Happy Halloween!

by Teaser

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© Copyright 2008 - Teaser - Used by permission

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How often does Halloween show up on a weekend, perfect for partying? From time to time. And this was one of them. Friday night, and the party scene was hopping. I was hopping too, bars that is. I didn't have much money, so I mostly hung out at the bar, surveying the room, checking out the ladies in their cute, sexy, costumes. And this year it was a jackpot. I'd just arrived at a new place I decided to check out, and the place was packed with short skirts, skin tight spandex, fish net tights, you name it, it was here.

Not that I had any intention of hitting on any of them. This place was classy enough to dwarf what little cash I had. I was still waiting for my big break as a teacher at a college or university. In the mean time, I was stumbling from odd job to odder job. They didn't pay very well, but it was enough for a fairly decent, if tiny apartment, gas for my beat up old car, food on the table, and occasionally enough left over for an occasional night out. And this was one of them.

The variety of babes and costumes was tremendous here. But I could tell as soon as I walked in, which was the queen bee of this party. And man was she a sight to behold! A stunning brunet, dressed to kill in a cute, little red spandex devil costume. Even from all the way across the bar, above the throbbing techno dance music, the throngs of partyers, she stood out like a ray of light. Her red body suit was cut way up in the thighs, and way down showing off a huge amount of cleavage, not too mention two lovely, large, firm breasts. (Later I would find out it was cut very high in the back, almost like a thong. She wore sheer back tights, and scrunchy red boots, resting on stileto heels at least four - if not five - inches high. And of course her beautiful, black, flowing mane of hair, the obligatory horns. Scoping her out alone was worth the cover price. Inspiration for Su!

She appeared at first to be alone, but she was shortly joined by a guy. Then something strange happened, who ever it was apparently got shot down pretty quick. So did the next. And then the next. As the evening wore on, it seemed pretty much every guy in the place tried to hit on her. They'd set themselves up like pins, and she'd knock them right down like an ace bowler. It became fascinating to watch. Even a few guys who obviously came with dates tried to hit on her, resulting in a couple of funny, if raucous arguments. Yes indeed, this was turning out to be a most interesting evening.

As the night wore on, my wallet wore out, and I decided to head on out with what little cash I had left. I paid my tab, turned to get one last, long look at this beauty, when I noticed she was staring right at me. Even from across the bar, her eyes stood out. They looked very dark, but yet very bright at the same time. I'd never seriously thought about trying to talk to her, she shot down guys obviously superior to my current prospects, why on earth would she pick some one like me, when she had her pick from every guy in the room? Then it occurred to me. Why not? I was guaranteed to get knocked down like the rest of the pins. So this was almost a freebie! I could say what ever I wanted, and it wouldn't matter in the least. Experience with women was hardly my strong point, not because of my looks, but for other, more personal reasons. With out realizing it, I was already on my way over to her.

I walked using my best manly swagger and because of the throngs of people I found myself standing on her right, slightly behind her. That's when I saw the high cut of her suit in the rear. What a glorious ass. Covered in sheer, black nylon. I was silent, suddenly speechless, guess I should have worked on a line on the way over, but I forgot to. Now here I was standing next to the most beautiful women I'd ever seen, and all that I could come up with was "ummmmm......"

"Ask me if I want a drink." I heard her yell over the roar of the party.

"Excuse me?" I mumbled.

Still, rooting around in her purse for something, she spoke again to me over her shoulder. "I said ask me if I'd like a drink."

"Okay" I replied quietly to myself. I leaned down so my mouth was closer to her ear, what a fantastic, erotic fragrance she wore. "Can I buy you a drink?"

"Yes." She said, still not turning around. Not knowing what else to do, I started towards the bar. I'd taken only a few steps when I heard her voice again, this time she had turned around and was looking right at me. Her eyes were hypnotic. "Hey Sport, ask me what I'm drinking." with a slight smile.

"What would you like to drink?"

She then used her arms to almost present her body to me. "A Hot Toddy. I'm a devil, what else would I drink?"

With that, her face lit up into a full smile. I was hooked!

As the bar tender made up our drinks, I asked him "Does that lady come here often?"

"Which lady?" I nodded in her direction.

"Nope, never seen her before tonight."

"Really?" I asked. "Take a look at her, would you forget that babe?"

"Guess not." I paid for the drinks and sauntered back over to the table.

"Have a seat stud." She said nodding to the vacant chair. She looked into my eyes, and again, I saw how stunning, yet different they were. The irises were very dark, so dark in fact they seemed to reflect the light rather than absorb it. "So what's you name?" She asked, leaning towards me, making our conversation much more intimate.

"My name's Larry, but you can call me Larry." I said with a smile. Stupid, stupid, stupid! She'd never be impressed by that line.

How ever, much to my surprise, she smiled and said, "Nice to meet you Larry." and offered me her hand. "My name is Su, how do you do?" as I took her hand.

"Oh, Sue, Susan, that's a pretty name."

"No, not Sue, just Su, 'S', 'u'."

"That's unusual"

"Unusual names run in my family. It's a long story, we'll have time for that later. So, invite me back to your place." I was floored. Here I was with this stunning creature, and not only does she seem interested in me, she was actually instructing me on how to pick her up. Man, this was my lucky day!

As I tried to figure out some line not too corny, she interrupted me. "Ask me to go back to your place, say you have some etchings you want to show me, maybe have some really cool jazz CDs that I might like. Hell, ask me I want to back to your place for an extended session of sweaty, raunchy, rodeo sex." I was speechless.

While trying to pick my jaw up off the floor she continued, "Sure, I'd love to go back to your place. Lets go, I'm bored here." With that she got up and started walking away. Over her shoulder she yelled "Grab my coat and bag Sport." And then she walked, more like glided, towards the exit. I almost went in to a trance watching her gorgeous ass undulate.

Quickly I came to my senses, grabbed her things and headed out. The rich scent of new, oiled leather, full length black trench coat and bag. I caught up to her as she was walking through the door. I motioned with my hand which car was mine, and I hoped my old beater wasn't a deal breaker. Guess not, she marched over to the passenger side and waited for me to open the door for her, with a sly grin. Good, she liked guys with manners, that I could handle. My mother had drilled manners into my head as a kid. At least now I knew how to act.

In the car, I started it up, and we headed out of the parking lot. It was more quiet and intimate than the bar. She looked over at me, even in the dim lights of the dark night her eyes still seemed to shine. "So Larry, you're still a virgin aren't you?" More of a statement than a fact.

"No, no, I'm no virgin." Laughing nervously.

"Yes you are." She said smiling, almost singing. She leaned over to me, very closely and whispered, "I can smell it on you."

Returning to her seat she said, "Lying is no way to start out what could become a very interesting relationship." I almost shit my pants. A "relationship?"

"Don't worry Larry" she continued, "I like playing Captain Kirk. I love to boldly go where no woman has gone before." She them reached over and gave me a reassuring pat on my upper thigh.

"Keep it down, no premature ejectulation, steady boy." I thought to myself.

I didn't live far away, so we arrived shortly. I got out of my car and waited a few seconds before realizing she was waiting for me to open her door for her. Damn it, damn it, damn it, I was screwing up again. I quickly ran around and opened the door, making a wide sweep with my arm, like I'd seen in the movies. She smiled, said, "Thank you sir, be a dear and grab my things for me."

She fluttered her eye lashes at me, and very lightly ran her arm from my shoulder, down my chest, finally stopping near my belt. Her touch was electric. With out waiting to see she turned and headed to my front door, standing there waiting for me. I quickly followed, opened the lock and the door, and showed her in. To my surprise, she just stood there. I was a loss for words. "Larry, invite me into your home." she stated as a matter of fact.

"Sue, would you please like to enter my humble abode?"

"I told you it's not Sue, it's Su."

"My mistake, Su, would you please like to enter my humble abode?"

"I'd be honored to." she stated with a pleasant smile. The stairs went up to my second floor apartment. The unit below me was vacant, so was the one above me. Basically I had the three floor building to myself, if only with access to the tiny second floor apartment. Once in side, I laid her coat and bag down across a chair. Su slowly walked around closely inspecting my tiny living room, looking thoughtfully at some photos I had, browsing the title of books I had on a shelf. Looking through a stack of DVDs and CDs I had.

"You seem to be a complex person Larry, a wide range of tastes, I like that in a man. It shows brains. I prefer intelligent men. Any jug head can spend eight hours a day pumping iron in a sweaty gym. But to spend free time expanding your mind, now that says something."

"Can I get you something to drink?" I asked as suave as I could.

"Of course." she simply replied still checking out my stuff, as if trying to learn something about the real me. She seemed very observant. I went to my special cupboard where I keep the really good stuff, and pulled out my small bottle of 50 year old scotch. I bought it as a precaution, just in case a situation exactly like this should happen, though I never seriously believed it ever would. Kind of like some of my friends in junior high school, they'd buy a package of condoms, throw one away, and leave the box laying around as if it were proof they'd "done it" at least once. But tonight, it certainly looked like I was going to "do it." I grabbed a couple of glass tumblers, filled them with ice, and headed back to the living room. she was seated on the sofa, legs crossed, which really accentuated her thighs.

After a few sips she started, "So Larry, where's your bedroom, or am I already sitting on it?" with that sly grin, that I was quickly falling in love with. I pointed to a closed door on the far side of the room. She took another sip of scotch, savored its smoky, smooth taste. She took her fingers, and walked them up my arm, wrapped her arm around my neck and slowly, but firmly pulled me to her, and we kissed. Lightning bolts went off through out my brain. She was warm, soft, sensuous, her firm breasts rubbing my chest. Instinctively I wrapped my arms around her, pulled her in close, and embraced her while her tongue went to work on mine. I'd never kissed a woman in this way in my life, and here I was, doing it right now, with the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen in my life. And she seemed to love it. I was floating on cloud nine!

After what seemed like an eternity, she pulled away from me, slowly, sensually, stood up. She thrust one hip out, and used her body to sculpt a sexy stance, smiled, and said, "Would you like to continue this conversation...... some where a little more comfortable?" I nearly died. "Say yes Larry."

"Yes Larry," I managed to get out before realizing what I had said. She laughed, I laughed, this was really working out. YES!

She walked over to her bag rummaged around and said, "One more thing Larry." She pulled out several handcuffs and deposited them on her index finger slightly swinging them in a loop.

Once again I was speechless. "Um, um, um.......um, I'm not really into kinky sex, Su." I stuttered.

"I am. Don't worry, I'm kinky enough for both of us." And she grinned that beautiful grin.

"I don't know Su, this is going kind of fast, you don't know me, how can you trust me to tie you up? Aren't you worried?"

She laughed openly and finally managed to say "They're not for tying me up, they're for tying you up."

So that was the deal, a near total stranger wanted to tie me up. Yeah, right. And then rob me blind I suppose. I guess she could read it in my face.

"You're not scared of little ol' me now are you?"

"I don't know Su, this is moving way to fast for me. I don't really know anything about you."

"Don't worry stud muffin, very soon you will. Don't worry, I'm not going to torture you for the combination to your safe, holding tens of thousands of dollars in unmarked bills, or the number of your Swiss bank account." We both chuckled at that one.

She set the cuffs down on the chair, next to her bag. She slowly sank to the floor, on all fours. And then, gliding like a cat, she slowly, sensuously, prowled her way over to me. I could see right down the top of her skimpy costume, watching her magnificent breasts gently sway back and forth, her fantastic ass cheeks, sheathed in sheer black nylon, slowing going up and down as she crawled over to me. She nestled in between my legs, propping her arms and her head up on my upper thighs, with her cute pouting lips, mere inches from my rapidly hardening dick.

"Oh Larry, you must be kidding me. Beautiful, gorgeous, sexually uninhibited women, gift wrapped in a sexy costume like this, who throw themselves at you like a freight train just don't fall into your lap every day, now do they? Are you going to let this once in a life time - heck in most men's lives, its a never in a life time - moment slip threw your fingers?"

I believe it was at that precise moment I officially started thinking with my "other" head. My throat was so dry I could barely croak out the word "No."

"Then ask me nicely, to please go into your bedroom with you, tie you down, and give you a marathon sex session that will drive you wild with pleasure and desire, so much in fact, you'll see why I like to tie my sex partners down. They tend to go a little nuts and ruin my technique. Men generally don't have the self control necessary to make love they way I do. This way I can ensure you last long enough to pleasure me."

I was gulping hard, sweating profusely, my pulse was racing, heart pounding, what the hell was I getting myself into? Could I get out of it? Do I want to get out of it? The hamster in my head was racing furiously on its wheel. "S....S......Su......would you please......"

She interrupted me "Yes Larry, nothing would give me more pleasure than to give you the most intense sexual experience you will ever have. Good boy." She stood up, took my hand, pulled me up and started leading me towards my bedroom. "Lets see what we can do about turning you into a man." She picked up the cuffs and dangled them in front of me. I had a pit in my stomach. I was scared silly. But I was even more scared at what I would think of myself if I passed up this opportunity.

Once in the bedroom she closed the door. She observed a couple of candles I had on my dresser, there was a power outage a couple of weeks ago, and I hadn't bothered to find a place to keep them yet.

"Light those please, so much more pleasing to the eye than harsh, artificial lights."

So I did. The room had a nice low lighting aura, very conducive to the moment.

"Lets get you out of those stuffy clothes, shall we?" She walked up to me, took one side of my button down shirt in one hand, the other in the other, and yanked. Buttons went flying in all directions and I jumped a little. "Don't worry Larry, I'll be as gentle as I can." And she laughed.

"Let me take my pants off please." stumbled out of my mouth. Within minutes I was standing naked in front of this vision of female beauty.

She looked me up and down with a broad smile, like she was sizing up streak at a butcher shop. She slowly, seductively strutted over to me, she reached down, gently took my already hard cock in her hand, as if weighing it. "Tell me Larry, how did you remain a virgin all this time with a tool this big? Hasn't any girl tried to get her hands on this before?" It wasn't a snide remark, more like a genuine desire to know.

"It's really a long story Su."

"We've got time, this is going to be a long night. Tell me."

I gulped and began my story. "I grew up in a very religious family. By the time I was 12 or 13 I had decided to become a priest, well either I decided, or my parents decided I wanted to be one, so I spent my teenage years, preparing for Seminary. Not going on dates, or getting involved with women was an important part of that."

The look in her eyes changed dramatically at this information. She listened even more intently after that.

"I went through Seminary, earning a Masters degree in Theology with minors in Latin and education. But in the last couple of years of Seminary, I started having doubts."

It was at this point I realized she's been slowly stroking my cock, It was now rock hard. She just kept stroking me, ever so lightly. It was driving me nuts.

"Well, I told the Bishop, and he said he understood. The only thing worse than a bad Priest was a good Priest who didn't really want to be a Priest. He thanked me for being up front and honest with him. Then he agreed to let me finish my degrees, and then we parted amicably."

"My family however didn't take the news quite so well. I'm not exactly black balled by my family, but it was fairly obvious they needed a few years to get over that, so I hit the road, going through various odd jobs. I've got resumes out to colleges, universities and seminaries all over the east coast. But as you could probably guess, people in these types of jobs tend to have healthy life styles, and long lives, so there's not a lot of job openings. On the good side, if I do manager to land one, I'm probably set for life."

"Well, well, well, isn't that ironic, a man of the cloth, about to lose his virginity and here I'm dressed as the devil. Isn't that just delicious?"

"I wasn't ordained, so technically I'm not a man of the cloth."

"Close enough stud, now let me give you a taste of what you've been missing all your life."

She slowly sank to her knees, and took my cock into her mouth. It was pure heaven! Words fail me in describing the waves of pleasure throbbing through my body. My knees grew week, I leaned on my dresser for support. Soft, velvety, I felt my nuts tighten up in preparation for shooting my wad when suddenly, she grabbed them and squeezed. I almost fell over as pain wracked my balls. Then she let go, and rose up to look me in the face. "Now you know why I like to tie my sex partners down. Men, in general can't control themselves, and since most are only good for 2, maybe 3 erections, they're wear out long before I'm ready to receive what I want."

"Don't worry Larry, I'll tell you what. If you have any strength left, when I'm through with you, you can tie me down and use my body as your own little sexual play ground. What ever you want goes." I was speechless at this point.

"Shall we get started?" she chirped as if starting a game or a movie. "Up on the bed, stretch your arms and legs pointing to the four corners".

She started cuffing my arms, then moved down to my ankles, and there I was. A virgin, chained down to a bed, at the mercy of this unstoppable sexual female force. I was scared silly, and excited beyond belief at the same time. She climbed up on the bed, and slowly walked on her hands and her knees, as she passed over my rock hard cock, she licked it with her tongue, and slowly dragged her spandex clad body over it, sending waves of pleasure through my body. When she reached my face, she stopped and sat on my chest. She was a surprisingly light women, I had no problem supporting her while breathing comfortably.

"One last request Larry, I want you to please ask, beg me to take you to places you don't even know exist." With that, she kissed me full force on the mouth, her tongue seemingly tap dancing on mine.

"Su..... please..... take me...... please take me now." I could barely get the words out of my mouth. Then suddenly, I became incredibly dizzy. My stomach tightened, I felt like I was going to throw up. Pain echoed in my mind. And then it all stopped. I opened my eyes and I couldn't believe what I saw.

Su, at least it still looked like Su, at least the eyes and the nose and the mouth, but that was all. It was a fiery red creature sitting on my chest, staring back at me. She, at least it looked like a female had breasts even bigger than Su. The hair was the same color, only longer, more voluminous, she had small, reptile like wings sprouting from her back. And instead of teeth, she had fangs.

"Su, what the hell just happened, what they hell happened to you."

"Change of plans Larry, I decided to bring you back to my place."

For the first time I took my eyes off this thing and viewed my surroundings. I was in some kind of dungeon or cave. I was on some kind of marble slab. The simple police cuffs had changed into iron manacles. The room was big, very warm, very scary. I couldn't tell where the light source was, but it seemed almost to be lit by fire or torches.

"What do you mean, how'd I get here, what happened to you?"

She put her finger to my lips and said, "Shhhhhhhh, there's plenty of time for questions, and I do mean plenty of time." She continued, "Since you told me your life story, I guess you deserve to hear mine. I am Su, which is short for Succubus. I'm a demon, not a devil. But all the sexy Halloween costumes are devils, so I make do. As a Succubus, my job is to scour the mortal world for suitable men, seduce them, take their semen and mix it with my evil essence. Then, after a while, I pass it on to my cousins the Incubus, who assumes the form of a human male, seduces some air headed human female and impregnate her with it. Nine months later, 'ta da' we have a demon spawn in human form."

"You have got to be kidding me!" I yelled. "This has got to be some sort of trick. Did you drug me? Am I having a nightmare?"

"No, no, no, and, yes, but take my word for it, you are wide awake." She chuckled. "I always love this part, when the realization starts to sink in. Its delicious."

"How the hell did we get here?"

She replied, "close, but no cigar. This isn't hell, its the Abyss. And we got here because you asked me oh so nicely."

"You tricked me!"

"Maybe just a little, but remember, you asked me back to your place, you invited me into your home, you invited me to have sex with you. You invited me to tie you down. And you invited me to take you. If you didn't, you wouldn't be here right now. I can't force a mortal human to have sex with me, or come her against their will. My powers don't work like that. Oh, I did throw a little charm on you at the bar, after I saw you didn't have the balls to hit on me. Just enough to get your attention. After that, it was all your choice."

"This can't be happening to me!"

"Yes it can, and it is. You're mine."

"So what do you do, just rape me and then let me go?"

She replied, "That's usually the standard process. But then again, I'm not your average, garden variety, off the shift succubus. No, I'm a perfectionist. I'm known through out the dark realms for acquiring the greatest human semen that produces the most evil human demon off spring. A one night stand gets you enough human essence to produce an IRS agent, or an Amway sales person. Maybe a decently evil mother in law. I go for the awe inspiring, terror inducing, history changing type of demon spawn spunk. Since the creation of the Abyss at the end of Great War, longer ago that you can even conceive, I've honed my skills, perfected them. I know what it takes. And the secret is time. A long, long time, teasing and tormenting and driving you sexually beyond human endurance. Lots of time. Let's just say, it has to percolate in your balls for quite some time in order to soak up as much of your human essence as possible. I also prefer to deal in virgins, males who haven't given any of their essence away to some bimbo who doesn't even know what she's getting. Think of it as organic gardening."

"Were you also looking for a Priest?"

"I wish. If I could get a priest to break his vows, wow, that's like a gold star status. That's where you get people like Ghengis Kahn, or Hitler. No, you almost being a priest is just a cherry on top for me. Get it, cherry?" And with that she rolled her head back and gave a terrifying laugh.

"How long are you going to keep me here?"

"Funny you should ask that. You're major is theology, right? What's the number of the beast?"

"666" I replied, terrified.

"Very good Larry. Did you know the schmuck who wrote Revelations got that wrong? It's upside down. The number is '999' and that's how many years I need your cum to simmer in your ball sack."

"I'm a human, I can't live that long!" I screamed, hoping for any kind of opening.

"No problem, any pimp demon from the pit knows spells for increasing mortal life span. Down here I can keep you alive as long as I want."

I felt my stomach churn.

"So, let's get started, shall we? Let's see if I can keep you hard, sexually stimulated, yet not orgasming for 999 mortal, human years."

"Then you'll let me go?"

"I'll do better than that, I'll let you tie me up after you cum, just as I promised. That is, if you have the strength to. Usually after that long with out cumming, there isn't an awful lot of human left over. They're generally just husks. I usually sell them to pit keepers for spell and potion components. All those spells keeping them alive for 999 years leaves a lot of magic residue. You'll be recycled."

"So, let's get started, shall we?" And with that she climbed off my chest, went to the bottom of the slab I was chained to, crawled between my legs and started to give me the blow job of a life time. I just cried.

Happy Halloween!


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