Haunted House


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Storycodes: F+; swamp; mansion; haunted; discovery; passage; trap; other/f+; encase; bond; cage; predicament; susp; torment; gag; straitjacket; bandages; wrap; cocoon; float; feed; eaten; trick; hologram; drug; altered reality; cons/nc; XX

Sally and Tess were Paranormal Investigators, they met in college and at the end of graduation, they were close friends. Soon after that they formed a Paranormal Business going around the county to spirit out the strange and bizarre. Sally, got a call from her eccentric Uncle Joe, he lives in Florida.

"What did he want?" Tess asked.

"He wanted us to check out his new purchase of an old house in the country, seems there were reports that it might be haunted."

"Ok, when and where is it?"

"ASAP and it's Florida."

"Great I would love to get away from the cold and snow for a change." So off they went.

Uncle Joe met them at the airport. "Sally, Tess, have a nice flight?"

"Can't wait to get there, let's get going."

"Yea about that Sally, it might take a little longer than that."

"No problem Tess and I can make do, so where is it?"

"That is the problem it is a long way back in the middle of the swamp, But don't worry I had my Company turn on the heat, water and electric and I also installed an internet connection. So you won't be out of touch and out of communication to the outside world."

"How do we get there?"

"We go by swamp boat."

"Cool!" said Sally.

"Let's get the luggage and we are off."

"Sally, Tess, it will take a few hours to just to get to the swamp and another hour to the mansion, so if you girls want to crawl in the back of the trunk and get some sleep go ahead."

Both of the girls said that would be good.

"Girls we're here, John will help us the rest of the way, he's the caretaker of the Mansion."

John proceeded to load the boat with the girl's luggage and just a short hour boat ride and we are there. An hour later the swamp boat pulls up to the dock. Sally and Tess look out over the dock to see a huge old style Mansion, "Wow Uncle Joe this place looks surreal."

"Yep, she definitely needs work but it has good Old Bones."

"I hope not." laughs Sally.

"Oh, Yea", laughs Uncle Joe he realized the Joke. "John put all the luggage on the ground floor bedrooms, we have to get going or we will get lost going back. Right, Ok girls you have everything you need. Don't forget to call every day, I will back in two weeks if you don't need me."

The girls wave goodbye to Uncle Joe, Sally told Tess "I didn't think it was this big."

"So let's get started and pack our things away," the girls made short work of it.

"All done," said Sally.

" Tess, your bedroom is on right mine is on the left right next to you. What next?"

"Showers and Long hot baths." Sally told Tess that Uncle Joe put in a huge water heater to supply the house, so hot water won't be a problem. Sally called out to Tess, "I'm done me too. Uncle Joe left us a case of wine, so come and get it while I set up the internet."

"OH look, Tess, this place is on the web as being Haunted."

"Really", said Tess.

"It was a slave plantation a hundred years ago and many were tortured and hanged and put to a slow death by the plantation owner."

"Wow, then we need to eradicate him from this house for sure."

Then suddenly out of nowhere, a loud voice said "GET OUT of my house!!"

"Tess, did you hear that?"

"Yes, I will get the equipment ready." Sally said.

Sally opens her trunk and pulls out a tricorder looking device. It was already flashing and make strange noises.

A second voice said, "Proceed at you own peril."

"Tess where did it come from?"

"I think it came from that wall over there." Sally said.

The girls walk over the wall to investigate, Sally said, "Look for a hidden passage, look behind this giant portrait of the Plantation Owner Bufford J Lee"

"Got it! I found a latch." Tess said and then opened it up to reveal a dark passageway to the unknown. Sally said, "I will get the flashlights. Wait for me." (girls will be girls CURIOUS!!)

Tess went in alone Sally screams "NO!!" and runs to the passage, "You know better to go into a dark passageway."

"I know but what can happen." as Tess takes another step, a loud click was heard and the portrait slammed shut locking them into a dark passageway.

"See what I mean about being too curious?"

"Sorry, Sally."

"Now be careful, take only one step at a time here's your flashlight."

"Ok let's go."

Sally and Tess proceed forward until another click was heard, but before they could react a heavy metal panel came out of the wall and separated Sally and Tess, two more panels came out of the wall one in front of Tess and one in back of Sally. Tess and Sally screamed to each other but all for not they were now trapped in their own metal boxes and who knows what fate awaits them. Then Sally hears Tess scream NO!! poor Tess.

What Sally didn't know was that a ghostly figure was fast approaching Tess and reached out to grab her. Sally could do nothing to help her BFF. But in the meantime, Sally's box also came to life too, Sally's box began to close in on Sally. Poor Sally was going to be crushed to death and what happened to Tess?? Sally got her question answered a window panel opened up what she saw frightened her.

There in the middle of the room was Tess stripped of her clothes and chained to a St Andrews Cross, Tess was screaming for all her worth but to no avail. Meanwhile, the wall got closer to Sally, then Tess's Cross fell back into a prone position and out of the corner of Sally's eye she could see something moving overhead. Sally screams shades of Edgar Allen Poe, A Huge Swinging Pendulum began to move and descend towards poor Tess, Wow!! Sally to be crushed and Tess to be cut in half, the girls are in dire straights. ( Stay Tuned )

As the Pendulum comes closer to Tess's chest and the wall begins to crush Sally, how will they escape this deadly trap?

The wall is crushing Sally, into the wall making it harder for her to breathe. The pendulum with one more swing will cut poor Tess in half. As the blade pulls back to its final plunge into Tess, the window closes up and all Sally could hear were screams and then silence. but this was not Sally's only problem the box started to fill with water until she was submerged in water over her head. Sally about to take her last breath, a click broke the sound of silence and the water drained out, followed by a trap door opening and Sally falling through to the chamber below.

"Ow!! what happened? Oh Yea I was about to die by drowning. So what's going on?" Then Sally hears that Evil laugh. "That sick bastard of a ghost I'm going to eradicate him so badly. But that will have to wait."

For Sally, was now trapped naked in a metal cage, Ah-la Sweet Gwendoline, wrists manacled behind her back elbows welded together with no gap in between, chest bands, wide waistband with a sharped spike band of metal running down and through her most private parts, just like a chastity belt, but more devious. Then Sally heard the loud boisterous voice again. "You were warned to get out, Now you must suffer."

With that, the cage lifted up in the air and over to what you can describe as a big vat of boiling oil. "No!!" screams Sally, "he means to keep on slowly torturing me".

"Silence Wench!" tells the voice and then the wide metal gag with tongue depressor closed and forced its way into Sally's mouth to keep her quiet.

Sally could not stop him or do anything to free herself from his Evil clutches, But what happened to poor Tess?

That's when Sally heard Tess moaning over in the corner of the room. Sally looked over to see, Tess, also was not dead by getting cut in half by the Pendulum, but in no way was she safe either. Tess was strapped tight into a Black leather Straitjacket and strapped tight into an Electric Chair. Sally could not see Tess's face because she was fitted in a snug fitting leather hood, with only two eye slits to see the horror she about to experience.

Sally also could not make out the sounds she was trying to make, Sally guessed she must have a mouth-filling gag behind the mask. But she tried to call out to her, even tho she herself had a mouth-filling gag too. But Tess did hear her and lifted her head to answer but to no avail. The loud voice came back, "Now you two have meddled in my affairs long enough, TIME to DIE!!"

Sally saw the ghostly figure go over near the Electric Chair which held Tess so tightly bound. Then with an evil laugh throws the lever to the chair. Sally can see the Electricity flowing through the wire to Tess, in a moment she would be killed by electrocution, Tess screams with pain and then slumps over. The voice now says it's your turn, a click and Sally felt the chain holding her up over the vat of Boiling oil give way and she plunged into the vat to her death.

Sally and Tess are wakened by that evil laughing. 'Not again how long is he going to torture us to death.' They both thought.

"For as long as I want!" an evil kackle projects forward through the air, "So let us begin again." Then an invisible force picks up the girls and holds them in mid-air, while rolls of bandages come forward and began to wrap the girls up in very tight mummy wrappings to their necks. Both girls screamed,"NO!! ENOUGH."

"Save your breath girls and you are making too much noise," said the Voice.

Then out of nowhere appeared two big wads of silk scarves and forced their way into the girl's mouth effectually silencing them, followed by the final wrap of the bandage around their heads leaving only their eyes uncovered. With a loud rumble a stone panel opens up and the girls began to float over to the opening, then up a narrow passageway to the outside world. As soon as they emerged out of the passage they realized they were out back and over the Swamp.

They floated deep into the swamp and then stopped. Sally and Tess were screaming for all their worth, but no one would hear them and Uncle Joe will never be able to find their bodies. Then they were slowly turned over to face the swamp. Their fate awaits them below. A swamp full of Gators and Crocks, snapping twisting and jumping to get at the girls.

The voice said, "How do you like my pets?" the girls tried to struggle, free but it is no use. "Sorry, my pets, I have been neglecting you and have not fed you in such a long time. But I have good news DINNER TIME!! As my final act of torture, I intend to feed you to my pets." The voice told Sally and Tess and then they fell out of the sky and into the swamp, where the Gators and Crocks await. Tess was the first one snagged and dragged down under the water. Never to be seen again. Meanwhile, a big ass Crock was swimming toward Sally, in just a moment Sally felt the sharp teeth biting into her and dragging her down too. Then there was silence.

"Sally, Tess wake up, how was it? Did you gals like it?"

"We're alive!!"

"Of course, you are alive I would not let anything harm you."

"Uncle Joe how could you leave us with that menace of Evil, all the despicable tortures he did to us."

Uncle Joe starts laughing.

"What so funny?"

"Girls you were in no danger, in fact, you never left the viewing room. I'm sorry girls, But I had to get an honest reaction to this program. You took part in my newest adventure, Extreme Haunted House Experience. It was all a Chemical and Hologram induce experience. John is my Tech Guru. He monitored you gals all the way. Not reality, but from the sound of it. A very real experience to you girls, a real success then."

"Uncle Joe, I'm going to kill you for scaring the shit out of us."

"We can make any fantasy come to life now, we're going to make Millions, so girls how can I make it up to you two?"

Sally and Tess thought for a moment and talked it over and said. "WE WANT A LIFETIME PASS!!" Uncle Joe just laughs.

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