Halloween Witch Hunt

by Restricted

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© Copyright 2007 - Restricted - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; kidnap; witch; magic; nc; X

from the 2007 Halloween special

“What the hell!” Geoff stood agog at the sight that beheld him just a few yards away on the other side of the bushes. There dancing in the moonlight were some naked men and women. They were dancing around a fire. Geoff counted them. There were six men and six women. They were all chanting some weird incantations. Geoff could not understand what they were chanting. “It must be in some foreign language!” he thought, “I had better get out of here before they see me!” He took one last look at them. From the flickering flames reflecting on their bodies and faces, Geoff surmised they must be about fifty. He had always imagined some nubile young girls dancing naked, but if these were witches, then they could stop someone dead in their tracks just by looking at them.

He crept away carefully until he thought he could not be heard! Then he ran for his life. He imagined that they would be looking for someone to sacrifice tonight to the devil, and he was going to make sure it was not him! “Halloween, of all the days for me to be found in these woods and this bunch of loonies running amok being here as well!” he thought to himself.

But soon he found himself panting for breath and could not run any further. He got a pain in his side through a stitch and had to rest. He stopped for a moment and then started to walk. The group must be a mile behind him by now. And with all the thicket and bushes that he had run through, they would never find him!

Geoff came to a large pond with a clearing beyond and saw the old cottage. It was lit by the moonlight and looked rather spooky to him. He shivered at the sight of it and wondered who lived in such a place. It was covered in ivy and it was not that well maintained. But at least it was shelter for someone.

Venturing carefully onto the porch, Geoff knocked at the door. To his surprise a young girl answered the door. He quickly told her about the sight that he had seen and with all the men that rumours had it that had disappeared over the past year, he was naturally concerned! The girl told him to come in and he noticed that there were only oil lamps and candles. “Power is out tonight. Apparently someone digging the road up a couple of miles away dug through the power cables!”

Geoff laughed. “Typical!” He looked out of the window and saw the full moon reflecting on the pond. The reflection added to the light of the area. The woods from where he had come were pitch black! Geoff shivered again. The girl offered to make him a coffee. Geoff accepted her offer and asked if she had a telephone. But she replied that the phone company would not put a line out to the cottage. She had a mobile phone, but for some reason she could not get a signal today!

Geoff sat down to get his wits about him. The girl asked him why he had gone to the woods when he knew that there were the rumours of the disappearances! He told her it was out of curiosity that he ventured out tonight!

“On Halloween? You must be mad!” she said shaking her head!

“Why do you know something about the missing men?”

“No, they are only rumours. Do you actually know someone who has disappeared, or is it a friend of a friend of a friend who said that men have disappeared?”

Geoff had to admit he was at a loss for words. “No, I personally don’t know anyone who is missing!”

“Well, stop the night! You will be safe here and you can find the way out of the woods in the morning!”

Geoff agreed that was good idea, it would save him stumbling around in the dark now the batteries had gone flat on his torch! He told the girl his name. “I am Annie!”

“Do you always take strangers in like this? It could be dangerous you know!”

“No, I don’t take strangers in, but you look so nervous and lost, I feel I can trust you!”

“Thank you for that!”

Annie told him he did not have to sleep on the sofa. She had a spare bed. Geoff accepted the meal she offered and they sat and ate it by candlelight! “In other circumstances, this would be romantic!” he said. Annie smiled.

“What do you do for boyfriends this far out?”

“Oh I don’t have a boyfriend, but my physical needs are well catered for, if you know what I mean!” Geoff said nothing. She most be lonely this far out. Okay, she can grow her own food and there is the well for the water, but what she would do for sex, he had not got a clue. He thought that as she was about twenty, she must be gagging for it. Perhaps he would try it on later.

Annie was a very pretty girl. Her hair was cropped short and she looked like he was managing the cottage quite well. She would be a catch for any man. Okay, he was ten years older than her roughly, but he could still perform well in the sack!

But after a while Geoff felt tired. He asked if he could go to bed! “Of course you can. That is strange, when my relatives visit, they say the same think. It must be the air I suppose!”

She showed Geoff the bedroom and he entered leaving her outside. He locked the door behind him and simply crashed onto the bed, fully dressed. It was a four poster bed, but the posts were thick, went straight to the ceiling and they had notches in them like a cog wheel. Geoff wondered why the ornate decoration. It was a bit over the top! He could hear the girl working away tidying up the crockery from the meal. His eyes started to close, he fought it, but he was too tired. His eyes closed one more time and he was fast asleep.

Geoff woke up and found he could not move. Oh he could twist his body, but his arms were stuck up above him pointing towards the headboard. His legs were splayed out as well. He tried to talk but found he was gagged. He mmmpphhhd through the gag. A spotlight came on. Geoff could see he was naked and tied spread-eagled to the bed. “Oh don’t struggle. All men would give anything to be tied to a bed and have a young girl fuck him! Your luck is in!”

Geoff struggled, but there was no escape. Annie started to strip. Her naked body was bathed in the light from the spotlight. Geoff heard a lot of murmuring. He tried to ask what the noise was. Annie switched on another light and Geoff turned his head in both directions. He saw lots of men about sixty years of age all chained to the walls and gagged as well. They could not move!

“Oh you will be joining them soon. They could not last. I have had some of them in here for about five years. The eldest is only twenty five. You are thirty according to your driving license. Well, I am at least eighty five. I keep young by draining the youth out of men in a most pleasurable way for me. Just in case you are wondering where you are, you have not left the bedroom as such and never will. I will show you!” Geoff looked at the eight men and no one looked under the age of sixty. They looked tired and haggard! "They get older each time we have sex, I take their youth and add it to mine, that is why I look so young and feel so healthy!"

She climbed on the bed and pressed a remote control. There was a whirring of electric motors and the bed started to climb up the posts of the bed. Now he could see why the posts had notches. They were gear teeth for the bed to rise and fall.

Geoff tried to escape, but Annie had made too good a job of tying him to the bed. She let the bed go down again and it settled on the basement floor once more. “See that spot there between that man over there with the hairy chest and the man with the grey hair. That will be your spot. I pick them out whenever I need to be invigorated again. Sex is the best tonic a witch could have. Sex with a younger man! Oh yes, I am a witch. The people you saw are only actors rehearsing for a play. They have been coming for the last two weeks and I must admit, I thought about capturing the men, but they are in their forties. Way too old for me. Then I saw you enter the woods. I saw you in my crystal ball! Oh, for the record, there is power here. You never bothered to try the lights. It is just that I prefer to watch by candle lights so I can see my prey coming through the woods better! And I don't suppose you noticed the candles were arranged at the points of the pentacle!"

Annie climbed on Geoff and rode him hard until she screamed with passion. She howled like a wolf and somewhere in the woods, a replying howl came back. Geoff could just about make it out, so it must be near and the sound deadened by the cottage walls and the fact the bed was below ground level!

Geoff was determined to have his orgasm before her and he won the first round, but Annie was having nothing to do with it finishing there and then. She climbed off of him and gave him a blow job until he became erect again. Annie climbed back on top of him and this time Geoff lasted a whole three minutes before he was spent. But Annie did not give up. “More, I want more!” She repeated the operation and rode Geoff for a third time. Geoff tried to plead with her to stop through the gag, but the other men chained to the wall murmured. They knew what he was going through! Geoff thought he was due for a heart attack. But this time Annie sensed he was drained and had no strength left in him and climbed off of him once she had climaxed.

Geoff had no strength to stop Annie when she undid the ropes and lifted him off of the bed and carried him over her shoulder and sat him against the wall. She was as strong as an ox and she carried him as if he were a rug. Geoff was shaken by this feat of strength. She lifted one arm and fastened it in the shackle and then the other arm followed. His arms were now spread wide apart. Annie chained his legs to the wall as well and fastened a collar around his neck. She attached the collar to the wall.

She stood on the bed and Geoff watched as it slowly climbed the racked posts. The lights went out, but not for long. The bed came down and Annie came back with a jug of something. She undid each mans gag and gave him a drop of the liquid it contained. Geoff was thirsty and eagerly swallowed the fluid. Then he saw the first man to have a drop had fallen asleep. “Don’t worry, he is not dead. He is only asleep like you will be in a few moments. You will sleep for about twelve hours. That will give me time to catch the nice young man who has just entered the woods. Now he can give me some of my strength and youth back. I saw him in the crystal ball! Have a happy Halloween!"

The bed rose and filled the gap in the ceiling, the lights went out and Geoff fell asleep once more!