by Max Roper

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© Copyright 2017 - Max Roper - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/m; captive; bond; outdoors; rope; gag; force; tease; strip; facesit; oral; mast; sex; climax; cons/nc; X

Harriet was rummaging in the glovebox for her smokes when I spied an old dude sloping up the dirt road towards us. He raised his chin in recognition, a smile just showing under his bushy grey mustache. This could be exactly what we needed. I got out as he drew even with the car.

“Howdy,” I said. “Live around here?”

“Not really. I live in town but I’ve got some property down the hill with a little trailer. I‘m just here taking it easy for a few days. You local?”

“Nope. We were supposed to look at some land but seem to’ve got here too early. My, um, realtor’s on his way out from town but now he says it’ll be at least an hour.”

I could see the old guy’s attention was at least half focused on Harriet. She’s a looker, my Harriet. We’ve played this game dozens of times. Time to put him at ease, give him a little glimmer.

“My sister’s getting cranky for her coffee. I don’t suppose you’ve got any in your little trailer?” I fished in my pocket and brought out the roll with the twenty on top. “Of course I’d be more than willing to pay you for any trouble.”

As expected, he cut me off. “Wouldn’t hear of it,” he said. “I’m about ready for some myself. It’s a long drive around. I could give you directions, or if you don’t mind a little hike...”

I wasn’t sure about leaving the car but decided it might turn out best. I grabbed Harriet’s overnight bag and we started off down a steep path, Harriet chatting away, finding out what she could. Tom was his name, he was alone, he wasn’t expecting anyone. There was a neighbor but he was away and never came calling. Perfect. The old guy was working hard to keep from drooling over Harriet’s legs.

As we arrived at his trailer I took my revolver from my pocket and showed it to him as he turned. “You will do as I tell you. I don’t intend to hurt you but will if necessary.” The slight accent left from my childhood in Bonn seems to be just the thing in these situations. “Stand with your back against that tree, hands behind.”

He was cool. No gasping or screaming or sudden moves. He nodded and did as I suggested.

Harriet moved in behind and tied his wrists with a piece of rope from her bag. She was unable to suppress a tiny giggle before scurrying off to examine his trailer. That girl is just so curious. “Keep quiet. Answer only when spoken to. Cause us no trouble and this will soon be only an exciting memory. But don’t push me. Understand?” He nodded.

Harriet came rushing out of the trailer with a black duffle bag in her arms. “Maxie, Maxie, guess what I found?!”

“I have no idea. Why don’t you tell me.”

“Our Tommy has a whole bagful of bondage toys - hemp, clothesline, gags, nipple clamps, lots of stuff. There’s even pictures. He likes to play! Can I play with him? Please?”

Tom’s head raised up and his face became bright red. I believe it was difficult for him to remain quiet, but he did. This was too perfect. It would give Harriet something to do while we waited and would assure our host remained quiet and still.

“Of course you may, my dear.”

She reached into the bag and brought out several coils of hemp rope.

“May I tie him up now?” she asked, quivering with excitement. She won’t brush her teeth without my permission.

“Yes, you may,” I replied. “You may do anything you wish with him.” I thought for a minute before adding, “But I’d rather you didn’t hurt him, darling.”

“Oh no! I won’t. Unless he won’t do what I say. You’ll do what I say, won’t you mister?” Tom nodded. Not a word. A quick learner.

I went into the trailer to look around. It wasn’t very big but he had it set up nicely, with a queen-sized bed, a 12 volt refrigerator, gas stove, table, a couple chairs, books, plenty of groceries, a good guitar, a top-line Nikon camera, and in a drawer, a small wooden box with pot, papers, and a small pipe. I was amazed Harriet hadn’t sniffed it out. I guess she found the bondage paraphernalia first and was too excited to look any further. She loves her weed. I do too, and we hadn’t had any for much too long.

I sat at the table and called Chris to arrange a meeting. There’s always a lot of rigamarole involved in getting through to Chris, with passwords and call transfers. While I waited I rolled a couple joints. I was halfway through the first one when I hung up.

I went out to tell Harriet the news and found her enjoying her new toy. She had tied his legs together at the knees, then pulled his right foot up and tied his shin to his thigh, forcing him to balance on one leg, not that he had any choice with the ropes holding him against the tree and his wrists bound behind. She was delighted to see his Nikon and immediately took several pictures of him. I offered to take one with her in it. She stuck her tongue out at me.

“I see you got his shirt off. I’m surprised you let him keep his shorts,” I said.

“Well I did that to keep his willie out of sight. I’m more likely to touch it if I can see it. And if I touch it he might cum and make a mess.”

“Whatever. Anyway, Chris will be here sometime this evening. So if you accidentally let him get off you have plenty of time to get him ready to play again.”

“Oh goody” she squealed. “I think he’s pretty flexible and he’s such a good sport about it. We’re gonna be great pals.”

She used his camera to take another picture of him, then knelt at his feet and began licking and kissing his legs from the top of his socks to the hem of his shorts, most likely driving the old coot half mad. I shook my head and went back to the trailer and Tom’s pot. I’d noticed a bottle of bourbon in the cupboard and fancied a taste of that as well. There wasn’t any bourbon or pot where Harriet and I had been. I made myself a little drink and fired the second joint as I thoroughly searched the trailer.

He didn’t have much of value beyond what we’d already found. His wallet held thirty four dollars plus another forty in the “secret compartment”. The old MacBook had pictures of our host bound in various poses. It looked like most of them were self-administered but there were a few in which he’d obviously had some help. Harriet was right. He was gonna be a good sport about it. Probably be the best time of his life. There were some good books in his trailer and I found a collection of Kinsella short stories I hadn’t read so the wait went by pleasantly enough.

After a while I went out to check on Harriet and her playmate and helped her rearrange him on his knees with his ankles bound behind the tree, then went back to my short stories while Harriet teased him, played with herself, and took more photos. I couldn’t help noticing the bulge in his shorts. I had a feeling she was just warming up.

In the old days, Harriet used to want to keep me tied up in different positions all day, every day. She’d spend hours searching the internet for different ways. Once she had me trussed up, she’d tease me, sometimes for several hours, taking breaks to masturbate herself. It was okay for a while but wore thin pretty soon. It’s her game, not mine and I eventually put a stop to it. Now whenever we find someone for her to tie up she’s in heaven. She hadn’t had a playmate for a while and she can be rather imaginative.

I brought a chair and my book so I could watch. She toyed with the poor guy all afternoon, teasing him every way she could think of. Since I don’t particularly like being tied up it made me happy to see her enjoying herself so much. After a while she tired of having him tied to the tree and enlisted my help in rearranging him. “Could you help me get him upside down, still tied to the tree?”

“Sure darlin’,” I said. “Whatever you want.”

Old Tom wasn’t causing us any trouble. I guess he knew any sort of resistance would be met with force. And he was apparently having a good time. It was rather obvious by the bulge in his shorts, although in my experience staying aroused for too long can become somewhat disagreeable. Still, he wasn’t complaining so no need for a gag.

Harriet wanted him suspended upside down, resting on his head. I wasn’t so sure that was a good idea. As I said, I didn’t want to hurt him. Just keep him subdued until we could get our business transacted. We compromised, leaving him lying on his back with his legs tied together, bent at the hips and tied up against the tree. I’d sure I’d hate to be in such a position but our captive didn’t complain. Harriet decided this was just what she wanted. She removed her panties, hiked up her skirt, and knelt straddling his shoulders and facing the tree. She leaned forward and pressed her face into his bound thighs while lowering her juicy puss against his mouth. Judging from her reactions, he knew just what to do.

They stayed like that for a while, her licking and biting, alternating between his stomach and thighs while he serviced her insatiable pussy. After maybe fifteen minutes of this she pressed her face hard against his denim-clad groin until he shuddered to a climax. Harriet had squealed her way through several orgasms of her own but wasn’t done yet. She allowed him to send her over a few more times before finally dismounting.

I took pity on the old guy at that point, untying him from the tree and helping him sit up before retying him crosslegged. I used Harriet’s socks to blindfold and gag him. No particular reason. I guess I like this stuff too, in my own way. While I was busy with our host Harriet wandered off. She returned in a half hour or so, having found the shower and looking lovely and fresh in another denim skirt, tight white tank top, clean white socks and sneakers.

My Harriet is quite a hot babe. While I’m not excited at being bound I certainly enjoy doing it to her. And she likes to receive almost as much as she likes dishing it out. I tackled her on the spot, bound her wrists behind her back and took her rather forcefully. I was quite excited after watching all the live porn she’d presented so it didn’t take long for me to shoot my load, but my darling was way ahead of me, orgasming a couple more times.

After I untied her I asked about the shower. “There’s plenty of water but since you just messed me all up again I get to go first,” she said as she headed up the trail for another wash. “You can stay here and watch whatsisname.”

After we’d both taken our turn with the shower I raided his pantry and made a plateful of sandwiches. She removed Tom’s gag and fed him bites, leaving him blindfolded. When she was done she complained loudly about the crumbs in his lap. “Wow, you sure made a mess,” she proclaimed. “All these crumbs plus a wet spot. Looks to me like you should be punished.”

She turned to me. “What do you think, Maxie? How should this bad boy be punished?”

“That’s entirely up to you, princess. You just tell me how you want him.”

“Hmmm... maybe standing up again?”

“Sure,” I replied. “Against the tree?”

“Can we hang him from that branch?” She pointed at an overhanging limb. It looked strong enough.

“Of course we can,” I said.

As I untied his crossed ankles, Harriet pushed him onto his back and again straddled his face. While she moaned and ground herself to another climax I found a four foot long piece of tree on the ground and lashed his ankles to the ends. When Harriet had her fill we untied his wrists and retied them in front, stood him up - rather carefully because he was a bit unsteady what with the blindfold and all the attention he’d been getting - and connected his wrist rope to a length of hemp I’d thrown over the preselected branch. I pulled on the rope until his arms were high above his head, then tied it off.

Harriet removed his blindfold and, making sure he was watching, slowly removed her skirt and top. Kneeling at his feet, she unsnapped his shorts, allowing his semi-erect cock to pop out. She leaned forward and gave him a few strokes. Then turned to me. “Honey, would you tie me up again?”

Well of course I would. Knowing what she wanted to do, this time I tied her wrists in front and frogtied her legs, then went back to my chair to watch the show. She slithered back enough to allow Tom to see her and commenced to work herself into a frenzy, stroking her sopping wet puss, working her clit, sending herself into spasms, moaning and generally putting on a first-rate performance.

Our befuddled prisoner had likely never seen anything like it and as I watched, he stiffened, shuddered, and came for the second time, his load dribbling onto his shorts and legs. Harriet was lost in her own erotic fog and had no idea. I stood up and untied his ankles from the log, removed his befouled shorts, and led him to the same tree he’d been tied to originally. Now naked, he made no attempt to escape as I again bound his wrists behind. I returned to Harriet and untied her.

Shortly thereafter Chris pulled up in his big truck and took us to our car where we exchanged our goods for his money. “I hope I didn’t keep you waiting too long,” he apologized.

“No problem,” Harriet assured him. “No problem at all.”

As we shook hands and prepared to depart, Chris mentioned there were cougars, coyotes, and bears in the vicinity. Old Tom was a decent enough fellow. I hope he managed to work himself free before a wild animal had him for dinner.


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