He Earns His Wings

by Rubbry

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© Copyright 2021 - Rubbry - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; mpov; bond; straps; cuffs; bench; claws; blood; pain; cons; XX

He knelt before her, his Owner. It always began like this. She sat in the bondage chair, an image of perfection. Petite, with features he found captivating. Her lips, her eyes, everything. He worshipped her. He always had.

She wore knee high patent boots, that creaked with every tiny movement, sending cold chills up him. Then came fishnets, with large gaps in the net. Leading up to her latex bodysuit. Black, with red outlines. She wore it intentionally, to get his full attention.

He had memorized every one of her tattoos, could draw them by memory. Every colour and line.

He knelt, naked. His only adornment the cage around his manhood. Her property. The cage only covered part of him, but his whole being was hers.

She leant forward smiling. They always smiled. The way they vibed from day one, was both unnerving and exciting to them at the same time.

"Today, I'll give you your wings, my pet."

She was leaning towards him now. Her hand on his shoulder.

"You will be brave for me won't you?" She whispered in his ear. He leant his head against hers.

"Yes Mistress. I'll take whatever you give me."

She said nothing more. She raised up from the chair, took his hand and gestured to him to stand. Leading him over to the other side of the room, she ordered him onto the bench, face down. The leather padding was cold, he didn't care. She worked fast, securing his ankles to the bottom of the bench. Then took each wrist, and secured them with cuffs to the steel frame at each side of him.

Immediately, the atmosphere changed. Both of them felt it. His Owner wasn't done yet. She placed leather belts, from behind his calves, knees, and just above his waist, and tightened each one, securing him further.

She moved up to his ear. He could feel her hair tickle his face. She slowly slipped a leather blindfold over his eyes. He didn't need to see what was coming. She walked away, and returned holding a small black leather case, similar to a jewelry box.

Slowly, like an animal stalking its prey, she climbed up onto the bench. Sliding up his body, until she sat directly on top of him. Positioned just above his hips.

The small box sat on his back. He could feel the cold leather. She slowly opened it, revealing its contents. Five claws, made from stainless steel. She took one, and carefully placed it on her index finger, sending waves through her. She then repeated the process with the other four claws.

They were sharp, but not too sharp. She admired her new talons, slowly opening and closing her fingers, turning her hand to see from all angles.

He waited for what seemed like eternity. Then slowly felt the cold steel start to trace his back, lightly. It tickled. As the pressure began to build, he could hear her, her breathing getting heavier. She was in that zone.

She bit her slip, as she dug them into his skin with some force for the first time. His whole body shuddered. She did the same to the other side of his back. The same shudders.

The outlines were drawn. She slowly leant forward again.

"You wanted to see this side… Do you still want to now?"

"Yes Mistress," was all he could utter. This was exactly what he wanted. What they both needed.

She began, in a slow, deep motion, to claw each side of his back. From the top of each shoulder, to the bottom of his ribcage. He was moving now. The pain increased with every pass of the claws. Every few passes over his raw skin, she sped up and dug deeper.

He started to moan, quietly at first. But quickly the moans turned to guttural growls from deep within him. Straining against his bonds as the woman he trusts with his life, is now drawing blood with every pass of her claws. His growls, she fed off them. The side of her that she rarely allowed to be seen, was absorbing every sight and sound.

He could feel the blood trickling down his sides. He didn't care, he couldn't. Waves of sheer pain and pleasure racked his body. He was dangling between panic and joy. He couldn't take any more. But he could, he would, all for her.

She was panting now. Still clawing at his back. Lost in time. Blood covered the claws and her fingertips. She was reveling in his reactions, his blood a gift to her.

When she could claw no more, her hand and arm cramping, she slumped onto him, spent.

Her head resting against the nape of his neck, her latex covered body lying on his bloody back.

Both of them were completely exhausted. Had never felt so alive.

Her breath calmed him. Their breathing slowed in time, as if their lungs were shared.

After what felt like hours, she rose from him, stretched out her arms, and slowly slid from the bench. Removing each claw, stained red, and placing them on the table.

She was so happy with her work. Here lay her pet, her toy, wearing his new wings. Lines of red all down his back, and onto the floor.

They both needed this.

She slowly removed his blindfold, and undid his restraints. He turned over slowly, onto his back. It was on fire. She leant across him, her beauty calming him further. Her smile made him forget the unexplainable suffering he went through, to gain his wings.

"You did so well, I'm proud of you."

He was close to tears. He sought her approval from day one. This woman, he had known for only a few short months, had changed his life. Made him stronger. He could never thank her.

She gave him his wings, and he flew for the first time…

Thank you, Mistress.

The End.


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