The Halloween Costume

by Torquemaster

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© Copyright 2006 - Torquemaster - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; MF/f; D/s; costumes; bond; cuffs; party; latex; bdsm; nipple; crop; torment; toys; insert; climax; cons; X

Jackie and I had been dating for a few months now and bondage had become an almost normal part of our routine if anything about a woman who loves sex with her legs suspended from the ceiling with chains can be called normal. We had begun to talk frequently about doing something “Adventurous” Jackie loved to be surprised so she asked me.. no she challenged me to surprise her.

Halloween was approaching and we were both invited to a rather special costume party and both being Star Wars fans and bondage fans the choice of costumes was obvious.  I was going in a purchased Darth Vader outfit and Jackie was going as Slave Leia.   Jackie’s sister had a very realistic harem outfit that the 2 girls modified with metal flake and gold material to make it quite close to the Star Wars slave girl costume Leia wore in episode 6 when she had been captured by Jabba the Hut.   I have a friend, Tom who makes custom medieval bondage shackles.  Together we made a gold collar like the pictures I found on the internet.  ( Did you know there is a website devoted just to Slave Leia?)  This was a fetish club party and bondage gear was common but nudity was frowned upon.  Jackie knew this and expected to be in bondage of some sort most of the night. 
We arrived ( Tom and I ) to pick up Jackie.  She was surprised to see him but knew him and knew he was making the collar which she was very enthusiastic to wear.  She told us she was tingling just thinking about it.  "Are you sure the tingling isn’t for some other reason?" I asked.

"Well... you know about the .... things.....does Tom know?" she whispered.  

"No he does not know about the Ben Wa balls", I whispered in her ear.  

She asked me not to tell so I turned to Tom and we focused our attention on "The Box"  

"Behold my dear lady", Tom spoke very melodramatically, "the rest of your outfit for the night."

Jackie was mesmerized as he brought out the shiny gold collar.  A 1 1/2 in wide band with a hinge in its center.  At each end were 2 large hoop rings which overlapped when the collar was closed.  "How does it clasp?"

"In due time my lady in due time."

Next we brought out the arm binders.  It looked like a figure 8.  One hinge in the center and 2 half moon shackles opening on each side to allow the wrists to be inserted in and when closed the shackles would be very form fitted to each wrist. There would be no slack between them since the cuff was essentially one piece and was manufactured to her exact measurements. We placed each hand in the cuff , wrists before her to show them to her.  She was held palm to palm with only a small bit of twisting room within the cuff for each wrist. 

"How do they lock?" 

"In due time my dear."

After that we showed her the ankle cuffs.  These were more like traditional shackles with 18 in of bright gold chain.....again the same question and answer.
We all stood and admired the workmanship in these items.  I don’t know who was more hypnotized Jackie by the glitter and strength of her soon to be captors or by the glow she beamed across the room with her smile and the way she looked in that costume.  She looked more and more incredible by the moment. 

Jackie is not a large woman by stature but she took on the proportions of an Amazon in the harem outfit. Her legs were never longer and more chic.  Her breasts seemed to be molded and sculpted into the silk and gold of the halter top. Her beautiful cleavage was never deeper and more inviting.  I wanted to dive in and get lost in the soft folds of her white skin and the golden curls of her long mane..................Uh....back to the story.

"Time to bind you up for the evening my slave." 

"Yes Master", she replied as she knelt before me.  "As you wish."

Tom went to work putting on the ankle shackles and I approached her with the collar.  Jackie held her hair up as I placed the collar around her neck.  Tom then pulled on her elbows and she then placed her hands together behind her back for the cuff.  It took some time locking the wrist and ankle cuffs.  Jackie seemed a bit uncomfortable as Tom worked the mechanisms.  Still she just looked up at me while I held her collar tight about her fitted neck.

"All Done.  Time for the last one", Tom said. 

He approached with a 4 foot gold chain. I held it up to the 2 overlapped hoops on the closed end of the collar.  Tom produced another chain link.  It was preyed open at one end.  Jackie’s eyes widened as he produced a set of vice grips with 12 inch handles and placing the link in them bent the link closed through the hoops.  "There. Permanently sealed."

"Is this the lock?" Jackie asked in a shallow trembling voice.

"Yes my dear, and the cuffs and ankle shackles are similarly locked as well."

"H.. H... How do I get out?"

"You don’t said Tom... not until the Master calls me to release you." With that Tom kissed the stunned forehead of my new slave and bid his farewell.

It took a while for Jackie to speak.  She was still breathing heavily when I said to her.  "You told me on our weekend that you liked bondage best when it was real.  This is as real as it gets lover."  That seemed to calm her down. She asked for a drink.  Water I said. 

"Hell no I need something stronger than that."

A few minutes later she was calmer and I could tell was getting a bit more comfortable with her situation.  "How long......."

I stopped her by placing a finger on her lips.  "As long as the Master says so."


Again I stopped her. "I have Tom’s cell phone number.  He will be available all night.  Shall I call him back now?"

"No.. No!" was her quick answer, "I want to be your....your ...SLAVE Master."

"Very Well then are we ready to go to the party."

"Yes Master but I have a confession to make.  I got out the Ben Wa balls, the ones we used on our weekend.  And I inserted them in my pussy just as you asked.  I put on a thong and a pair of panties to hold them in.  In fact I borrowed the thong from my sister who is a size 4 and christ they are tight!!!   But I could not find the remote to turn the bastards on.  They are just bouncing around in there making me hornier than hell but it’s the vibrating that I really love about them.  I’m sorry Master I can’t find the remote......"

At that I gently put my hand over her mouth.  "A slave does not speak unless spoken to.  A slave also does not use such foul language and a slave does not make demands of her master."

With that I pulled large white ballgag out of my back pocket and popped it in her mouth. I love the way her mouth can take the largest of ballgags.  This one would prove to be a challenge for her as the night went on. It only took a few minutes to complete my costume.  Jackie waited patiently in the middle of the floor while I finished.  I took her chain and led her toward the door.  She squealed and her eyes snapped over to her purse on the coffee table.  You won’t need it.  Then her eyes spiked down to her 38D bosoms nearly bursting out of her slave bra.  Who is in charge here I thought?  Alright I said.  A moment later I returned with a coat I draped around her shoulders and buttoned in the front. This is tight.  It must have been her sisters too.   To late to stop now.  We are going to party till the vampires go to bed.  At that I grabbed her leash and pulled hard nearly snapping her bulging wide eyes out of their sockets and headed to the parking lot for my car.  It would be a long uncomfortable ride but it would be worth it.
Jackie was about as weak kneed as a new born deer as Tom and I walked her to the car.  I suspected being new to bondage that all this was going to put her senses into overload but she was acting much more frightened than I had anticipated so when we got to the car in the driveway, I looked into her eyes.  "Are you OK"  No response.  "Jackie is this too much for you?" Nothing.  I reached out and thru her coat grabbed both breasts. Her eyes popped open and spoke to me.  You have my attention they said.  "Shake your head and answer me. Are you in pain?"

No was the reply.  "Do you want to go through with this"" there was a hesitation that started me worrying.  I was very fond of this helpless beauty in my hands.  She was still getting used to the sensations that bondage had opened in her and going out in public, even to a private party was a big big step for her.  Suddenly her head shook No, then Yes, then a tear came to her cheek.

I wasted no time reaching behind her and unbuckling the white ballgag.  It did not fall out.  I had to pry it from behind her teeth. 

"Oh Please don't.. forgive me". 

"Just calm down and take it easy. Should I have Tom cut the bonds off you now?"  This startled her. 

"No No , I’m OK its just the excitement.  I think I was hyperventilating.  The cuffs are ok it’s the damn Ben Wa Balls". 

"Actually they are technically not Ben Wa Balls dear they are Vibrating Eggs and they are not even turned on because you lost the remote control" 

"Well when the little bastards are slamming around  in YOUR pussy driving YOU crazy and making YOU bounce off the walls I don't give a shit what they are called". 

Again I grabbed her boobs thru the coat.  This calmed her. "Do you want me to get Tom to cut these off or send him home" 

She hesitated only a moment to catch her breath,  turned and said.  "Goodnight Tom.  It was nice to meet you but I won’t be needing you for a while".  With that we put her in the passenger’s seat of my car and Tom and I parted ways with a handshake and a smile.

The ride to the party was uneventful.  Jackie was on edge the whole time.  I suspect the eggs were doing a number on her.  The car was a Mustang with a big V-8 engine.  Low to the ground and plenty of vibration in the seat when I got on the accelerator.  She seemed to moan a few times when I got hard on the gas.  Too bad the ride was not longer.  When we got to the gate of the home where the party was held she asked me to stop. "Please put my gag back in" I stopped the car and reached in my pocket for the ballgag. I also pulled out a small padlock. 

"This gag has a hook in the buckle.  I can padlock it so only I will be able to release it. That way no one at the party will have access to you but me, are you ok with this". 

"You know I want to please you Ron and yes I trust you"  With that I locked the big white ballgag, once again in her mouth, maybe a notch tighter than before.  She did not complain.

The doorman at the party was obviously used to this kind of event because he didn't look twice at this woman with the ballgag staring up at him from the car seat.  Nor did he flinch when she rolled her shacked legs out onto the ground.  He very politely assisted me pulling her out of the car and then gave me a parking pass..... and then kept his hand there expecting the usual big tip.  I thought getting to see all you will see tonight should be tip enough.  But it does not pay the bills so I have the old guy a 10spot. 

The reception inside the door at the coat check room was similar. I guess they had seen it all.  We were late so the room was busy.  It did not keep the girl at the counter from giving Jackie the once over from head to toe.  She was staring so hard I gave her a hard look myself.  "Oh, Oh sorry" she said "Bitchin outfit, I wish I had gone for that".  She was right, the French maid outfit and the blood soaked Vampire teeth were a bit over used.

Jackie and I strode out into the room. I was never more proud with her on my leash. She walked with an elegance I did not expect.  There were dozens of eyes on her and she was absorbing it like warm sunshine.  I don't know who was more turned on by the experience.  I stopped and talked with several people I knew.  As bondage parties go it was pretty normal.  Lots of wild costumes.  Participants could either come in traditional Halloween dress or fetish attire.  The only rules were no nudity, no sex.  About 50% of the crown went the fetish route.  80% of those were male dom, female sub.  Pretty standard.  There were some people who just go for the shock effect.  One was a man dressed in a baby costume.  His mistress led him literally around by a chain somehow attached to his balls.  I steered clear of her.

There was a big crowd gathering around a very tall blond in a full latex catsuit.  She was bound up in more leather straps than I could count.  I asked a friend who she was. "Oh that’s Mistress A's new slave, striking isn't she". I made a mental note to visit her later.  I continued to make my way thru the crowd pulling on Jackie's gold chain when suddenly I felt a resistance on the other end. I turned to see Frankenstein peering down my slave’s ample cleavage.  At once I sprang into my Darth Vader character, pulling out my light saber.  Turning on the green glowing light and sweeping it in front of Franks face between him and my slave’s tits.  I dropped the leash as if it had been cut by the saber. Frank leapt back. Startled for the moment but then jumped at the opportunity.  He grabbed a loose chair and started to duel with me but was no match for a Jedi.  Soon he was on the floor begging for mercy which of course Darth Vader has none.   The circle of people around us burst into applause.  Frank and I stood up and bowed to the fans. 

We took off our masks and exchanged greetings.  I soon had a new friend.  He introduced me to his girlfriend who was dressed as Wonder Woman.  Cute girl, a bit small to carry off the super heroine role.  Maybe that explained why she was wearing a steel collar, hinged handcuffs and about 30 ft of small chain wrapped around her waist.  About that time Jackie started mumbling loudly.  "Would you like to talk dear"  Yes she nodded.  I soon unlocked her gag and let it hang about her neck.  "I’m so thirsty can I please have a drink"  I offered to get drinks for the 4 of us and Frank found a table.  I gave Wonder Woman Jackie's chain and asked if she would keep my slave.  "Sure if you will return the favor later" I think I am going to like getting to know this couple better I thought as I went off to the bar.  When I returned Jackie and WW were hitting it off.  WW helped Jackie sip her drink with her hands cuffed in front and they seemed to be enjoying their mutual bondage.  Time for me to unleash my surprise on Jackie. 

Many people were milling and Frank and I were enjoying the wild sights and the activities going on.  There were more than their fair share of exhibitionists here.  Our fake saber fight had been one of the tamest but still got a lot of interest.  Several people came up to me and wanted to borrow my light saber for some fun.  I was happy to offer.  "Just make sure you use the buttons on the handle to release its Jedi powers" I said. 

While Frank and I leaned back at the bar and watched the saber go from one hand to another I let him in on its secret. Back home I had cut away the handle of the saber and installed 2 button panels.  One turned on the saber light.  The other did the light saber.  It was actually the remote control for the vibrating eggs that Jackie wore deep within her already hot and wet pussy.  Each time someone new tried out the saber they were unknown to them turning Jackie's eggs on-off and changing from low-med-hi speeds.  From across the room Frank and I gazed as Wonder Woman tried to calm Princes Leia who was by now squirming all over the chair, dazed and confused wildly trying to figure out what was happening to her but unable between her bondage and her weakened state able to even stand.  At one point she did get to her feet and momentarily tried to take a step. But WW took hold of her chain and pulled her down on the table. She then leaned over the quivering slave and started to kiss her slowly, deeply , more passionately than 2 people can envelope each other.  Both women were hot now. Both women began to hump each other and I suddenly became aware of the clubs rules.  Maybe I had better stop this before it got out of hand.  I briskly walked over to the table taking the saber out of the hands of a leather clad man who had stopped cold in his tracks to watch the show.  Turning the remote off I reached Jackie just as both women were reaching the peak of 2 shuddering climaxes.  I had to step back for a moment to give them room.  I had never seen Jackie so violent when climaxing. 

After a few moments of silence there was once again a round of applause by the crowd who  must have thought it was just another act.  I started to speak to WW but she spoke first "I didn't know what to do.  She was making so much noise all I could think of was to cover her mouth."  You expect me to believe that I thought.   I looked down at my slave who I was starting to admire more every minute and started to say something but then she just smiled at me and said "I don't know what you did or how you did it and I am going to kick your ass for it tomorrow but GOD I needed that."  All I could do was lean down and kiss her.

The rest of the party was pretty tame after that.  We mingled around.  I had fun feeding Jackie.  She was really getting into being pampered.  I think she was getting the idea that being a slave meant that SHE got to have all the fun.  I decided to take her over to where Mistress A was working over her new latex slave.  There had been enough demonstrations with different whips going on all night I figured I needed to see just what kind of girl could take all this abuse. I also wanted Jackie to see what a slave life could be like if she failed to please her master.  We stood and watched for a while. It was pretty startling. 

This girl, very tall and well built was encased in latex from head to toe. A hood covered all but her eyes and pony tail.  Latex gloves covered her arms which were locked in handcuffs and pinned high up between her shoulder blades and padlocked to a stiff posture collar.  Here legs were locked in a wide spreader bar exposing here crotch to the whips and floggers.  She obviously had both vaginal and anal dildos locked deep inside her. Apparently each were inflatable.  As we were able to get closer the demonstration  ended and Mistress A took out 2 ball pumps and attached them to 2 small valves protruding from the slave’s crotch.  She gave one 3 pumps and the other 2.  Then turned to me and said "Would you like to give Lover some pain".  

I was surprised and looked in the girl’s eyes.  There were tears running down the front of one cheek.  I looked at her for the longest time and then said "With your permission Mistress" 

"Whatever you would like" she responded.  I took the ball and gave it 3 big fast pumps. The slave’s eyes widened to the bursting point.  She squealed into the panel gag.

Jackie started to say something but I turned her around and pulled the ballgag deep within her lips and locked it tight. 

Mistress A looked at me and said,"You are Ron aren't you"  True I didn't have my Darth Vader helmet on at the time but it didn't seem to bother me that this woman who I had never met knew my name.  "Have your pleasure" she said and backed away. 

I walked to the front of the latex slave leading Jackie by the leash.  This strange girls eyes never left me.  I looked down upon her breasts.  They were magnificent breasts.  Only once had I seen such beauties.  They were the only part of her body not covered with latex.  To comply with the clubs policy Mistress A had put pasties on the nipples.  The black leather kind with the big ring in the center.  You would have thought with all the whipping and sweating that this slave had been thru they would have fallen off.  Good glue eh!  No these were different and I knew it.  The pasties might have been fake but the large steel nipple rings sticking thru them were not.  I knew those rings, and I knew those eyes.  I had stared at those eyes many a night and I had put those rings where they were right now. I took each in my hands and pulled the slave close to me and whispered in her ear so no one else could hear.  "Are you happy now Donna"  I let her go and watched her eyes as she leaned away from me.  Fear filled those eyes.

Donna and I have or I should say had a history.  Once not so many months ago she was mine in every sense of the word. In my wildest imagination I could never have created a more perfect lover, a more beautiful female form or a more enthusiastic slave. But one day I came home to find her gone with only a note saying she had gone someone who could satisfy her insatiable craving to be dominated.  So this Mistress A was that new challenge.  I hoped she knew what she was in for.

I watched the fear swell in her eyes. I didn't know if it was fear of me or Mistress A and I didn't care. All I could feel at that moment was a desire for revenge and that feeling went all the way to my bones. 

I went back to work on those breasts.  Squeezing them, twisting the rings.  I reached over to a nearby post and took a small chain and threaded it thru both rings pulling them as tight as I could.  Mistress A appeared and gave me a small padlock.  I took it and pulling the chain a link tighter hooked the hasp thru the chain.  Donna rose to her tip toes trying desperately to get away from the pain. Then I reached behind me and took hold of Jackie's 4 ft long chain leash.  Taking the end link of the chain I locked the 2 chains together and then dropped the full weight of the chain to the floor. It didn't make it.  This was not a small chain.  It links were large and heavy.  In total the chain must have weighed between 3-5 pounds. I can’t imagine the pain it caused Donna.  I didn't see her eyes. I only looked back to see the reflection of her horror on Jackie's face. 

Mistress A handed me a flogger as I stepped behind Donna.  I had never used one before.  I didn't think I would like it.  I didn't.  Still it didn't keep me from landing 3 of the hardest blows I could muster on Donna's tight black clad ass.  After the third Mistress A took the flogger from me and led me to the bar.  I had 2 strong drinks.  I don't know what was in them.  We talked for nearly a half an hour.  Most of it I don't recall.  I do remember her saying that Donna and her were very happy together but that she had always felt there was something in her life she could not she could not get over.  I said I understood , that I had the same problem.  I said to her.  " I think this will help us both go on." We walked back to the 2 chained girls.  Jackie was now slumped on the floor at Donna’s feet.

I got her to her feet and with Mistress's key released her from Donna.  I started to take the chain off Donna's nipples but Mistress A put her hand on mine and stopped me.  I took Jackie by the leash and took a step back.  "Thank you. If you ever tire of this miss lovely..."

I cut her off. "I think I can handle this one." I told Mistress as we left the room.  

The party was winding down.  Jackie and I were waiting to get our coats.  Suddenly the nearly comatose Jackie sprang to life.  I turned to see Frank holding my Light Saber.  "You don't want to forget this pal. I may want to borrow it someday".  That made me smile and I uttered something really corny like "May the force be with you".

The ride home was quiet.  I stopped at a light and unlocked Jackie's ballgag.  "Thank you master"  

I was surprised by her use of the word Master. She was serious. In the past she only used it jokingly.  "Do you want me to call Tom to release you from the rest of your bonds"   

"No" she said without hesitation this time.  "I’m happy being your slave till Monday morning if it pleases you master.  Just do one thing for me, I know someday when you are ready you will tell me what went on in there. Just promise me if I ever do anything to make you that pissed at me please tell me before you beat the hide off my butt."

"I promise."  With that she leaned over and laid her head on my shoulder and fell asleep.


The end of the beginning.