Halloween Bondage

by Techster & Techie

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© Copyright 2001 - Techster & Techie - Used by permission

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Every Halloween, after all the little ones have gone to bed the kinkier adults in our neighborhood have a very adult Halloween party. My wife, Techie, and I have always preferred the master/mistress slave theme. We toss a coin to decide who is the slave. Last year I placed Techie on display dressed only in stocks and chains. To heighten her experience remote control anal, vaginal and clitoral vibrators were installed. At the party the controls were clearly labelled and super glued to the stocks that restrained her wrists and head.

This year I, Techster, won, or lost the coin toss. Of course that depends on how one looks at it.

Techie promised to out do my bondage and torture of her last year. During the week before the party she came home early and hid for and hour or two in our workshop while she worked on my "costume". In order to assure complete surprise she changed the lock on the door and covered the windows.

However I saw bills for things I don't normally use. Bills for items such as a 3/4-inch pipe bender, one 20-foot long length of 3/4-inch aluminium conduit, aluminium wire and special shielding gas for our wire feeding or MIG welder, and aluminium washers. I was actually eager to see what she had designed and eagerly walked out to the workshop on that cool Halloween night. She asked me to put on a blindfold and take my clothes off. "Be patient it will take a while to dress you."

First a sturdy metal collar was locked around my neck, then my ankles were placed in a spreader bar, and two metal bands were locked around each ankle. "Bend over." She ordered. I eagerly complied as she locked the collar to a bar. Next my wrists were locked to bands of metal. Those bands were locked to a bar that had me reaching forward. Then she removed the blindfold and had me stand in front of a full-length mirror.

I was restrained by two sections of aluminium conduit.  First, a "T" shaped section formed the spreader bar for my ankles. Welded to the center of the spreader bar all it was a single short piece of conduit was welded to the spreader bar. This was locked to my collar forcing me to remain in a bent over posture exposing my buttocks, balls and back to everyone. Secondly, an  inverted "U" shaped piece of pipe was outside of the bar that secured my neck to the spreader bar. My wrists were locked to bottom to the "U", now the top and ends were locked to the ends of the spreader bar.  "Now Knowing how you love to tease me with remote control devices I have a few for you." My wife chuckled as she secured electrodes to my balls, buttocks, penis and groin. "You know those electronic exercisers that you see on TV for $39.99?" She began. I nodded,"yes". "Well, you're going to be wearing three of them, all remote controlled, and I have the control." I winced at the idea.

One of the negative leads was attached to a metal butt plug with a long curved tip that was inserted up my ass another lead was attached, using a very small metal funnel, to the tip of my penis. The funnel was held in place by cable ties that were attached to a tight cock ring around the shaft the ring was attached to one of the positive leads. The other positive leads  were attached as follows: one with a metal clip to the skin between my legs and the last around my balls. The ring around my balls was most creative, it was the woven stainless steel covering from a high-pressure hose. It had been made into a one inch wide "ball stretcher. It fit quite tightly.  The controls were Super glued to a piece of duct tape in the shape of a heart that Techie had stuck to my back. 

I tried to walk in my "costume". I could waddle in a bent over fashion with my buttocks, back and balls fully exposed to all. Due to the way my wrists were secured, my entire back from ankles to neck was fully exposed.  Then she pressed the first of the controls, my penis throbbed back and forth with each surge of current, and next my groin was hit by harder shocks. This apparently had been placed to stimulate my prostate gland. I ejaculated in a milky colored stream down my own leg with the first surge of current.  Finally she announced "Now for the final event!"  All three shockers hit at the same time. I shivered and screamed. "Wonderful!"she exclaimed, everything works exactly as I figured!"  She snapped a leash to my collar led me out of the workshop and tethered me to our dogs lead in the back yard. 

"Please wait here." She said, laughing, as if I had a choice. She laughed out loud as she walked into the house leaving me bound, nude, cold and helpless. I was in the dark, but still in full view of anyone who happened to shine a light my way. I did my best to hide behind a tree. It seemed like she left me out there forever. When I had to pee I just did it.

After what seemed like an hour she unhitched me from the dog's lead, grabbed my leash and led the way as I waddled across the backyard into out home. She reminded me of the party. " Do you know how lucky you are? This year it is our turn to give the party. Unlike me last year you don't have to walk three blocks, nude in bondage to the party. But- - " she explained, " You are a party favor. There will be several contests and when someone wins they get to switch or tease the slave. That slave is you."  I nodded knowing it would be a long night.

Once in the house it became apparent the she had spent a lot of time decorating. In the middle of our living room was a piece of thick plywood with a tall 4 by 4-inch post standing up in the center of it.  There were two eyebolts on each side of the post, one high or neck level, one low or waist level. There was also a ring of eyebolts around the edges of the base. "You get to be the first slave on my hitching post. I'll position you so that your back is to the door." She used a double-ended snap clip to attach my collar to the post and two other snaps secured my feet.  "In this house we treat our slaves very well." She remarked as she hung a plastic bicycle drink bottle around my neck and extended a long plastic tube so I could drink. I took a sip, she had really gone out, the bottle contained Corona beer.
At that moment the event I dreaded occurred; our doorbell rang.

Our neighbor, Bob, and his wife appeared. She was dressed a loosely woven chain mail catsuit that left nothing to the imagination. The back of the suit was bare exposing her buttocks and well muscled back, the crotch was bare too exposing her private parts. Chain mail cuffs that were part of the suit cuffed her wrists to her sides. Her pretty mouth was filled with a black ball gag. A wide polished metal posture collar prevented her from lowering her eyes or looking right or left. The collar bore the logo, "Bob's favorite toy". There were four "D" rings around the collar. Around her neck was a suede bag.
"Hitch your toy to the post and let's party".
Bob was as usual full of the devil as he said, "Let me hitch her in front of your slave to save space on the post." She knelt between the post and me, Bob snapped her collar to the lower ring right in front of me. Lastly he took two small chains and ran them from her ankles to the collar. He crossed them behind the post. He removed her gag.
"Now you just relax and enjoy yourselves."
She was staring at my penis. "I hope I don't embarrass you, but I really can't look any other way."
I replied, "If you've noticed the way I'm restrained I have no choice but to stare down your cleavage. By the way, what's in the bag?"
She replied, "I really don't know, but Bob said it would be part of my Halloween surprise. I don't know whether to dread it or look forward to it."

Again the doorbell rang, this time it was our new neighbors a younger couple from up the street. They revealed their kinky side as the husband was, gagged, nude, wearing a chastity belt and his head and wrists were in a set of heavy wooden stocks that had pieces of wood on either side of his head and a wedge under his chin so he could only look straight ahead.. The stocks had eyebolts front and rear. 
She was dressed a dominix. She made a sign for him to rotate, which he did. My wife and Bob both remarked, "Nice costume."
She gave his buttocks a hard swat with the paddle she was holding and remarked, "When I release him you'd be surprised how helpful he is around the house. Service me."
He knelt and she lifted her short skirt with his head and suckled on her clitoris. She placed her hands on his shoulders. After a few minutes she shook, moaned and stepped back. "It is amazing how an orgasm can clear your mind."

She looked at my wife, who was dressed in a western dom outfit short jean skirt, all western boots and skimpy jean top. "Would you like to be serviced, just step up."
My wife looked at me and I nodded OK. "I guess I'll give it a try, let's see if he is as good as my slave."
She stepped up, lifted her skirt, dropped her thong panties and spread her legs. In just a few minutes she too was shaking in orgasmic excitement. My wife/dom looked first at me, then at his mistress and remarked, "He is good, but I prefer my slave."
 She had her slave turn and kneel with his back to the post. She locked his collar/ stocks to the lower ring and tied his ankles on the other side of the post.

The next couple to arrive the wife was wearing a see-through harem girl's outfit with matching jewelled collar and wrist cuffs that were attached to the collar with short brass chains. The husband introduced himself and his wife and clipped her collar to top ring of the post in front of the male slave. 
I noticed her cleanly shaven mons and felt sorry for the guy, all he could do all night was stare at the prettiest mons in the place. 

In about an hour the post was full, there were 8 of us chained to the post, four men and four women. We conducted our own social event. We talked of our favorite bondage fantasies, orgasms, and talking about taking chances. It seems that we had all, at one time or another, been left nude and restrained in a place where someone might have seen us.

 At 11 P.M. we were all unhitched and paraded around the first floor of our home. 
 Each "slave " had a chance to be displayed individually and have our masters/mistresses show off our special features. 
 Finally the dreaded moment arrived when I stood on the turntable. Techie, wife and mistress, explained "Techster is wearing the latest in bondage electronics. His private parts are under my control and control and he can be stimulated. Watch his penis."
  She pressed the controls and I could feel my penis surging and "exercising". 
 "I won't tell you what this control here does, that is for the winner of the best dressed slave to discover. Techster is the grand prize. The winner gets to work the electronics for 5 minutes of the most exquisite torture you will ever see. Notice his custom restraint system; I'm proud to say I designed and fabricated it myself. I did the tube bending and the welding. Notice the collar that reads 'Techie's Pet'."

 All the other slaves just walked around, except Bob's chain mail dressed harem slave. He had her sit in a chain then he tied an ankle to each side and clipped her collar to the back of the chair.  He opened the bag and there was a tens unit. He attached one lead to the chain mail suit and the other to a metal bar with a small metal ball on the end of it. "My slave doesn't realize it , but she is about to have the orgasm of all orgasms. First a little silencer," he put the gag in her mouth and buckled its belt. "Now for the main event"
 He switched on the box and moved the ball in and out of her sex. Then he rubbed the ball up and down her clitoris. She wiggled and moaned, then she closed her eyes and shook. Bob pointed to the wet area on the chair. "That, my friends is female ejaculant."
 He switched off the tens unit, put it back in the bag, hung the bag around her neck, removed her gag and asked, "How was it?"
 "WOW!" she exclaimed, "Can we do that again, later?" 
 "Only if you're very good."
  "I'll be great!" 

Finally Techie had me turn around so I was fully revealed to all. Then the other slaves and I were placed back on the post to await judging. 
At the stroke of midnight the judging was completed.
 The winner was Bob's pet I was second.
 Techie announced,"Now for the grand prize, Bob, for the next 5 minutes you get to play with the electronics that Techster is wearing, however you must save the red box for last. She buckled a red ball gag into my mouth.

 For the next few minutes I twisted and moaned and screamed into the gag. Finally the last minute came. Techie said, "OK, now for the heavy artillery, Bob tell your slave to close her eyes and open her mouth."
 The young woman nodded, closed her eyes and opened her mouth. 
 Bob pressed all three controls at the same time. I shuddered, my erect throbbing penis pumped a heavy white stream of semen into her open mouth.
 Then all was quiet my gag was removed and I apologized, "Sorry about that."
 The young woman looked up and smiled, "Why apologize you have the best tasting sperm I have ever tasted."
 I was released from my bonds and Techie and I stood side by side shaking hands and enjoying the neighbor's comments. "Great party!"

 The time was 2 AM, so Techie and scrambled to get all of the "incriminating evidence" disassembled, and hidden from the prying eyes of our son. Being a college student he is naturally curious. Fortunately we had just finished our chores and were cuddling in our bedroom when he returned from a party.
 As I rolled over with one last kiss, Techie asked me," How do you feel?" 
  "Like a cow which has been milked dry." I laughed. "I feel certain there will be some recovery by morning."
  She reached over and grabbed my balls. "Something for you to think about in your dreams."
Taking a pun to new heights I slept hard dreaming of how I would "dress" and tease  Techie for our next party. With her hand on my sex and moving occasionally I had no choice but dream erotic dreams of Techie all night. 
In the morning we went "horizontal jogging" and thanks to the dreams I was up to full function. 



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