by Viktor Grey

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© Copyright 2008 - Viktor Grey - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; nylon; rope; gag; cons/reluct; X

We have played with bondage before, but this night would prove to be different. 

She was extremely horny and so was I… 

Heather was wearing some of the most smooth and sheer tan pantyhose I have ever felt.  To compliment, she was wearing a pair of shiny black, extremely high-heels.  I could not keep my hands off her smooth legs and ass as we downed a few drinks.

She grabbed my boner and felt how horny I was and asked if I wanted to move with her into the bedroom.  Without a second thought I got up, grabbed her arm and headed straight for her bedroom.

Half way down the hall she stopped me and said that if wanted to continue playing with her tonight I must also put on pantyhose and meet her in the guest bedroom.  I thought the request was a bit strange, but it didn’t matter.  She looked so hot; I probably would have done anything she asked me to do.
I found of pair of her worn pantyhose and put them on, they didn’t fit too bad and felt surprisingly good on my legs.  I climbed under the covers of the guest bed and yelled to her that I was ready.  The pantyhose I was wearing was really turning me on as the rubbed under the covers.  She came strolling in wearing nothing but her tan pantyhose and shiny heels.  Heather gave me a little show, bending over to give me a good look at her nylon covered ass.  I almost blew it right there, but I managed to briefly calm myself down.
She jumped into bed next to me and I immediately grabbed her ass and pulled her body into mine and began rubbing my legs up and down hers.  The amazing feeling of nylon on nylon almost made me blow again and then she noticed some pre-mature “leakage” coming from me.

“Rubbing those nylons together is going to make you finish too soon”, she said.

“I want you to last longer, so I am going to need you to tie your ankles together so you can’t rub my legs.  I’ll still let you touch me with your hand for a while.  You’ll find some rope in the box under the bed.”

This is the box in which we keep our “play” toys.  I complied with her request and tightly bound and cinched my ankles.  After my ankles were secure she flipped me onto my stomach and sat on my ass.  She began to whisper in my ear about how horny and wet she was and told me she wanted me to make her even more wet.  Not thinking about anything except for her pantyhose, I reached my hands behind me and started to rub her pussy through her pantyhose, I was so turned on, and so was she.

Heather was really getting into it.  She started moaning loudly and was grinding hard on my fingers.  I felt her becoming extremely wet and hot through her pantyhose.  Just as she was about to O, I felt handcuffs slapped tightly onto my wrists.  All of sudden her legs bucked, and tightly squeezed me and I found it hard to breath for a minute.  The handcuffs must have pushed her over the edge.

 I enjoy playing around with bondage but now I wanted out of the cuffs and reverse roles so I can get some action also.  I was extremely horny by now.  She got up and said she needed to use the restroom.  I wanted to use this opportunity to get these cuffs off.

She noticed me testing the handcuffs, so she clicked them even tighter, I could not even move my fingers; they were on too tight.  I complained to her but it was as if she could not hear me.  She did not even acknowledge me.  Suddenly she reached in to the “toy” box and grabbed an old leather belt.  She wrapped the belt around my arms over my elbows and buckled it tightly.  Then she tied rope tightly around my elbows, just above the belt, pulling them even closer together, almost touching and temporarily tied it off while she buckled the leather belt even tighter yet, then re-tightened and cinched the rope some more.  She then removed the belt and the end result was my elbows tied back as far as they would go.  I have never been tied this tight before.

“These cuffs and ropes are too tight, you are cutting off my circulation,” I pleaded to her.  I had to let her know this was starting to go too far.

“I’ll take them off as soon as you are properly gagged, that way I won’t have to hear you complain any more.”  She retorted.

This was going a bit far; in the past our bondage games were very simple and more playful.  Without warning my thoughts were interrupted as she shoved a red harness-style ball gag tightly into my mouth.  I could not say a word as she yanked all the straps as tight as they would go.  I didn’t stand a chance.  I tried to push the gag back out of my mouth, but it was not happening.  The straps caused the red ball gag to go even further into my mouth, sealing the deal.

“OK, now I’ll take off your cuffs, but only so I can tie your wrists using rope instead.” 

This was my chance to escape and let her know she was getting carried away.  She reached into the nightstand for the key and unlocked the cuffs.  When I felt my wrists were free I tried to flip her off me and take charge of the situation.  I think she saw it coming, because she pushed my head hard face down into the pillow and her nails were digging into the back of my head.  With the gag on I could not breath and with my elbows so tight, my arms were useless.

“I’m in charge here for now on, so quit fighting and it will be easier for you.  Besides it’s useless, you will not escape if I don’t want you to.”

With her free hand she grabbed a length of rope about 50 feet long!  Grabbing my powerless arms she began winding the rope around my wrists.  After she wrapped it around 3-4 times, I knew there was no escape.  She just kept winding the rope then cinching it through the middle, over and over until all the rope was used up.  I tested the rope and there was absolutely no give.  The knots were way to high up my arms to even attempt to reach.  To complete her tie, she ran a rope from the frame of the bed and tied the other end around the chinch in my ankle ropes.  This effectively kept me tied in bed.  I was not going anywhere with out my dear Heather’s help.

All kinds of thoughts were going through my head, but mostly just trying not to concentrate on the pain and growing stiffness from my now immobile arms and legs.  Any thoughts I still had about being horny have mostly subsided and were replaced by pain and somewhat growing fear.

As she was inspecting her work and double-checking the knots she finally spoke.

“Now I have you just where I want you.  You will learn more about your fate in the morning.  For now you’ll just have to endure the tie I put you in.  Enjoy your night!”

She can’t be serious, can she?  I struggled for all I was worth, no slack at all.  I quickly tired and just lay there limp and helpless.  With despair in my eyes I watched Heather’s sweet pantyhose covered ass walk towards the doorway still wearing those extremely sexy heels; she simply and coolly flicked off the lights and shut the door.

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