Harry's Big Mistake

by MrSmooth

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© Copyright 2014 - MrSmooth - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; F/m; capture; collar; cuffs; gag; bdsm; needles; breathplay; hood; crop; torment; oral; mast; climax; cons/reluct; XX

As a life long opportunist, cat burglar and general thief, Harry finally met his match one night. He was out late as usual prowling and decided to climb into an open sash window on the rear of the first floor of a large detached Victorian house set on the outskirts of his home city of Manchester. He had noticed when passing by at night that there were rarely any lights left on, or even cars parked in the private drive so Harry entered the property believing there was no one around as the lights were out as usual. The alarm casing was a dummy because he knew what to spot and it looked as if there might be something of value that he could maybe shift to his fence later on. He even found a useful ladder stashed down the side of the garden shed and was soon inside.

He now found himself in a very luxurious bedroom. It was obviously a ladies boudoir because of the way it was furnished. A large four poster bed dominated the room and with expensive furniture and fittings Harry whistled to himself with joy at his luck. He rummaged through a set of drawers and found a small quantity of jewellery and cash which he soon pocketed. He wasn’t satisfied though and he decided to check out the rest of the house. Each bedroom turned up trumps with small items he could carry and he was soon stuffing these he could carry into a plastic bag. Having finished with the bedrooms Harry then made his way downstairs to see what was worth removing.

At the bottom of the stairs there was a long hallway leading to several rooms running off it. He tried the front door and found it mortised locked and without a key so he headed in the other direction to check for an exit as all good burglars do just in case he had to make a quick getaway. He now opened a door at the opposite end of the hallway which turned out to be the kitchen. The exterior door in here was also securely locked without a key and as he turned to leave the room he heard a noise in the hallway as a side door opened and the hall light was switched on.

He quickly hid behind the open kitchen door and heard a woman’s voice as she spoke to someone else there. A second female voice also spoke and they had a short conversation before the front door was unlocked and he heard the woman exit. The door was relocked and now he heard the sound of heels clip-clop along the tiled floor coming towards him. There was nowhere to hide and he was trapped, his heart beating fast. Then another door was opened somewhere along there and the woman spoke, “come on boy”.

Harry could hear from the noise that she was making a fuss of probably a dog. His heart rate went up even more now as he realised that he would be caught for sure and what sort of dog was it. He was soon to find out. The dog knew and sensed there was something amiss and he heard the female command it to search. Harry slammed the door shut just as the dog reached it and he held the handle now to prevent it being opened. The woman shouted “Who is it, what do you want?”

Harry stalled for time and reached for the light switch to see if there was any way out, but to escaping quickly was impossible. She shouted again, “You may as well open up there’s no way out and I have a German Shepherd dog here who will tear you apart at my command” The dog barked just to reinforce her words.

Harry knew he was in a pickle and shouted back, “OK I’ll come out without a fuss please keep the dog off me I won't do anything stupid.”

It went quiet for a few seconds and she replied for him to open up. Harry gingerly opened the door and poked his head around it. He saw a tall extremely attractive dark haired woman aged around forty dressed in what can only be described as fetish clothing. She wore a tightly laced black leather corset, black stockings on her gorgeous legs; a tight black rubber g string clung to her nether regions. Patent high heels adorned her feet and she was expertly made up. Her long dark hair shone and was shoulder length. All in all she was quite breathtaking and very erotic.

She stood there confidently and she had an angry looking German shepherd dog straining at its leash. She asked him now if there was anyone else in there and he was told to back away towards the table where she could see him properly. He did as he was ordered to and so she checked that no one else was behind the door or in there with him. She now demanded an explanation as the dog growled at him. Harry was terrified in case she did loose the dog on him and soon explained his presence there. She was angry now at his invasion of her premises and he was ordered to sit. The dog was released and Harry was reminded not to move as she left to find something.

She soon returned carrying a pair of handcuffs and a black rubber bag. He hands were cuffed behind him and she slipped the loose fitting bag over his head cutting off his view. “What are you doing?” he asked her.

“Shut the fuck up!” was her stern reply, “now sit there quietly, the dog will guard you while I find out what you’ve been doing.”

Harry felt her checking his pockets and retrieved his wallet with his ID and then she left the room. He was tempted to try and make his escape, but as soon as he moved he heard the dog growl in his direction, so he sat it out until she came back a few minutes later with his ill gotten gains in the plastic bag. She was angry and cursed him for it. Harry now apologised and begged her forgiveness, asking her to remove the bag explaining that he was claustrophobic. She laughed at this and ordered him to stand. She now directed him out of the room and led him into the hallway down to the side door she had previously entered by, with the woman she had spoken to earlier. He now found himself descending some stone steps into a cellar area he guessed.

At the bottom he was taken into a side room and now his head bag was removed. The dog was still at her side and he looked around to find himself in a large brick vaulted cellar area which unbelievably was fitted out as a mediaeval dungeon with chains, hooks, straps and scary wood and leather covered restraining devices. “What’s this, what’s happening?” Harry blurted out.

Then as she stood in front of Harry in her high heels: this made her somewhat taller than him and she now explained herself. “I am Mistress Sadie, I am a professional dominatrix and this is my place of work”. Harry started to interrupt and she gave him a slap across the face that made his ears ring. “Don’t interrupt me when I’m talking you fuck” she hissed and she grabbed a handful of his hair yanking his head back sharply Harry yelled in surprise and the dog barked angrily.

She continued, “I was with a client down here when you decided to invade my property so I have now decided rather than get the Police involved and let them just give you a slap on the wrist: I will teach you a lesson you will never forget right now down here in my dungeon for daring to enter my premises. I have another room too furnished on a different theme and you will be invited to spend some time in each of them, but firstly your body will have to be clean for me to work on and so you will now take a shower, strip off your clothes and I will remind you that my dog will tear you apart if you give me any trouble at all is that understood?”

Harry went white but tried to make light of it by joking and said, “You never know I may enjoy it just as your clients seem to.” She returned very seriously with menace in her voice, “you have no idea what I can and will do to your mind and to your pathetic body here tonight: I shall exploit your weaknesses and fears, you have already provided me with your fear of claustrophobia and I daresay you have more fears which I shall uncover”. She went on, “because you have tried to rob me I will now make you suffer and I will rob you of your dignity and humiliate you amongst other things.” Harry was released and Mistress Sadie hissed, “now get those fucking clothes off quick!”

Harry was now beginning to regret her not just calling the police and reluctantly stripped as Mistress Sadie watched him intently. Now naked and shivering with uncertainty and embarrassment he tried to cover himself up but she laughed sarcastically and said, “I don’t know why you’re covering that pathetic little needle prick of a cock you have!”

Harry was always proud of his manhood and this really hurt his feelings and humiliated him. She showed him to the bathroom area in an adjoining tiled room and while he showered she proceeded to continue checking through his documents. She removed his wallet and extracted her own money and all of his own from it before she then made a phone call. She now proceeded to prepare something for Harry. Meanwhile he finished in the shower and she tossed him a towel. When dry he wrapped the towel around himself for modesty but she ordered him to remove it, get onto his knees and lean over resting his torso over the toilet with the seat lid down and facing the back wall.

Shaking a little with fear now he did as he was told to do and she soon fastened his wrists to two shackle fixtures behind the toilet. She left the dog in charge and went away for a few minutes. Eventually, returning she wheeled in a tall chrome stand and hanging from it was a large rubber melon shaped bladder. This was distended with liquid and from underneath and attached to it hung a long red rubber tube with a valve. She picked up a bizarre tube affair with two small yellow balloons close together along its length. This she lubricated and then turned to Harry explaining that he was to have a punishment enema washout just to start with as she didn’t want him to making a mess while taking his forthcoming tortures.

Harry panicked now and decided that he certainly didn’t wish to be tortured by her. He made a feeble attempt to stand but she stuck a sharp high heel into his back and pushed him back down. “Stay there or I will kick your balls hard in a moment” she warned him.

She now quickly fastened a very heavy wide leather collar to his neck locking it on and explaining that it was a modified electric dog control collar which she could remotely operate to deliver a massive electric shock and she would also use it if he didn’t cooperate from now on. She also reminded him that he had no choice but to see his time through until she was satisfied he had learnt his lesson. The double tube was inserted into his anus and the two yellow balloons inflated to keep it in place with one inside and one just outside of his body. He grunted at this uncomfortable feeling as they expanded but she continued and now connected up the melon bladder to this tube sticking out of him. She opened the in line valve and the liquid flowed into him.

He soon began to get cramps but had to see it through for the next ten minutes until a full six pints or so were now inside of him. He begged for release but was informed that he had to wait another twenty minutes as further punishment. The sweat poured out of him and he moaned in pain and felt sick, but she made him wait until his time was finished. Finally she unlocked his hands and he crawled thankfully onto the toilet. He was reminded to wash himself clean afterwards and she left him alone to his blessed sweet relief for the next half an hour or so.

She now returned to collect him having changed into a fetish nurse outfit complete with a pale green skin tight rubber dress, apron and cap. The dress was obscenely short showing off her magnificent legs which also were clad in skin tight transparent latex stockings. This made Harry whistle to himself, this beautiful creature was about to give him a hard time and he couldn’t believe his luck. This thought was short lived however as she now led him out and into her bizarre kinky medical themed clinic. It was fitted out to intimidate with white tiles and a heavy hydraulic gynae chair as the centre piece, this having heavy leather straps attached to subdue anyone lying on it. Harry was directed to sit in it and his heart was now pumping a little faster as she set about strapping him very tightly into it to her satisfaction.

She removed the collar now he was secured and with his legs wide apart and also strapped into stirrups, he now felt very vulnerable. Even so the excitement had also given him an erection. She approached him between his open legs and stroked his naked thighs with her soft hands to excite him even more. Harry groaned with pleasure as his cock began to throb. Mistress Sadie just smiled an evil smile as she leaned in close to his face pressing her warm rubber body onto his genitals, his cock dripping with pre-cum she said menacingly, “Now for some fun and games, well for me anyway and I shall really enjoy torturing a victim who deserves for what he is to get from me.”

Harry shuddered with fear at this and she now wheeled a medical trolley over to his side. Firstly she unzipped a small leather case, and showed Harry its contents explaining that they were steel curved urethral sounds in ever increasing sizes and she was to stretch his cock hole with them. Harry cringed now as she started to lubricate a smaller one to start with. “Some of my clients get off on this,” she said casually, “and they ejaculate: if they do I always feed it back to them and force them to swallow their own cum, you will be no exception if you squirt your filthy slime during my procedures on you.”

Harry squirmed and squealed as she now took hold of his throbbing cock and began to slide the sounds inside him in ever increasing sizes for the next thirty minutes or so sliding them up and down his urethra. The straps held him tightly as she continued her work on him and Harry squirming and sweating, the leather restraining straps creaking as he struggled. He was soon begging her to stop through gritted teeth. She just smiled, continued her weird kinky games and said, “Stop, me stop I have only just started on you and we have all night long yet, hours of fun for me!”

Finally when she could no longer insert the largest ones in him she ceased and allowed him to calm down for a while all this time she drank copious amounts of water from a glass which she kept topped up. She now offered a rubber bit gag to his mouth but he refused to cooperate. “Open your mouth it’s for your own good” she snapped. He did not so she took hold of his balls and twisted them until he complied. “Now do as you’re fucking told” she snarled in his face and fitted the gag to his mouth strapping it on tightly.

“At least you did not cum” she now said as she casually sprayed an alcohol cleaner on his cock and balls. She broke open a plastic case and showed Harry a razor sharp needle around three inches long. “I have many of these and just to start with I’m going to insert some of them into your scrotum”.

Harry was terrified of needles and was screaming for mercy before she donned a pair of latex gloves with a snik- snak sound and then sadistically and slowly for maximum theatre, proceeded to thread the first one through his tender skin. “Scream as loud as you wish” she laughed as he shouted in pain, “this is sound proofed down here and I just love your fear, I get off on it!”

She continued inserting more needles into his skin as Harry bit on his gag as much out of fear as pain. After twenty or so had been inserted she stood back to admire her work: his balls appeared to be a pin cushion now and she took another long drink of water. Harry gazed back at her in fear and longing for a drink as his mouth was dry with the fear and adrenalin. She enquired as to whether he would like one before she continued. He nodded and gurgled yes through his gag. She removed his gag; his mouth ached through biting hard down on the rubber bit. “You can have some special Champagne” she said laughing “some nice warm Champagne fresh and straight from my body.”

Harry suddenly realised what she meant as she now hiked up her short skirt, opened her legs displaying her beautiful bald and pierced pussy to him. She picked up a glass beaker and smiling sadistically and leaning forward towards him she began to slowly fill it. Harry groaned out loud with disgust and wondered what other perverted things was this beautiful creature capable of next. It took an age as she dragged out the time to fill the glass with her warm piss but finally she was done with a good half pint in there. She now checked it out through the light before offering it to his mouth. Harry turned away disgusted, refusing to drink.

“Drink, it is an honour to be allowed this from your Mistress,” she demanded and tried again to make him do it. He refused and almost knocked it out of her hands with his movements. She put it down seemingly angry at his refusal. “Very well” she hissed, “you will be now forced to take it, you have no choice in the matter.”

She selected a clear mouth and nose anaesthetic mask with strong fixing straps from a glass medical cupboard. This had a black rubber seal all around and she quickly pushed it into place against his face. Harry tried to avoid her slipping the retaining straps around his head so she blocked off the one inch breathing hole at the front and held it tightly onto his face. He soon ran out of air and panicked. Still holding the mask tight she said, “Let me put the straps on you and I will let you breathe, it’s your choice”

He nodded and gasped air as she now fitted the mask ensuring it was completely air tight with just the front aperture to breathe through. She now picked up a long one inch diameter semi-transparent heavy rubber tube and Harry now realising what was to happen began to beg her to take off the mask adding that he would comply. She just smiled, shook her head and pushed the tube onto the mask and let it hang down while she prepared the next stage of his torment by returning with a tall chrome stand on wheels. Now she fitted a stainless steel funnel to the other end of the tube and hung it two feet above his head onto a hook fixed to the stand, leaving the tube dangling.

Harry could clearly see all of this and was meant to do so. She now filled a small rubber bladder with her piss: this had an outlet valve underneath and she now hung this just above so that the valve terminated inside the open funnel. She folded up two leather padded flaps fixed to the chair on either side of his head and attached a broad strap over his forehead to hold his head firmly upright and from moving. She now reached up and opened the piss-bag valve a little way. “Enjoy” was her statement as she stood back before she prepared herself a follow up to torment his cock.

Harry could see the amber liquid slowly trickle into the transparent tube. It slowly ran down and dribbled onto his closed lips as he fought to hold off drinking as long as he could but it began to fill the mask invading his sense of smell too until eventually the level reached his nose. He now had no choice and opened his mouth to take a gulp of air which allowed her urine into his throat. Harry choked as the acrid liquid invaded him and he panicked trying not to drink. Mistress Sadie leaned over him and said, “Do not panic Harry just accept that you will have to drink every drop and honour it.”

Harry somehow controlled his choking and gradually swallowed her warm liquid waste. While this was happening she proceeded to refill the glass jar with even more of her personal Champagne. He could see her do this too and she now transferred this to a tall plastic bottle. She put the lid back and this had a one inch tube fitted to it so that the open bottom of the tube sat in her liquid. She hung this up alongside the funnel while Harry continued his “drink” Harry finally did finish and she condescendingly said, “Well done Harry, you will be allowed more of that later but now in the meantime you can also continue to breathe in the aroma of my piss”.

Harry shuddered at the thought as she now transferred the long tube from the funnel to the inlet on the plastic bottle. As he breathed he now sucked air through her liquid with a bizarre bubbling sound and with this he could now smell her waste with every breath. Sadistically she now announced that now he had finished his refreshments she would continue and now to be piercing his cock this time with more needles. His cock had deflated so she toyed with it for a minute or two until he was throbbing again with his breathing becoming heavy. She started at the base of his cock near his now pierced sack with her needles and Harry screamed in pain and terror making bizarre noises through the bubbler bottle. Every time he started to lose his erection she would caress him back to life.

She loved his pain and fear and continued until another twenty needles were inserted into his skin and stopped just short of his knob. She now removed his head restraints and took off his mask much to his relief and said, “Now Harry your fear had made me very horny and so I need my pleasure!” Using a side wheel she lowered his chair back so that his head was tipped downwards to around two and half feet from the ground. She picked up a powerful mains operated massager and continued, “I will allow you the honour of shoving your tongue into my ass while I pleasure myself over your face, and the better you do it will result in the fewer amount of needles I will insert into your tender nipples afterwards. So please me and then less pain for you Harry.”

Facing his body she moved over him spreading her strong legs and lowering her magnificent rear onto his face. “Now get in there as far as you can go” she said hoarsely as she applied the massager to her pussy. Harry obliged by extending his tongue into her sweaty crevice. She groaned with pleasure straight away and bore down on him mostly cutting off his air supply. “Fuck oh fuck” she cried, “get that fucking tongue in me, ooooooooooh fuck, more, get it in more oooooooh!”

She was insatiable for the next few minutes as she achieved maximum pleasure from his tongue and her well worn massager. Her weight and powerful thighs crushing his head as Harry struggled for breath under her hot body. Finally she groaned for the last time, and climbed off him still glassy eyed. Harry took long gulps of air, his mouth ached from the ordeal but he now had a massive erection even with the needles still in place. Mistress Sadie composed herself and pulled her rubber dress hem back in place and commented on his throbbing cock pointing to it. “You must have enjoyed it too judging by that!”

Satisfied now she picked up a breast reliever of the sort women use to expel their baby milk. This she placed over his right nipple and gave the rubber bulb a good squeeze or two, sucking him inside. She did the same to the other nipple. She now said, “ I am not a selfish Mistress Harry so I have made arrangements to share you with one of my mistress friends: she will be here shortly so you can look forward to a special double dominatrix experience whilst you are with me.” As they waited she checked the nipple teasers were doing their job properly and now she answered her phone and when finished she said, “that’s her now I will let her in, don’t go anywhere will you!”

Harry still trussed into the chair was left alone for what seemed an eternity and then finally heard two voices talking and joking to each other. Mistress Sadie entered, followed by a gorgeous tall slim redhead dressed in a tight black leather cat suit. Sadie wound the handle on the side of the chair to bring Harry back up to his original position and spoke, “This is the cretin I told you about, this fucker thought he could rob me and get away with it”

The redhead stepped forward and surveyed Harry with a frightening stare from her beautiful cruel blue eyes, “Hmmmm” she said, “I see you have started on him, how’s he taking it?”

“Oh he has a low pain tolerance, needles scare him and he is claustrophobic too” replied Mistress Sadie

The redhead leaned into his face and spoke quietly with menace, “I am Lady Marion and I will be assisting Mistress Sadie for the rest of this session.”

Mistress Sadie joined in, “I do have to give him a good score for his ass licking though, I have to say he was pretty good, so seven out of ten means he owes me three needles, that is three in each nipple.”

Harry groaned with fright as Mistress Sadie removed his right nipple reliever and squeezed it between her fingers to pucker it up more. Lady Marion moved to the opposite side of him and removed the other one doing the same. His nipples were now sterilised with alcohol spray and Sadie broke open a plastic container exposing several large vicious looking razor sharp needles which were purposely shown to him with glee from both of them. He was given a rubber bit to bite on and Sadie slowly and pushed the first one straight through his right nipple slowly for maximum effect. Harry screamed out in real pain and as soon as he calmed down Marion attacked his left nipple with her needle. Harry spat out the bit in pain, the leather straps creaked under his strain and he screamed again begging them to stop.

They both laughed as he sobbed while waiting for more which they soon obliged. From a different direction into his skin he endured another needle in each nipple. Harry a fully grown man was now sobbing like a baby making out that he could take no more, but these heartless bitches revelled in his fear and agony. Mistress Sadie sadistically showed the last needle to him, “just one more in each nipple” she said, “then we have something else to do to you.” She slowly forced it through his skin and at the same time Lady Marion pushed hers into him. Harry shrieked with pain and almost passed out.

A little later as he lay there recovering, photographs were taken of him before the needles were painfully removed. The dog was brought in for their own extra protection and Harry’s collar was also re-fitted and a short hobble chain fitted to his ankles for good measure. He was then released and allowed to stretch his aching muscles before he was led shaking into the dungeon room.

Here he was made to climb up and sit in a tall heavy bondage chair. This was made of timber and steel and was padded with black leather. The seat area was just a padded Y framework arranged so that anyone who sat on it would have their legs wide open and their rear and genitals completely exposed. It was straight backed and changes could be made to its angle and various fitting were available at head height. Very heavy four inch wide black leather straps were expertly buckled tightly across his wrists securing him, his ankles were secured to the legs: then his collar was removed.

Harry was shaking with fear not knowing what was to come as they continued to fix him into the contraption There were many heavy straps fixed to him across his chest waist arms thighs until finally there were more straps than flesh showing and his body was all but totally immobile, his feet dangled a good twelve inches from the ground. They now left him alone switching off the lights leaving him in total darkness while they took a break and to change their clothes into something more suitable for a dungeon session.

It was an hour later before the door opened and they both clip-clopped in on the stone floor, Harry could only make out their outlines against the corridor light as they stood there for a few seconds before Mistress Sadie turned on a strong light above the chair. It took Harry's eyes a few seconds to adjust to this as they allowed him to take in their erotic attire. Mistress Sadie had squeezed her curvy body into a skin tight black latex cat-suit. A small latex waspie corset pulled in her waist making her voluptuous curves even more so. Knee length lace up patent boots with towering high heels adorned her feet. Her dark hair had been pulled back into a more severe style away from her beautiful but cruel face.

Harry's eyes now turned to Lady Marion who seemed to prefer leather as she wore a very tight black leather corset with many suspenders holding up long black sheer stockings, and high cut tight leather briefs with a zip on the crutch, her feet in black patent high heels. Her shoulders and arms were covered in a tight short black latex military style fitted jacket and on her head was a patent military style cap: she also carried a small leather case. They both approached him now smiling cruelly. “What are going to do to me?” asked Harry shaking with fear and not really wanting to know.

Mistress Sadie answered stroking his forehead at the same time and peering into his fearful eyes, “We are going to torture you Harry, you already know that, so just relax, accept and take whatever we will do to your mind and body, I made you a promise and I always keep my word.”

Harry sighed at this and Marion put her case down on top of a nearby trolley. She opened the case, took out and started to grease a clear round plastic and metal object with terminals attached to long thin cables from its base. Sadie explained that he was to be exposed to electrical torture next. Marion now disappeared behind Harry and proceeded to attempt to slide it into his anus. Harry resisted but she informed him that it would be forced in all the same so he might as well accept it. She slipped it home and passed a strap fixed to the chair across it to hold it in place. She attached these cables to a box on the trolley and now turned her attention to his cock and balls after stroking back him to an erection.

A loop of conductive tubing with a cable was passed around the base of his balls, pulled tight and now a length of the same was greased and she proceeded to slide this down inside his cock hole to its rubber fixing which was passed behind and around his throbbing knob. Harry cringed again at this invasion of his cock but she ignored this and connected these also to the box. Mistress Sadie meanwhile fitted a narrow padded board to the chair behind his head and passed a broad leather strap across his forehead securing his head tightly to the back of the chair. This was complete with a strap that ran down and under his chin along the side of his face to prevent it slipping from his forehead. Finally a solid rubber bit to bite on was pushed into his mouth and this was strapped back to the board too.

All these were added to prevent him “hurting himself” as Sadie put it. She then retired onto a leather covered chair in front of Harry to watch the fun, she opened her crotch zip and her right hand fingers rested on her exposed pussy as she sat with legs akimbo watching Harry intensely. This made him horny although he was terrified. Adhesive pads with cables were now added to the soles of his feet and to his nipples and these too were connected to the box. Lady Marion switched on her machine and a green display lit up. She fiddled with some switches and a few seconds went by. “Ready for your treatment” she stated.

Harry was in no position to reply and suddenly his feet were on fire as thousands of low energy volts surged through them for several seconds. She tested his nipples now and these felt as if they were being ripped off. Hit bit onto the gag and now a million hot needles ran along his cock and balls. The leather bonds creaked as he stiffened with pain and now the anal plug kicked in and he felt as if his insides were being drawn out with a red hot poker. Satisfied everything was in order she upped the settings by two notches and switched it on to random setting for twenty minutes duration.

“If you pass out” said Marion, “you will be revived and the pain will be continued.”

She pressed the start switch and sat next to Mistress Sadie: placing her hand between Sadie’s legs onto her wet pussy, they both waited a few seconds and Harry flexed his body, bit his gag hard and grunted through his teeth as the box started its work and sent a massive shock through his cock and balls for five seconds. Mistress Sadie closed her eyes in pleasure from this as Marion’s fingers started to doing magic things to Sadie’s pussy. The random program now chose to electrocute his nipples for several seconds and stopped. Harry never knew what was coming next as the agony continued and meanwhile Marion was now using her mouth on Mistress Sadie who was almost as vocal as Harry, but with pleasure not pain.

Harry was forced to endure this torture for twenty minutes as the two mistresses pleasured each other. His screams of agony and pain only increased their pleasure. Finally and thankfully the torture was ceased as the machine switched off. Harry had dribbled spittle and tears down his face and chest and his hair was soaked with sweat. His electric connections were removed and the Sadie spoke to Harry, “You get some rest now; then when we come back one of your greatest fears is to be exploited!” They left him alone again for a further hour ponder his fate.

Terrified again at their return Harry shaking again they approached him and Sadie stepped forward, put down a case that she was now carrying and pushed her face close to Harry's. She grabbed his now lank hair, gave him an icy stare then spat into his face. “Now you piece of shit, you entered my property and thought you would just take my goods, so for this next part of your torture I’m going to scare you half to death!” she said sadistically, she spat again.

“I am to see that you get your moneys worth and I shall be requiring your PIN in a moment so that you can settle your bill with me as you will have to pay for our time and expertise: and I am very expensive as I am the best there is, but right now I shall continue and exploit your fear of claustrophobia. I have a selection of rubber all enclosing and very frightening headwear to fit onto your head for our pleasure and your fear and you’re also to be suffocated for our pleasure and your terror.”

“This is one of my favourite activities here in my dungeon and even seasoned clients are pushed to their limits, but most come back for more though, I doubt you will want to when you finally leave here that is. I really get off and just love inflicting this on slaves and I am an expert at this. If I hadn’t given you a good wash out you would now shit yourself with fear I can assure you. You will only be able to see and breathe when I allow you to and Lady Marion is here to video this torture for our future pleasures: prepare to be terrified!”

She showed him a strange looking heavy rubber hood from her case with a deep stiffened lip that stood out at the mouth area in a half cup shape and whose top edge terminated at his eye level above the nose intake. Sadie allowed him to take in the bizarre sight that he was to wear before she attempted to slip it over his head. Harry twisted and shook to prevent this so she directed Marion to put the camera on a tripod. Marion then donned a leather glove and said, “This is my interrogation glove” she said and showed it to Harry. The fingers had hundreds of razor sharp spikes fixed into them. She continued, “slaves always cooperate when I hold their balls with this!”

Sadie attempted to put the hood on him again but still he resisted. Marion enclosed her glove around Harry's balls gently He shrieked with pain as she held him. “Pain or the hood Harry it is your choice” said Sadie smiling cruelly, “you have five seconds to comply or Lady Marion here will squeeze your balls harder, and your cock as well!” She began to count down.

Harry replied almost crying with pain, “Put the hood on, please stop, please!”

Sadie nodded to Marion to cease much to Harry's relief. Sadie now tormented him further, “Now here we go Harry, you just volunteered for this remember.”

Harry terrified now had the thick black rubber hood slipped over his face and she expertly zipped the back down so that his head was now totally enclosed. Harry could see through clear plastic lenses set into it and could breathe through the nose and mouth holes quite easily. She slipped the broad strap around his forehead now to the back board and pulled it firmly. His head was now fixed upright.

“Your mouth is dry Harry” she said, “time for some more champagne I think.”

Marion now began to fill a glass beaker in front of him with her champagne from her unzipped crutch. When she finished Sadie took it, held it up and smiling began to slowly pour the steaming piss into his mouth lip which acted as a container. He closed his mouth naturally but she just filled the lip to the brim which now blocked off his nose. He choked and had to open his mouth allowing the acrid fluid in. “Swallow it you thieving fucker!” she hissed at him and poured more into the mask. She kept topping it up and forced him to swallow all of Marion’s disgusting golden piss. When the beaker was empty and he sat there choking on the acrid taste in his mouth she let him get his senses back as all of this time the camera continued to roll.

Satisfied she now removed the hood. She produced another one and slipped this over his head. “This is my system hood” she said adjusting it in place proper. It was tight fitting and was open at the mouth eyes and nose. “Now for the scary bit” she said and offered a thick rubber anatomical face against the mask and quickly buckled it onto several fixings. This face mask had no openings for the nose or eyes and a stiffened round hole only at the mouth.

Harry was now completely in the dark and he began to panic now. ”Get it off, get it off”, he mumbled, screaming.

The response from her was “shut the fuck up Harry, its staying on!”

He begged her but she only laughed at his demands. His breathing was rapid and erratic as he attempted to control his fear but she just added more by shoving a tight fitting tube into the mouth aperture which had an anaesthetic bladder attached. This inflated bizarrely as he struggled with his greatest fear. “Five minutes and I will remove it,” she said, “but only if you stop shouting that is.”

“Oh god!” he tried to shout but his words were lost in muffled sounds through the all enclosing rubber torture device he was forced to wear. No matter how much he struggled he could barely move which made matters much much worse, but struggle he did causing the tight leather bonds to creak erotically: this was the only way he could see the five minutes through.

“Get used to it” was the only thing she said as the next minutes dragged like hours to the tormented Harry. He was practically out of his mind when he felt the face mask being removed and thanked god, gasping at air although he wasn’t religious at all. She again allowed him some time to gather his senses and also to torment him by keeping him waiting which is torment in itself. “Now Harry” she said, “Its suffocation time, I’m going to bag you and then cut off your air supply and only allow you to breathe when I feel like it, do you understand how terrifying this will be for you?”

Harry was truly terrified at her words as she opened her case and took out the rubber bag that he had worn earlier in the kitchen. She showed it to him before she slipped it over his head down to his shoulders leaving it open at the bottom. Harry was already panicking and begged her not do it. Sadie spoke again, “In one minute Harry I will tie off the bottom of the bag to make it air tight, so enjoy the last few seconds of free breathing.”

Harry began to beg, “please don’t, please don’t, I'll do anything you want”

“Thirty seconds” was her reply.

Harry continued to beg her but soon she slipped a thin rubber tube around his neck and pulled the bag in to make it air tight. Within seconds Harry had quickly run out of air and had sucked the rubber bag onto his face; he quickly panicked and struggled at his bonds. This was futile, he screamed for it to be removed but she put her hand over his face too to compound the torture. He just was about to pass out when Sadie as an expert on this torture released the tie and quickly removed the bag. Harry was sobbing with fear and said he would do anything for her to stop.

“I know you will Harry but I am having too much pleasure to stop now!” she answered laughing at his plight and she gave Harry a dose of oxygen through a face mask to bring him back to as normal as possible. “See how I take care of you Harry and look after your welfare,” she now said condescendingly.

“Now let us play a little game Harry,” said Sadie, “I bag you for thirty seconds, and then if you do not make a noise I will release you, If you do then I will only release you after forty seconds. Then next time it will be forty to start with and I'll add ten on to that and so on until you pass out with fear and then I will start all over.”

She now continued to do as she promised for the next few minutes and Harry would have indeed emptied his bowels with fear just as Sadie had stated. Sadie was an expert however and had many years of experience. She knew just when her victim was about to expire from fear and lack of air so she again gave him a dose of needed oxygen from her supply bottle until he had stabilised. Although now frightened out of his wits Harry lost it, “Let me go now you fucking bitch or you will regret it, I know people who will torch your house and leave you destitute!” He shouted, “now let me go do you hear!”

“Oh is that so Harry” she replied quietly with menace in her voice, “now I will tell you something that is not an idle threat.” Harry attempted to interrupt so she bagged him again and held on until he thought he was about to die. She finally pulled it off him and through her teeth she said, “now shut the fuck up and hear me out or I will leave it on for good, is that clear?” Harry nodded. She continued, “I am a professional and I always have a back up plan. You are deluded if you think you would be able to do such things to me without my revenge which would be a thousand times worse for you. Now I repeat that you will now provide me with your PIN for your credit cards and Lady Marion here will pop out to the ATM and raid your bank account. This time in here will cost you dearly so she will be extracting the relevant amount. If your PIN is incorrect and she comes back empty handed then the cost will double and your balls will also spend the next half an hour in Lady Marion’s gloves”.

“Then if the outstanding debt is not paid at exactly at seven pm on Monday evening then mysterious videos and pictures of you taken here tonight will be posted on the internet. Photographs will appear in your area, your local pubs and the places you frequent. Your home, your wife will get them, I will make it as embarrassing as possible for you where you live and are known. That is just the start of your torment and this will continue and escalate until you then pay up with one hundred pounds a day, every day in interest”.

“Now as regards to the threats you have made. If anything were to happen to me or my property sometime in the future and don’t forget I do have a witness here. Then it may be a week or a month or longer but sometime in the future when you are least expecting it, you will be kidnapped, you will lose your freedom and you will disappear forever Harry. This is no idle threat Harry, there is a society of sadistic females that exist and we both know of who love to deal with people like you. They are the true daughters of Satan and would love and relish on knowing your details and what you have done to a sister such as me”.

“These women are sadistic lesbians and are true men haters who will torment, torture, and abuse you just for their perverted pleasure. You would be drugged and secretly transported to their dungeon facility somewhere in Eastern Europe and then you would be used and abused for weeks or even months during this abuse. These women are more sadistic than you can imagine and thrive on their poor victim’s agonies. You would be exposed to pain and fear far beyond your imagination. Just for starters whipped, caned and thrashed and they would exploit your fears so much you may well expire with fright. Their poor victims are taken way beyond their limits and you will be kept there as their pleasure slave for the rest of your miserable pathetic life until a final last breath is sweet relief.”

“So Harry if I should have a problem from you, no matter how small, then all that either of us has to do is place just one phone call to them. They would love to have you as a non-masochist who has several fears and a low pain threshold. So do not make threat with your so called friends calling on me: you got yourself into something very deep here and are being punished for it: you will have to pay the price literally and be able to walk away afterwards albeit with the knowledge that you have met your match. Now do I make myself absolutely clear?” She gave Harry such a fierce stare now; he knew for certain that she was not bluffing.

“Now your PIN Harry, it is your choice” Harry gave out the numbers very reluctantly and Marion then disappeared for a while with his credit cards. Sadie ordered Harry to take a shower in order to freshen after she brought the dog back into the room for her safety. Releasing him now from his ordeal in the chair he was stiff and sore: the shower made him feel much better and he thought his ordeal was now over. He dried himself off in front of his tormentor but she was not finished with him yet. She took him back to the dungeon area after being fitted with his collar and still naked Harry was loosely secured to the chair as they waited for Marion’s return for half an hour or so with Sadie continuing to drink more water.

She finally returned waving a wad of Harry's money. Mistress Sadie spoke, “Now Harry we need to have some more nice pictures so put these on” She offered him some very feminine silky women’s underwear including stockings a corset and frilly knickers.

He looked at them in disbelief and shook his head, “I can’t wear those!” he said horrified.

Sadie gave him a quick zap with his collar. He thought his head would explode and squealed in pain clutching his neck. “That was just a quick taste” said Sadie, “the next time I hold it on and you will be in agony on the floor, now put these on immediately”.

Very reluctantly he was helped on with the corset by Marion who pulled it very tight. He then slipped the stockings onto his hairy legs clipping them on to suspenders hanging from the corset. Finally putting on the frilly French knickers and high heels Harry stood upright completely embarrassed in front of the two mistresses who humiliated him even further by pointing, giggling and laughing at his plight. He was then ordered to lie on a bench and as Sadie took photos and videoed the scene Marion began to explore his body with her soft hands and soon his cock was poking through the leg of his knickers as she stroked him into a throbbing erection.

“Doesn’t that feel nice wearing this feminine underwear?” Marion asked him as he was now in ecstasy as her fingers did magic things to him. He took a sharp intake of breath and mumbled a “yes”. She smiled and continued playing with him until he was close to orgasm and then she just stopped. He was frustrated and was warned not to touch himself with a threat of another collar shock. They now made him kneel on a leather whipping bench, he was strapped down, knees apart and his wrists secured tightly.

Sadie selected a leather harness from nearby rack and stepped into it pulling it tightly around her waist and under her crutch. She now picked up and sorted through several rubber cocks and when satisfied slipped one into the ring set into the harness. She walked to Harry's front waving the rubber cock at him and said, “Now Harry its time I gave you a good fucking: you dared invaded my property so I am going to invade your body with my rubber cock now and fuck you good and proper!”

She moved to his face as Marion started the taking pictures again. “Open up Harry” she demanded. Harry groaned, “Open up I said, you don’t want it dry when I shove it up your arse do you?” she repeated herself.

He knew he had no choice and did as he was ordered to. She had no sympathy and made him choke on it shoving it down his throat until his spittle flowed freely and he retched on it. After a few minutes of this with his spittle soaking the bench she turned her attention to his rear and Marion strapped and fitted a rubber ball gag to his mouth and then set the video camera rolling. Sadie put on thin surgical rubber gloves and roughly ripped open his French knickers apart exposing his rear. She greased her rubber cock and the opening to his bum hole, pushed it against his opening and began to tease it in. Harry bit onto the gag and resisted with his sphincter muscles. “Relax Harry” said Sadie, “or I will rip you and I don’t care if you leave here bleeding”

Harry allowed her to slowly work in the dildo much to his pain and humiliation. Once inside she started to slowly fuck him and told him so as she did this. He moaned and grunted as she worked her hips thrusting to her rhythm and giving him the fucking he so deserved. Marion continued by making a record with the cameras and they also joked about his plight as he grimaced with humiliation and pain. He began to get excited though and soon had an erection again which was noted by Marion. Finally Sadie was done and he was released with sweat dripping from his face.

“I see you have enjoyed that Harry” said Sadie referring to his hard-on. He didn’t answer her. “I spoke to you, you cretin now fucking answer me” she hissed at him.

“I didn’t enjoy it “he mumbled.

“Liar” she replied, “and now you will relieve yourself in front of us as a special treat for you.”

Harry again was startled by her remark. She now selected a thin whippy cane from her stock and tested it through the air with a frightening swish. “Now Harry” she said, “you will wank that pathetic cock of yours in front of us now and you have exactly two minutes to cum. If you haven’t cum by then I will lay this cane across your ass until you do, I hope I have made myself clear for your sake”.

Marion prepared herself with the camera again and Sadie squirted some oil onto to his cock before positioning herself in readiness behind him swishing the cane in readiness. He had no choice, he knew this and Sadie now began the countdown. “Two minutes starting now” Harry began to stroke himself as Marion humiliated him further by making derogatory remarks to put him off. He pumped away furiously as Sadie reminded him how much time was left. This was going to take longer than he was allowed and he knew it. Sadie counted down the last ten seconds. His time ran out and she gave him a crack with the cane which made him squeal in pain.

He continued in fear and seconds later another one landed. He made a sharp intake of breath. This agony continued for several more minutes until the tears were running down his cheeks and his backside was glowing. He finally began to cum and as he shot his load Sadie struck him quickly now castigating him at the same time. “You dirty fucking pathetic maggot, how dare you cum all over my floor” His orgasm was incredibly intense as he squirted his sperm squealing in extreme pain and pleasure at the same time. As he now stood there heart beating fast his knees trembling, his cock still dripping. Sadie hissed in his ear and threw a large towel down, “Now lie down there face up you dirty fucker”

Harry dropped to the floor and they both now stood over him legs apart and for an age they both pissed all over him, on his face everywhere, until he was truly soaked and humiliated. Sadie ordered him up and to shower again after this and added, “Fortunately for you Harry your ordeal is now over. I hope you have learned your lesson and do not mess with people who are your superiors”. He nodded in agreement and she removed his collar to take a final shower. He dressed and still shaking from his ordeal Sadie sat him down. “You are to be released now Harry and we have a wonderful record and pictures of your torments”

She now reminded him that should there be any repercussions then a phone call would be made to the relevant party. She stressed, “I cannot make this more clear Harry, what I have stated and explained will happen to you sooner or later and there would be absolutely no quarter given or shown by these sisters of no mercy, they will thrive on your agony, pain and fear: believe me I have witnessed their work, it is not for the faint hearted”. She now gave Harry a very serious stare to reinforce her statement: Harry went white at the thought of this. He was released now and it was breaking daylight when he stepped outside: he was glad to be out in the fresh air and heading for his car to take him home.

Harry had desired and suggested this role play: it turned out to be far, far beyond his expectations. He had taken a lot of care and research in finding Mistress Sadie and emailed her just loose general instructions on his wishes. He also gave carte blanche and a hefty deposit for her to torment and torture him to his limits with no safe words and she certainly had pushed him way beyond that. He was also delighted too that she had involved another Mistress and this had only added to his fantastic experience. It was worth every penny of the enormous cost to him. He did muse however as to whether that maybe she really did know of the sadistic sisters from hell. Who knows maybe she really was telling the truth about them. He was getting hard again just at the thought.


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