Happy Birthday from Sax

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2005 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; cuffs; doortie; gag; spreader; nipple; tease; toys; insert; denial; sex; climax; cons; X

Entry from the S(A)X Leather Bondage Story competition 2005

Looking at herself in the mirror, Kaitlyn silently cursed herself. If she hadn’t made that stupid promise, she wouldn’t be in this position. Not that her position felt bad. Quite the opposite, actually. It was how she got here that bothered her.

Tom had been living with her for several months, now, and she had never had a more caring, attentive lover. It seemed as though his every move, every word, was carefully calculated for her happiness and pleasure. Kaitlyn had wanted to do something extra special to show her appreciation, and his birthday had seemed the perfect opportunity. She would find him the perfect gift.

There was only one problem. No matter how often she asked, Tom would never say what he wanted. His reply was always that he had everything he could desire, just being with her. Finally, after a long session of lovemaking, she got her answer.

“Ok,” he’d said, smiling, as she once again pestered him. “If you insist, I’ll tell you. There’s this site online called Sax Leather. I’ve always wanted to order some of their stuff and use it. I honestly think it could make our lovemaking even better.”

“Better?” she’d asked teasingly. “I don’t think I could handle much better.”

Tom shrugged. “Well, you did ask what I wanted.”

The following evening, Kaitlyn had settled Tom in front of her computer. “Go ahead and order what you want from that site,” she’d told him. “We’ll put it on my credit card.”

“Are you sure? What if you don’t want to use it after I order it?”

Kaitlyn had smiled. “I promise, love, we’ll use whatever you order, however you want to use it.”

Tom jumped to his feet and kissed her soundly. “You’re the best!” he exclaimed, then turned back to the computer. Once the order was ready, she’d typed in her credit card information, wincing slightly at the over $500 price tag, but determined to keep her word. The order went out, and the waiting began.

When the package arrived, Tom was eager to open it, but Kaitlyn demurred. “It’s for your birthday,” she reminded him, “and that’s when you get to open it.”

“And use it?”

“Yes, love, and use it. And it’s only two more days, so you can wait.”

Finally, the day arrived. They’d agreed to wait until after dinner to open the package, and the hours seemed to crawl. Eventually, the time had come. Tom jumped up from the table, leaving his barely touched food, and vanished into the guest room with the package. Several minutes later, he called for Kaitlyn.

“And strip before you come in,” he called out.

Mystified, Kaitlyn removed her clothes, then stepped into the room. The contents of the package were nowhere to be seen, though a lump under the sheets indicated where they were.

“Well?” she asked. “Do I get to see?”

“One piece at a time.” Tom smiled. “As I put them on you.”

“On me?” Kaitlyn was shocked. “You ordered things for me? It’s your birthday, love, not mine.”

“Actually,” Tom explained, “I ordered this stuff for both of us. Yes, this is something I’ve always wanted to do, but I’m hoping you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.”

Kaitlyn shrugged. “Ok, it’s your birthday, and I did promise. Let’s get started”

Tom smiled and pulled the first thing from under the sheet. “Item 3002 Ladies Four Ring Harness. Raise your arms, please.”

Bemused, Kaitlyn raised her hands over her head, watching as Tom buckled the harness onto her. Across the room, a full-length mirror adorned the outer side of the closet door. Looking at her reflection, she was amazed at the way the harness seemed to frame her firm, full breasts. Not bad at all, she thought.

“What’s next?”

Well, this one doesn’t exactly go on you,” Tom smiled, holding up what looked like a strap with a ring on one end and a bar on the other. “Item 4544 Door Restraint.” Still smiling, Tom opened the bedroom door, then draped the strap over the top with the bar on the outside. When he closed the door, the ring end dangled just beneath the door’s top.

“What does that do?”

“You’ll see. Now hold out your hands, palms up.”

When Kaitlyn’s hands were presented, Tom quickly buckled a pair of leather cuffs onto her wrists. “Item 4527 Leather Bondage Wrist Restraint Soft.” Smiling, he drew her back against the door, the pulled her hands above her head. There was a click, then Tom stepped back. Looking up, Kaitlyn saw that her wrists were now secured to the ring hanging above her head. She tugged, but soon realized she wasn’t going anywhere until Tom released her. The thought made her more than a little nervous.

“Tom, I’m not sure about this.”

“Please, honey, trust me. I think you’ll like this. Besides, you did promise.”

Kaitlyn glared at him. “Yes, I did. But I didn’t think you’d ever take advantage of my word like this. Go ahead, do your worst. And then I’ll decide whether or not I’ll be able to trust you again.”

For a moment, he hesitated, then stepped back to the bed. This time, Kaitlyn didn’t see what he grabbed, as he quickly placed it into his back pocket before stepping back to her. Bracing herself for whatever came next, Kaitlyn gasped in surprise as he bent slightly, taking one nipple into his mouth and sucking gently.

“Now that feels good,” she sighed, closing her eyes. Tom’s response was to suck harder. Kaitlyn’s sigh became a moan as he began switching from one nipple to the other. Soon, both nipples were almost painfully erect.

Suddenly, the feel of lips vanished. Kaitlyn opened her mouth to protest, only to feel something cool slip past her lips, something shaped suspiciously like the end of a penis. Even as her eyes opened in shock, she felt Tom buckling straps behind her head, drawing the penis deep into her mouth and trapping her tongue beneath it.

When Tom stepped back, Kaitlyn glanced at her reflection in the mirror. A leather panel covered her mouth, straps vanishing behind her head. Stunned, and more than a little worried, she turned her eyes back on Tom.

“Mmmmnnnn! Mmfffffnnnnn   mmmnnnnn mmnnoooo!”

“Item 2308 Silicone Penis Gag,” Tom told her, smiling. Kaitlyn shook her head, her shouted complaints emerging only as muffled mumbles. Ignoring her unintelligible pleas, Tom turned back to the bed, returning with a leather strap.

“Item 1935 Collar Slave Name Tag.” Turning the collar, he showed her the plate in the center. It did, indeed, have the word “slave” engraved on it. Reaching up, he buckled it around her throat.

“Almost done,” he told her. “Only three more items to go.”

The next thing, he told her was Item 5200 Leg Spreader. This was a bar with a leather cuff attached to each end. Kneeling, Tom quickly secured her ankles into the cuffs. As he stood, Kaitlyn could see in the mirror that her ankles were now held at about shoulder width. Whatever Tom had in mind for her, he’d have no trouble getting to her most sensitive areas.

Now Tom approached her, holding what looked like a small chain with a strange metal arrangement on each end. “Item 4110 Jap Clover Chain,” he announced. Kaitlyn watched nervously as he held one end next to a nipple. Tom manipulated the end, causing it to open slightly. Gently, he slipped the end around her still engorged nipple, then released it. A muffled yelp emerged from her gagged mouth as the clamp tightened on her nipple, only to be repeated as he clamped the other nipple.

“These are special clamps,” Tom told her. “The more you pull on them, the tighter they get.” He demonstrated by tugging on the chain, drawing another yelp as the clamps tightened. She almost moaned with relief when he released the chain and moved to collect the last item.

When he turned from the bed, Kaitlyn saw that he held the smallest, tightest bikini bottom she owned. In his other hand was something that looked rather like a vibrator, except for a strange shape on its top.

“Item 8200,” he informed her with a smile. “The Randy Rabbit.” Reaching down, he softly stroked between her legs. “Already wet,” he grinned. “At least part of you is enjoying this.” Kaitlyn shook her head, but the dampness between her legs belied her denial. Part of her was enjoying this, the sensation battling with nervousness, worry and anger at his deception.

“You’ll really like this,” Tom said, slowly inserting the Rabbit within her. Once it was in place, she began to understand the strange shape. It brushed against her clit, causing her to shiver. Quickly, Tom put the bikini bottom on her, tying it tightly to hold the intruder inside. Then he held up a small control and thumbed it.

Kaitlyn had prepared herself for the feel of a vibrator, but this thing absolutely stunned her. Not only did it vibrate, it moved! The end turned, while the shaft seemed to pulse. Tom’s thumb moved again, and the part touching her clit began to vibrate, sending shivers throughout her body. Her hips bucked involuntarily. Tom smiled and tucked the control into the side of her bikini.

“Enjoy,” he said, then slipped into the bathroom. Within, another door led out into the hall. Kaitlyn wondered where he’d gone, but all too soon, the sensations between her legs erased any other considerations.

As time slowly passed, Kaitlyn learned things about herself she’d never imagined before. The feeling of total helplessness frightened her, but at the same time, seemed to intensify the feelings between her thighs. Just the sight of her reflection in the mirror, bound, clamped, gagged, wearing a slave’s collar, brought a muffled moan to her lips. And that, that thing between her legs taught her the sensation of losing all control over her own body. As it moved, her hips moved in response, as if trying to heighten the sensation.

The hours crawled by, as Kaitlyn writhed and moaned helplessly. Aroused as never before in her life, she could not, quite, reach orgasm. It was maddening, it was torture, it was… it was… it was the deepest, strongest, most intense sexual sensation she’d ever known. Problem was, she didn’t know how much longer she could take this before she went completely insane.

How long had she been hanging here? Kaitlyn’s eyes strayed towards the clock beside the bed, anxious to know how many hours she’d endured this sweet torment. It must be past midnight by now. Did he intend to keep her here till morning? Slowly, her eyes focused on the clock, then widened.

Twenty minutes? All this torture, all these hours of quivering, writhing, helpless arousal, and only twenty minutes had passed? Now she knew she would go crazy. The need to orgasm closed in on her, reducing her focus to the sensations within her own body. All else ceased to exist.

Lost in her world of helpless need, she barely noticed when Tom entered the room. Her first real indication of his presence came when he removed her bikini and pulled the vibrator from within her. Kaitlyn moaned loudly, thrusting her hips forward, not wanting the sensations to end. As it happened, her thrust met his own, their combined motion thrusting him deep inside her. Kaitlyn’s eyes widened, feeling his hands grasp her hips, then closed as she surrendered completely to her own body, lost in the rhythm of her thrusting hips.

Quickly now, she soared higher and higher, closer to that elusive, yet desperately needed orgasm. Within her, a wave grew to monstrous proportions, driving her, until finally it burst, hurling her into an orgasm more intense than she’d ever dreamed possible. On and on it thundered through her, ravaging her with the sweetest, most beautiful release she had ever felt. Kaitlyn was almost sorry when the wave began to recede.

Suddenly, she felt twin blooms of pain in her nipples. Normally, pain was something she avoided as best she could, but this pain had a surprising result. Even as it sped through her body, the wave returned, cresting even higher this time. Again it thundered through her, until the world grew dark, and her body hung limp in its bonds.

Kaitlyn opened her eyes to find herself in her own bed. Unbound, she still could not move, so weak and limp was her body. Mustering all the strength in the world, she turned her head to find Tom lying beside her, a concerned look on his face.

“Are you ok?” he asked. “You blacked out. I was afraid you were hurt. Tell me you’re ok, please.”

Kaitlyn’s mouth opened, but there was no strength in her for speech. So she settled for a smile, watching as the worry evaporated from Tom’s face. He drew her to him, cuddling her gently. Cradled in his loving arms, Kaitlyn drifted off to sleep, her last thought bringing another smile to her soft lips.

Only three hundred and fifty six more days till his next birthday.