Health Club

by Jim Oz

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© Copyright 2001 - Jim Oz - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; handcuffs; blindfold; bond; naked; cbt; cuffs; gag; collar; x-cross; nipple; clamps; tease; mast; nosex; cons/reluct; X

I have a T-shirt with the saying "It's been so long since I've had sex, I can't remember who ties who" and have worn it to the aerobics club on a couple of occasions with no more than a grin or so in reaction from others.  Finally a woman took notice in a more than casual way. The class had been a good workout and we were both drenched in sweat afterwards, when she came over to where I was standing. She was pretty good-looking, sort of tall with dark brown hair and a slim build. Her eyes were dark and she was dressed in a black workout suit. She told me she was watching during the class and thought I was doing pretty good for a guy. I told her I tried to do my best and enjoyed following a woman's lead. With that she looked at me a bit closer and asked if I would like to learn the answer to my T-shirt's question. I got flustered as usual, and my dick got hard and I spluttered a yes. She then told me to meet her at the counter in thirty minutes and be ready to go.

I made it through the shower in record time (and finally "relaxed" a bit) and timed it so I would be at the counter in exactly thirty minutes. She was standing there in jeans and denim shirt with black boots pulled over the pant legs. A wide belt was thrust through her jeans and a bold, almost masculine chain bracelet was on one wrist. She took one glance at me, handed me her bag, and told me to follow behind her. A couple of guys looked at me a bit strange as I followed meekly behind, but I paid them no mind.

She never glanced back as she strode to her truck, a black Jeep pickup. I placed the bags in the back and climbed in. As we sat in the truck, she reached in the glove compartment and pulled out cuffs and a blindfold. She asked if I had any second thoughts. I did but said, "No mam." With that, she put the blindfold around my eyes and cuffed my wrists behind my back.  Snugging the seat belt in place, she took off, saying nothing more. As common sense reared its head, I began to get a bit worried, but decided, what the hell, you only live once. After a not too long drive, she stopped the truck. She finally talked to me again. She said her name was Julie and since I followed her, I must know what I was getting into. I was to call her Mistress and her thing was bondage, tight and complex. If at any time I wanted out, she gave me a code to use. She also said that if I used it, she and I were done, period. She asked once more if I was willing, and with rational thoughts buried far behind, I said, "Yes Mistress".

She unzipped my pants and pulling my cock and balls out, tied on a leash.  She loosened the seat belt and pulled me out and up a short flight of stairs. I made really sure I wouldn't stumble and hoped no one was watching, having no idea where I was. I heard a door open and soon felt myself on a hard floor. I guessed we had entered her home. With that, she tied my leash off to something high and told me not to go away. I could hear her walk off as I tried to keep my balance. I was tied just enough were I had to keep up on my toes a little to keep from pulling on my balls.  It seemed like a long time until I heard her (was it her?) return.

My shoes and pants were pulled off and my underpants were cut off. I could feel the cold of the knife against my thighs as she sliced the cloth. My shirt followed, after the cuffs were rearranged to clear the sleeves. I was now securely bound, by a strange woman, in an unknown location, with no clothes on. The fear of the unknown was a strong counterpart to the raging lust I now felt. In the back of my mind, the thought that I had really fucked up kept trying to storm forward and overwhelm me.

Mistress Julie finally took the blindfold off and I blinked around trying to see clearly. I was in a sparsely furnished room, with piles of ropes and straps strewn about over dark, faintly sinister looking shapes in the back corners. I could see stocks and crosses and other equipment looming behind her. The Mistress was dressed in black. A black leather bra and panties along with black nylons held up by a black garter belt. A medium sized black collar was around her neck and one hand held a short black crop. Calf high black boots completed the ensemble. She was sipping from a glass of red wine and slowly walked around me, not saying a word.

She began to gather items scattered around the room and bring them to me.  The first was a high leather collar. The bottom was cut so it fit over my shoulders. It was high enough so that I had to keep my chin up and had very little movement to my head. There were assorted rings hanging from it and three straps which she proceeded to tighten. It was snug to the point that I knew it was on, yet I could still breath with no problem. Next came thick cuffs that strapped around my ankles. She took a short piece of chain and locked them together. Another clip held the chain to a buried ring in the floor. So far, all the straps had small padlocks locked on. I wasn't going anywhere until she decided I was.

She rummaged around in a pile of leather until she came up with a collection of narrow straps and rings. She untied the leash from my balls and proceeded to strap the contraption around my cock and balls. Whatever reservations I had mentally were contradicted by the raging hardon I had.  She pulled each strap tight enough to jerk my balls around quite a bit. She told me she enjoyed making sure a cock and balls weren't going anywhere and that this was a sample of what was to come. She looked at me as if wondering if I would want to quit. As I shook my head, she nodded and stuffed a handful of nylon hose into my mouth.

She hooked the leash to the harness that now entwined itself around my cock and balls and unclipping the leg chain from the floor, pulled me over to the cross-mounted on the wall. As she backed me to it, she unlocked the cuffs and pulling each wrist high, strapped them to the arms of the cross.  As that was done, she next pulled each ankle out and clipped them to the bottom of the cross. With my legs spread, my arms stretched out and there was no slack to the bonds. My cock harness was tied down as well to the bottom of the cross, not unbearable, but tight enough to be uncomfortable.  With the high collar, I could only look forward and could barely move anything else. She moved back and looked over her work. "Forgot something", she said, and snapped two silver clips with small weights to my nipples. She reached in back of the cross and it started to lean forward.  Before long, all I could see was a small patch of floor in front of me.

The next thing I could see was the Mistress tossing several cushions down in the spot my eyes looked at. Before long, she joined them with another glass of wine and a slender dildo in her hand. She told me she enjoyed seeing a man helpless and really had no interest in having sex with him. She was bi, with minimal male needs and was mostly interested in lesbian sex. If I was real nice, I might be able to watch her with another woman in the future.  As for now, I would have to be content with watching her with herself. With that, she pulled her panties off and turned on and inserted the dildo.

While one hand slowly kneaded and pulled at her nipples, the other slowly moved the dildo in and out of her glistening cunt. Her tongue would poke out and wind around her lips like something alive. Occasional moans would escape as sweat started to build up on her body. Her breasts were small but the nipples grew larger and larger as she fondled and felt them. She had her long legs widely spread as she pushed the dildo in deeper and faster.  She started to thrust and rotate her hips forward to meet the dildo as she speeded things up. Every thing accelerated as she moved closer and closer to climax. Finally she arched herself up off the cushions to meet the dildo and gave a deep and low animal groan. She fell back and tried to catch her breath, and slowly get back to normal.

I was fighting my bonds as well as I could, which was not much. The only thing I could do was get the leather cuffs to squeak a bit as I fought against them. There was enough movement to get the nipple clamps to jiggle a bit and also allow me to pull against the cock harness. My nipples were sore from the incessant grip of the clamp. My arms and legs burned from being outstretched on the cross and my cock was pulsing from battling its bonds. My mouth was filled with the unique taste of nylon hose and my nose was filled with the smells of sweat and leather. And struggle though I might, I couldn't begin to get loose. I was so turned on, that I came dry, right there, without being touched.

I was kept there throughout the night and tied and retied in many ways.  Except to change a harness or snap on a clamp, Mistress Julie never touched my cock. One time she hung me by my ankles and made me masturbate and another time strapped me down with a vibrator tied to my cock and balls until I came. By morning, I was sore and very, but pleasantly exhausted. I was finally untied, except for cuffs and told to dress. I was once again blindfolded and led out to the car. This time the blindfold was a pair of opaque wraparound sunglasses. I was driven back to the health club where my car was and released. Mistress Julie told me I might see her again. With that parting remark, I dazedly entered my car and went home.

Health Part 2

Since the last time I was with Mistress Julie, I had been spending a lot more time at the gym for a couple of reasons. The first, naturally enough was to try and meet her again. The second was to get myself in better shape, so if we did meet again, I could better handle what she threw at me. The last time, I ached and was sore for several days after. I was standing near the Stair-Master, getting my breath from my workout when I saw her again. She was dressed in black as usual, this time in a tied off T-shirt and shorts. Black sunglasses hid her eyes as she spoke, "I heard you've been working out a lot lately; for me?"

I instantly became tongue tied and blushed as I answered, "yes mam." Nothing like sterling conversation is there.

"My jeep is out in the lot, be there in twenty minutes," she said and walked off.

My heart was pounding as I quickly jogged down to the locker room and showered and dressed. I was out at her Jeep with minutes to spare.

"Early huh? It looks like I'll have to train you not to disobey." She tossed me some black Smith & Wesson handcuffs and told me to climb in the front seat and put them on behind my back.

When I climbed in, she reached over and put on the same opaque sunglasses I wore last time, then she tightened the seat belt down. I could hear the ratch as she locked extra manacles around my ankles.

"It will be interesting to see what kind of shape you're in," she said as she pulled out. "I have lots of ideas and toys to try on you this time."

We got to her place and pulled into a garage. When she stopped, she replaced the sunglasses with a sheepskin lined leather blindfold. Then she reached into my pants, and tied a leash around my cock and balls. Releasing the seat belt and tugging on the leash, she led me once again into her house.

She didn't waste any time and pulled my shirt off before she forced me to sit down against a wall.  She moved me around a bit and finally pulled a strap around my neck and snugged it. Another wide strap pulled my waist against the wall. They were somehow fastened to the wall, because I couldn't move at all. She quickly pulled my pants off and replaced the manacles with leather cuffs for my ankles. She started pulling and soon my ankles were over my head, widely spread apart. Leather cuffs also were placed on my wrists and my arms were pulled out to each side and tied off. She fiddled with and adjusted the ropes for awhile until I was as taut as a bent spring. My legs were spread and pulled up and away from my head, just a bit away from the wall. My arms were also spread and pulled out tight to each side. My midsection was tight and it was hard to breath; I could only take short gasps. My crotch was left widely exposed. She then walked away.

It seemed like I sat there for hours, but I'm sure it was probably much shorter. I could hear her returning just before she pulled my blindfold off. She was wearing some kind of short black robe strapped loosely around her waist. I could see when she moved, that except for her boots, it was all she was wearing. I could only get tantalizing glimpses of her beneath her robe, an effect I'm sure she worked at.

"Are we all comfy," she grinned, "hope you weren't planning on going anywhere soon."

The worst thing about my position was that my cock and balls were completely exposed. She emphasized that by tying a noose around each ball, and tying them down to eyebolts in the floor. She took another noose and tying it to my cock, pulled it up towards my head and attached it someplace up in that direction. She finished with a nylon stocking tied tightly around my cock and balls, which were soon darkening and pulsing in time with my ever increasing heartbeat. She then reached in between my legs and snapped some heavy metal clips to my nipples. The last thing she added was a pump-up gag. She popped it in behind my teeth and started squeezing the ball. The ball slowly packed my mouth and strained against my jaws. Just as it felt they would pop apart, she let off a bit of pressure and stood back up in front of me.

"Don't go away, love," she stared at me as untied her robe and let it hang free, "I'll be right back."

Every muscle in my body was straining. Sweat was rolling off me. Other than wiggling my fingers and toes, I was absolutely immobile. It was amazing, the way I was tied, I couldn't move anything. Usually I could at least bend a leg a little bit or crook an elbow. The way Mistress Julie had me stretched out, there was no slack at all, nothing could move, all my joints were locked.

She stepped back into my sight, completely naked. She had cut her dark brown hair since the last time, and it gave her a lean mannish look. She seemed to have tightened up her already great body, and was really looking ripped. She wasn't bulky, but lean and tigerish. Her dark eyes smouldered as she gazed at me bound against the wall.

"I love having a boy around the house." She sipped from a glass of wine, "It adds something to the decor." She sat down cross-legged in front of me and rubbed the sweating glass across her nipples and I stared as they grew larger and darker. She slowly licked her lips. "Are you getting what you want?"

I must have been, because my poor bound cock somehow got even harder. It was dark from the cords tying it, but was still throbbing along with my heart beat. I wasn't a man anymore, but a collection of aches and strains. My thighs burned as they were stretched out towards the wall. A steady ache started in my shoulders as my arms were stretched out and away. On my chest, two metal clips steadily squeezed down adding their little bite to the collection. All I could take were short gasps of air through my nose, as I watched her, hypnotized like a small bird before a snake. She reached out and spilled some cold wine on my crotch. It burned, and I shuddered with no visible effect.

"Watch and learn," she hissed as she slowly fingered herself. She would occasionally lick her fingers and gently knead her nipples. She finally laid back and slowly worked her dildo into herself, slowly moving it in and out. "Don't you wish this was you," she gasped as she continued.

The night stretched on and on as I stared without moving. No relief, no pause from the strain and bounds she had placed me in. All I could do was watch her and wait.


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