her way. "Just these... nice high heels, and a brush of hair and you are a babe... bloody hell Jem. I'm even more jealous of you now! Just as well Sarah's not here, she'd eat you alive," Miss McCreadie said and that made the new girl go even redder. 

That fearsome looking pair of shoes was placed at Jemima's feet. "How the hell do you walk in these?" she said. Getting a grin but no reply, gripped Heather's' arm then slid a foot into the first one, leaning over then trying the other as she felt herself wobbling. No support to her ankles as the shoes tried to roll one way then the other. "Take your time... sweetie," Heather chuckled.

It took longer than both had thought. But after half an hour, plus a five minute barefoot break Jemima was able to pace up and down the corridor. Only the odd stumble but Heather was there to catch her on the bad one. "I'm impressed," she said as they returned to the bedroom. Jem sitting down and kicking the shoes off! Sighing as her toes recovered from the strain. "That's exactly what I did on the few times I wore heels," Heather said. 

Admitting she'd only ever had one pair in her life. "Trainers, flats and fellwalking boots were more my thing. Oh and before you ask, the black heeled boots I used for that Christmas Day walk when I gave you Robert's wedding ring... they were Sarah's!"

Jemima had to chuckle at that, rubbing her body through the material and Heather saw that and smiled. 

Handing over a hairbrush, amazed when Jem competently did her collar length locks, having first seen Janet, then his other girlfriend and Miss McCreadie herself doing theirs. Finishing up she saw Heather now with a look of wonder. "You look so natural, are you SURE this is your first time?" and Jem said yes. "However I've sat in girls' bedrooms and watched. Don't forget I had a fortnight of waiting for you to get ready each day," she retorted and that got a raised hand of surrender! "Touché again, yes?"

Unable to put it off any longer Jem slipped her shoes back on while Heather secured a leg chain before undoing her collar. Walking out to the corridor she waited for Jemima who had to go back for the keys. Then a nervous girl made hard work of the staircase, even though Miss McCreadie was holding onto her hand. "You think you have it easy. Remember the night you brought me down love. I was tied and blindfolded? I don't mind admitting now but I was bloody terrified!" and for that she got a squeeze of fingers.

"Yeah, but you did ask, and let's not dwell on that. But slow down for goodness sake," Jem pleaded as she was tugged upwards. Heather grinned before pausing at the top to exchange snaplocks, allowing Jemima to catch her breath and wiggle her feet. Then they walked into the manacle room where the new girl unlocked the cuffs before handing the keys over. She was given a drink then Jem stood below the manacles and paused. 

"You sure they'll take part?" she asked and Heather nodded. "Yep, I had another 'chat' with them while you went back for the last loads of gear. Explaining that if you became Jem then they'll be treating you as they do to me. The fact they've changed you is a start. If they turn up for the rest, enjoy it and they've promised to put you back to James at the end, OK?" 

Jemima nodded then nervously placed her wrists into the cuffs, allowing Heather to close them. Then she shuffled down the wall and spread her legs and those ankles were also encased in metal. She hadn't expected Miss McCreadie to lock them and the four clunks made her shake a little. "Do you want them undone?" she was asked, seeing Jem's reaction. But the girl said no, trying not to admit she was now starting to feel wetness from her pussy. Hoping Heather wouldn't be able to smell it yet! 

A blindfold was offered and accepted, Miss McCreadie doing a good job but Jem did decline the gag. "Next time, but I might squeal loudly, so make sure your fingers are free to stick in your ears." She got a kiss for that before Heather said she was going to sit down across the room and wait there. Jem now hearing the slight clink of the chain, then a mutter about forgetting blankets. Heather said she'd be back in a moment and left. The clanking and clipping of cables fading as she went downstairs again.

Chapter 10.

Jem's feet were already starting to ache and Heather had not yet returned when she felt a breeze in the room that ruffled the material of her dress. The silky fabric gently caressing her skin and that patch of dampness was growing as Jemima imagined how she looked. A pretty girl, shackled and blindfolded, helpless and waiting for... She gasped as a hand lightly rested on her left hip, another soon joining it and together they began stroking. Easing around Jem's waist and down onto her curvy backside. Much the way a bloke would do. They came back and down onto her legs, below the knees then the lightest of touches on Jem's bare calves.

A tap-tap on the ankle cuffs; more at the same time on her wrists made Jemima jump and for a moment everything vanished. She was just thinking she'd scared them off when the lower ones returned. Sliding erotically up her legs then the dress hem came with them as it passed over her trembling knees. Up and further up they went, at least two pairs, one on her dress, the others now SO sensually on her inner thighs. The fabric by now was bunched almost up by Jemima's belt. Fingers tucking it into the leather band and the girl began shaking now as the stroking continued. The first set joined by the extra hands now her dress was sorted and out of their way.

She heard the quiet clanking as Heather came up and the hands paused. Jemima almost called for Miss McCreadie to stay outside as she didn't want the interruption. But they continued as the other girl came into the room. A faint gasp then a warm chuckling as what sounded like material was dropped on the floor near the door. Next a groan as she assumed Heather was sitting down on the blankets to watch the lass getting laid!

Miss McCreadie was! She'd been amazed to return and see Jemima's dress hiked up round her waist already. It'd taken the ghosts a lot longer with her first time! She almost fumed before realising they were now used to this. It'd either be her or another willing female. Well Jemima was that girl now so she leaned against the wall and waited for the main event.

Jemima's brain soon told her that one of the pairs was sliding her knickers down as far as they'd go. More than enough to gain access and she groaned as fingers finally reached for her. Just one at first sliding into her clit and just brushing the nubbin but enough to make her shudder. Jem's hands now wiggled in the cuffs and Heather was grinning as she saw, or rather sensed that new pussy was their objective, seeing the outer lips move slightly, seemingly of their own accord. A groan came from her mouth and Heather was glad she'd been gagged. The breathing now started to shallow as the girl twitched and writhed in her bonds. 

They kept this up for what seemed ages. Jem worried she was dripping on the floor now as they kept going. Finally she groaned as the fingers withdrew and she waited... yeah. A short gasp as IT arrived. A ghostly cock sliding into her, the front of her dress now pushing into her midriff as the unseen rested against her torso.

Heather saw the movement, smiling as Jem's fingers wiggled even harder and she watched enthralled as they toyed with her. Faint groans and a few grunts, then her head rocked back and she knew the hand was now across Jemima's mouth. Her nose flaring as she breathed deeper. The body starting to rock back and forth so they were going to do her all the way. Miss McCreadie hoping she'd enjoy it. Planning to swap over once Jem had been given the works. With her chain on the collar it was easy for Heather to strip off so she'd be naked, ready... and eager!

She could almost imagine the cock ploughing in and out. Jem's body now trembling, the movement of her arms and legs causing the chains to lightly rattle. Her nose now a constant rush of breathing as the spirit pounded away, the body rocking to the movement then suddenly it happened. A long drawn out squeal and the explosion of... well, that stuff as Jemima let loose. A healthy dose of fluid flying across the room; some of it coming too close for comfort for Heather as she ducked away.

Jemima whimpered as the hands vanished, wriggling as she felt her pussy seeping fluid onto her legs and running down. Rather uncomfortable but at least they'd left the dress tucked into the belt. She didn't want that to get mucky and she sighed on hearing Heather get up and come closer.

"Enjoyed it honey, didn't you?" she whispered and Jem nodded, hanging slightly in her bonds as her legs were a little wobbly. Her feet pinched in the shoes were painful now but she sighed as Heather rested her hands on those hips then kissed her on the nose. "Want me to clean you up?" was the next question and Jemima agreed; her voice still strained as she regained her breath.

A damp cloth was wiped over Jem's legs and she trembled as it was a little cold. Of course there was no hot water at Claggan and she hoped Heather realised that when she started to do her midriff... So a loud squeal erupted from her lips as a warm tongue landed right on her! Flicking around like a snake examining its prey. She trembled as the girl got to work on licking her out. Heather too fascinated as she stared at something she had as well, but naturally had never seen close up. 

Of the four girls at Ft William only Sarah had occasionally 'batted for the other side' when they'd first met, before seeing another guy, so this was a new experience for both here. She'd never tasted 'that' and though slightly salty she enjoyed herself as she laboured below. Of course this was causing Jem some serious trouble and she began trembling as the tongue lashed away. 

Her juices flowing readily and Heather told her 'to pack it in' or they'd be here all night. Damn hard but eventually she succeeded and got a kiss, Jem now able to taste 'herself' as Heather kept a little 'bonus' for her. After that, came freedom and she sighed, stepping straight out of those shoes and collapsing on the blanket, rubbing her feet till the redness eased.

Miss McCreadie said she'd like a go on the wall please, while Jemima either watched or went down to change. She knew James would need to leave in a couple of hours anyway, telling this to Jem. Saying the ghost always cleaned her themselves, so she'd no need to wait. "Next time, I'll help you get the best from your body, OK?" she agreed and got Heather locked, making sure she was in those heels too. 

"Yeah but my feet are smaller, they're not too bad," she grinned before Jem kissed her and applied the blindfold then took off the collar chain. "All done, catch you later love," she said then went off to become James again. She'd enjoyed her session as Jemima, but didn't want to do it every time. "Cept when I need to lose weight again! June's already puzzled and I'm not gonna tell her." 

Chapter 11.

Arriving in the bedroom she managed to unzip herself without wrecking the dress. Having spent a few minutes pacing up and down, seeing the way her outfit ebbed and flowed over her body, hem flicking round her calves. The nipples hard against the silk and she'd start getting wet again if she didn't stop it!

So it was removed and hung up, Jem easing herself into the collar, locking the restraints on wrists and ankles before diving under the blankets for a brief snooze. Puzzled, there was no sign of her body tingling yet. The ghosts must be busy with Heather upstairs so she lay there and waited... her eyes closing, a warm smile as she remembered... then Jem dropped off.

Jemima awoke and immediately knew it had failed, as she was still Jem, feeling hair brushing her face again. A deep sigh and she shrugged off the blankets, reaching for the keys and unlocking her wrists, ankles and the collar last. What had, or hadn't happened? How the hell she was gonna explain this to Heather was a worry. But she'd better get dressed into something first before going upstairs. 

As she wasn't skilled at hooks-and-eyes Jem grabbed the skirt suit and other stuff from the wardrobe. Donning some underwear and tights she then wriggled into the skirt and zipped it up, sighing as she realised it fitted like a glove. A thinly ribbed sweater over the top then the jacket came last. Buttoning it up and she looked in the mirror. "Looking good... Jem," she whispered, grabbing the boots... yeah they too fitted when they should have been many sizes too small for James. "OK, time to break bad news," she said and left the bedroom.

Coming upstairs, somehow managing not to fall over in those heels Jem reached the manacle room. Another brief brush of her hair then the girl ventured inside. Heather stared from her spread-eagled position on the wall, her wrists and ankles in their locked manacles, the way she'd asked to be left while Jem got changed... shouldn't she be James again by now?

"Thought you'd have changed by now Jem," she grinned, that fading as the new arrival looked at the girl. Her face a little paler than expected and it made Miss McCreadie shudder...

"That's the problem love," Jemima said sadly..."I can't... I think all the ghosts have got themselves confused with the two of us and I guess we're... in a pickle. They didn't change me back!"

"Bloody hell, you're not serious Jem... are you?" Heather gasped. But the look on Jemima's face was enough and so it must be true. "Yes. I lay down, in the restraints, and the collar but NOTHING took place. How the hell do I go home to Kelvin and June looking like an older version of Jenna!" she said, her voice naturally starting to rise. But at least she reached for the keys on Heather's necklace and freed her. The girl giving hugs and a kiss as it looked like she was about to break down. "You do look nice love," and Jem couldn't help blushing before Miss McCreadie dressed into her old frock.

Heather McCreadie thought long and hard, rubbing her own torso for a change, picking marks where the motif had once been. A few missed threads now being removed. Finally she smiled. "Got it love," she said and Jem looked at her through watering eyes. "What else were you wearing?"

"Well nothing, it's warm enough down there so I was naked..." and Heather smiled. "Well there you go then, it's easy Jem. Remember you were wearing the other of these old dresses when you changed over," she said, "And you were locked in the cell on your own?" Jemima nodding in agreement. "It's simple then love, repeat that whole scenario, I'll do the door and they'll sort you out while I make some drinks. Honestly love, I thought you'd have realised that. You're gonna show us blondes up again!"

Jemima nearly collapsed with relief, holding Heather tight before they headed downstairs. Quickly she changed into the other dress while Miss McCreadie packed the suit away. Then did Jem's back up and secured her into the cuffs and collar. Laying her out and placing the blanket over the top. Lastly and after a kiss she tightly gagged and blindfolded Jemima before she left the cell, locking it behind her and heading into another room.

Immediately the last bolt went across Jem felt her collar surging with power unlike last time. Familiar waves flowing into her body, minutes later the cock began to pound in and out and an orgasm soon got her squealing into the gag. Then it increased markedly making Jem thrash in her bonds and after a while of this she passed clean out. 

Heather woke... James up. A gentle poke in the ribs and he coughed into the gag as she hadn't had time to remove it, or the blindfold but he already knew it'd worked this time. The dress was tight round his torso once more. Lying there sighing with relief but very embarrassed on feeling his cock was 'tenting' through the covering. 

"There's a way around that!" she chuckled then tugged the blanket right off. Easing his dress up then hitching her own to her waist, checking the ankle chain was secure before clambering on. She went straight down onto him and he guessed she'd somehow 'warmed herself' beforehand as he could feel how wet Heather was. What followed was amazing, a shame he couldn't see it, she hadn't taken the gag or blindfold off. Minutes later he was begging her to go faster! Trying to hump up and down in time but eventually they climaxed within seconds. 

He'd had more sex today from both sides of the human race than he'd normally get in a year. Only the 'power' of the ghosts kept him going but James was going to sleep well tonight!

Their farewell an hour later was a much happier affair. Tender kissing and strokes as James made sure she was alright; also telling her it'd be a fortnight before their next meeting. "I'll be here, ready and waiting," she chuckled. The girl dressed in her 'naughty nightie' and a kimono wrap as she planned to have a sleep shortly after her tea. James said Jem would borrow that outfit next time she was here, only for Heather to laugh and pout, telling him no chance. Not all girls share their stuff but he grinned and took it the way she intended. 

She watched him lock and bolt the passageway door then he passed through the keys to allow her to take off her wrist and ankle cuffs. These would now only be used when he was here and Heather approved of that. Once they were off she returned the keys and sighed as the collar chain was also removed. "Right, off you go and I'll see you then," she smiled. 

The last kiss through the bars before he tramped upstairs. Heather didn't wait for him to shut the hatch before retreating to her rooms. That was the only thing that distressed her despite what she'd said while fitting the place out, knowing she was sealed underground. But at least he didn't drop it down hard to torment. The faintest thump then silence fell on Claggan, interrupted moments later by a 'yesss, get in...' as Miss McCreadie opened her food boxes.

Chocolate biscuits were back on the menu! 

story continued in part four

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