The Head Cast

by Weird One

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Storycodes: M/f; wager; bond; naked; cast; plaster; mold; encase; sendep; handcast; hooks; tease; sex; climax; cons; X

Part Two added 16.07.16

Andi could not believe that she had lost th bet. Now she had to pay the price. Her team had lost and done so miserably. Andi had been watching a local football game and she had bet her husband that the visiting team from the town she grew up in would win. As they drove home she knew what he was going to do. You see although they had been married for three years they had no children; mostly because they were into bondage and other sexual fetishes.

James had been researching casting and Andi had let him apply a full leg cast a few weeks ago for the weekend. James had been badgering her to let him try something different he had bought all the supplies that they would need. James wanted to cast her head all of it leaving a small hole of the mouth and two for the nose, Andi would be completely blind and almost deaf until the cast came off. They had played with some sensory deprivation in the past so this was nothing new the only difference being that always before the only thing keeping her blind was a leather hood and some locks.

James pulled the car into the garage at their house in the country he told her to go get ready. Andi went into the house and went directly to their bathroom she took a nice long hot shower, after the shower she made sure to dry her long red hair and braid it into a long braid, a braid that would almost reach her butt. As Andi got dressed in a sweatshirt and sweatpants she was very nervous, the bet she had made would allow James to cast her head and leave it casted for three whole days.

She walked into the kitchen to find James with all the supplies laid out on the counter and a chair, he had her remove her sweatshirt and sit down on the chair. He started by covering her eyes taping on a pair of aluminum eye shields. She did not ask any questions as he had explained the whole thing days before, the eye shields were to keep everything away from her eyes she would be able to open and close her eyes this way.

He takes a piece of stockinet, ties a knot at one end and covers her head with it cutting a hole for her braid. He adds a length of stockinet covering some of the braid, he wrapped her head in padding making sure to leave holes over the nostrils and mouth. He made sure not to wrap her braid into the padding, he actually had a string hanging from the ceiling to hold the braid up and out of the way.

Once he was all ready, he opened a roll of two inch red fiber and started to carefully wrap her head, he carefully wrapped her head covering it completely in two inch fiber leaving the holes for her mouth and noise uncovered. Once he had covered her head in two layers he opened a three-inch roll and ever so carefully wrapped her head in a smooth layer of fiber, cutting the fiber so as not to cover her noise and mouth.

Andi had sat there while he wrapped very quietly as he added layers, she noticed that it got more and more quiet. The fiber and padding was acting to muffle the sound she could hear, she knew the cast was done as James had stopped pulling at her head as he wrapped. She stayed quiet for a time and then she heard him he must be almost yelling at her, he told her that he was done with the cast and that she could get up and move around if she wanted to.

Her hands immediately went up to the cast, she ran her hands all over the cast she felt of every inch of the cast, she found that it went from just below the base of her skull and covered every inch of her head, there was a small hole just large enough for her braided hair to come through, she felt of the three holes in the face of the cast, the holes were not large enough for her to get a finger into the cast. She felt of the cast covering her eyes, the cast was smooth with little indication that there should be eyes there. The cast she felt with her hands was amazing and she would love to look at a cast like this on anyone else’s body, the fact that it was on her own sent shivers down her spine.

James helped her up from the chair once she was standing he removed her sweatpants leaving her naked other then the cast. She felt a straw at her lips she accepted it into her mouth and drank heavily of the water offered her. She again heard James as he yelled telling her she should try to move around the house. Andi felt her self blinking her eyes knowing full well that this would do nothing for her, standing there in the kitchen she decides she wants to try to get to the bathroom. This is not the first time for her to be blind in her own house, she stumbled her way to the bathroom running into many things along the way. She gets to the bathroom and uses it, as she finishes washing her hands she feels his hands on her, he guides her to what she could only think was there bedroom he helped her to the bed.

Andi had not uttered a word since James had started the cast it was not that she couldn’t, it is just that she hadn’t. James had helped her onto their bed and had started to tease her body, a touch here, a kiss there, he worked her up slowly. As James was teasing her body she got hotter and hotter she needed a sexual release more and more, finally he entered her and it was not long before she had an earth shattering orgasm. Andi lay there panting as she feels James get off the bed, he is gone for a short time when he returns she has calmed down a lot, James helps her to sit up and a straw is introduced to her mouth this time it is orange juice.

The rest of the first evening and most of the second day she is left to her own to stumble around the house naked, feeling her way from room to room. Her day is punctuated by short contacts with James every time it is when James looks for her, though she is not hard to find, He is. Mid day on the second day of the cast Andi decides to find James, she starts searching for him she goes room to room, as she enters a room she is not able to find him. Andi can hear almost nothing making it easy for James to not be found he has been following her in her search of the house. Through the time Andi has been in this cast James has been giving her drinks of water or juice, he has also fed her liquid meals, she has gone to the bathroom on her own by the end of day two she has gotten rather good at getting around.

The evening of day two James again helps her to bed and they again have mind-blowing sex. The next morning when she woke up James walked her to the kitchen he fed her a protein shake, when she was done he took her left hand, put something into her hand then he slid what almost felt like a sock this was strange to her, he then wrapped her hand in something. Before she knew it she could no longer feel her hand. Before she knew it he had done the same thing to her other hand. This was almost too much she spoke out as best she could.

Andi said, “This is not fair how am I going to get around now?”

The only thing she heard was him saying, “You can survive for the rest of the day!” and that was all, the casts were hard but he was still playing around with them, she would find out later what he was doing. James had casted into the ends of the casts an eye bolt. James would use these bolts later to attach her to things. Once James was done he walked Andi to the middle of the living room, someplace that she had not been since the casting. He left her on her own while he went to clean up the mess he had made. Andi put her hands up, what good that would do in casts as they were. She didn’t even know what room she was starting in, Andi decided that she had to go somewhere so she slowly walked forward. Unknown to Andi James was watching her closely, she walked forward she soon ran into a wall. She still didn’t know where she was.

James finished cleaning up the kitchen when he was done he went to find Andi, she had not gone far from where he had left her in the middle of the living room. He put a straw in her mouth and she drank well from the bottle of water. James helped Andi to the bathroom where she sat and used the toilet, once complete she naturally reached for where the toilet paper should be she hit the wall with the eyebolts. James wiped her and then led her out of the bathroom. She heard him speak to her again, ”I am going to take you out into the back yard now.”

What did he just say, no he couldn’t not like this naked with three casts on, what if someone sees me?

Part Two

Before Andy had the chance to protest she was being lead by her hands by James she was stepping carefully.   James was not leading Andy very fast but he was bringing her to the back yard.  They lived well into the country well away from most everyone and in spite of this there back yard had a six-foot tall stockade fence all the way around it. 

As they walked along Andy felt the surface she was walking on change. They must have walked out through the garage there was no step down from the house to the garage and again from the garage to the backyard no step down.  Andy could feel the hot sun beating down on her naked body. 

Later Andy would tell James that the moment she had realized she was naked outside was exhilarating, she would tell him that being bound and outside had excited her so greatly that her juices were flowing down the inside of her legs. 

As they walked along James could see Andy’s knees weaken as they walked outside the sun was hot that day and he knew she must have realized they were outside now.  She looked so helpless her beautiful head and hands covered in a thick fiberglass cast. 

James walked Andy to the center of the back yard he leaned in close to her head speaking loudly tells her that the head cast will come off once she has found her way to the house.  He spins her around once completely and leaves her naked in the back yard.  James gets a beer and sits on the patio overlooking the yard to watch Andy. 

Andy had no idea where she was in the yard she had no idea where the house was; all she could do was walk.  One slow step at a time she had her arms out in front of her she was not sure why she did this with the casts on her hands she couldn’t tell what she ran into any way.

Andy had been stumbling around the back yard for more then half an hour when she felt a straw at her lips.  She drank heavily from it finding out that it was her favorite hard lemonade.  As she drank she started to feel a bit dizzy the alcohol was getting to her she raised her hand to push the drink away she still had to find the house. 

Before she could move James had a straw in her mouth again this time it was water, water was good, off she went again only this time far less in control of her direction.  She stumbled around for what felt like hours when her foot hit something hard it felt like the patio she was home free.  She walked a little more and there it was the house. 

James had been sitting there the whole time watching her carefully.  It had been all he could do not to get up and help her up when she had stumbled.  It had only been half an hour since he had given her the drink when she found the house.  But he had to keep his word. 

James came over and led her into the house he sat her down, but instead of cutting the head cast off he started wrapping her feet and legs to her knees.  He wrapped her entire foot and legs not leaving even the toes uncovered, once her feet were almost done he added two more eyebolts one to each foot.  Andy did not know what was going on she could feel what he was doing but she didn’t know why. 

Once he had finished working with her feet and legs she very quickly heard the sound of a cast saw cutting into the head cast.  As James worked at cutting the cast off Andy’s head she tried very hard to concentrate on something else.  Andy hated the sound of the cast saw and this time the sound was almost deafening.  The cutting was done soon enough she heard a few snips of the scissors and the back of the head cast came off. 

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