The Haves and the Have Knots

by R G Bargy

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© Copyright 2006 - R G Bargy - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; cons; X

Julia did not like being ignored. She was just not used to it. No matter how hard she tried she just could not get Brandon’s attention, then again it was hardly surprising. He had trussed her up like a Christmas turkey and then turned his back on her. She would wait for him and there was nothing she could do to change it.

Julia was used to getting everything her own way. She was more than comfortably well off being the only daughter of a multimillionaire. She was always centre of attention, with people around her. She had been able to get anything she wanted, except a constant true companion. Every one loved her, for her money, and her generosity, but no one wanted her for herself, until Brandon appeared.

Brandon was a mystery. He was a post graduate student, and kept to himself. He was nothing special to look at, but was muscular and taller than she was. He had ignored her from the start, and that had attracted her attention to him. He was something new. A man who did not throw himself at her or accept anything from her. She had eventually cornered him in the back of the changing rooms after a swim, just her and him, no one else around.

“Do you not like me?” She accused

“I can’t like or not like you.” He answered, “I don’t know you.”

“You’ve never tried.”

“Why should I. You’ve always had plenty of people around you.”

“Not always.” she countered. “You’ve just avoided me.”

“Why should you care?”

Julia had to consider her answer to that one. She was not really sure how to put it.

“Because you’re the only man I have ever met who has not wanted my money.” She decided.

“I don’t need your money,” he answered curtly. “I have my own.”

“Are you rich?” She queried

“That’s for me to know. Let’s just say that I am comfortable enough, though I am probably not in your league.”

“How do you know what I have or have not got. You just said you did not know me.” She challenged.

“I don’t know you.” He said. “But I know about you. You’re the biggest spoilt brat in the campus.”

Julia flushed at this casual insult. Unfortunately she also knew it to be true. She was spoilt, she was rich, and she was more than likely full of it.

“So tame me.” She suggested.

“You do not know what you are asking.” He countered.

Julia was even more intrigued but she had no answer.

“You do not know me either.” He continued. “For all you know I might be a rapist or a murderer. Or a thief “ he added..

“Are you?” She asked.

“That’s for me to know and you to find out.” He answered.

So she had done just that. She had tried to find out all she could about this mysterious man who did not need her money and thought he could tame her and she had found out: nothing. He came from up north, he had money and he was a loner. So she had to find out the hard way.

It took many weeks to get to know him. He was witty, he was very secretive, but he did seem honest. His money came from his parents also, and he was not found wanting for much.

“So why keep to your self?” She asked him once.

“Because I am particular about who I associate myself with, and have specific ideas about what I want.”

“For example?”

“I dislike make up.”

Julia had worn make up since she was first a teenager. She had got into pubs at 14 and had never gone out without wearing make up for years.

“I see.” She said. “Does that include foundation?”

“All make up. I like clean skin.” He affirmed. “Clean and bare.” He added mischievously.

Julia excused herself and went to the ladies. It took a few minutes to clean off everything and she felt vaguely naked when she returned.

“Ahh.” He said admiringly. “So there is someone under all that muck.”

Julia blushed. “Anything else?”

“Just one, but I will need to get something first.”

Julia was curious. “Go on then.”

“Perhaps tomorrow.” he said as mysteriously as ever. “I will show you something tomorrow. If you return it to my house, I will let you in and treat you accordingly. If not, then you are welcome to dispose of it as you think fit. I will of course, deny any knowledge to any one else.”

This was maddening. “Tomorrow then.”

The package was flat, actually it was an envelope. On the front was Brandon's' name and address. She recognised the area as being expensive.

“Do you live alone?”

“I have a housekeeper but she only works mornings. I will be in at seven. If you do not appear by eight thirty I will assume that we will be not seeing each other again.”

Julia was shocked. “What never?”

“Well socially anyway.” He reached over to stop her opening the envelope. “Not now. You will need to be in private. Everything will be clear when you open it. “ he explained. “You will either want to keep well clear of me, or I will see you this evening. Remember, do not open it in public.”

He sounded serious. Julia could hardly wait. They finished small talk and he walked away. Julia dropped the envelope into her bag. She resisted the temptation to retrieve it and rip it open, her car was not far, she could look there. It felt like the whole world was watching her. Several people had commented within earshot about her changed appearance, but she had kept her distance from the usual hangers on. Once she reached the safety of her car she took out the envelope. It seemed harmless enough, clean, strong, manilla and sealed. Inside was a magazine.

“A girlie magazine!” She exclaimed to no one in particular. She pulled it out in disgust to throw it on the seat, then stopped. This was no ordinary porno mag. “Bondage life” she read. Her first reaction was to put it back. “You must be kidding!” She said out loud.

To be honest, she only knew of such things by reputation. She did not even know that such magazines really existed. There was a post-it inside the front cover. “Read the Harmony Concepts then go to page 14.” It instructed.

The text was an explanation of the principles behind the book extolling the virtues of what it called “Love Bondage”. It was slightly reassuring to know that if the magazine was to be believed all participants did so willingly. Julia was not convinced however that she wished to become one of them. Curiosity made her turn to page 14.

It was a two page spread, various angled pictures of the same girl. The expected note was attached, “This could be you.” It said simply. A first glance told her that the model looked nothing like her. She had blonde hair and the model’s was dark, so he was obviously referring to her circumstances. She was stripped down to bra and panties, and sat cross legged on the floor. Each ankle was tied to the opposite knee forcing her into a lotus style position, her hands were behind her. There was a line of rope across the top of her chest over her bra line and an x formed from her shoulders to each side separating her breasts and encouraging them to stand forward.

From the other pictures it was clear that her hands were tied firmly behind her with the upper ropes holding her arms. The girl did not seem to be in any distress and there was no sign of any one else. Julia stared at it for a little while and tried to imagine herself in that way, but she could not. She returned to the start of the magazine and read it from cover to cover. There were several photo shoots, letters, articles and a couple of short stories. It became clear that the principles of this tying up was as a prelude to sex, but no sexual activity was allured to directly except in one of the stories where the heroine was treated to forced stimulation and seemed to enjoy the result.

“Well I never.” She muttered quietly to herself. Looking up she found the car park empty. She had been so engrossed that she had not seen the time tick away or noticed the students disperse. She vaguely wondered if anyone had seen her reading avidly in the car, but it was an expensive piece of machinery with tinted windows, designed to be seen but protecting the identity of the driver to a certain extent. She found herself putting the magazine carefully back into the envelope without damaging either item. A glance at the clock on the dashboard told her it was past six o’clock. She drove home carefully. Almost in a trance she went through the motions of making and eating a meal. It was now half seven. Brandon lived a good twenty minutes drive away, fifteen minutes at least to get ready. If she was going she would have to start straight away.

“I did not think you would come.” He had said as she presented the envelope back to him.

“Well I’m here.” She said simply. He showed her inside to a large lounge with a real blazing fire. It was warm it was cosy, but there was a pile of menacing looking coils of rope displayed on the sideboard.

“Shall we begin?”

Julia was taken aback. So quick, no introductions, no wooing her into submission, he had not even taken her coat.

“How do I know I can trust you?” She said quietly.

“You knew what to expect when you came here.” He said simply, “you are free to leave again.” He said firmly, “But if you do, do not come back.”

So here she was. Tied exactly as in the pictures. In the middle of the carpet, just far enough from the fire not to get burnt. He had tied her efficiently and securely. Once finished he had placed a hand on her breast, to which she had tried to pull away from. It had been futile of course, but he had seen the gesture and immediately withdrew, turned and walked to one of the arm chairs, picked up a paper and started reading. She had struggled for a while. Testing each rope and finding that there was no slack or movement. With her legs forced open she felt vaguely exposed, her flimsy knickers affording little protection to her modesty. She had called to him with increasing volume but he had kept his distance, finding the paper more interesting than her.

“Are you going to leave me like this all night?” she demanded.

He threw her a disdainful glance. “It’s what you expected isn’t it?”

“What do you want of me?” She accused.

“What do you think?” He said quietly.

Julia struggled fiercely but he was winning.

“Do you want me to free you?” He asked, “Or can I touch you?”

“I can’t stop you.” She snapped.

“No.” He said, “But I will not force myself upon you, tied or not. “

“I see.” She said.

“I will let you consider what you want me to do next.” He said, and returned to the paper.

Julia considered her predicament. She was not a virgin, neither was she completely ignorant about matters carnal, but this was new to her. She was, she realised, aroused, and she did fancy the man sitting not far away, who was pretending to ignore her. This was very frustrating. She decided on a bold course of action.

“I want you to strip in front of me.” she said quietly. His reaction proved that he was actually concentrating on her despite his nonchalance, but he said nothing. He folded the newspaper and got up slowly. He looked at her straight in the eye and proceeded to strip, slowly, and very provocatively. When he had finished Julia was left in no doubt about his state of mind. He towered over her with his penis erect and swollen. She had never really looked at one before and was treated to a full view.

“I think may be I am safer as I am.” She whispered.

“I still have an opening available to me.” He said mischievously.

Julia pulled at her wrist bonds again. “You promised not to force anything upon me.” She reminded him. “And that opening is not available at present.” She stated.

He sighed. “Probably just as well. I understand teeth can be very damaging. Now you have seen all, may I make a closer inspection of you?”

She nodded. He was very gentle, almost too gentle. She was unable to stop herself writhing under his touch, but her noises were not discouraging. He placed a hand on her tit and slid it under her bra. She did not object, so he eased her tit clear of the material. He then freed the other and cupped them in is hands his thumbs rubbing over her already swollen nipples. He reached down between her legs and was greeted with a warm wet reception.

“It appears that I am not he only one aroused here.” He said quietly. She nodded again.

“If you free me. I will show you how aroused I really am.”

He did not comply immediately, preferring to tease and stroke her quivering bound body. He came for a kiss and found that she was open for that at least. She allowed him to probe her mouth with his tongue and sucked hard at his open mouth. His hands were all over her and she was finding it harder to hold herself upright.

“Release me.” She said softly. “I will show you how responsive I can be.”

If he was disappointed he did not show it. He untied her and they made love on the mat with the ropes still strewn around them.

“So how many maidens have you captured here?” She asked after he had climaxed inside her. She had not been fully satisfied but this was not unusual in her experience

“Just one.” He answered. “And she has not left yet. How did you find it?”

“Frustrating.” She admitted. “I wanted your touch but you ignored me.”

“How do you think it would be if I gave you my full attention?”

“How do you mean?”

“You did not cum.” It was a statement not a question.

“I rarely do with a man inside me.” She answered truthfully.

“I can make you cum.”

“I’m sure you can, but why tie me up again?”

“When you pleasure yourself you are in control. I suspect that when you are with someone else you try and control them too. Telling them where to touch, how hard and how long. If I tie you up, you have no control. If you let me I will take you to the moon and back.”

“If you have never tied any one up before how can you be so sure?” She accused.

“I did not say I had never tied any one before, or that I had never pleasured any one tied before. Only that I had never brought any one back here. It was a previous girl friend who introduced me to the pleasures of bondage.”

“Why did you split up?”

“She liked to be dominant. So do I. We could not agree on who was to be tied.”

“I see. So you have been tied yourself?”

“Many times.” He confessed. “But I prefer to do the tying.”

Julia considered for a few moments.

“I’m game.” She agreed.

“Let us transfer to the bedroom. ” he suggested.

She picked up her scattered clothes while he carefully coiled up his precious rope.

It was not his bedroom, at least not the one he slept in, that she was sure of. The bed was only a single one, standing prominently in the middle of the room with access to all sides. The furniture was sparse, just a small wardrobe and dresser. The lighting could be either discrete from the tops of the walls or brightly lit from the centre of the room. He brought up the wall lights slowly to reveal the bed in all it’s glory. It was only a single, with black metal headboard and foot. Plenty of places to secure some one to, she thought.

“This is my special guest room.” He announced. “It normally stays locked.” He confided. “No point in alarming the staff.”

Despite this it was spotlessly clean. There were no covers on the bed just an under sheet and several pillows. She watched him attach a rope to each corner of the frame before motioning her to lie down.

To her surprise she was not lying right in the middle of the bed. Her ankles were spread wide resting on the foot board so her head was almost halfway down the mattress. Her wrists were pulled towards the top corners while a rope across her tummy kept her hips from raising up. He used no more rope making her naked and vulnerable, her pussy open wide and her quivering body defenceless against what ever he planned.

He did not touch her immediately giving her time to contemplate her position. She felt exposed and could not help pulling hard at her bonds trying vainly to cover herself up. When he came back into her vision he was no longer naked. He wore a strange leather harness with a ring at his chest and straps over his shoulders and out towards his hips. There was a leather belt and soft leather briefs which concealed his manhood. There was even a collar with metal studs. The effect was startling. He looked more like a slave than a master.

“I am here to serve.” He said softly. “I hope you are not in a hurry.”

He oiled her body from neck to toe. Starting from her legs he soothed and caressed her. It was tantalising and slow. As he massaged her thighs she tensed and strained, but he stopped short of her love opening and started on the other foot. He traced the contours of each limb before rubbing over her torso in long circles that avoided her breasts. He was able to reach her buttocks with her legs raised to allow him access. He allowed a finger to invade her behind and she shut her eyes while her body processed the sensations. Each breast was treated to individual attention his hands encircling it until a feint touch to her nipple sent a wave right through her. He pressed on the outside of her pussy but not touching the growing ache that was inside.

His hands now moved smoothly all over her, brushing over each breast making her shudder and crave more. She moaned quietly as he slowly worked her into a frenzy. When his finger started to explore between her legs she welcomed the touch expecting him to encourage her to orgasm but it was not to be. His touch was light and he avoided her clitoris with maddening accuracy. Her sweat now mingled with the oil making her body clammy, but he had neatly avoided getting too close to the ropes at her wrists and ankles so there was no slipping free. He knelt astride her, not placing any weight on her but squeezing her body gently between his legs and placing one hand over each breast. He teased her nipples to distraction making her call out in dismay. He ground his encased member against her giving slight relief to the pressure building inside. He dismounted her carefully and lay beside her with one hand on her breast, the other venturing further down. As the rush built up she felt like her head would explode. The climax when it came was the largest she had ever felt but he did not let her come down. With her legs spread high and wide she accepted the sensations pulling outwards not together, her hips straining upwards against the rope that held her. At the third peak needs were reversed. She had to close her legs, but they were still held firm. She gasped through another orgasm before calling for release.

He was able to free her ankles without completely untying them, slipping the ropes off the bed posts. She closed her legs gratefully, bending her knees to allow her feet to touch the mattress. He released her arms and loosened the rope to her waist allowing her full freedom despite still having ropes wrapped around each wrist and ankle. He perched on the side of the bed.

Julia snuggled up to him. “Thank you.” She said. “I am sorry I doubted you.”

“It was a pleasure.” He assured her. “For me also.”

“I have never met any one like you. I want to stay here for ever.”

“You have so much, and I am very possessive.” He warned.

“Would you hold me against my will?”

“No.” He said quietly. “But I might impose some restrictions on your movements.”

Julia snuggled close to him again. No words were needed. She had finally found someone who wanted her, not her money. Her parents had wanted her to settle down once she left college, however this was a slightly different interpretation to “Tying the Knot” than they would have expected.