by Zephyr

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Part 1 - Her Turn at a Party

[Author's Note: This is a story about what happened to me while I was in college back in 1982, when sex was easier and AIDS hadn't been heard of.]

I went to the frat party at the urging of a friend, Jerri. She and I had at one time been close, but after a few times in bed I had wanted to try things that she just would not do. "No hard feelings", she said (and I believed her), "but no thanks". We parted and happily stayed friends. She called me up one day and told me of a party on Friday she wanted me to come to and meet a friend of hers named Vicky, who she said could be more of what I was looking for in a woman, maybe too much. I told her I couldn't pass that up.

I had been drinking Tequila sunrises, and was sipping on about my third. There was about thirty people in different groups in the house, Jerri had said she'd keep me company with me until Vicky showed up. Just then, the door opened and a group of people entered the house. Jerri pointed out one of the girls who had just come in and identified her as Vicky. She had told her about me, and she had expressed more than casual interest in meeting me, so here we were.

Vicky stood about 5-9, straight dishwater blonde hair that fell near the middle of her back. She weighed maybe 145 pounds, but had a nice pair of 38Cs that accounted for the extra weight. She wore a black crushed-cotton blouse that left her right shoulder bare. She wore white leather boots and a short white leather miniskirt that exposed quite a lot of leg, more than enough to cause a tightness in the front of my jeans. She walked up to us and a visible, very pleasant bounce was easily observed from her chest as she approached.

"Hi, Jerri." She walked up and looked at the two of us. She had a voice a little deeper than average, but not too deep. "I take it this is the Brian you have been telling me about?"

I'm Brian." I answered, looking at her eyes. Mischievous and somehow dangerous, I read in them. "I take it you're Vicky."

"Yep, I'll be right back; I'm gonna get a drink." She smiled at me before turning around and walking away. I admired her curves and especially her long, thin legs as she retreated until she entered the kitchen. She came back with a Pina Colada that smelled awful strong to me. Jerri helped us get started in the conversation, then made a graceful exit to pursue ends of her own.

The small talk continued while she drank her first two Coladas. When she came back with the third, she was relaxed by the drinks but not anywhere near out of control. She seemed to be someone I'd want to know better anyways, and she kept a tight bulge in my pants with her conversation and an occasional seemingly-innocent brushing against me.

"You know, Brian, I really hate the beat-around-the-bushes small talk. Jerri tells me that you are looking for a woman that you can live out your wildest fantasies with, do anything you want to with. I'm looking for the same from a man. I think we're each other's answer."

"I think we could have a lot of fun together." I paused for a second with visions of her tied buck naked to my bed, waiting helpless for me while I was at a class and hoping my roommate didn't drop by unexpectedly. Or taking her somewhere out into the forests up north and making love to her out in open on a mountaintop. I decided I'd hold on to this if I could.

"I want you to understand," She began, "I'm not looking for anyone for the rest of my life. I've got someone back home that takes good care of me and that I don't want to lose. No attachments, ok?"

"Sounds too good to me to pass up." I answered. "Just one condition..."

"No conditions." She cut me off and then looked me dead in the eyes. "Anything, ANYTHING goes, or nothing goes at all."

I stopped for a second at that. She took the opportunity to slide into my arms and slipped me a hot, passionate kiss. She rubbed her breasts into my chest and let a hand slide down to rub my rock-hard cock, then whispered in my ear. "Anything you ever wanted to do to a woman, you could do to me, and I'll give it all to you... Anything."

I felt my head start to swim for a second. "You're on. Who goes first?"

She backed away, threw her hair back, and gave me a dazzling broad smile. Under her breath I hear her murmur, "I think I'm going to like this..." Then louder, "How about flipping a coin?"

"Why not." I reached into my pocket for a coin. I drew a coin out and she grabbed my hands for a second.

"Ground rules: We take turns each weekend, Friday morning at eight until midnight Monday morning."

"How about this:" I countered. "Turns last for three days unless ended earlier by mutual consent. And the one whose turn it is then can start up his or her time at any time within the next three days by coming up and indicating that they want their turn starting then."

She thought about it for a moment, "Ok, but don't you interfere with my class schedule...."

"No conditions, remember?" I answered back.

She looked up at me and gently bit her lip. "Agreed."

I flipped the coin. "Heads or tails."

"Heads" She answered.

I uncovered the coin to reveal the tail. "Ok, you're mine starting right now."

She looked up at me with a little fear. "Here? All my friends are here."

"Go get me another Sunrise and get yourself another Pina Colada." She looked at me for a long minute, then turned and headed for the kitchen.

My cock sprang up to be so hard it was aching. She came back with the two drinks and quietly handed me mine. I sat down on a couch in a corner of the room, out of the main activity of the party but not entirely out of sight. "Sit down on my lap." I pointed at the now granite bulge in my pants. She sat down in my lap with her legs off to one side. Her skirt rode up a delicious few inches, but I wanted more. I wanted to find out how serious she was about all this.

"No." I said, "Facing me with your legs on either side of me."

She gasped. "But I'm not wearing panties....." She saw the angry look on my face, and then muttered, "Just you wait until it's my turn."

She spun around sat astride and facing me. The conversation in our corner of the room got quieter for a second, then resumed as her legs slid open outside of mine and her miniskirt slid up to my legs in back and almost to her waist in front. And she was right, she wasn’t wearing any panties. I let her stay there for about thirty seconds, to make sure she wasn't going to lose nerve. She didn't.

"Vicky, carefully get up and straighten out your skirt, then follow me upstairs." She did, and I led her upstairs. I found a bedroom that had rumpled sheets on the bed but no current occupants. I closed the door and in the moonlight coming from the open window, I grabbed her and threw her down to the bed, pinning her wrists down by her sides. I kissed her deeply, and she kissed me back. I held her hands at her waist, but to be honest I think I could have let go of them and she wouldn't have moved them.

I started at her throat and nibbled my way down to her breasts, unbuttoning her blouse as I went. As I neared her nipples and began to tease them, she began to shudder and moan quietly, and twitch when I would hit a particularly sensitive spot. It didn't take too much longer until she was shaking and begging for more. I took my time getting her out of her miniskirt and boots, while I was nibbling at her inner thighs and after taking off her boots she nearly tore off her blouse. I spent a long time eating and eating and eating her. She tasted sweeter than I expected. Finally I couldn't take it any more.

Off came my clothes and I plunged into her like greased lightning. She clawed at my back and kept making groans and noises, moving her legs up between the two of us, flat on the bed, in several different positions. She came with a shudder and a very loud moan, which I stifled most of with my hand. I stopped and let her enjoy the ride, then finished myself a few minutes later. We laid there for about ten minutes, just calming down, talking quietly about nothing.

I rolled over to face her and she asked, "Ready to go again?"

"No," I started, "but since you're mine tonight, this is what I want you to do. You said anything, right?"

"Well, don't ask me to jump out of the window, of course."

"I wouldn't." I answered. "I want you in good working order as least as long as you'll keep with me."

"Ok. What do you want me to do?"

I got up. She started to get up, but I gently pushed her back into the bed. I put my clothes back on, then rummaged through the room for a few seconds looking for a bag. I found a grocery bag, which would do quite nicely. I picked up her skirt and blouse, neatly folded them and put them in the bag.

She looked at me. "What are you doing with my clothes?"

"You're mine, right? I'm going to send someone in here within the next hour or two. I'm going to tell him to pretend it was an accident that he came into the room. If he comes back downstairs and tells me that he's just had the greatest sex in his life, I'll come back up here and give you your clothes back."

I finished putting her boots into the bag, folded the top and headed for the door. "If he doesn't, you're on your own."

"How will I know if the guy is the one you sent?" She asked.

I smiled. "You won't. I guess you'll just have to screw them all."

I closed the door to the sounds of quiet choking coming from the room. I moved past a few people to the top of the stairs, and waited for the door to open and Vicky come screaming out at me, wrapped in a sheet. But nothing happened, the door never budged.

After two or three minutes, I went back down the stairs to the party as my cock was growing hard again in my pants at the thought of Vicky's situation. Maybe she would hold through on her promise, but if she did, then I would have to do anything for her. I wanted to hope that she'd default on the promise, but if she would hold up through this, then I could.

I walked into the kitchen, stowed the bag underneath the sink in a cabinet, and found myself a beer. I walked out into the living room of the frat house to see how the party was going. I spent a while admiring the miniskirts and tight tops some of the girls were wearing. I found myself talking to a girl named Barbara, and as we talked my mind wandered back to Vicky stuck without any clothes upstairs. My cock grew rock hard while I was thinking, and I knew I'd want more of this than just three days, even if it meant submitting to her. We finished the conversation and she left me with her phone and dorm room numbers.

As I pocketed them, a friend of mine, Scott wandered up. "Where's Vicky?" He asked me, looking around. "From what Jerri said, I figured you two would be inseparable."

"She's upstairs right now by herself." I answered. I thought about it, and decided why not? "What do you think of her?"

"Well, " he looked at me, and saw in my eyes that I knew how he felt and didn't mind hearing it. "I could screw her for hours." He said in a quieter voice. "God, what a body! But she's with you, so oh well."

"Are you serious?" I asked.

"Well, sure, but isn't she with you?"

"If you really want to see her body up close, go upstairs and into the third room on the left. Act like you're looking for somebody. She'll take care of you, I promise." He looked at me a little strangely, but turned and went upstairs.

I finished off the beer and went after another one, wondering how long I would be waiting for Scott to come back down. To my surprise, he was waiting for me in the living room. "I walked into the room, but she had, well, company."

"Try back later." I pulled him aside and filled him in on her situation. "Let me know if she deserves to get her clothes back."

He went back up there about twenty minutes later, and I didn't see him for the better part of an hour. When he came back down, he was flushed but looked happy. He nodded at me, "Give her her clothes back. She's earned them."

As I smiled at him and headed for the kitchen, he gave me a quiet warning, "but watch out, she's still kinda buzzed and hungry for more."

I went back upstairs, and slipped in the door. I could see Vicky laying under a sheet on the bed. She watched me come in, then asked me in a sugar-couldn’t-melt-on-her-lips voice, "Well, do I get my clothes back?"

I handed her the bag, but she grabbed my arm and pulled me onto the bed and straddled me. Reaching down, she rubbed my iron-hard cock through my jeans. "God I'm drunk, but I want to cum again so bad! Let's go for one more, if you can handle it." With that she unzipped my pants and began to suck on my cock. I settled back in. I wasn't in any hurry, and she was smoking hot.

[End of headgames part one]

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