Harriet's Boys

by ZTVFemdomtales

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Storycodes: F/m+; capture; bond; tape; gag; straps; drug; kidnap; transport; tease; torment; mast; sex; climax; femdom; cons/nc; X

The sections of this story using material from others were done with permission from the original.


I was quite as I entered my house for I knew my three teenage captives were still asleep. The two percent solution still had another thirteen hours before it wore off. I crept up to the attic, eager to see my future slaves again. I pulled the chain, bathing the small room in light. Travis was on the left side of the bed. Jackie was on the right. Jeremy was on the floor. Good, right where I left them. Smiling with a wanton smile I flipped the light back off.

The alarm went off. I sighed, dejected. This always happened when I got to the best parts. I saved my work, closed my computer, and left for work. Once I arrived I checked my supplies and nervously smoothed out my scrubs. God, they didn’t warn us about this at nursing school. The knock came. I gasped, as I always did. He entered my tiny office.  His muscular well-toned body seemed out of place when paired with his sweet little baby face. God I just wanted to hold that face in my hands so bad. Instead I handed him his pill and a cup of water.

“Thank you, Ms. Fishel,” he said before downing them both.

“You’re welcome Travis. Now, go on to class.”

As he left I poked my head out into the school’s main office to see Jackie and Jeremy waiting their turns. God help me.


Jeremy pushed by his friend, a big smile on his face. He wanted me as much as I wanted him. He was unaware of this however. He missed all the signs trying to check out my body. I always made sure to do pointless busy work when he came in to give him a good view of my legs or my ass or my boobs. I also made a point to admire the football star’s abs when he wasn’t looking. I had many pervy dreams about drinking champagne off his abs like I’d seen in pornos.

I watched him take his pill and sent him on his way. That left Jackie, the baby. He’d be the first to remind you he was eighteen like his friends. He wasn’t built like it though. He had been born with dwarfism. He was only about four foot tall and probably wouldn’t get any bigger. That suited me just fine. I loved how small and cute he was. I just wanted to carry him around and breast feed him. God, I’m such a perv.

Once they were gone I let out a deep breath. The hardest part of my day was finally over. Every work day I had to fight back my desire to lock the boys in my office and rape the living hell out of them. They would be graduating in three months and I would be free.

Travis let out a plaintive cry. The sound, like a baby calling out for it’s mother, touched my heart. I walked over and rubbed his hair.

“It’s OK baby, Harriet is here.”

He seemed comforted and fell back asleep. I then saw Jackie’s bare soles poking out from under the blanket. Unable to resist I began licking and sucking the boy’s toes.

The thunder startled me. I closed my laptop. Man, this storm was really raging. I’d hate to be out in that weather. Then came the pounding on my door that changed my life forever. I opened it to find Travis, Jackie and Jeremy totally drenched on my front porch.

“What the hell are you three doing out in this weather?”

“We were riding bikes when this storm blew up,” Travis explained.

“We remembered you lived here, a teacher pointed it out on a field trip,” Jeremy continued.

“Can we come inside,” Jackie pleaded.

“Of course. Of course.”

I led them into my living room and onto my couch. I offered to fix them hot chocolate to which they agreed. As I rummaged through the cabinet for the mix I came across something else. It was the herbal insomnia remedy my aunt sent me. It was far more potent than I had been expecting. The whole day I spent drooling into my pillow could attest to that. Just a little of this could knock someone out for hours.

Hours. I could have them all to myself for hours. I could do whatever I wanted, and no one would ever know. Did I dare? No, it was stupid, wrong. I couldn’t do it. I fixed three cups of cocoa. I stared at the cups. Heart pounding, I added just a little of the powder to each cup. I watched breathlessly as they drank. In no time at all the boys were asleep on my couch. God, I was so wet. They wouldn’t be out long, so I had to hurry.

I straddled Travis’s lap and grabbed his sweet little baby face in my hands. As I held it I gently kissed him all over. Then, feeling very naughty indeed, I dipped my fingers into my panties. I then rubbed them on his mouth before sticking them down the front of his pants.

I then went into the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of champagne. I popped the top and poured a little onto Jeremy’s chest once I pulled his shirt up. I lovingly ran my tongue over every muscle lapping up as much as I could. I then gave him a little taste of my womanhood as well.

Then came Jackie. My sweet baby Jackie. I scooped him up in my arms and covered him with my shirt. I carried him around the house enjoying myself to no end. Finally, I put him back down and a gave him a taste too. It was then I noticed his half open backpack. In it I saw a paperback book titled Beloved Abductress. Well hello. I stole the book for reviewing later.

Once the storm passed I watched as the boys, trying to get a weird taste out of their mouths and apologizing for falling asleep headed home. Jackie had no idea I had his book. Speaking of which, I pulled it out of its hiding place, plopped down on the couch and read. It was collection of femdom stories! They were into femdom! God, I loved these boys even more. They wanted to be kidnapped! I wanted to kidnap them! This was destiny! I was going to kidnap them!

I called in sick the next day. I didn’t stay home however. Oh no, I broke into Jackie’s home. It took me a few tries to get onto his computer, but I soon did. From there it was easy to find his DeviantArt account and through him the others. Later that night I created my own account. From there all I had to do was note the three boys and ask them what their favorite stories were. Armed with that knowledge I got to work.

My parents had left me a tidy sum of money which I hadn’t touched, till now. I found an apartment for rent near Travis’s job. I found a house for rent near the bar Jackie frequented despite being underage. I found a lake house for rent near where Jeremy liked to visit. I found a penthouse in the city for sale. I found a plain white van for sale. I stocked up on ropes. I hired a tinkerer to fiddle with seatbelts. I followed Travis on his way home from work every night. I read and reread the three DeviantArt stories. When graduation week came I was ready.

I parked my van next to Travis’s car. They had their employees park at the edge of the large lot right next to the road. As Travis approached I pretended to look through a toolbox, my shapely ass thrust up into the air. I waited a moment before turning to face him.

“Oh, hey Travis.”

“Ms. Fishel?”

“Please, call me Harriet. You getting excited?”

“What?” he squeaked nervously.

“About graduation, Honey.”

“Oh, right, of course, yeah very excited.”

I continue fiddling with the toolbox, frowning.

“Is something wrong?” he asked.

“I’m missing my screwdriver. I need it to fix a loose connection under the hood. Could you look in the back as I check this box again?”


I watch him climb into the van.

“There are no tools back here.”

I climb in and slam the door shut.

“Ms. Fishel?”

I tackled him to the floor and forced his arms behind his back. Grabbing the black duct tape I bound his arms tightly.

“Get off me!” he shouted.

I thrust my knees onto his shoulders and slapped the tape over his mouth. I rolled and rolled until I had covered his whole lower face. I then moved to his ankles, knees, fingers, shoulders and upper arms. I flipped him over so his head was resting against my tits as I dragged him out of the back of the van and into the cab. I kissed him on the forehead.

“It’s alright James, everything’s going to be OK.”

I watched Travis’s eyes widen in shock as he realized I was recreating his favorite bondage story Kristy, Please by Circledreams. I climbed over him and into the driver’s seat. I then produced the red scarf and bound it around his head, covering his eyes. I started the van and drove off. As we traveled I put my hand of his shoulder before running it over his bound body. He moaned in pleasure.

I pulled into the field I had scoped out and unbuttoned Travis’s shirt. I ran my hands over his bare chest making him squirm and moan. I pulled off my shirt before leaning in to press my bare breasts against him. I slid back and unzipped his pants. I slipped my hand into his pants before getting a good grip on his manhood. I then started sucking on his nipples next. Then I pulled down my pants and slid him inside me. God, I almost came right then. He felt better than I could have ever hoped. I wrapped my legs around him and the seat and pounded his cute little brains out.

Once we both came I produced the syringe I had hidden in the glovebox and injected him with the 2/3 solution.

“What the hell?”

It didn’t take long for him to pass out. I then drove to the lake.

It was there Jeremy took his annual trip. He always went alone. This year I was waiting for him. I watched him slip down to the lake under the light of the full moon wearing nothing but his trunks. When he reached the water, he looked around nervously before stepping out of them and slipping his gorgeous nude body into the water. He had reason to be nervous, a family with several little kids was staying within walking distance. I think that is what made it exciting for him. It’s what made it perfect for me. I ran out and grabbed the trunks.

“Ms. Fishel?” he asked, shocked.

I held up the trunks, smiling predatorily, and beckoned him to me with my finger. Looking ashamed, he did just that. I grabbed his arm when he got close enough.

“Good boy. Oh what a pretty one ye are.”

I could see he began breathing heavier when I began quoting Seaside Adventure by Vanillakinkster to him. It was his favorite bondage story after all. Though at that moment he couldn’t put two and two together.

“Ooh such pleasures we’ll bring each other my love.”

I turned and began to drag him to the house I was renting. As expected he resisted.

“No! Ye’re mine! Ye’re coming home with me and that’s an end to it!”

“Ms. Fishel! What the fuck’s …”

I yanked him close, wrapped my arms around him and hand gagged him.

“Hush it now. There’ll be none of that.”

I dragged him into the outdoor shower. I grabbed the cord I had waiting to bind his arms above his head connected to the shower head.

“Please. Stop this,” he begged.

“Will ye grant me three wishes if I release you, pretty one.”


“No, I’m joking. I’ve got all I want now. Anymore silly requests before I silence ye once more?”

“Ms. Fishel why are you talking like thammmph.”

I cut him off with a kiss. With one hand I grabbed the back of his head while with the other I stroked and squeezed his manhood. It wasn’t long before I made him cum. Keeping his lip in my mouth I turned on the shower. We both gasped as the cold water hit our bodies. I adjusted it so we’d be nice and warm. I pulled him close against me again and whispered into his ear.

“Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine.”

I grabbed a rag off the shelf and shoved in into his mouth. I then yanked off my dress which served as both a gag and a blindfold once I tied it behind his head … twice.

"Thou shalt remain here, whether thou will it or no."

I then left him there. I got his phone and set about setting up the cover for his disappearance as well. I also masturbated (twice) while watching webcam footage of him in the shower and Travis on the bed in the apartment. I was so close. Ready to begin again I got back into the shower. I ran my hands slowly over his body. I kissed and bit every inch of skin on my new boy. I then untied his hands (from the shower only not each other) and pulled him close.

“I have hidden it away. You will never find it, and I know you will not go far from here without it. I will not release you. I will never let you leave me. I own you now. Oh, now, now my darling. Don't fret. I'm going to make you feel better than you've ever thought possible. I'm going to drown your fears, and your inhibitions, and resistance in pleasure. And we'll live happily ever after. But for the foreseeable future ye'll be wrapped up tighter than tight in my bed.”

I then grabbed a syringe from the shelf and injected him. Once he was out I dragged him out to the back of the van. I had cleaned out a large toolbox on the righthand side and filled it with blankets and pillows. I maneuvered Jeremy inside and locked him up tight. God, I needed a drink.

Jackie’s uncle owned a bar and being the terrible role model, he was, allowed him to drink there on the down low. That is where I found him that night, alone. So I sauntered over.

“Mind if I sit with you?”

Smiling at his dumbfounded expression I slid into the seat across from him.

“Mrs. Fishel … I … I can explain …”

“First, for tonight call me Minnie.”

I could almost feel his hardon form when I named dropped the titular character from his favorite Rohanna story.

“Second there’s no need to explain, my sweet baby, you’re a man now. Though if you really want to feel that way I can do a far better job than booze.”

I gave him my best come hither look to sell my point.

“I … I can’t … my parents …”

“Can’t bother us back at my place.”

I rose and pulled him to his feet. We both left not bothering to pay.

“What next?” he asked nervously.

I pulled one of my seatbelt straps out of my purse.

“Next we get you home.”

I put his hands together palm to palm before wrapping them up and snapping it tightly shut. I then repeated the process with his ankles.

“Why … why are you doing this?”

“You talk too much.”

I slipped my soaking wet panties off from under my dress and gently shoved them into his mouth. A third strap sealed them inside. Once he was mine I scooped him up and tossed him over my shoulder. I walked down the alleyways till I reached my rental home. I slipped into the garage, sitting him down on his feet. I made sure to keep an arm wrapped around him.

“Home, sweet home. Let’s get you made up sweet, shall we?”

I led when to the middle of the room where a hook used to raise motors from cars hung ready. I slipped his hand bindings onto it before lifting him up into the air until his feet left the floor. It was then I grabbed my knife. After I yanked off his socks and shoes I cut away his clothes. I then circled my prey, pussy dripping with the thought of what came next.

I pulled a cot out from the corner and slid into the middle of the room. I cut his hands free before laying him onto the mattress. I pulled out the rest of my straps and locked them in place over his body pressing his arms and legs together making him my sexual sausage. I stretched out next to him feet in his face and my head down by his dick.

“So, let’s talk about you, and the way you drive.”


“You make me crazy, you know? I’ve talked to my sisters. They all suffer from traffic-darters, crutch-grinders and lead-footers. But you? You tempt me. You edge me. You, quite literally, drive me insane. You don’t understand? Well, let me show you what it’s like.”

I slipped off my shoes, dropping them on the floor before climbing to my knees. I then straddled my boy. I maneuver my ass over his penis.

“So, Reynold, how you drive. Sexy. You are the sexiest driver around. When you back out in the morning, you do it gently. With one hand on the wheel…”

I placed my hand on his chest before mimicking the act of looking over my shoulder while backing up.

“So, you slowly back up, slowly, slowly …back, back … steering ever so gently…”

As I spoke I slowly slid my ass along his shaft.

“…and then you need to cock me around in that tight alley, and not brush a wall or anything…”

I lifted my ass to free his throbbing manhood.

“And now we’re in the alley, ready to go to work. And here’s how you do it.”

I sat next to him, feet in his face and hand on his penis, which was now my driveshaft.

“So here we are. Before starting, you always ripple your fingers over the shifter, a little precursor.”

I drummed on his manhood, making him jerk under me.

“And then first gear, a neat little shift with a gentle addition of throttle.”

I shifted him into ‘first gear’ as I pressed the gas pedal (ie. his cute little face).

“Third, this is where you get me. You always employ a long addition of throttle here, winding me up, spooling me out. This is where I whine.”

I drove him for a few more hours. Then I slipped him the 2/3 solution and carried him to the van parked around back. I loaded him into the other toolbox and drove my boys home.

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