Heather in the Highlands

by Wingco

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© Copyright 2015 - Wingco/Shelley - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; outdoors; castle; camping; shackles; dress; stuck; ghosts; fondle; M/f; bond; rope; gag; bfold; tease; collar; cell; chain; entomb; rom; sex; climax; cons; X

Part 1. 

Heather McCreadie sighed as the ruined castle loomed closer. This unexpected storm had thwarted her plans for a good walk today and it was raining hard enough that she’d decided to take shelter and ride it out. Coming inside and dumping her rucksack by the door.

Obviously she was alone, thirty miles north west of Inverness on a long walk to Ullapool. But now she needed to let the mountain rescue people in the closest town know she was safely in cover.

A check on her map for the co-ordinates of Claggan Castle and she sent the text and her intentions to stay here overnight. She had a week’s worth of food; full water bottles topped up an hour ago, a tent and so on. Her phone bleeped and she read the kind acknowledgement from that hunk ‘Geoff’ whom she’d spoken to when sorting her route and contact times. If only he’d been single she sighed, having remembered the wedding ring on his finger. Shutting off the phone to save the batteries though she did have spares too.

Despite the rain it was warm enough for her to strip to shirt and shorts, August can be cooler but not this year, with records tumbling every month it appeared. But at least with the storm it kept the midges away and she quickly doused herself in ‘Off’ in case any of the buggers had also taken shelter and wanted to torment a tourist while the clouds passed by. She replaced her walking boots with the light canvas sneakers and decided to explore.

Claggan Castle was a disappointment as she went from room to room on the upper floor, sheltering in doorways as the roof had long ago fallen in. So she returned to the ground floor and had a drink before attempting the staircase into the darkness below.

Torchlight showed there was little here, every room was just a dusty space, the rough stone flooring thankfully dry and she wondered whether to sleep in one tonight. There was no draught so why not?

One of the last two rooms on this floor was examined, there was another staircase that led below but no way was she going down again, also it seemed to have a hatch partway down. This chamber had tiny gaps in the walls where daylight shone through as she remembered the castle was built on a slope just below the summit of the hill. So despite being one floor down from the main hall there was still illumination on this side and the girl marvelled at the design. Also it was thankfully away from the wind. Heather gasped on seeing a few old manacles hanging from chains at various places, more on the floor about two feet apart underneath each of the upper sets. 

“Well I never,” she gasped gently kicking one with her shoe, the faint ‘clink’ of chain making her shudder. She’d never tried ‘bondage’ herself but didn’t mind reading about it on sites. She was becoming an avid reader of these now and hoped the girls she lived with in Ft William wouldn’t find out.

But no way had she allowed anyone to actually tie her up. Mainly because she’d been too embarrassed to ask either of the guys she’d dated in the past. Her hands reached up to one of the loops and gave it a prod, seeing it swing slightly under her touch. Then she tried to ease the thing apart but no surprise it was jammed. Well having been like this for a couple of centuries she’d hardly have expected less.

Out of curiosity she tried all the lower ones, amazed on actually getting two of them to open. Her heart hammered as she pushed one closed again, the metal snapping shut but thankfully Heather did not have her fingers in the way. So now she reached for the higher ones, but only got one to move a little until she tried the last pair, ironically above the only floor ones that still worked.

Heather’s eyes widened as she, with difficulty and a lot of effort had both of the manacles open, then snapping shut again and it made her tremble inside. She reached up and held both at the same time but didn’t dare close them round her limbs. But still imagined herself helplessly chained to the wall waiting to be…well whatever people had done in old times. Tonight’s’ session in her sleeping bag was going to be interesting.

Miss McCreadie left the room and went into the last, pleased there was natural light here too, but she was surprised to see this one had an old casket set into a recess next to the fireplace. The other rooms had the same but this was the first to have been occupied. She paused then decided this had to be examined and with a lot of effort dragged the box out into the middle. A latch was eased aside and she flipped the lid up, managing not to choke as a cloud of dust came off the top.

The casket was half-full of greyish material and Heather wondered whether…yes. She lifted up the first one and discovered it appeared to be the remains of some sort of robe or dress. Quite heavy material and a little smelly of course, in bad condition but not surprising considering how long it’d lain there. Miss McCreadie held it against herself, the hem just skimming the floor. Laying it to one side her torch showed there to be a couple more and these too were examined by torchlight. The last appeared to have a pattern on it and was of a higher quality fabric and considerably better condition than the other two. It thankfully didn’t smell either, though it was a lot heavier thanks to having an inner skirt.

She smiled and carried the robe out of the room and back to where her rucksack was. The light here much better, Heather impressed at the find, laying it out on her camping mat. A simple stylised black cross was the main motif on the dark grey bodice, more black trim around the edges of the collar, cuffs and the hem itself and Heather wondered what it had symbolised. Again wishing she’d listened to her teachers more at school. But something about this made her pause and wonder…

Would it fit her?

Surely women in the 1800’s were of smaller stature and build, but Heather wasn’t exactly Amazonian. She’d been one of the smaller girls at school so was normally not picked for any of the sporting teams unless the skippers’ were desperate, instead preferring the individual athletic events. Miss McCreadie stripped naked then reached for the robe. It had hooks and eyes up the back, at least two dozen and Heather groaned, knowing she’d not be able to do them all up. 

A few would surely do so nervously she stepped into the heavy dress and drew it up around her waist. Impressed that her hips did indeed go in, so she carried on. Easing first one, then the other arm into the sleeves, then raising the front to cover her breasts. It was a little rough against her skin but she didn’t care.

Heather was delighted as she got the top hooks secured behind her neck and a couple below that too. Reaching down behind her back then tried to get a few more from her waist upwards. Heather was so flexible and carried on till she was amazed to get them all done. It could have been made for her and the lass was thrilled. A pause to set her camera on the casket lid and snap a few photos on the timer. Posing for her lens then checking the screen and it looked great.

She wandered about, the dress doing it’s best to trip her up, as Heather had never worn anything like this before but persevered. Moving her rucksack downstairs into one of the other rooms where it was dark but quite warm.

Looking outside it was raining just as hard but as she didn’t intend changing plans Heather could remain here and…play?

Heather McCreadie walked back into the room where the manacles were. Wondering if she had the courage to try one on. Standing up against the wall and reaching up till she held one in her right hand then shuffled across and grabbed the other. The effect was amazing and she knew it had to be done. She got them both opened then let one go and nervously placed her wrist in the other. Pausing a long while then easing it…SNAP.

She gasped as it gripped her limb, the lassie almost fainting on the spot, realising that she’d actually manacled herself to the wall! Standing there for a while then getting the thing open again and freeing her wrist. Sighing as the strain on her shoulder was reduced. Heather shuddered then looked down at her feet, seeing the other cuffs either side of her. Another intake of breath then she bent down and did her left ankle. A pause and she opened her legs as far as the dress would allow then just managed to get the other one secured.

Leaning against the wall Miss McCreadie looked above, seeing the manacles either side and smiled. “Well you got this far,” and reached up and grabbed both with some difficulty, as they seemed higher up. Then she realised that with her legs apart it was her that was lower. But she still managed to get her wrists inside with fingers now gripping the fronts. Tapping them lightly against the walls but the cuffs wouldn’t close. So she paused then did it much harder and this time it worked fine. The two manacles snapped around her wrists and she gasped again. The feelings were incredible and Heather closed her eyes at what she’d just done. Now chained by ALL FOUR limbs to a remote castle wall!

Heather began to moan, imagining hands running over her dress, fingers reaching for her breasts, sighing as someone began to play with her nipples that were now straining against the bodice. Tremors rushed through her body and more hands began to lift her robe up! Her eyes snapped open at that and she looked down, but of course there was nobody here…

However her dress WAS moving of its’ own accord!

Now bunching to around her waist and Heather squealed in shock… only for an invisible hand to clamp itself over her mouth, holding her firmly as she naturally began to struggle. More fingers running over her legs… all heading north and Miss McCreadie bucked violently against the wall as she felt one begin to slide into where it matters most. She tugged hard on the cuffs; her hands straining against the cold metal and at one point she thought one was about to give way. But the invisible fingers began to run in and out and she shuddered, flushing too on feeling herself start to get wet!

Just when Heather was thinking she’d get to orgasm the fingers withdrew, her dress flopped down and she was left groaning in disappointment! What a tease her imagination had been to her and a smiling Miss McCreadie relaxed in her bonds, trying to tug one wrist free without hurting too much. Trouble being the last time she’d really had to strain with both hands to get one open. Now with her wrists a couple of feet apart and no way of closing the gap because of her legs like that, it started to dawn on Heather that maybe she had a problem here and really was stuck!

The thought terrified her, but the shame of getting herself into this was equally damaging and Heather tugged harder on the cuffs now. Really digging painfully into her hands now, then she squealed as one suddenly snapped open, almost throwing her off balance. She paused, breathing heavily and sighed, reaching up and after a few minutes of straining the other flicked open too.

Heather almost sobbed with relief; cursing herself for stupidity and having got her breath back bent down to start…

Miss McCreadie screamed when the invisible hands grabbed her arms and torso, pushing her back hard against the wall, wrists being slapped into the cuffs again and them snapping around. Her face held firm. Muffling the wails as her dress began to rise and once round the waist she felt something entering …and this time it definitely wasn’t a finger! 

Easing itself into her and of a size that normally she’d have appreciated seeing the hunk that possesses it… but NOT now despite what she’d thought earlier. It began… in and out, really working her over, and though she tried to resist her body couldn’t take that much of this. Heather began groaning again as the rhythm increased and she started moving to match it, gripping as best she could until the inevitable happened. Crashing over her like a wave and Heather screamed into the hand holding her jaw before passing out.

Coming to later on Heather groaned as the headache surged through her. Lying in her sleeping bag, two ‘nightlight’ candles burning on the floor nearby. THAT made her sit up and after popping some painkillers with water Miss McCreadie flicked on the torch. Seeing her rucksack where she’d left it and that was baffling, as somehow she’d changed rooms too, as there were no manacles in here.

Heather wriggled out of her bag, using the torch to examine her wrists and ankles. Stunned to see no signs of bruising at all. The way she’d tugged her arms there surely should be some marks…but no. Also she was dressed in normal 21st century clothing with no sign of that dress. So had she dreamt the whole thing up? But it was a little chilly now so Heather got back into her bag and minutes later dozed off again.

Up bright and early next morning Heather McCreadie cooked herself breakfast on the little stove then packed it away. A last look round and no surprise found herself back in the dungeon, though she still did not intend to go downstairs to the next level because of the blockage. Those cuffs hung there and she shuddered, wondering whether to try… “No chance!” she grinned and turned away. Peeking next door she saw the box where the dress had come from, in the recess as expected. A closer look and it appeared as if it’d never been touched, a faint layer of dust on top.

Having sent her planning text Heather departed Claggan Castle, her mind churning at the thought of those cuffs and that dress. Why she couldn’t shake it off she didn’t know. Perhaps rather than reading a story she ought to write one and contribute it!  

All that day as she tramped across the countryside Heather could almost hear the clank of chains in time with her footsteps! At one point convinced she heard horses thundering past, their riders urging the animals onward. So she was mightily relieved to get to the village at Braemore, the place where she’d rejoin the A835 to Ullapool. Her farmhouse bed and breakfast a hundred yards short of the road itself where traffic was hurrying to get to the port before the last boat left. A footpath followed this course but half a mile parallel, so she’d do the last 11 miles in peace before her ferry left at 3pm on Monday, the girl having decided to do a circular walk tomorrow and stay here again if there was room.

Checking in with the farmer’s wife, June showing Heather to her room then offering tea and some rather delicious cakes which the girl found hard to resist after a strenuous day’s trekking. The owner himself, Kelvin joining the pair later on, saying their son, James would be home from the market soon but would not be meeting up with them yet. The tractor had a flat tyre so he’d need to repair it before nightfall. Miss McCreadie was able to get some washing done in the sink, having a dig into the top of her rucksack where dirties were kept separate from the rest. 

They chatted on while the girl did her stuff, pleased that the visitor wasn’t one of those that just stayed in their room rather than interact with them. Also the room was available for the two days and Kelvin suggested a walking route that could easily be done in a few hours. Checking Heather’s map and seeing the girl had the newest version that had only been out a couple of weeks. “Nice to see some youngsters know what they’re doing. City kids have no idea!” he grumbled. The girl smiling as she cleaned one of her pairs of boots, rewaxing them at the same time.

June impressed the slightly built Heather was able to carry such a load as she held the bag briefly. The youngster explaining, “My father was a Regimental Sergeant Major in the Paras’ he used to carry eighty pound packs all the time. When I went trekking with him, he always trained me to ‘earn your keep young missy. Don’t carry what ye dinna want!” he’d say as we’d set off for another fifty plus mile weekend. But they kept me fit I can tell you and my current trips still do. No need to pay silly prices to go to a gym.” A wistful smile at the old man and her mum, sadly two years gone now, she missed them so badly. The elders nodded Kelvin now knowing why she was so well prepared.

Heather found the phone signal here was poor so used their landline to call Dornoch to let them know she was safely off the high moors, then a second to Stornoway, to her friend Mary, the lass she was visiting on Monday. However she found out from Mary’s mum that the girl was going down with a bad cold and would be unlikely to want to go hiking later on. She’d call Heather at the farm tomorrow and let her know whether to come over. “OK, thanks for the advice, bye.”

June commiserated with her when Heather said a call might be for her Sunday evening. Miss McCreadie pleased that at least she hadn’t paid for the ferry tickets yet. “I’ll do the circular walk tomorrow, stop here with you then we’ll see.” They thought that good advice and Kelvin suggested a few paths around Ullapool that Heather could do if she got stuck there.

Once tea was cleared away she finished the washing and hung it up, leaving the kitchen and wandered about the farm, seeing a jeep arriving and what could only be described as ‘Young farmer HUNK!’ emerging from the battered old vehicle. Coming over to see whom this pretty blonde thing was leaning against a wall with a small camera snapping the scenery nearby. 

Greeting her cautiously, because his hands were covered in muck as he apologised, his eyes roaming over the rather tight T-shirt and shorts displayed there. Not a voluptuous figure but more athletic than he’d seen for a while, Athena tennis poster girl maybe. However that face was easily stored away in the memory box as one of the better ones to have stayed recently. Even more of a smile on later finding out she’d be here all day tomorrow too!

Heather couldn’t help blushing then told him the good news about the tractor, surprising the lad on an offer to assist if he wanted? “Nothing else to do so why not. I can handle a spanner thanks.” Well… another chance to closely eye up that body was easily going to be accepted and they headed for the barn. It took them two hours to get the wheel sorted and do some other stuff, seeing Heather appeared happy to help doing whatever was needed. She just seemed to be one of those kind people rarely seen these days. Both got thoroughly dirty but laughed about it, high fiving the other as June called the pair in for supper. James and Heather quickly rushing through showers and at least the farm had plenty of hot water for them both!

Chatting after the meal Heather told the trio about her trip, the places visited and those yet to do. She mentioned the storm yesterday and saw them nodding. “Aye lassie, was a bad ‘un, with damn nae warning either. Did ye find cover out there?” Miss McCreadie nodded and told them about her visit to Claggan Castle. The guy smiled broadly. “Ah, our old family seat. Long since abandoned.” Telling the stunned visitor that he and the family here were the direct descendants of the old ruin!  

They seemed pleased to hear the place was intact, James apparently visited once a week to check for disturbance or damage and was due to go in two or three days time while cutting peat nearby. Now he knew the place was fine it’d save him having to stop. “Any sign of ghosts?” the youngster asked their guest, making Heather go a little red and they wondered why this was, amazed to find Miss McCreadie had stayed the night in one of the rooms downstairs. 

“Wow, I’m impressed young lady, even mum doesn’t stay long now,” James said, needling his mother as she sat looking at the girl, remarkable fondly, Heather thought as she explained how the weather had shown no sign of letting up and she’d told the guys in Dornoch about her plans. The others nodding, pleased Heather was well clued up about trekking in the Highlands. So many people get caught out, but they guessed that having been ‘trained by a Para’ that Miss McCreadie was better prepared than most. 

More small talk from James as he asked Heather what she did for a job, finding out the girl and three of her friends all worked at an outdoor pursuit store in Ft William, an establishment owned by one of the girls’ parents. “So now you know why my gears’ right up to date. Staff discounts’ a great thing!” she chuckled and they all laughed with her. June realising that the lad was actually chatting her up with his parents there! Thankfully he was tactful enough not to ask if she was single. Neither did Heather say much else about her personal life, instead wanting to know more about the castle and themselves.
“So how come you guys left Claggan then, was it because of the Clearences?” Heather asked, knowing her Highland history well, having studied it at school. But no, it was too remote and costly to keep going and it’d been Kelvin’s great-great grandfather who’d been the last to leave. The place had been stripped clean and left to crumble gently to ruin. Miss McCreadie kept quiet about the dresses in that chest, if James still visited then surely the family must know some stuff remained there? No way would she mention the manacles. As for chaining herself to the wall!

“What about this ghost then?” she asked, seeing James squirm, thinking he’d got away with it. But June explained that a story had once gone around Dornoch about the matter and was now folklore. A month or so after Claggan Castle had been abandoned a religious minded Lady and her two maids, who’d been travelling to Ullapool from Edinburgh had intended to call in there. Despite townspeople saying the place was empty they’d carried on. A massive storm had struck the Highlands that night and by the time it passed two days later the travellers were never seen or heard from again. Search parties from Dornoch and Ullapool were out there for weeks yet nothing was ever found.

“We always said that their ghosts haunted Claggan, despite nothing ever being proved that they even got that far. Someone even did a picture of what he assumed they’d looked like,” James said, fetching something from the nearby bookshelf, now showing Heather a small postcard of three women standing by a horse and cart. Her eyes took in the scene, trying not to show shock at the fact the figure in the centre, obviously the Lady…was wearing THAT dress! The others too clad in the simple grey ones that’d been on top in the casket. 

“The joke goes round that if her ghost or the others ever left Claggan for a week then the place would collapse. As it’s still there we assume they, or at least someone is there guarding the place.” The others smiled and Heather joined in while her heart rate slowly subsided. The chatting went on but thankfully the Castle or the ghost tale was not mentioned again as they talked more about themselves, seeing Miss McCreadie wanted to know. 

Heather learning that Kelvin let James run the farm, he owned a company in Ullapool, and as ‘sheep farming’s not that difficult’ seeing the youngster roll his eyes at that, then he could concentrate on the other place. June did the bed & breakfast side more as a hobby than anything else. Their combined incomes were enough to keep them happy. James saying he could afford a new jeep if he wanted. But regarded keeping the other one going as a challenge.

As it reached 11pm Miss McCreadie was tiring and eventually excused herself and bid them goodnight. Learning that James would be doing breakfast tomorrow as Kelvin and June would be going away to the markets first thing in Inverness and were staying out for the day. “Ullapool’s a nice place but there’s stuff they canna get so easily or for the same price. ‘Ness’s Sunday car-boot sale’s a great place to grab a bargain too.” 

Telling her that they were actually off on holiday themselves Monday, only over to see their married daughter, Jenna, who lived with an oil executive in Aberdeen. Now Heather understood why the small wardrobe in the corner had a few outfits hanging up. The girl obviously kept some of her stuff here for emergencies and used the guests’ room, or more likely it had been hers to start with. There was another room for visitors’ use but that was a double. This was their last chance before the busy summer season began, the quieter period after Easter. “Yeah, same for us at the shop. Danny’s having it refitted then its work work and more work through till October,” Heather smiled.

Coming to her room at the back Heather rummaged in her pack and pulled out the stuff to be worn tomorrow. The weather apparently set fair after a misty start, so shorts and T-shirt would suffice. Her other stuff had dried on the range and could now be put away. So Miss McCreadie decided to repack the whole bag and began to empty it. Reaching down she dragged all the stuff out and refolded it. One last delve and her hand struck some odd…

Heather stared down into her rucksack, as nestling at the bottom…was the dress!

Neatly folded, but stunning the girl as she brought it out into the light. No wonder her pack had gained a few pounds, she thought, laying it out on the bed. Checking quickly that her door was locked, as to be caught with this might get her into trouble.

Miss McCreadie stared at her wrists and ankles, imagining the manacles clamped around them and her mind was in turmoil. Just what had happened yesterday evening at Claggan after all?  

Night had long fallen and Heather tried to decide what to do with the dress. Certainly not dump it in a bin, this was a historical artefact for a start. Maybe she should leave it somewhere on the farm… but firstly… she wanted to wear it again! 

Her room had a door so guests could leave early, and having this provided her with the opportunity to creep out to the barn where she and James had repaired the tractor. There were no lights anywhere and she assumed the others had turned in. Heather tiptoed past the vehicle and into a smaller stable next door. Thankfully empty as the sheep were out on the nearby hillsides now the summer was arriving. A marvellous smell of fresh hay greeted the girl and with full moonlight shining brightly through the doorway she could see what she was doing without using a torch.

Heather stripped naked and laid out her mat and the dress. The hooks and eyes seemed so familiar and within a few minutes she’d got all the fastenings done again and the effect was as before. So she HAD worn it after all and the girl smiled… a shame there were no manacles here!

Looking round the place Heather saw plenty of cord lengths lying about. No doubt used to tie-up errant livestock for the vet or something like that and she wondered, planned… and got to work. Using a few lengths she secured her ankles to a pillar, then another few around the waist pinning her there, doing the knots around the back so by not being able to see, it’d take her longer to free them. 

Then she began work on her wrists. Several loops together, her hands crossed like a butterfly as she twisted the cords till they were tight enough to bind her, but not damage nerves. With one big circle left, she’d earlier checked the position of a nail high above her. Flipping her arms up a few times it finally snagged, though she was a little concerned at the lack of slack, but too late to worry about that.

The feelings surged through her again and Heather writhed gently in her bonds. Moaning softly, wishing one of Claggans’ ghosts could slip across to Braemore and give her what for! 

A clink of a door catch echoed across the yard and Heather’s heart froze. Surely her imagination was running riot and she tried to flick the cord above off the nail. Looking up she was appalled to see that it wasn’t on the shorter one, but a bigger hook above it that somehow she’d not noticed was there. Trying not to panic she did her best but the cord was stuck fast, and with her fingers outstretched Heather couldn’t bend them round to even get close to the knot behind her wrists.

Footsteps crunched quietly on the path, but thankfully passed by the stable and faded away, so it must be one of the guys out on a patrol of the farm. If June were scared of ghosts then it’d hardly be her!

She tried again to flick the cord off the hook, groaning in frustration as it refused to budge. How the hell would she explain this in the morning when someone discovered her? More to the point if it were near midnight she’d have to stand like this for the next six hours!

Miss McCreadie was so engrossed in those morbid thoughts she never heard the footsteps return. Suddenly a hand reached round in front and clamped itself across her mouth. Naturally she tried to scream, tossing her head but it held firmly and a quiet but VERY firm ‘sssh, shut up missy’ stopped her noise… it sounded like James rather than the old man. He waited till she ceased struggling then came round the front, his eyes widening on seeing what she was wearing… but also curious as to why she was tied up like this.

“Now then Miss Heather McCreadie, you need to think VERY carefully about what you’ve done, are doing, and intend to happen next to you… do you understand?” he said. A menacing tone in his voice that stopped her in her tracks and it was her eyes now wide and not surprisingly she was terrified as he let go of her mouth.

She coughed and spluttered a moment; her eyes watering then she paused, saying that if he freed her arms then she’d explain. James looked up, saw how she was snagged on the hook and obeyed. The girl sighing as the strain on her shoulders eased. “Thanks,” she groaned, twisting both wrists, but the lad, realising she could now try and get free instead grabbed hold of the loose loop, wrapping it over her arms a few times and she froze till he’d finished.

“No you don’t missy, truthful explanation first, then… maybe freedom,” he whispered as she’d started to protest. Her head slumped against the pillar, eyes closed then Heather nodded and apologised. “OK, it’s like this,” she said at last.

It took her an hour, telling the lad the whole story, from her discovery of the rooms downstairs at Claggan, the finding of the dresses in the casket, then reddened as she explained the way she’d placed herself in the cuffs and so on. He listened in silence as she spoke, at one point Heather looked down and was amazed to see a distinct bulge in his shorts! The guy was getting a hard-on just listening, she thought then told him about the ghost part of it.

Once she’d finished he thought about what she’d said. It sounded SO far-fetched… but also could be true. Especially this idea of tying herself up. He knew there were girls who did that sort of thing, but he’d always thought it a shame never to meet one in real life… until now?

She saw him start smiling and though she was still scared, the fact he seemed to have relaxed settled her nerves. He’d sat down on a bench for the last few minutes and chuckled when she’d admitted thinking the cuffs wouldn’t open. “OK Heather, stuck a bit like you are now. I guess you’ve told me everything, but as for the ghosts… yeah right. I’ll tell you what; we’ll go over to Claggan tomorrow morning, yes? Return the dress and say nothing more about it. How does that sound?” he said at last.

Heather slumped in relief, her eyes began to water and moments later she began crying. He got up and came close, wrapping her bound body in a hug as she let go of her emotions. Then having got that out of the way she thanked him as he started to untie her wrists, the girl wincing as the blood began to get into her fingers again. To her surprise he began rubbing her forearms and the warmth of that helped the pain lessen until she was fine, a pale smile coming onto her face. “Thanks,” she said at last.

“So this tying up idea, you’d never asked anyone to do it?” he said, starting to undo the waist knots, realising she’d really done a job on these. It’d be damn difficult to see how she’d have freed herself anyway, as somehow she’d got a loop wedged inside another. Telling this to her made the girl shudder for a moment. “No, I… well guess I never had the courage to ask, assume the girls wouldn’t understand and now… I’ve got nobody else anyway,” she said mournfully. James smiling as by accident Heather confirmed his suspicions that she was single again as he carried on working.

“You know… I could always tie…” he began then stopped himself as she tensed up. He apologised and carried on working on the last knot… but paused when she told him to wait a moment.

“Would you… just this once?” Heather said at last.

James walked round the front and stared at her. The faintest of smiles coming onto her face. “So rather than me freeing you. You actually want me to tie you up again?” he said, the girl flushing as those big eyes tried to read her thoughts. 

“Yes, please do it,” she replied, holding her arms out in front.

The youngster thought about it then nodded, looking at his watch. “OK, I’ll do it. Just this once and only for a few minutes. It’s nearly 1am and I guess we both need some kip, yes?”

Heather sighed and agreed; trembling as he bent down and grabbed all the cords then studied them for a moment. A faint gasp as he tied the waist loops much tighter this time. Getting the girl to lift her arms and he wrapped several loops over her chest. More were done round the knees and he felt her trembling. “Reach round the post if you can,” he ordered and she complied. Then James placed one wrist across the other, the same way she’d had them at the front. The strain on her shoulders much greater but Heather said nothing as he lashed them together, several times on each one and she couldn’t move now. Flexing her fingers slightly. 

“How’s that Heather, feel OK?” he asked, coming round the front, seeing a dreamy expression on her face, eyes closed and she nodded, a faint sigh. “Yes, thank you it feels… wonderful…”

Getting no further as his lips briefly met her own. The girl jumping for a moment as he placed both hands on her hips, leaning forwards till his body was against her. He looked again, seeing Heather’s eyes now open again… and twinkling in the moonlight. The fact she responded, leaning forward to kiss him was what was needed and they stayed like that for a while, his hands stroking her everywhere that could be reached. The groan when he cupped her breasts, wonderful and both nipples received a lot of attention. 

With the clock still ticking he eventually broke off and said it was time to be freed. Heather agreed and thanked him for what he’d done. Apologising again and smiling when he said not to worry. The cords were undone and she eventually stepped, somewhat wobbly legged from the pillar. To his surprise she didn’t wait for him to leave, but instead asked him… could he help her out of the dress?

James grinned, she was as well and the girl managed not to faint as he eased each hook open till her back was exposed. Then she turned and let the thing go! The dress tumbling to the floor and revealing herself to him as she stepped out of it. His eyes bulged at that figure, her firm breasts heaving in the frigid air, just one scar near her bellybutton. But the rest… “Wow, I’m…I’m…” he stammered and she chuckled quietly then took the first bit of clothing from the top of the box. Dressing while he tidied up the cords and put them in a box on the shelf. 

Coming outside he escorted Heather to her door, the girl pushing it… only to find the thing locked. Remembering her key was still on the bedside table. James groaned quietly, knowing there was no way she’d be able to go through the main house to her room as it’d mean creeping past his parents! One of the sheepdogs liked to sleep outside their door and that made things worse. Especially when she said the inner door was locked and hoped they had spares.

He sighed, trying not to smile, knowing what might come next. “OK, I’ve got a couple of small blankets in mine, and there’s space on the floor!” he said, seeing her wry grin. “Well it’d be better than the stable,” she whispered in reply and he managed not to cough! Ushering the girl along the wall and into the shelter of the farmhouse kitchen. She sighed as the heat got into her feet, not realising just how cold she’d got out there. They went into James’ bedroom and he grabbed the promised blankets and a pillow, laying them near the radiator. Though the heating had gone off at midnight there was still a little warm air coming off it.

Heather returned from the bathroom to see him already undressed and climbing into bed. His physic impressive and she turned away before he could catch her staring. She scrambled under the blankets and wrapped the top one as best she could around her. A few minutes went past.

“You OK down there?” he murmured and there was a long pause. “Not really James, it’s bloody freezing. But I’ll manage,” she replied. Sighing when he’d chuckled and informed her ‘it’s toastie warm in here’.

She grinned; called him a swine and they both chuckled… guessing that…

“Heather, do you want…?” he began, smiling on hearing rustling from below then moments later his bed lurched. The blankets were whipped up then she slithered in alongside. He turned over, his arms immediately wrapping around her torso. The guy realising how cold she’d got so began rubbing her skin to warm her up. “James… buddy, I thought you’d never ask,” she said as they began to kiss.

Waking up next morning with a start at 7am. Hoping like hell June and Kelvin had left as planned. The idea of being caught en-flagrant with a guest would certainly get him and probably her in big trouble. But having crept out he saw his dad’s jeep had gone, also there was a standard B&B note on the kitchen table with Heather’s breakfast selection pencilled on it. 

He returned to his room, seeing the girl now stirring, looking a tousled sexy blonde mess as she smiled up at him. James bid her good morning and said she had about twenty minutes before breakfast, tossing her the spare key for her bedroom. “Thanks, and I’m really sorry for what happened last night,” she replied. Easing out from under the sheets, those legs thankfully not showing any signs of cord marks, same for her wrists as they were examined. James replied not to worry, and they’d go over to Claggan before lunch or whenever she was ready.

Breakfast was dispatched, both youngsters a little embarrassed at what had happened overnight and it was Heather who came over and started rubbing his shoulder as he sat reading some post. It seemed to trigger something and he turned, seeing her standing alongside. His arm snaked around her waist and pulled her close as he got up, staring into those blue eyes. A faint sign of nerves maybe but Heather didn’t resist as he kissed her briefly. “Apology accepted, and I’ll now do the same for doing that.” he said and she nodded then they let go.

By 9 o’clock they were heading for Claggan. The girl seemingly happy as she’d helped with a few chores before they’d left. Carrying the dress in a bag though it was a shame, she thought to let it go. Bouncing down the track, the girl pleased to see he kept both eyes on the route rather than her chest swaying in time to the jeep's’ movement!

Finally arriving and they got out, her heart pounding as she grabbed the bag. Going inside as James followed with a couple of torches, humming the theme tune to Indiana Jones badly. That made the girl grin as she walked along the passageway and into the room where the manacles hung silently. “Wow, I’m amazed,” he said, admitting that he’d never come downstairs. Normally it’d been a quick look on the ground floor and up to the tower instead.

He touched one of the cuffs; his fingers easing the manacle open and it took an effort. “Quite tough to get out of, yes?” he asked and Heather nodded sagely. Still unable to figure out why her wrists weren’t carrying bruises. James stood where she’d been and held himself up to the restraints, though he was a head taller so it didn’t seem so bad.

Heather took him next door to where the casket was, seeing it in the recess where it’d been left. It took James some effort to drag it out, surely Miss McCreadie hadn’t managed that on her own? But he didn’t bother to question her, instead flipping the latch open… seeing the same sight she’d seen the day before. A hand dragged out the first of the grey outfits and he was surprisingly careful as it was placed on the ground, then again for the other. “Thought you said there were two, then that one of yours. And nothing else?” he commented and she nodded. Walking forward then looking over the edge… to see ANOTHER of the same robes as the one she’d worn yesterday at the bottom.

Miss McCreadie was amazed. There had definitely only been three dresses in there. Now, with the one in her left hand there were FOUR. “I… I cannot explain it James. Honestly, there was only those three.” He said nothing, just looking out of the tiny gap in the brickwork, then surprised Heather by asking her to show him how she’d looked up against the wall. The girl spluttered for a moment and he apologised, saying not to worry as he’d been joking… But she cut him off, saying OK; she’d do it!

Starting to remove her T-shirt and he looked surprised. “No I meant in your normal… Well, if you want to change then go ahead.” Heather blushed at getting things wrong again, looking at him as he waited. Then James got the hint; grinned and headed to the door to leave her alone, this time his turn to be embarrassed. Gently patting her backside as he passed by. The warm smile he got for that…

Heather stripped off and had the dress on moments later, managing the fasteners then called James in. the lad taking his time and ensuring the girl was decent. Then remembered she’d been naked last night so why worry about it. But she looked, hmmm angelic even as the lass sorted her ponytail out. Then they headed next door and she saw the manacles and her heart… leapt at the thought of wearing them again. Standing in position then bending down and clicking the ankle ones closed, seeing James watching her.

Miss McCreadie paused then reached up, resting her wrists in the cuffs before showing the lad how she’d got them closed by knocking against the wall. Though she didn’t actually do so at first. Just waiting to see if James… “Go on, finish the job,” and he grinned, “You know you want to!” and she smiled then flexed her shoulders and obeyed. The two clunks almost together and Heather relaxed. The feelings as the manacles gripped her wrists were great and he saw her face lighting up even more than when she’d been tied to the post last night.

James advanced on her and the lassie looked startled as he placed both hands on the cuffs, fingers now wrapped around, preventing her from freeing herself when she’d tried tugging. “What are you…” she began but stilled as he told her to be quiet. Then the girl received a grade-one telling off at what she’d done yesterday. Not about wearing the dress, as it wasn’t a problem to him, but the fact she’d risked her life by putting herself into a perilous situation was. During it he let go of the cuffs, instead placing both hands on her torso, starting to stroke seeing she was getting a little upset. But strangely she didn’t bother trying to free herself, just listening, and eventually nodding.

He continued rubbing as she settled down and inevitably they kissed. A sigh as he began to work on her breasts, twiddling her nipples and making Heather jump. Another smile from both before he got the cuffs opened and allowed her to ‘escape’ into the room and relax her muscles. This earning him a big hug then she broke down in tears. Resting her head into his shoulder until she’d cried herself out. 

After that Heather returned to the other room and got changed while James went to the jeep to make drinks. She packed the dress into the casket along with the others then left it for him to move back into the alcove. This was done when he came back after the coffee break, then he said they might as well finish a look round before leaving to go home. Miss McCreadie agreed and the explorations began.

She’d not bothered going downstairs to the level below the casket and manacle floor as it had appeared on her brief inspection yesterday to be blocked partway down by that horizontal hatch. This got a look from James and he found a two-chain pulley design in a recess to one side. A hard tug on one of them produced nothing except a squeak of metal. He realised this was the same design used in roller-shutter doors, certainly more modern than expected as this place had been abandoned in the late 1800’s. Or had it?

“Perhaps Claggan was secretly requisitioned and excavated during World War 2, would explain the flagpole on the smaller tower,” he muttered tugging the other links. She laughed when he told Heather how great she’d look tied against it! 

To his amazement the hatch moved a little bit. So flexing his arms James got to work having fetched some gloves. Tugging the chain and with an awful squeaking that had Heather sticking fingers in her ears he got the thing almost upright. Thankfully no nasty smell came flowing up and the youngsters looked down, seeing a staircase going down a lot further than the normal roof height. James was about to go below when Heather stopped him. 

“Hang on, is there a way of propping this open. If it crashed down we’d not be able to get out. The chain doesn’t go below the, door… hatch or whatever you call it so it’d be impossible.” He looked at her, then appeared sheepish and nodded, giving her a rub. “Guess you’ll now bollock me for risking both our lives?” and she smiled in return. He stared at the door and found a wedge in another recess, pulling that, and a second and placing them into slots that seemed to be there for no other reason. He moved the chain back a few links and the hatch rested on the new obstructions.

“There, that should do it. You ready?” and she paused then agreed, not wanting to bottle it, mainly because she was curious as to what was down there. They went below, this time Heather held his hand as he led the way. Torches flashing as they reached the bottom and he looked back up at her. “With one level, then this one, it’s gotta be fifty feet plus below the surface. She said nothing as they peered down a corridor to see another metal door in front, with two more on one side. All were partly open and they went into the first room.

James was disappointed to find both rooms were empty, again no smell, though a bit musty. A peer into what looked like a vent to one side and he said there was a faint draft coming down of fresh air. Not big enough to be a fireplace but ventilation all the same as the girl took her turn to look up. “Least there’s no spiders living up there!” she said shining her torch up the hole. James said nothing and walked off to examine the door, seeing it had a barred hole, like a cell one, with 3 big bolts placed top middle and bottom on the edge. Pushing one and it squeaked a bit but slid across by a few inches then moved the tab down into the slot to hold it there. A look at the one along the corridor and saw it was the same design. Sticking his head back in he saw Heather still looking up the vent.

Grinning James slowly pushed the door closed, pleased the hinges hadn’t squeaked. With three swift movements he slid the bolts across and did the tabs. Heather squealed and ran to the entrance, her torch flashing as she realised what he’d done. “JAMES! You little… shit!” she exclaimed loudly, her fingers grasping the bars, her other hand pushing frantically against the door.

He laughed at her through the bars, seeing Heather wide-eyed staring back. “How’s your nice CELL hon?” he teased as she kept trying to force it open. “Please… please free me,” she began and James saw her start to look a bit scared. Quickly he undid the bolts and tugged the door open, barely getting out of the way as she rushed into the corridor… straight into his arms, her own slipping round him in a hug, despite the fact she was still carrying her torch.

She didn’t break down, instead holding on to him, saying nothing but trembling a lot and it took a while for her to calm down. He gave her a kiss and apologised for doing it. Heather nodded, admitting she should have known he’d try something like that.

They headed beyond the first of the passageway doors, again two ‘cells’ with nothing in them. James seeing the walls here were made of newer looking stone, and having metal doors too. He realised with the orientation of the way down here that this HAD to have been added after Claggan was abandoned, this corridor led out under the wall into the moorland. So a theory about this place used during the war might be correct. “Maybe it was used as a secret prison or for training agents or something?”

Heather shuddered at the thought of being held down here. Her hand tightening on James’ as they passed the second door, seeing the passage stopped after the next two rooms and she assumed they too would be… empty?

The first was, but the last was… “Oh my goodness!” she exclaimed as they flashed torches around the room. For a start it was twice the size, with benches on one side, boards of old tools mounted above and a much bigger fireplace on the other wall. A definite breeze keeping the air fresh, coming down the vent. It appeared to be a fully fitted workshop… making restraints! The pair seeing a whole load of various sized chains and suchlike hanging from racks and shelves on another wall alongside the door.

James touched the tools lying on the bench, picking one up and smelling it. “Yeah, this still has oil on it. Not more than seventy or maybe eighty years old,” he said, putting it back, wondering if he should tell his dad, the old lad had this thing about the war. The family had two relations both killed at sea, Kelvin’s dad worked on torpedo boats as a seaman, thankfully surviving and continuing their line. 

Heather found a newspaper on another bench. “Here you go James, August 31st 1945. That’s what, two or three weeks after Japan surrendered? This item is about the Soviets in Eastern Asia fighting in, well places I cannot pronounce, all omski and so on,” she said leafing through the yellowed pages.

So the pair agreed that with conflict over Claggan had been abandoned for the second time and they, were probably the first to have set foot in here since then. James picked up one of the bigger loops, nearly six inches across, joking to Heather; “It’ll look nice locked around your neck eh? No need for fancy jewellery with this on.” She chuckled and stuck her tongue out and carried on reading aloud. Telling him about the adverts you still see in papers today. “Prices a bit cheaper then mind!”

However time was ticking, both had things to do and James suggested they go home for lunch then Heather could do her walk. She agreed and they headed back up the staircase, pausing to close the hatch. The lad saying he didn’t want strangers going down there to steal anything and they departed, getting back by 1230. Heather did lunch then bid him farewell and strode off with her pack. Having an enjoyable tramp through the landscape, not returning till nearly 7 in the evening.

June met her at the door, seeing a slightly muddy figure coming down the track. Telling Heather news she didn’t want to hear. Mary’s cold was now full-blown flu so the girl was not up to visitors. “Damn, saves me going over there for no reason then.” She said. Telling her host that she’d have ‘a lie-in’ then, before going to Ullapool anyway, stay there for a couple of days and do those walks Kelvin suggested. A regular bus service ran from there down the West Coast, so she could hop on and off that, doing more tours on her way back to Ft William.

Things got more chaotic an hour later when a couple arrived, hoping to use their double room. June however was delighted with an unexpected £60 and took them in. The pair, travelling home to England was most pleasant and joined Heather in the sitting room where they all spent the evening chatting. She’d hoped to see James before the night was out, but it appeared from something Kelvin said that he’d gone out to see friends in a nearby village. 

Heather tossed and turned in her room that night. Despite the fact she and James were almost complete strangers there was something about his friendly rugged nature that… And not having a boyfriend for at least a year she’d almost wished to be in his bed rather than alone tonight! He was a good kisser too and she smiled and sighed, finally dropping off, dreaming about him tying her up in one of Claggans rooms again.

She awoke earlier than expected, the place was still dark and Heather lay there, then heard quiet talking in the passageway a few minutes later. Opening her door to see June and Kelvin carrying their baggage towards the kitchen. The couple apologised for waking her, smiling when Miss McCreadie said she’d been up a little while anyway. They offered her breakfast, saying James would be up at 6am to do the meal for the couple who needed to leave early. Heather accepting, somewhat startling June by coming in and assisting her. “Wish all youngsters were like you dear.”

They left an hour later, bidding Heather bon voyage and a safe return to Ft William next week. Not knowing the girl had decided to change her mind. The youngster sat in the kitchen thinking… then at 6 on the dot took a mug of coffee into James’s room. Her feet slipping silently across the floor before standing by his bed. Placing the drink by his head, then gently, and slightly nervously touching his shoulder.

It took a couple of prods to get him stirring. A muffled ‘clear-off dad’ stifled when his eyes opened to see a pretty girl looking down in admiration at his hairy torso. It was almost funny the way he flipped up the bedclothes to cover himself before she chuckled and said it was time he was up. “I’ve had breakfast, Kelvin and June left at half-five. You’re in the chair for doing the Junors’ meal. Chop-chop, rise and shine!”

He flicked her a ‘V’ sign and she laughed, turning back at the door to ask what his plans were. Finding out he’d be up in the hills this morning beyond Claggan cutting peat for the markets, then back to here after lunch to service the jeep plus his normal work. “Why?” he asked, puzzled as to her questions. 

Heather looked embarrassed. “Well…I… As Mary’s ill I’m not going to Stornoway now. She’s got the flu. So I was… er planning to stay around. Keep… keep you company if you want?” she said, glowing now and he looked startled. “Right, erm… OK. If that’s what you want Heather. Then I’m fine with it. It’ll be mucky work out there.” She didn’t mind that and left him to it. The lad thinking she was a strange lass, but also wanting to see her again, maybe like the night she’d spent in his bed!

The Junors emerged from their room at 6:30 and found the youngsters at the table, Heather proving she had an insatiable appetite for toast as another round was dispatched. James cooked them the full works and they departed just before 8. Leaving the lad to tidy their bedroom while Miss McCreadie did the washing up and boiled flasks for them to take to Claggan where they arrived at 9:30.   

Heather looked surprised when they stopped by the castle until James said he planned to leave her here where there was shelter rather than having her out on the moorland sitting in the jeep. He only had one set of cutting tools anyway. Not having to worry about her was easier for him to manage. That was why he’d suggested she bring her rucksack and stuff along. If she got bored then in an hour or so she could start heading back to the farm on foot and he’d collect her on the way.

“OK, sounds like a plan,” she said, hiding her disappointment about not being with him all day. Instead saying she was going upstairs for a look from the two towers, though the higher one was much narrower, barely six feet square with the rusty flagpole on it. No balustrade so they’d only stuck their heads out before coming to try the other one instead. This one was much better with a two-foot high wall all around it. Emerging onto the roof they looked over the view towards the west. Behind them the mist was rolling in but in the other direction it was glorious and Heather took some photos. Even posing for one, after she’d shown James how to use the camera. 

There wasn’t much left in the place itself having looked through it. The two rooms below had been empty and up here, apart from moss was the same as the first tower. A few metal rings at floor level scattered around and Heather counted six, four in the corners and another halfway down each of the longer sides, wondering aloud what they’d been used for.

“Cannon mounts, you know, like on ships, they’d point out over the edge but when you fire them they blast backwards. If they weren’t secured they’d knock the wall down behind them?” she suggested, guessing probably wrongly but saying she’d seen this in films. James looked about, “Maybe, but how the heck would you get the cannons up here in the first place missy? That door we came out barely is enough to squeeze through.” 

She sighed and nodded, “Oh well, engineer minded man, maybe something else then instead,” and took another photo. James looked down at the rings again, his mind thinking… “Hmmm, guess I could think of something that SHOULD be attached to them,” and she looked back, wondering. Seeing him stare at her. “I reckon you’d fit just nicely…” he grinned, pointing to each of the corner rings in turn. “Arms there, legs there. It’d be just right for you.”

Heather blushed furiously and turned away. “Now why would that be so?” she asked after a moment, possibly knowing the answer that came straight back at her. “Because you want me to?” he replied.

The girl glowed again and he knew he’d got her now. Seeing her look down, rubbing her foot on the stone floor, no doubt thinking it’d is rather hard for her to lie on that. “Blankets would soften it,” he said. Heather smiled wishing it could be so. “Yeah, shame the cords are all back at the farm eh?” and James shook his head knowingly. 

“No, I put them in the back. Knowing we were returning to the ‘scene of crime’ I slung them in. Just in case you fancied another go?” And for that he got a poke in the ribs before she wrapped an arm round his waist. “OK then, you can,” she sighed, jumping as he slapped her bum and told her to fetch the bag, also grab the blankets and drinks flask and hurry back. Heather smiled and they had a smooch before she went down to the jeep. Collected all the stuff, had a wee because she needed one then came up to the top again. 

James laid out the blankets while she brewed coffee, amazed at how much cord there was in the bag. He tipped it all out then divided up the lengths needed to do a good job on her. Once they’d had the drink the pair discussed things. That she’d be tied for three hours while he was up the track cutting peat. Then he’d return for a very late lunch, free her and they’d see how she felt for another session later on. Heather nodded, it seemed fine to her and she agreed, getting a snog in return.

He wasn’t however prepared when Heather stripped off her T-shirt and shorts! Saying that as it was only light cloud up there she shouldn’t worry about sunburn today but had already slapped some cream on earlier. He grinned, seeing her flushing in return. “No all-over?” and Miss McCreadie paused, then took her bra off too! “Well…maybe not this time…” and there was certain warmth to that smile, that meant more than she knew. Now she was staying extra days then maybe…

James got her lying down and settled comfortably in the middle, then began the laborious but oh so delightful matter of tying her up! Firstly doing her ankles, making sure that the six loops that went round each one were not too tight to affect nerves. The knot on the outside where it wouldn’t press directly against her skin. Then Heather reached up and allowed James to bind her wrists, again the loops and knotwork secure enough that she’d not be able to escape. A test proved this to be so and he saw her smiling up at him.

She hoped to wriggle from side to side a little but… “Arch up, got one more to do” he ordered and Heather complied as a cord was slid around her midriff three times then tied off with the rings either side. Pinning her down into the blanket. “There that’ll do, except I’ll add this one too,” he grinned and she smiled, then gasped as he pulled another thinner one up between her legs that she hadn’t known was there, then attached it to the waist loops. This rested deep in her, almost cutting the girl in two and she groaned, knowing this was to tease by rubbing her clit all the time. “You bastard,” she grinned as he finished up. Placing her sunglasses on just in case it did break through the mist.

“Glad you did that,” she said, then paused and mentioned that when she’d applied her suncream earlier she’d still been wearing her bra… James chuckled; “So you waited till you were helpless because you want me…” now Heather laughed, going redder than ever. “Yes please, you know you want to!” Doing a parody of his voice. He grabbed the bottle and tipped a load into his hands. Easing them onto her torso and… 

“Yeah…lovely,” she sighed as he gently rubbed the stuff into her two firm mounds. The guy even more impressed at Heather’s body as she wriggled under his touch. Finally he was done and straddled her, reaching in for a sensual kiss. “Three hours, understand?” and she nodded, shuddering as he continued to play with her. Stroking Heather’s torso and seeing her chest heaving with excitement. Another few moments on her breasts, “Just checking the cream is worked in properly!” and she laughed at that before he had to depart. 

She heard him clatter down the stone staircase and once the jeep drove away tried to wriggle, but that bloody cord from the side stopped her and she cursed James. He was better at this than she thought and wondered whether he’d ever tied a girl up before. Maybe she’d have a pry, when free of course and the lass tried to relax, tugging on the cords but finding little opportunity to move. The way that he’d got that waist rope stopping her humping up and down was HUGELY frustrating and after a few tries she gave up.

It was a long boring morning for Heather, naturally unable to do anything except wriggle her fingers and toes to keep her circulation going. Eventually however she discovered that by clenching her ass cheeks then relax it would start the crotch cord moving across her clit. Only a tiny bit but she grinned, getting one over on her captor, the guy thinking she’d be unable to bring herself off. Slowly she did it again with the same result and now Miss McCreadie giggled, then increased the rate. It took her a long time but finally the girl came with a squeal, though her right wrist was starting to ache so she needed to be careful.

What she wasn’t expecting was a soaking! The mist had rolled in, enveloping Claggan and had she peered over the edge Heather would not have seen more than a few yards. Temperature too had gone down and Miss McCreadie shivered, as the cloud almost seemed to settle over her. But it blew away within minutes and the girl tried again to hump herself to orgasm. Mainly because the effort in doing so might get her body warm again, a few minutes later she got most of the way, things bubbling nicely when the first drops of water landed on her breasts.

Eyes snapped open and she stared up at the dark cloud that had slunk in over the mist. “Go away,” she muttered, then cursed as it began falling a little faster. Heather tugged on her bonds, this wasn’t funny now and she hoped James might come back and rescue her. Only she didn’t know he was over the other side of the hill, still in bright sunshine, sweating as he laboured in the peatbeds cutting and ricking their next load to sell at market. Soon the rain was a torrent, really pounding down on the castle and she screamed and wailed but STILL he didn’t come. It wasn’t fair and she barely stopped crying till long after it’d passed and a pale sun came out.

So much so that Heather jumped on hearing the jeep returning what seemed like ages later. By now the rain had reached where James had just finished and he’d cursed himself for not keeping a weather eye on where he’d left the girl. “Not used to worrying about pretty blonde captives!” Unhitching the trailer so he could drive much faster back to Claggan. Parking up he could already hear her desperate cries, so grabbed blankets and towels, shoving them into her rucksack then scurried up the stairs. 

Dumping his cargo one floor down, laying a blanket out he then rushed up to the roof and saw her, as expected still firmly tied up, looking SO sexy, but also in dire need of rescuing. She was so exhausted the lass hardly reacted as he used a knife to cut the cords from the rings, sweeping her up then carrying the sodden girl downstairs. 

Easing her onto the blanket and smothering Heather with towels, ignoring moans of pain as her arms and legs reacted to their freedom. Rubbing her shoulders dry first before starting on her torso. Not worrying whether she’d mind him touching her breasts, just important to get the water off her before the girl got too cold, James concerned she was already shivering. However she was made of sterner stuff and gradually Heather began to help him after drying the wreckage of her hair. 

Grabbing another towel and starting work on her legs, beginning to smile a bit as he finished her back. “Get the stove going please love. There’s packet soup and stuff in my bag. Guess we both need something warm to drink, yes?” He agreed and said he’d be back as the water can was down in the jeep with not enough left in the flask.

Running downstairs he tried to think what could he do to get her core temperature up. Sleeping bag for a start and he remembered something else she’d said and headed to that room on the way back.

Heather by now had got her waist rope off and removed her knickers, rubbing tenderly as the damn cord had really been a pain… delightful but still she was sore. With no James to watch she got clean down there and had just applied fresh underwear when he returned and to her surprise he was carrying the dress along with the sleeping bag and water canister. 

Looking quizzically until he told he to get into it, then she’d going into the bag for at least an hour and why. Heather nodded and tried to get the cords off her wrists, but the knots being behind each hand she could only pick with her teeth and stopped when James said he’d take them off later. As she needed the loo Heather hurried downstairs, did her stuff and was back five minutes later.

Miss McCreadie clambered into the dress and sighed as he helped her wriggle down. Holding the back and watching as she secured the hooks and eyes. “That’s better, thanks,” she sighed, feeling her body starting to react to the warmth, then turned and while James got the bag ready she tugged the cords out of the sleeves, wrapping the loose ends over the knots to keep them out of the way.  

She stepped into the sleeping bag and James drew it up around her, making sure her arms were inside then pulled the drawstring up to her neck. Effectively putting her into a cocoon as he did a bow in the cord right by the toggle, so she’d not be able to get out on her own. “Think of it as the continuation of your captivity, but oh so more comfy,” he chuckled and got a lovely smile in return. Easing Heather down till she was leaning up against the wall, eyes closing and at least he saw her face starting to get back to that gorgeous tanned colour again. 

James said little as Heather thanked him for coming back, apologising for tears and suchlike. The guy concentrating on preparing the soup and coffee he knew she needed before coming closer. Miss McCreadie didn’t object when he put both arms around the bag and hugged her, and inevitably they ended up kissing. The girl beginning to cry a little as the emotions got a bit much. James held on tight till she settled then fed her the large mug of soup. Making sure Heather got enough to satisfy her. 

By now she was ‘toastie warm’ in the bag, saying this and seeing him grin. “Nice, shame I cannot join you in there!” and that made her laugh and he knew the danger was passed. Telling Heather she would remain inside while he fetched the trailer and they’d go home. The weather was looking threatening now and another storm would make the track very tricky. She agreed and they shared a kiss before he departed, saying he’d be about two hours as the trailer needed to be loaded first.

Returning to see her in the same place as expected, but with a slightly puzzled expression on her face, or was it wonderment. “James dear, I know you said last night that ghosts were a figment of my…” she began, seeing him nod. “Well I think you might change your mind love,” He stared then listened as she told him what had happened to her in the time he’d been away.

“Well I was here, as obviously you made it hard, nay impossible to get out. So after half an hour I started picking one-handed at the knots on my wrists. The cords are dry now and I’d hoped they’d be easier to undo. But after a few frustrating minutes they just were not giving way. I tried to shuffle about… when I felt them coming to life… The loose ends unwrapping themselves almost like snakes. Ankle ones doing the same… everything moving about without me doing a thing,” and she paused.

“So now they’ve tied me up themselves…” she whispered at last.

He laughed at her, especially when Heather looked a bit hurt at the way he was reacting. “Right, we’ll see then,” he chuckled, grabbing the sleeping bag and easily lifting the girl upright and bringing her forward into the middle of the room. Undoing the toggle and opening the cord and easing it wider, allowing the bag to drop to her feet. He stared, as she looked back at his now widening eyes. “Bloody hell,” he said hoarsely as he walked around her.

Heather stood there, arms bound behind her back. The original knots of the cords again well away from her wiggling fingers. The long loose ends each wrapped around her midriff, with a bowed knot in the middle of her waist and he knew… No way could she have done that on her own!

James apologised, still not believing but obviously knowing something was here. “Maybe it’s because you’re wearing the dress. You said the event downstairs with the chains only happened when you were clad in that.” She thought about it and nodded, asking him to free her. He did so, finding her ankles were done the same way, the knots behind and again out of reach as he finished untying them. 

They shared a long hug and kiss before Heather disrobed, folding the dress up then getting into her normal T-shirt and shorts. The sneakers on last because she didn’t need the boots as they were driving back. Heather packed the stove and cups into her bag while he tidied up the cords. The towels and blankets bagged up last and they left the room and once the dress was replaced in the casket returned to the jeep and went back home. 

She cooked dinner that night while James was working outside, the girl occasionally looking at her wrists and wondering. Once they’d dined then spent an hour or so playing cards she broached the subject again. Asking him if he wanted her to try proving that theory. That the ghosts would only appear if she was wearing the dress, rather than normal 21st century outerwear. He thought about it for a while then nodded, saying he had errands to do tomorrow afternoon in Ullapool so she’d be alone. And as it was for a lot longer he would not use rope or cord. Instead they’d use some of the newer manacles from the workshop. 

He’d either put them up on a wall or across the floor then chain her there instead… oh and she’d be naked please if it was warm enough. Using a room on the casket level where there would be no draft. Then if nothing happened the following day he’d let her wear the dress and maybe leave her overnight if she dared him! Was that enough?

Heather nodded and grinned, saying yes, sounded great, especially the overnight idea, though that did temper when he said he was planning to stay over at a mate’s place in Inverness. Wally, a neighbour would look in on the farm and feed the dogs but not come here. So she’d be most definitely alone, but Miss McCreadie still accepted the challenge. “What a girl you are,” he grinned in reply. The clearing up was done and both headed for their rooms, James escorting Heather to hers, giving the lassie a kiss before she started to shut the door. “Sweet dreams, and stay out of my stable,” he chuckled and her impish smile was the last thing he saw.

However Heather didn’t stay in her room. The heating wasn’t working as June had set the timer to only be on when she knew guests were staying. As this was an extra the switch remained off and with the box near their room she daren’t risk creeping past the dog asleep by the door. Instead she went the other way and slithered into James’ bed. The startled lad discovering a warm arm draped across his chest next morning, torso leaning against his ribcage… what a nice surprise. He stroked her into life and they had a long hug and kiss as she explained why she was here. It was almost a shame they had to get up but James saw it was 07:10 and they had things to do.

After a morning’s work around the farm they planned the afternoon’s ‘fun’. Heather even drove the tractor as she’d helped him drag some feed out to the nearby fields. Proving again what a great girl she was as the pair laboured with the bags. With the chores completed Heather made lunch while James packed some tools and stuff in the jeep before they set off back to Claggan. Arriving in pouring rain and Miss McCreadie was glad she’d not been up on the roof today as they hurried inside. 

In the workshop the pair lit some candles then examined the rows of manacles, seeing ones that looked better than others did. Eventually they had a full set and took them to a room upstairs. More candles were placed in the corners as the girl looked at the state of the floor. They hadn’t bought any blankets; the others were still hanging in the kitchen. “Damn’ maybe you should stand instead?” he laughed, the girl grinning in response. “Toss for it then,” she joked but was amazed when he nodded. “Heads’ stand, tails and you’ll be flat on yer back.”

Heather thought about it then foolishly agreed. Tossing the coin and… “Heads’, bad luck missy. Hope your leg muscles are up to it,” he said, getting a pout and she pleaded ‘best of three’… and lost them all! So she stood up against the wall, spreading herself into an elongated X as he used chalk to mark where the cuffs would go, other marks where he’d knock the restraint spikes into the surface having fetched a ladder to reach. Sending Heather off to get the drinks ready while he worked alone. Telling her not to return, he’d come up where the stove was and they’d have them there.

She complied and went away, hearing the solid ‘thunks’ as he hammered the spikes into the wall. Still amazed Heather was going through with this. The fact she’d be there, helplessly chained… and naked got him hard and he wondered whether to… when he came back to free her. The girl had just finished the coffee when he came up and they had a few biscuits and she checked how long he’d be away. Six hours was gonna be a loooong time to stand but she didn’t want to bottle out. Especially if the ghosts did come for her. The drinks were finished and he dispatched the girl outside to use the loo.

Having done her business Heather came downstairs and into the room where James had been working hard for her benefit. Candles still burned in each corner, a few more than before but it took her eyes a while to readjust from the newly arrived sunshine outside. Her heart caught seeing the manacles placed there, all on the chalk marks measured earlier in the day. They had a hug and kiss first then he told her to do a few stretches and knee-bends. “As it is going to be your last chance for several hours,” that phrase making her shiver. Heather naturally obeyed, then stripped naked and once done said she was ready to be bound. 

Placing her body right in the middle, then slowly spreading her legs and shuffling down the wall a few inches. He reached for the first one and put it onto her left ankle. Then tugged the other across. “A bit wider please,” was an order and a moment later the second was done as well. She was a little surprised, not sure they’d been quite that far apart… this was going to be tough she thought, but wanted SO much to go through with it.

Heather looked up to the wrist cuffs, again thinking they were a little far apart but she didn’t want to spoil it. James had worked so hard for her pleasure today, she wondered how or if she should reward him later should it come to that. He took her left arm first and eased the cuff round, that little ‘snap’ making her start shuddering, then smile as she held the other arm up. Having to really stretch until it rested inside the manacle. James clipped it round and told her to relax. She could… by about an inch!

“Oh wow, that’s… that’s great,” she said nervously, hoping she’d not bottle out after an hour and tug her arms free. She’d have to have a will of… well… iron to resist. And with the cuffs that far apart there was no way she’d be able to reach over and do them up herself before he came back. 

James came over with the material for her blindfold, the girl having agreed she should lose her sight. Only the gag had been declined, having worried that she’d not be able to call out if something went wrong. He’d agreed and said it was for the best, wrapping her eyes and over the bridge of her nose until Heather admitted she could not see a thing. No light was getting through and she trembled that little bit more, fingers flexing in the cuffs. 

A faint tinkling came next and James said he was putting a necklace around her. That was applied and she jumped as cool metal slid down her front and nestled right into her breasts. “What’s that, some sort of pendant or maybe more than one?” she asked, not sure except obviously cord that it hung from. “No, I thought you might ask. Heather… those metal bits… are the keys to the cuffs that currently bind you, I found them in the workshop, and yes they all work. I tested them earlier.” he replied. 

She really started at that, certain she hadn’t heard him lock anything… had she? That was almost a bit much, he hadn’t said anything about this and it really shook her. Heather was about to chicken out and tug herself free when he told her that no, he hadn’t done anything else. He’d never do things to spoil this for her. Giving the girl a tender kiss and a long stroke to calm her. She settled down after that and apologised, looking SO hot he actually wanted to get his…

“James, before you leave me…” she began, her mouth trembling as mind fought wanting…

“Would you lock me into the restraints, all of them,” she said at last.

His turn to start now and he came close and placed his hands on her body, making her jump. “Are you sure? It’s going to be a very long time like this Heather. Several hours at least. Are you really up to it? Because once I turn those keys, that’s it missy. No turning back.”

She knew what he meant. “I understand James, and I want them all… done.” He smiled and took the necklace back off, reaching down and doing her ankles first. The little clunks making her jump and she could almost feel the restraints tighten a bit more. Then Heather smiled as first the left, and then the other wrist was secure, with the keys being replaced into her cleavage.

“Thank you,” she said, getting a final kiss in return then heard him walk away. Leaving her to… stand utterly helpless for the next few hours. Almost immediately feeling her nose start to twitch!

Heather’s mind tortured her that long afternoon. With no sight she relied on hearing alone and never had she concentrated so hard. Any tiny noise was analysed and dissected, she could hear water dripping somewhere from behind and as this room was bone dry it must be outside, through a foot of solid wall. That was impressive. Even the candles fluttering could be picked up and she hummed now and again to relieve the boredom. 

Trying to ease her muscles was difficult. James had measured these restraints far too accurately. She could move up onto tiptoe, thus flex her shoulders a little, and that was about it. Tugging on the cuffs, knowing they were LOCKED sent shivers running through her body. Even though it was warm in here the fact she was so tightly bound made Heather shake, goosebumps all over her. If only her damn nose would STOP itching. She was more disappointed the ghosts didn’t come, but also pleased because it meant she could return tomorrow and wear the dress again.

But all things must come to an end and it was a noise that startled Heather from a doze! She’d actually nodded off and that surprised her as footsteps came closer, then into the room. It paused… “James?” she asked, starting to shake when there was no reply except a faint rustling. Again she called out then stifled a scream when cold hands placed themselves on her waist. 

“Yes, Heather, it’s me… honey,” he replied. The girl slumping down the inch her restraints allowed. Smiling as a hand moved all over her torso and it wasn’t a surprise when they reached her breasts and worked them hard. A groan when fingers were replaced by a warm tongue teasing her as he rolled the hardening nipple around his mouth.

Then she did tense when he headed south, sliding down her waist and onto her hips, one hand on either side. He must be… and she jumped as his hairy torso touched her breasts and he came closer still. The girl realising James was probably naked, that was the rustling, him stripping off. She was ready for his cock to enter… but there was a pause… “Heather?” was the loaded question she SO wanted to answer.

“Yes James, you may,” she said, smiling and a moment later he kissed her again. Fingers sliding into her body, finding her button and starting to toy with her. Eventually he sensed she was ready and got into position. Her gasp as he slooowly slid in was something else. What followed was truly special and the girl would treasure every minute. The ghosts might be good, but this MAN, was amazing as he got her reduced to a total wanton frenzy.

Coming to Heather found herself on the floor, wrapped in blankets from neck to foot, comfortably warm as James sat alongside. His hands toying with her hair once she was awake. “Easy love,” he said when she tried to sit up. Managing to get her arms out was a struggle but she succeeded. Tears of joy on her face as they kissed and embraced. “Thanks, I owe you so much?” she asked and he nodded. 

“Aye lassie, two extra days’ bed-and-bondage for a start!” and she roared with laughter, called him a romantic bastard then got up and started to dress, saying it was time they headed home. Arriving back and doing checks around the farm before going inside, where Heather made dinner while he cracked on with some paperwork for the ‘damn tax-man’. He saw her standing there, that cute figure inside her T-shirt, joking that she ‘ought to glam-up’ for their dinner date. That got her chuckling and Heather said apart from the Claggan dress, she’d not worn a frock since one of the girls’ engagement parties’ last year. “I do scrub-up, just not that often,” she said, grinning when he replied ‘Shame, you’d look great’. 

Going to the bathroom she thought more about what he’d said, smiled and decided to surprise him. A quick look in Jenna’s wardrobe and Heather grabbed. Emerging twenty odd minutes later, hair pinned up, smart black knee length slinky number and a pair of high heels, ignoring the fact both were a size too big. Tiptoeing past the office and finishing up the meal and calling him in. James entered and stared, for a moment thinking his sister had arrived, before seeing it was Heather. 

“Bloody hell, girl, gave me a turn!” he grinned as she sauntered over. He eased his hands onto that shapely butt and rubbed her. “Just don’t forget, next time Jen wears this outfit. Don’t do that to her,” she chuckled and got a kiss for that as he laughed.

Once done they watched a little TV, his hands unable to leave Heather alone then went off to bed… obviously this time together. She’d raided Jenna’s wardrobe again before arriving at his door, finding a three-quarters length silky nightdress and stunned him by strolling in wearing it, easing between the sheets for a damn good snog. They didn’t make love as she’d hoped, but the dye had been cast now.

Next day saw her being stroked into life, then gently and sensually screwed before the couple shared a shower then got on with the days’ chores after breakfast. They worked hard, getting a lot more done than planned and James knew his old man would be pleased. Though he’d run the farm for the last four years and made a profit he’d always known Kelvin kept a beady eye on what happened here. After that he made lunch for the pair then they packed Heather’s kit in the jeep and headed back to Claggan. 

The girl sitting demurely alongside him clad in another of Jenna’s dresses with heels on too. Looking so innocent to those they passed… however Heather had both wrists bound behind her back having asked him to do it in the kitchen before they’d left. Pleased that she’d had no intention of chickening out of what was to come. Agreeing she should spend the full twenty-four hours in the castle.

She’d come wearing the frock, doing a twirl on being complemented. Smiling when he asked her how he’d be able to keep her out of Jen’s wardrobe in future. “Well I can think of one way,” she’d said holding her arms out. He laughed then told her to fetch some cords… if she wanted it. Heather naturally obeyed and came back with a few lengths and a smile. “Please… you know you want to…”

James placed her wrists as required then quickly tied them, feeling her shudder. “I could really get used to doing this to you!” he grinned and Heather laughed. Finishing off with two snug loops around the torso cinching her in, and a neat bow at the front. So he paused to examine his handiwork. “There, looks perfect. Quite a fashion statement.” The girl smiled warmly and got a rub and kiss, James jokingly lifting her dress up to tease now she couldn’t stop him. “Bugger,” she grinned, her smile broadening when he’d replied. “Right Heather, time to go and get you fitted with a set of proper personal restraints’ then.” 

Ankles too were secured once he’d got her in the jeep and she couldn’t have been happier. “Gawd knows what’ll happen if we got stopped by the cops,” he said, needling her as she sat quietly. It allowed unrestricted access to her body, one hand gently stroking her upper thigh all the time as the dress was so short. Once off the main road James kissed Heather then blindfolded and gagged the girl before starting up the track.

It got bit tough bouncing the last three miles and she sighed when they arrived. Her legs were freed and she was ‘helped’ out of the jeep. James with a real hard on as he looked at Heather. Chest heaving with the thought of how helpless she was. Another long grope having frogmarched her inside and she’d really responded to that before being untied but ordered not to touch her face. 

The lass shuddered as she was ‘assisted’ up the stairs and out onto a tower roof having nodded that she’d like some fresh air first… Then Heather smiled at being kissed again before James said he was going to tie her to the flagpole to stop the girl falling over the edge! Realising how perilous her situation was as she knew there was no wall here. 

But like a fool she wanted to prove herself to him. It was the most amazingly erotic feeling as she stood there being lashed to it. Ankles, knees, loops round her waist like he’d done in the barn. Ones for her chest then reaching round the back so her wrists were done last. “OK there?” and he could tell Heather was loving it as she nodded. Her heart pounding when James said he’d be about half an hour so ‘enjoy the view!’ Though she did worry about being seen but the lad had ignored her mppphhing question and left. 

It felt amazing, the sun on her skin, the breeze ruffling the dress but Heather was still worried she’d fall over the edge if it got any stronger and she sighed hearing James returning. A good grope then he untied her, telling her to do the business then have ‘a last walk round’ while he finished preparing the restraints. Miss McCreadie assuming it would be cuffs for her wrists and a set for the ankles with a chain leading to the wall. She looked surprised when he said a collar might be involved if he could get one working and her eyes gleamed, remembering those down in the workshop. They held hands all the way downstairs before he dispatched Heather outside to do the obvious.

Heather returned from having her pee and saw him watching, the girl flushing as she stripped off Jen’s dress and the underwear last, placing them into a bag, pleased that he was allowing her to keep some footwear as her sneakers were exchanged for the shoes. He’d idly thought of keeping her in those heels but worried she might topple over and knock herself out on the walls. Now he nodded then carefully took the dress off the casket and handed it over. “Thanks,” she replied and stepped into it, wriggling down then flipping the front up. Well practised by now with the hooks-and-eyes Heather had the thing done up in barely two minutes flat.

“Impressive, but a shame to cover you up like that. Perhaps you should remain naked like before,” he said and she smiled in reply but slowly mouthed ‘no’. Coming closer and their lips met. “Time to bind me James,” she whispered as they broke off that lingering kiss, his hands rubbing those shapely hips again. The girl looking round wondering where the restraints were…

Then James told the lassie she was going to be chained on the LOWEST level of the castle. 

“What, down… there?” she gasped, voice trembling now. He nodded and stepped towards the door, telling Heather to follow him. She did nervously; hands holding her dress as she came right to the last ‘cell’ next to the workshop. James could hear her breathing already shallow as she’d entered the room, seeing candles lit in all the corners with spares too. A bucket with tissues nearby and two bottles of water along with some food. He reached the wall then pulled the chain up until the collar came off the floor and into his hands. The bunch of keys emerged from his shorts’ pocket and he unlocked it, opening the two halves and showing them to Miss McCreadie. Noticing she was shaking as the girl advanced to stand there, reaching for her hair and winding it up out of the way.

Now he held it level with her neck and Heather eased forward till the metal just touched her throat and she paused, drawing breath, steeling herself… “Do it, lock me up again,” she whispered and he obeyed, easing the loop around till that little ‘snap’ told both of them it was closed. Her eyes widened slightly as it was a little tighter than she’d expected, but she could breath all right. Letting go of her hair, the blonde locks tumbling down as she took hold of the chain to ease the weight. The effect was a little overpowering and it took time to steady her nerves before saying he could continue.

A smile reassured James and he inserted the key in the side and after another nod turned it. The ‘clunk’ of the lock engaging made her shudder again and Heather gently let go of the chain, managing not to faint at the realisation that once more she and the castle were bound to each other. James stepped away and reached for the rest of her restraints as she moved the collar around so the chain was behind her neck. 

The girl now held her arms out, smiling as the left wrist was manacled, then she gasped when he did the other one behind her back. Heather’s ankles were the last to be secured, also in much thicker restraints with a four inch chain between them and he rubbed her silky smooth legs once done, feeling her trembling even more now.

Heather jerked, trying to tug her arms. “Be sensible hon about this… please,” she said, slightly surprised and James apologised and freed her. Letting the girl relax with a kiss then locking the second around the front. Her hands a couple of inches apart as she held them up to examine the cuffs. A hard pull proving there was no way she’d get free of these, the set a lot heavier than others that had been in the workshop. 

“Thank you,” she said as he pocketed the keys and he looked at her in the gloom. The girl clad in the dress, wrists held in front of her waist, the black cuffs barely visible against the grey material. Her collar too almost an extension of the neckline of the robe. The length of the outfit prevented anyone seeing her legs were chained together. They shared the most sensual of kisses, tongues and all then he let go. She looked at him as he walked to the entrance, shuffling forward herself till she felt the collar and chain tugging her back. 

Heather reached for him but he kept backing away, their fingers brushing before he took another pace, seeing her eyes glittering in the candlelight. For a moment he thought she’d not say the last words they’d agreed when planning this last bondage scenario… He could see Miss McCreadie emotionally struggling to speak…but… starting to smile as he reached the doorway.

“Leave me down here in my cell, please James. Bolt all the doors then go,” she said at last.

James nodded to her and left the room, pulling the heavy door around. To emphasise her predicament he slammed it shut. The ‘bang’ echoed throughout the castle, the three bolts going across hardly registered as the noise faded. Heather’s heart however pounding furiously as his footsteps went away. Jumping as the first of the passageway doors was closed and bolted, and by the time the second was done the lassie didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at what she’d just allowed him to do to her. She heard the rushing screech of the pulley chain and knew he was sealing her underground prison right up and she hadn’t thought he’d do THAT!

The tremendous ‘BOOM’ of the staircase hatch being dropped made the place shudder. This being a final realisation that Heather was most definitely ‘stuck’ as she ran though it. Apart from her ‘personal restraints’ as she whispered the delightful phrase he’d used, she was now behind three bolted doors and below a hatch that easily weighed a ton. Also she was fifty odd feet beneath the surface with a foot of stone wall all around yet the girl was STILL smiling as the faintest of honks on the jeep horn came down the airvent and she knew he was leaving.

She walked slowly to the makeshift bed, looking down at the straw mattress with her camping pillow, the only modern thing he’d allowed her to have except shoes and her supplies. Heather adjusted the chain so it wouldn’t choke her overnight, lay down and arranged her dress, closed her eyes and prayed the ghosts would be happy to find her like this. One of the candles flicked in the corner, almost going out in a slight draft from the vent perhaps?

…Then minutes later Heather McCreadie felt the dress starting to move…

story continued in part two

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